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Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku is an anime series in the Blue Drop franchise
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Too much Ambition is deadly but so is none Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on March 30, 2010. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

   F: Well I’m back having been sick today I spent my day sitting around throwing up and watching blue drop and I promise my illness has nothing to do with blue drop itself…okay maybe it help me want to throw up, but that not the point is it. Here it is my review of blue drop

logo is better then the anime
logo is better then the anime
 F: The setting and plot is described almost everywhere as a love stories between a human girl and a alien soldier, both female of course on the eve of the alien invasion. However that setting summery is essentially the last three episodes not the other ten. Most of the show surrounds well the two girls one acting as I guess a spy they never really get into why she is pretending to be a human girl and the girl tip toe around anything close to intimacy. There is some stuff surrounding a incident but really to make your decision as to whether of not you want to see it you don’t really need to know that. 


F: You know maybe it’s because its fallowing my viewing of Code Geass, maybe because I’m a sick as this girl has ever been, maybe it’s cause I didn’t really know what I was getting into , but it doesn’t matter what does is the fact that blue drop is quite possibly the most disappointing anime I have ever watched. Not the worse mind you just that one that made me the sadist. Why? Because it could have been good really the plot the look everything on paper if they just tried hard or had more ambition could have been marvelous. I mean the characters the plot and back story all make the pieces of a 3-4.5 star maybe even a 5 if they truly had that soul, but it’s like the realized after coming up with a great idea that it was a Yuri they were making so the audience that was there was small and dedicated enough to watch it regardless of the crap they made. The sad thing is they are kind of right people like me will end up watching crappy Yuri ha moan…anyways the

I'll give it to the alien (left) shes pretty sexy
I'll give it to the alien (left) shes pretty sexy

ending is actually really good but the ten episodes before are just so…boring. Really I wanted to bad to like do something else that I was practically skimming through it. It wasn’t funny at all nor intriguing enough to deserve the seriousness they went for. A lot of just sitting around saying boring stuff whining about how someone was never close to her father or so in so can’t seem to come up with a story. It’s just boring and there isn’t even any real romance till the very end. The combat isn’t oncurrent   enough to be a big selling point and it doesn’t shy away from death so I don’t understand why they couldn’t go for better human drama. Seriously if Blue drop has one major problem it’s that it has zero ambition. It aspires to be mediocre and thus because lesser then that. The weird thing is it seems like it lying to you about it the entire to. The opening even how it was shown and viewed seemed like they were selling the ending like that was the only part of the show, however it’s not and the actually product shows no effort or soul and is boring because of it.  

F:it’s not however the seed of evil even if it’s boring it’s not inherently bad. At no point did I just go Oh god this is terrible, just man if only they did this this and this. The art for one is actually really nice and clean and some of the water effect show hints of a big budget. The main to characters as well are very fun and likeable specifically the alien of which truly seemed to love the main character early on even if Mari (main character) seemed only “a friend” till like episode 11.   I won’t stretch enough how good it is to

ship design isint to bad
ship design isint to bad

have a romance where the love feels very real even if it is boring and for the most part the last three episodes are rather engaging and well but It bluntly good. Specifically the ending. It left me with this strange feel that if they had edited the ending a little bit and really added like 12 more episodes to it fallowing the events of the ending it could have been like great and maybe I would be sitting here telling you how you should sit through it till the good part, but no not when its more than 75% shit. Really it does feel like where the anime ended it was really just beginning, but that’s not how it is no matter how much I feel like the plot was wasted on such a bad show


F: I feel a little cheated and disappointed maybe a little more then Blue drop deserves I mean it’s not really bad, just not good at all really. Well this girl is unhappy about it, but she’s giving the lowest score I (not including M’s stuff) ever given. A 2 Stalking mecha-seagulls out of 5     

F: oh and this is F reminding you when enjoying S&M always have a safety word.



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