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Tagline: It's about a boy who discovers that he was half demon and half human, and he aspires to be an exorcist like his father.

This beginner guide introduces the anime to new fans who have not tried it. If you are already a fan, please share any comments about this franchise.

Kazue Kato
Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist is originally a manga series that was written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. It ran in Shueisha's Jump Square magazine on April 2009, and it's an ongoing series with 37 chapters and 8 volumes published. The 8th volume is coming to the U.S. on November 6, 2012. It has an anime adaptation that was produced by A-1 pictures and directed by Tensai Okamura. It ran from April 17, 2011 to October 2, 2011 with a total of 25 episodes. The anime ended on a different note from the manga series. The anime will be dub by Viz Media and streamed legally on NeonAlley. (See blog). Also, the franchise has a movie coming to theaters in Japan on December 28, 2012. (See trailer)

Kazue Kato is the author of Blue Exorcist and started working on the series after a successful one shot story. She was born on July 20th, 1980 in her home town, Shinjuku district of Tokyo. In an Anime News Network interview, she shares that the story, Blue Exorcist, is inspired by the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tail, and she is quite concerned about the biblical references in her work. Please enjoy Blue Exorcist.

The Story

The setting is set in Assiah, a Hebrew word for the realm of humans. Demons live in Gehenna, a realm that mirrors Assiah.

It's about a brash, young man named Rin Okumura who can't find a job and seems to get into trouble a lot. He lives with his father, Shiro Fujimoto and his twin brother, Yukio Okumura. One day, a bully who was possessed by Astarotte attacks and attempts to capture Rin. His father saves him, and he explains about the world of demons as they flee to the church before night falls where most demons are active. Along the way, Rin finds a startling truth about his true father that forever changed his life. After Shiro died protecting Rin from Satan's grasp, Rin vows to to become the best exorcist to kick Satan's ass.

The Characters

Rin Okumura
Rin Okumura
Rin Okumura is a 15 year old delinquent who sees black specks all his life. He did not know that these were demons until his father save him from Astarotte. He finds out that Shiro is not his true father and that he is the son of Satan. After the day Shiro had died, Rin meets Mephisto who gave him options. Rin chose his own path to become the best exorcist to get revenge against Satan.
Yukio Okumura
Yukio Okumura
Yukio Okumura is Rin's twin brother who is a bright person. He got accepted to True Cross Academy where they train exorcists. Unbeknownst to Rin, Yukio is a gifted exorcist who had seen demons since he was born.
Shiro Fujimoto
Shiro Fujimoto
Shiro Fujimoto is a priest and the adopted father of Rin and Yukio Okumura. He protected Rin from Satan until the very end.
Mephisto Pheles
Mephisto Pheles
Mephisto Pheles is a strange fellow who is the head of True Cross Academy and knew Shiro.
Shiemi Moriyama
Shiemi Moriyama
Shiemi Moriyama is a shy girl who tends to her grandmother's beloved garden, and after Rin and Yukio helped her, she enrolls in True Cross Academy.

Why Watch?

Blue Exorcist is for everyone 10 and up. It's a good show for those who enjoy action and supernatural elements. The story later progresses to a school setting where the viewers learn about exorcists. Though, you have to bear with religious references if you are sensitive to it because there are some inconsistencies (especially for the anime). Not only Blue Exorcist has biblical references, it has references to Buddhism and Judaism. Also, you have to get past the normal Shonen cliches in order to enjoy Blue Exorcist. It's an exciting series with some humor and a bit of fan service. For characters, they will grow on you as you find out why they become exorcists later in the series.

Anime or Manga?

The anime is more about the two brothers and their struggle to stay together, and the manga takes a different route with the story. Since the anime is pretty short, I say watch the anime first then read the manga. In the end, it depends on your preferences.


Blue Exorcist is a supernatural and action anime about Rin and the gang who are learning to become exorcists for their dreams. The anime is a bit short which leaves a lot to improve, but the first two episodes will reel in you if you enjoy the tension between Rin and his father. The school part can be cliche a bit, but it introduces you guys and gals to the world of exorcists and the battle between the demons and the exorcists.


Thank you everyone for reading this Beginner Guide. I thank Annabanana and Sotyfan16 for being supportive of me and the wiki projects.


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