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Bloody Roar is a franchise comprised of 1 manga series
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A female Zoanthrope who has the ability to turn into a rabbit after being kidnapped by the Tylon Corporation. She is also a registered Nurse and Yugo's love interest.


A character from the Bloody Roar manga. He strikingly resembles Yugo, and has the same beast form as him.


Gado is character from the Bloody Roar series who is professional mercenary and military genius who was friends with Yugo's father Yuji. During his time on the battlefield Gado adopted a Young girl named Shina as his daughter who has followed in her fathers footsteps.


Jenny is a mysterious woman from the Bloody Roar series whose origins are surrounded in mystery.


A female Zoanthrope that is able to turn into a rabbit and is friends with Fang.


Once a normal human until his colleagues turned him into a Insect Zoanthrope.


Alices half sister. When she was young she was experimented on which caused her to become a super beast soldier. After a few years of being cured she obtained her true form which is a cat.


A male Zoanthrope that is able to turn into a Demon called the Unborn.


The main character of the Bloody Roar series. Yugo is a former champion boxer and leader of the W.O.C.

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