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Negima Volume 3 Review

 Loli vampires don't sparkle.
 Loli vampires don't sparkle.
Publisher: Del Rey
Author: Ken Akamatsu
Rating: 16+
Genre: Comedy / Action / School Life
MSRP: $10.95 (USD)
Contents: 10 Chapters / 224pg.
This is my review of Volume 3 in the Negima! series. Truth be told. This was my first purchase of the Negima! volumes. Negima finally has a real threat after his life in the form of one of his very own students. Not an average little girl, but a hundred years old vampire, Evangeline McDowell. She's a bigger threat than realized, because for her to get her freedom. She needs the blood of the man who imprisoned her here at Mahora Academy. The blood of The Thousand Master, Negi Springfield's father. The child teacher will need more than just his magic to challenge this legendary threat of the Magical World. Negi will get a talking animal friend, advise from a ninja, and his first "Partner".

The Good

 Chachamaru steps into the spotlight.
 Chachamaru steps into the spotlight.
This is a really well done volume in the series. Finally, all the sitcom stuff of the previous two volumes appears to be over, and we are finally into some action. That's not to say that the book loses any of the up sides. There are a lot of funny moments and what comes with any series made by Ken Akamatsu. Plenty of fanservice. The biggest different from his Love Hina series is all the action we're now getting. Evangeline is the first serious threat we have ever seen Negi deal with. She's a vampire that has been imprisoned to the ground of the Mahora Academy by Negi's own father. Forced to go through the school years over and over. Only to have to repeat it all again. Feels natural that since Negi is now a teacher there. She would take this chance to get free.
The volume neatly works as almost like a self contained story and neatly starts and finishes the whole fights with Negi and Evangeline. That's a huge plus to this volume. You don't need to read the previous two to enjoy this book. You will miss almost nothing by starting here.

 Don't we all want problems like this?
 Don't we all want problems like this?
The concept of the magical Partners and what a Pactio is about is explained in this volume. It's a major part of the Negima! series. The act of kissing that creates a magical bond between a mage and another person. Chachamaru really steps into a spot light here with Evangeline. I really love her character. She's so courteous and nice in every situation.

The art work is great, and the action scenes flow really well. I'm rather impressed, because Ken Akamatsu has never really been known for this action scenes. If you love fanservice. Oh, boy. Do you get plenty of it here. Tons of up the skirt and panty shots. Negi's students seem intent on getting his clothes off in this one.

The Bad

This manga volume is a lot of fun and it's really well contained. It's funny, and a lot of nice action. I just wouldn't recommend this to you if you don't like comedy mixed with your action. It might also turn you off if excessive nude shots of women is a deal breaker to you. If that is offensive to you. You aren't going to like this entire series. It's done well enough. It's charming and silly. I think what balances it is that the hero isn't a closet pervert who is always drooling after the girls. He's an innocent, ten year old gentleman. 

 There is a lot of this going on.
 There is a lot of this going on.
The story does lag a small bit when Negi panics and tries running away, but it seem more realistic for a boy not to handle life and death threats really well. He's well portrayed as a ten year old.

Verdict 4.5/5

This is a great jumping on point for the series. The comedy is really good, and the action is well balanced and drawn. Even if you are just sick of vampires at this point. It's a great book to pick up and have a laugh. The cast is energetic, we get some of the best insight to Negi's father to date, and the story is extremely well paced. It does have some landmark events.
 It's a great whole packages in a single volume. You can pick this one up and enjoy it completely. You don't have to buy the previous two or buy volume 4 if you don't want. If you do like it. I think this one can get you hooked. I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5.

Favorite Moment: Ch. 23 "Have you seen Evangeline?"

Least Favorite: Ch. 19 Negi's Partner hunt.

WTF Moment: Ch. 18 Negi's getting "bigger"?

Favorite Character This Episode: Chachamaru

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