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Bloody Monday is a franchise comprised of 2 manga series
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It started in Russia on Christmas Eve with a virus that killed several people. In present day Tokyo, a high-school student and genius hacker finds himself battling a terrorist group intent on releasing a similar virus.


Bloody Monday focuses mostly on the super-hacker Fujimaru Takagi, a high school student whose dad works for a secret division of Japan's Public Security Intelligence Agency known as "Third-I". When Third-I discovers a chip hidden on the body of a dead Russian agent in Japan, they ask Fujimaru to decode the chip. What starts as a simple request soon explodes into a great conspiracy when Fujimaru finds himself fighting against international terrorists, a strange cult, and traitors in his own midst as he and the agents of Third-I race to stop the destruction of Tokyo at the hands of crazed terrorists.

In the "second season," Fujimaru is trying to return to a normal life, but is asked once again to help Third-I disarm a nuclear bomb in Tokyo while an infamous terrorist, the "Shooter of the Magic Bullet," is set free from his prison cell. Another string of events follows as the Bloody Monday virus reappears with a group of Russian veterans and even the President of the USA is thrown into danger. However, Fujimaru might gain a new ally in the form of a woman who was raised to become the perfect secret agent.

A third (and possibly final) season is currently underway, where the new Tokyo Tower has been hijacked by terrorists working for the "Storyteller," the mastermind behind the plots of the first and second seasons who turns out to be the newly-elected Prime Minister of Japan. As Third-I races to rescue the hostages at the top of the tower, they must contend with the possibility that Falcon has betrayed them, but Falcon and his allies have their own plans.

Major Characters

Fujimura Takagi

The focal point of the series. He is the super-hacker nicknamed "Falcon" who can break into nearly any digital system in the world if given enough time. Loyal to his friends and vengeful against his enemies, he is always aiding Third-I and at times taking the initiative himself to stop the terrorists wherever they are with his incredible hacking skills. His only real weakness is that he is physically weak, often relying on others to do the fighting for him.


A secret division of Japan's Public Security Intelligence Agency, Third-I prides itself on gathering intelligence and defusing any major threats to the country of Japan before they happen. The Vice Chief of the organization is Fujimura's father, Ryūnosuke Takagi, who is often on the run from authorities in the course of his undercover work. Fujimura is often forced to clear his name when things get too tough. Keeping an eye on things at the HQ is Gorou Kirishima, a competent agent who is willing to bend the rules if it will help the mission. Ikuma Kanou is the point man of Third-I, good with firearms and putting down enemies with bullets when necessary.

Newspaper Club

In the first season, Fujimura is a member of his high school's newspaper club. Strangely enough, everyone in the club is connected to the conspiracy in some way. Mako Anzai is a freshman with a crush on Fujimura. Aoi Asada is a master of karate who helps Fujimura out early on. Otoya Kujou is a master archer who knows a lot more than he lets on. Hide Tachikawa is a naive boy with a loving family on the surface.


The series was created by Ryou Ryuumon, a prolific manga writer and screenwriter. Though it started out as a manga, the story was soon adapted into a live-action drama for Japanese TV.


The manga was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine by Kodansha from April 2007 to May 2009. The second season of the manga began in Weekly Shōnen Magazine number 46 released on October 14, 2009. Kodansha USA plans to release an official English-translated version of the manga on August 23 2011.

TV Drama

The manga has been adapted into a drama series, the first season of which aired on October 11, 2008, starring Japanese actor and pop star Haruma Miura. The second season of the drama adaption began airing on January 23, 2010.

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