Blue Exorcist Characters

Blue Exorcist is an anime series in the Blue Exorcist franchise
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Known as the "Earth King", he is supposedly the second son of Satan, and the younger brother of Mephisto.

Arthur Auguste Angel

Arthur is the successor to Shiro as the next Paladin in the Blue Exorcist franchise.

Ernest Frederick Egin

He is Yukio and Rin's grandfather in the Blue Exorcist anime only.


Hashino is a student of True Cross Academy. She and her friends likes Yukio.

Igor Neuhaus

An Upper First Class Exorcist who is a lecturer in the Academy. He is a tamer and has Aria incantations and many magic circles tattooed on both of his arms.

Kamiki Izumo

A student of the True Cross Academy and a classmate of Rin's. She also has the talent of a Tamer, being able to summon two demons called Byakkos.

Kaoru Tsubaki

He's one of the teachers at True Cross Academy of the Blue Exorcist franchise.

Konekomaru Miwa

Konekomaru is a bald monk and an exorcist of the Blue Exorcist franchise.


Kuro is a cat sith who is formally Shiro Fujimoto's familiar. Now he is Rin Okumura's friend.

Mephisto Pheles

Mephisto is the chairman of True Cross Academy. He was also an exorcist who work together with Rin.

Michelle Neuhaus

She is the wife of Igor in the anime version of Blue Exorcist.


Nishiwaki is a student of True Cross Academy. She along with her friends really likes Yukio.

Noriko Paku

Kamiki's only friend who left the True Cross Academy because she didn't understand the classes well and didn't want to put her life on the line.


Oomoto is a student of True Cross Academy. She and her friends really likes Yukio.

Renzo Shima

Renzo Shima is a spy of the Illuminati.

Rin Okumura

The main Protagonist of the manga and anime Ao no Exorcist. The demonic son of Satan.

Ryƫji Suguro

One of the students of True Cross Academy. He is in the same class as Rin Okumura.

Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi is a gardener in Amahara Garden. She is a good friend of Rin and in the same class as he is.

Shiro Fujimoto

Fujimoto was the guardian of both Rin and Yukio Okumura before he sacrificed himself in order to save Rin from Satan. He was also considered to be one of the most powerful Exorcist in the world.


Shirotaro was a boy who appeared on Blue Exorcist. His body was possessed by a Demon called Astaroth.

Shura Kirigakure

Shura is an expert swordswoman and an apprentice of Fujimoto Shiro. She is an Upper First Class Exorcist and a mentor of Rin Okumura.


He is a student of True Cross Academy in the Blue Exorcist Franchise.


Ukobach is the cook in the True Cross Academy. He usually prepare foods for Rin and Yukio and is a familiar belonging to Mephisto.

Yukio Okumura

Yukio is a younger brother of Rin Okumura. He appeared as a great Exorcist at his young age and came to True Cross Academy with his brother.


Yuri is the mother of Yukio and Rin Okamura in the Blue Exorcist franchise.

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