Blood Lad Characters

Blood Lad is an anime series in the Blood Lad franchise
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Bell Hydra

She's a specialist in spatial magic with a huge obsession due to her treasure hunting.

Braz D. Blood

Braz D. Blood is Staz's older brother who wanted to pull out Staz's true potential with a series of experiments in a plot to dethrone Wolf Daddy.

Chief Goyle

Chief Goyle is the chief of Acropolis Police and Bero's partner.

Constable Beros

Constable Beros is the Chief of the Acropolis police.

Fuyumi Yanagi

She's a Japanese high school student who somehow ends up in the Demon World. While staying in Staz's room, she ends up being consumed by a carnivorous plant monster and becoming a ghost girl.

Knell Hydra

Knell Hydra is Bell's brother.

Liz T. Blood

Liz T. Blood's Staz and Braz's little sister who is the jailer of Acropolis.


Mamejirou is a three eyed talking demon animal who has an ability of clairvoyance.


Neyn is Bell and Fuyumi's mother. She is the fusion of two mothers, a spatial user and a human who are each other's doppelganger.


Salty is a three eyed woman and a manager of the three eye cafe.

Staz Charlie Blood

He's the boss of the Eastern district of the Demon World, terrified by others and supposed to be an elite vampire. But in reality he is just an ordinary otaku obsessed with Human World things, mostly from Japan.


Wolf Daddy

Wolf-Daddy is Wolf's father.

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