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Welcome everyone!

How I got started

I started unofficially on July 9, 2011 with the Cat Sith and the Garden of Amahara episode's plot summary. Because it is a new anime with blank episode summaries and growing character pages, I feel that I have to work on this as well.

I haven't talk with the rest of the editors except Annabanana (Anna) and Obsidian609. They love to have me work on this. It's like the old days of working on Fairy Tail.

Hopefully, I get a team started on this project because I have my hands full with summer school, promises, and projects.

Work Process

July and August 2011 - I will be working on Blue Exorcist episodes, so the empty episode wiki pages don't keep piling up. Shounen anime series are long. Look at Rave Master, Fire_Star and I were pretty insane, but we finished it. Good old team work.

For the characters, I have to work on them bit by bit or ignore it.

Other Projects

I love to multitask because I get bored working on the same thing each week, and I'm bad at time management. I just keep bumping back into Fairy Tail and Shaman King wiki projects and working to help other wiki users who I promise to help them. Yet, I always try to finish what I have started. Look at Rave Master's Anime Project. It was thanks to Fire_Star who always motivated me to keep going and worked with me.

This is where I need help

I'm not a character specialist type of wiki editor, but I'm a good story arcs specialist. That's why I work happily on plot summaries for the episodes. Anyone who loves working on characters can join in. It's a casual project. No rush. Take your time. If you need help with formatting, I'll help you or direct you to my teammates, Annabanana, Wales, Buhssuht, and Fire_Star. And more! They're great and amiable people. Please tell me, so I can document your work better instead of me searching through your wiki submission history.

Anime Info

Some spoilers. Please be careful.

I love this series because of the first two episodes. These first two episodes make it a unique Shounen show until the story goes into school mode. It reminds me of Soul Eater except it has exorcists instead of meisters and weapons.

Tagline: A guy kicking Satan's ass sounds cool.

Other Historian Sources

Go Anime Vice! The community needs your help. Go forth and add something!

*If you want to know my strengths and credibility, do not be afraid to ask me. Please be patient with me since I will answering your PMs late at night due to school.

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