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Blue Dragon is an anime series in the Blue Dragon franchise
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Blue Dragon

A Shadow that currently belongs to Shu. It is very powerful and is known to be the most brutal of them all.


Bouquet was once a waitress for a restaurant, but one day she was being harassed by two customers until Shu and Zola saved her. Since that day she has been following Shu and got him to ask her hand in marriage.


Cynthia is an anime exclusive character. She is one of Gran Kingdom soldier.

General Logi

A general of the Gran Kingdom. He encountered Zola years ago and was injured by her sword. His Shadow is named Valkyrie.


Bouquet's Shadow who has the ability to turn himself or her into anything.


Jiro is a headstrong kid that is set on revenge for all of the destruction Nene has caused.

Killer Bat

The Shadow of Zola.


A long time friend of Shu.


A Regional Inspector for Jibral's Royal Army. He asked Shu and his group for a ride back to Jibral after he freed him from enemy soldiers.


A character from the Devee Clan. That is on a quest too save his village from a deadly poison by Nene. He joins Shu's group after being tricked again by Nene.


Jiro shadow.


The main antagonist of the Blue Dragon series. He is the ruler Gran Kingdom and flies across the globe causing destruction and despair in his mobile air fortress. His main goal is world domination. His shaodw is Chimera.


Kluk's shadow.

Saber Tiger

The shadow of Marumaro.



General Logi's Shadow.


A calm and collected Mercenary, Zola is cool and distant.

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