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Just launched some new nifty PM features this afternoon. Nothing big, but should helpful to those of you have a lot of PMs you need to sort through. The changes can be seen below (or in your own inbox):

The UI Changes:
  • The PM Toolbar: Allows you to quickly select messages in your Inbox/Outbox. You can select messages by 'Unread', 'Read' or 'All'  and you can de-select messages by clicking the 'None' link.
  • Instant Delete: The red 'X' next to each pm thread will allow you to quickly delete a PM from your inbox. Note - this does not give you a warning message, it simply deletes the thread from your Inbox.

We should hopefully be adding more tools soon -- these were just some quick additions to you help you guys out :)
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Hey guys,

We just deployed new notification code this morning that allows you to configure your account to receive instant email notifications if you so choose. This was an old feature on ComicVine and its something we're happy to have brought back.

Instant email notifications follow the same rules as the instant pm notifications that are already on the site - you essentially define which actions kick emails off to you. The current actions are:
  • Friend requests
  • When another user comments on your content (blogs, images, reviews, guides, etc.)
  • Wiki submission approvals (not instant approvals, but those that go through moderation)
  • Guide edits by another user (on public guides)
  • Wall posts by another user on your wall
  • Review recommendations
  • @Replies and @Quotes in the forums

By default, we carried over everyone's old PM notification settings - so those should be the exact same. Instant Email notifications are turned off by default, so if you want to receive notifications via email - you are going to have to go to your settings to turn them on. Note that emails are pure text, not html, so they should be easily readable and should provide a link back to the activity that generated the message.

Follow the instructions below to configure your notification settings:
1. Go to your notification settings in your profile:
2. Configure your settings and click 'Save':

3. Sit back and wait for notifications to come through. Note - you may need to check Spam settings on your email and add ComicVine/GiantBomb/AnimeVice to your 'Safe' list.

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Ok dudes - quick update to the @reply and @quote functionality in the boards and the comment system.

We just deployed the following functionality:
  • @replies: These work the same way they currently do. You click the 'Reply' link in the boards/comments to reply to a user. This action also sends a PM to that user letting them know that you replied to them.
  • @quotes: The quote system now works the same way as @replies. When you click the 'Quote' link the boards/comments, you will quote that user in your post and this will also send out a PM to that user letting them know that you replied to them. 
  • Quotes are now truncated when they're displayed. We wanted to clean up all of the crazy nesting that happens in the boards when you quote somebody. If you want to see the entire html of the quoted post, there is a 'more' link that you can click which will pull up that text.
  • These features are now available to every single user on the site. The 200+ post limit has been lifted.
  • Quotes and Replies are now available in comments.

Hope you guys dig the new features and of course, feel free to contact me w/ any bugs or feedback you may have. Thanks.
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Small new feature for you guys and gals. We just launched @replies in the boards and on comments. An @reply is a way for you to directly reply to a somebody else's comment as well as notify them about your reply. We've been noticing users doing this for some time now on the boards - this is just a more formal way to reply to somebody (with the added bonus of kicking off a PM to them to let them know).


To send an @reply to another user on the boards or from within the comment system, click the 'Reply' link next to that user's comment.

This will scroll you down to the reply box, and will append an @username (the author of the post) to the textarea. Go ahead and write your comment and click 'Submit'.

This will post your comment just like it normal, it will also send a PM to the author of the post letting them know that you are responding to them. Note, that you can only reply to one user in your post. Also, typing @username yourself may indicate in the thread that you are replying to a user, but it will not send a PM to that user.


We are currently testing this new feature with the following users:

 - Staff
 - Our Moderators
 - Users who have 200+ posts


This is just the beginning, we're going to be working on the following functionality:

 - @username: will link to the original post.

 - PM Threading: So 2 @replies from the same person will create a single PM

 - @respond back to the user via PM, and have it post in the board

 - Working on a way to allow users to simply type @username in the post and have the system figure it out as if the user had hit the 'reply' button


As you know, your feedback is always welcome - so if there are any tweaks or extended functionality you would like to see - please let us know. Thanks - happy posting.
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So we have decided to take the Whiskey Developer Podcast (The Speakeasy) in a new direction. In the upcoming podcasts (and related blog posts) we'll be talking more about code and the tools and tricks we're using to help us build our sites. Along with each podcast, we'll be publishing code snippets and examples to help listeners follow along and hopefully use/discuss the code we're releasing. The goal being, to give the community a deeper understanding of the technology we use to build our sites and to help budding developers grow 

In this podcast, we discuss how we go about setting up the data structures for our sites - as well as how we use Python and Django to abstract a number of repetitive tasks in the process. We also talk about the current projects each of us are currently working on, as well as what you can expect from the team in the near future.

The associated code samples (and all future code samples) are hosted at GitHub.

The Podcast:

The Source Code:

As a side note - Dave's audio gets a little wonked up about halfway through the podcast (I'm still trying to nail it all down) -- so bear w/ us :)

Enjoy... and as always, we welcome all feedback and questions.
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Hey guys,

We just finished up (well last friday), our first Whiskey Media Developer Podcast: The Speakeasy. 

It's really just a chance for developers on the sites to discuss what we've been working on, certain challenges we're facing, what's coming up from a feature standpoint on our sites, etc. We also wanted to briefly talk about the most important topics happening on each of the three Whiskey sites (AnimeVice, ComicVine and GiantBomb).

So, if you're interested in how the sites are built, what new features we're going to be launching or are just curious to hear the devs shoot the shit for a bit, then check out the podcast and give us your feedback.

Note: This is our first one, so we're probably going to be tweaking the format of the podcast a bit each week until we find something that we're all stoked on -- so, if you have any suggestions, please drop them in the comments. 

