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Blood-C is an anime series in the Blood: The Last Vampire franchise
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Too much gore and too little fleshing out here. Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 28, 2014. Dream has written 150 reviews. His/her last review was for Space Adventure Cobra. 311 out of 326 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

Not sure if I should feel indifferent or confounded at how Blood-C tries to spin its tale. Being the second spinoff of Blood: The Last Vampire, Saya is this time a bespectacled high school girl who secretly slays demonic threats while living at her father's shrine. Early episodes mix around light-hearted high school slice-of-life with dark and violent survival action in its focus on Saya to show that things in her life aren't as they would seem, with later episodes dropping more hints that Saya isn't quite as human as she thinks and building up to what are supposed to be very shocking revelations about the life she thought she had. The major problem with all this was that it got hard for me to stay engaged thanks to the series not doing very well to flesh itself out and build up on many of the elements it wanted to reveal. Characters don't get much in the way of development and fleshing out, making their sudden mood changes when things get revealed about Saya's situation quite unnatural without hints dropped about their true natures. There isn't much we know about the demonic creatures Saya was hunting, with the final two episodes seeming more like a convenient excuse to dump all the information that the viewers should learn about piece by piece and forcing the series to shift to a desired point just to force the audience to be superficially shocked at what was revealed. Plus, it looked like this series seemed to get increasingly embellished in its graphic violence and depravity as various demons kill townsfolk and Saya's classmates in a number of gory ways just to become their food and the human mastermind behind Saya's situation having no qualms about who gets killed off.

Looking past the shoddy plot and character developments, the visuals to the series are pleasing for the most part with beautifully detailed scenic shots, characters drawn by CLAMP sporting the mangaka team's notable beautifully drawn designs and fluid animation in many instances, particularly with Saya's battles with the various demons and their gory rampages.

Otherwise, I'd find it really hard to recommend Blood-C thanks to how shoddy its developments felt and seeming to increasingly relish in its gory content as episodes progress. If you really want to get into a Blood title with Saya, look into Blood Plus.

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