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Fumito Nanahara

A neighbor of the Kisaragis who owns the cafe across the street from their shrine. He is really the series antagonist and orchestrated the Furukimonos attacks in order to make Saya revert back to her previous personality and to manipulate the upcoming shrovetide.

Itsuki Tomofusa

The class president of Saya's class.

Kanako Tsutsutori

Saya's homeroom teacher.

Nene Motoe

The twin sister of Nono and the fellow classmates of Saya and Yuka.

Nono Motoe

The twin sister of Nene and the fellow classmates of Saya and Yuka.

Saya Kisaragi

Saya Kisaragi is a high school girl that as raised as a shrine maiden and in swordsmanship by her father. A dark secret has been kept from her as she defends her town from the Furukimono.

Shinichiro Tokizane

One of Saya's classmates who was hired by Itsuki for the experiment.

Tadayoshi Kisaragi

A hybrid between a furukimono and human who is ordered by Fumito to be Saya's father and the priest at the shrine where he and Saya reside. Tadayoshi deeply cares for Saya and helps with her training.

Yuka Amino

Saya's friend and schoolmate.

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