Also, if you're a developer and you have any questions about anything really - go ahead and PM them to me and we'll try to work them into next week's podcast. Thanks guys - hope you dig it :)
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We are about to launch a new User Moderation System (dubbed the Karma System). We are getting rid of the old [ + -  ] system because it was too anonymous and not very effective in reporting questionable/objectionable content to the moderators. 

This new system is simply a more efficient way of flagging objectionable content so that the moderators can deal with it. 

How The System Works:

  • Every user starts with 0 karma points.
  • If you flag an item, you lose a karma point and the author of the content you flagged loses a karma point.
  • Once you get below -5 karma points, you can no longer flag any content. 
  • Once you get below -10 karma points, you can no longer post to the site.
  • Everybody gains 1 point back at the end of every day.


  • Once an item is flagged, it goes to a moderation queue.
  • Forum moderators will monitor this queue to determine if flagged content is OK or if it needs to be removed from the site.
  • If a moderator deems content as OK, he will mark it thusly and the author of that content will receive his/her karma points back. (The reporting user will still have lost their point for flagging the content.)
  • If a moderator deems content as inappropriate, he/she will remove it and the karma points stay (for both users).
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Hey everyone:

We have to take Animevice down today for a little bit.  When we come back up we'll have a new design and some spiffy new features.  I hope we wont be down for long.  You'll know when we go down cause you wont be able to visit any of the pages. 


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I dunno if this is cool or stupid.  What do you think?  Found it here.   It's $40! ( buy here )  Are comics to anime crossovers just a bad idea, marketing ploy, cheesy?

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Goodmorning.  Does anyone know who these cosplay chicks are?  Or have any more pics of these two in a friendly embrace?  I must see them :)

Saw this at Sankaku (here)
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Sakura-con is coming up, April 10th, and Hangry and Angry are going to be there!!!!!!!!!!!  I have no idea who they are, but I just landed on their page and thought they looked bad ass!  Here's their myspace:

Here's some info I have garnered from the interwebs:

Name: HANGRY (who might be Hitomi Yoshizawa)
Sex: Female cat
Height: 164 cm (not including hair)
Birthplace: H44 Star Nebula
* A very punk girl. Even though she looks wild and untamed, she is actually delicate and hates things that are out of order.

Name: ANGRY (who might be Rika Ishikawa)
Sex: Female cat
Height: 156 cm (not including hair)
Birthplace: H44 Star Nebula
* A girl who loves goth and appears to be very cute, but in reality, she has a secret devilish side. She believes that people will feel the true power of her music. has the exclusive scoop on buying Hangy and Angry's album "Kill Me Kiss Me".   Ok so who is hotter, Hangry or Angry? 

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Ok I know this image was posted on Gizmodo a while back but I  just landed on that page and thought it was rad.  This is a pic taken in Japan and I think it's crazy:

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Hey guys,

Quick heads up as to what the engineers have been working on the past week or so.

Dave: Completely re-styled ComicVine and it looks absolutely amazing. He's going to take some time now and give AnimeVice the new GB treatment as well. On the side, he'll be helping me fix lists -- any ideas on what you guys want to see out of the list feature, pls send them our way!

Andy: New back-end queuing and messaging system..... this will allows us to do a lot the heavy lifting in outside processes - hopefully speeding up performance across the sites.  He's also been improving the API for our new iPhone app while simultaneously de-bugging my bullshit.

Ethan: Upgraded our javascript framework to work w/ the newest version of mootools.... ninja'd up the rest of the image editing tools (how fucking sick is that shit -- ethan is the damn man when it comes to js -- I'm constantly impressed with what he's doing on that side of things.

Sean: Upgraded all of our code to work w/ the newest Django release. Something we've been putting off for awhile, but its nice to be close to trunk. Aside from that, I've been working with Dave on ComicVine and I'm currently re-working our private message system.... there's a few bugs that are completely crapping out ComicVine (there's just more data over there) -- so we've actually had to take pms down until we get this fix out..... which is actually what I should be doing right now. BACK TO WORK!

Good days :)
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Well what do you guys think of this Bikini Samurai Squad quick look from our brother's over at Giantbomb?  Fun or stupid?  I personally do not mind silly fantasy gratuity shots in games now and then.  The cut scenes actually look pretty awesome... and I think the dudes downstairs are just trying to sound all professional, cause this game looks awesome! 



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This is fixed now. Go to a Movie page and look in the right column.  If there is no franchise listed, you should and can now link the movie to it's overall franchise. Thanks!
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Hey everyone, there are 2 main parts of the our site, the Forums and the Wiki.  First I wanted to let you know that we are growing everyday.  Each day we get more traffic from the previous day, and alot of it comes from people searching for anime stuff on Google, then google sends them to our wiki pages. 

If you have time and you wanna pitch in here are some of the top pages on the site that do NOT have BIOS written for them.  So if you are looking for something to write (and want POINTS),  there are great places to start!


1 Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective
Hell Girl
3 20th Century Boys
4 Vanilla Series
5 Eureka Seven
6 Ghost in the Shell
7 Mezzo Forte
8 Rave Master
9 Hills Have Size
10 Tenchi Muyo

Anime Series:

Dragon Ball Z: Plan to Destroy the Saiyajin
2 Lingerie Office
3 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
4 Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
5 Sonic X
6 Switch
7 Koihime Musou
8 Papa to Kiss in the Dark
9 One Piece
10 Toradora

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I'm kind of a big deal around here.
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this blog should not be searchable.
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Even an evil dude like Hitler isn't happy with what is being done with Dragonball Evolution.



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