Weekly Blue Exorcist: Ep. 20 & 21 - Masked Love & the Garden

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Welcome to the first Weekly Blue Exorcist thread for episode 20 and 21!

Inspired by Tom Pinchuk's Watch and Learn, Newten's Weekly Fairy Tail, and other blogs that talk about anime, I have gone out of my comfort zone of wiki editing to rekindle the flames in this series.

As you know, I am working with a fellow wiki editor, Anna, on the Blue Exorcist anime project. I think this is lovely way to bring our wiki work and the casual discussion with fans of the series.

*I can't really add too much information that will spoil the readers since other journalists and businessmen don't do that.

Episode 20 - Mask

Yukio vows to protect Rin since he swears on his father's grave
Yukio vows to protect Rin since he swears on his father's grave

When a masked person attacks Yukio and Rin's monastery, the two brothers learn that the intruder wants Rin dead. After Rin confronts the intruder, the masked one seals his sword shut and tells Rin that he/or she will killed his loved ones before killing him. Yukio and Shura arrive which the enemy escapes with Yukio in pursuit. Yukio finds Igor in a tower, but he escapes. Back at the dorms, Yukio announces that he will protect Rin, and he shoots Rin with sedatives when Rin refuses to sit idle while his friends are in danger.

As Rin trains to perfect his control over his flames while Yukio tracks Igor down, will the brothers catch the intruder in time before someone dies and will they ever patch things up? What is the connection between Igor and the masked intruder?

Episode 21 - Secret Garden

Shiemi begs Michelle to be her friend
Shiemi begs Michelle to be her friend

The masked intruder collapses on Shiemi's garden; as Shiemi takes care of the person, she calls Rin to come to her garden. At the same time, Yukio learns about his mother from another masked man on a train. Back at the garden, Rin discovers the intruder and tries to attack, and the intruder threatens to kill Shiemi. Yet, the intruder collapses, so Rin tries to finish the enemy, but Shiemi stops him because the Greenmen know the enemy has a good heart. When Arthur arrives to execute the intruder, Rin fights to protect his enemy.

Will Rin be able to save his enemy from Arthur? What does the masked man have in store for Yukio?


Despite the anime is diverting from the manga story line, these episodes were pretty good and full of action.


  • Igor's past is revealed. - (good for wiki editors even though it's anime exclusive)
  • Rin has better control over his powers
  • Garden of Amahara is brought back to life
  • It's nice to see Shiemi make another friend.


  • The hostage situation could have been more dire to create more suspense.
  • Did not get to see Mephisto's fire spell. It would have been awesome.



Thanks for reading this. If you have any improvements to make future threads like these better, I'm open to suggestions. I'm just an amateur wiki editor who's lucky to have a partner and teams with me on different projects.

If those plot summaries had too much spoilers, I'll try to trim it down. Plus, I think the pictures might not help to avoid spoilers. I thought this article needs pictures to make it attractive.

Wiki Work

Please see our wiki work on Episode 20 and 21.


Oh yes, I published another thread like this on another franchise, Beelzebub! I might be insane and work on different projects at the same time, but I get bored working on the same thing each week. Plus, I have a lovely partner and a cool teammate who works with me on these projects. It's going to fun!

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I just wanted you to know that I read this and your posts on Beelzebub and appreciate your contributions.  I can't comment on the subject matter since I won't see either show until their runs are complete or at least their currently announced runs; 50 for Beelzebub, 24 for Blue Exorcist.  It's a hang up I have with currently airing programs.  I'm just too impatient and too forgetful to wait a week after each show.
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Thank you very much. It's was an experiment, but I'll keep going. I just need some practice, so I could do the beginner guides for these franchises that my team is working hard them.

Feel free to bump these threads once you finished watching the episodes. I have no pet peeves when bumping old threads if I have something to add. I'm always looking forward to read comments.


I have writer's block when it comes to beginner guides. Please see my blog because I don't want to go off tangent on this thread.

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