Shaman King #11 - Blood and Pompadours

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 01/02/2007

Plot Summary

Japanese Release Date: November 2, 2000
American Release Date: January 2, 2007


Reincarnation 90 - Ominous Stars
Reincarnation 91 - When the Pieces Come Together
Reincarnation 92 - Horohoro's Stirring Tale - Week One
Reincarnation 93 - Horohoro's Stirring Tale - Week Two
Reincarnation 94 - Horohoro's Stirring Tale - Week Three
Reincarnation 95 - Feeling Mesa Verdede - 5 vs. 5
Reincarnation 96 - Blood and Pompadour
Reincarnation 97 - Enter the Ultra-Pompadour
Reincarnation 98 - The Smell of Sadness

Side Story

Character Profiles

New characters not in Wiki: Bluebell,  Boris Tepis Dracula, Blamuro the vampire hunter, Damayaji
Blood Type
 Kino Asakura
 March 24, 1924 (76)
 Aries A
 Bluebell Bloch
 December 3 (22)
 Sagitarrius A
 Little Lake
 September 7, 1967
 Virgo A
 Green Garam
October 11, 1944 (56)
 Billy Anderson
December 28, 1962 (37)
*Note: The profiles are taken in November of 2000. The characters, Little Lake and Green Garam, are dead (see previous volume).

Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 90 - Omnious Stars
At the Hao temple below the Asakura's home, Yohmei explains to Anna about Hao. The shaman reincarnated two times, and mastered the art of the pentagram. He has become so powerful that the Asakuras have made it a mission to stop him. Tamao and her spirits, Ponchi and Conchi, are spying on Anna and Yohmei, but Tamao steps out to tell Yohmei about how unfair it is to force Yoh to stop someone like Hao. Anna reassures Tamao, stating that she believes in Yoh's power. Tamao becomes hopeful, and grabs Hao's book that will help Yoh defeat him. However, she accidentally breaks the seal which releases Hao's shikigamis. They chase Ponchi and Conchi, but Anna uses her 1080 beads to subdue the ogres. This display of power prompts Yohmei to encourage Anna to bring the book to Yoh (who is currently in America, fighting in the Shaman tournament).
Meanwhile, Hao suffers backlash when Anna defeats his familiars which makes his forehead bleed. Opacho worries over him, but he reassures her that he is okay by smiling and licking the blood.

Facts about Hao: Hao Asakura is the great Onmyoji and a master of the pentagram. Onmyoji means wizard-like sage, and the pentagram's five points represent the five elements. Hao passed the ritual of Taizan Fukan (God of the Underworld) which allows him to control his soul, so he has the ability to reincarnate at will.

Reincarnation 91 - When the Pieces Come Together
After Anna, Tamao, and Tamao's spirits head over to America to deliver the book to Yoh, Kino Asakura makes an appearance and states that Anna and Yoh's meeting each other are pre-destined.
Meanwhile, (in America) Yoh and his friends are near the snowy mountains. When Ren tells his friends that there is a reason Lyserg is looking for someone instead of the Patch, Lyserg then reveals his inexperience with his divination powers. Lyserg explains to Yoh and friends that he cannot detect someone's ki if they are concealing it. When Lyserg shows off his spirit ally, Morphea, everyone compliments on how cute she is; Horohoro, especially. Kororo then gets hurt by Horohoro calling Morphea cute, and leaves.
Horohoro goes snowboarding when they find some mountains, but he winds up waking up in someone's cottage. A young girl named Bluebell tells him that he has been unconscious for three days.
Back to Yoh and his comrades, they are at Duringo, Colorado where they find infomation on the whereabouts of the Patch at a mesa, Mesa Verdede. Yoh reassures Ren that Horohoro will be okay because the ice-user's in the mountains, which are like a home to him.

Reincarnation 92 - Horohoro's Stirring Tale - Week 1
Horohoro panics after Bluebell tells him that he's been unconscious for three days. Horohoro tries to run to his friends, but Bluebell uses her gun to stop him from running into the grizzlies. As the two have soup, Bluebell tells him her story about a bear named Apollo that her father rescued. He named the bear "Apollo" because of the crater-like scar over the cub's eye. After Apollo was released, the bear never was happy with humans and still isn't. Bluebell explains that if Apollo attacks humans, she would have to kill her friend because that's park law. This is why Bluebell becomes a park ranger, to protect Apollo. She tells him to stay put, but Horohoro disobeys Bluebell's orders and goes off searching for Apollo. Horohoro finds the huge bear and offers him sake.

Reincarnation 93 - Horohoro's Stirring Tale - Week 2
Horohoro wants Apollo to go deep in the woods, so the bear would not clash with humans, but Bluebell barges in and hits Horohoro. When Bluebell protests against Horohoro's wishes, he explains his people's philosophy where nature and the animals are regarded as gods. Horohoro states that shamans are the communicators between gods and humans, but Apollo slaps Horohoro silly. Horohoro reveals to Bluebell that Apollo hates humans because Bluebell had unintentionally marked him with a human scent that has made Apollo an outcast. Apollo was attacked by bears because of his scars and scent. Horohoro says good intentions can hurt animals too. Kororo spies on Horohoro and agrees with him. Finally, Apollo accepts Horohoro and licks his wounds. Suddenly, poachers shoot at Apollo in the eyes.

Reincarnation 94 - Horohoro's Stirring Tale - Week 3
Apollo is dead. Horohoro gets angry and demands that the poachers "take" Apollo with them. In Horohoro's culture, if an animal is not eaten or put to good use, then the animal dies for a useless cause. Horohoro charges at the poachers, and one of the poachers shoots at Horohoro. However, Horohoro had made an ice shield to block it. With the Ikupasuy, Horohoro uses this as a link an oversoul with Kororo to create ice and slashes at the poachers. Yet, Horohoro holds back and leaves the poachers alive because if he had killed them then he would be as worthless as they are.
Bluebell consoles Horohoro because she understands his tragedy. She says that she believes in Horohoro's dream to create a huge field of butterbur.
New Object: Ikupasuy- used for to communicate gratitude to the Gods.
Horohoro's moves: Oversoul Kororo Ikupasuy
and Neike Fuike Kiroro (Impeccable power)

Reincarnation 95 - Feeling Mesa Verdede - 5 vs. 5
Horohoro finally reunites with his friends and explains to them that he just needed to purify his heart. As the gang looks for the Patch village in Mesa Verdede, the gang encounters Hao's followers: Boris Tepis Dracula, Damayaji, a man in robes, a football player, and a big man with sunglasses. Lyserg goes into rage when he hears "Hao", but Yoh stops him. When Yoh pushes his headphones off, Hao's pause and notice just how similar Yoh looks compared to Hao. The man in robes explains to Yoh that he is indeed Hao's descendant. He then says that they were ordered by Hao to test Yoh by killing his four friends. Boris immediately bites Lyserg's neck and infects him while cutting Ryu's pompadour.

Reincarnation 96 - Blood and Pompadour
Boris introduces himself as a vampire, and his ghost ally as a vampire hunter named Blamuro. Yoh, Ren, and Horohoro are in disbelief and think Damayaji looks more like a vampire than Boris. Boris immediately feels humiliated to be compared to Damayaji, so he kills Damayaji by stabbing him in the back to prevent any more confusion. Then he realizes what he's done and cries. The man in the robes tells Boris it is not a consequence, because Damayaji is killed so easily, and that means that Damayaji was too weak. Boris continues to cry, however, as he absorbs Damayaji's blood (drying out the whole body and turning it to dust) with his cape. He then says that he's insulted by human lies about vampires burning in the sun or hating crosses. Ryu punches Boris in the face because he killed Damayaji, the vampire's ally and friend, with no remorse.
Meanwhile, Manta is seen on a plane heading to America with Anna, Tamao, and Tamao's spirits. He talks with his attendant, Tamurazaki, who questions the existence of these "shaman fights" while Anna sleepily wonders what to do if she meets Tom Cruise. (Manta yells at her that it will never happen)

Reincarnation 97 - Enter the Ultra-Pompadour
Boris is extremely upset that Ryu hit his "beautiful face", and charges at Ryu who easily punches him in the face again. Ryu fights off Boris's attacks and manages to cut the vampire up. The man in robes comments how Ryu can use Seirei-class spirits, and that it is impressive. Boris then reappears with wings and continues calling them ignorant human beings. He attacks Ryu with claws (snake-like things) and vampire bats. Even though Ryu fends off the bats, they continue to rise as Boris states that he is "Boris Tepes Dracula, the Vampire Lord".

Reincarnation 98 - The Smell of Sadness
The Patch Tribe discuss how the final stage is coming at last. Some argue that he shouldn't be left on his own, while others say that shaman fights must progress on their own.
Ryu is continuously attacked by regenerating bats that take his blood. Yoh tries to help, but he is pinned down by Lyserg, who Boris says is now a vampire as well because he bit him. His cape grows huger as the bats fly towards it, and Tokagero flees the battle in terror. Boris starts to get worked up because Tokagero's cowardice reminds him of why he hates humans and joined Master Hao. The vampire's companions leave him and follow a road that goes onto Patch Village. Yoh and friends figure out that then, that if they want to move forward, they have to defeat that monster, Boris. Ryu then says that Boris smells like him, like sadness...and like a human. Tokagero then reveals that he just pretended to run away, but he figured out that Boris's cape is made out of blood, that he uses his blood as a medium for his oversoul, and that Lyserg is only being possessed by Boris's spirit ally integrated with blood. Ryu says he knows how to defeat Boris now.


The volume ends with a humorous short story. Yoh says he wants to eat Gomoku-Zushi (a dish made up of raw and cooked ingredients with vinegared rice in a bowl). Anna offers to make it for him because she needs exercise, and Yoh should eat more to be stronger anyway. However, Anna has no idea how to make the dish. She decides to buy something fishy, and finds unappetizing tuna eyes (the joke being that Gomoku-Zushi literally means five eyes)


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