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Wow, it looks like Gundam 00 is getting a second season, sequel, whatever you want to call it, and it skipped the TV and went straight to DVD. Wow Sandrock is in it as well. Wow,  isn't that Kira, this is going to be the best season ever!
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I get shot in this video... 
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 Hey Duders,
We just deployed another small addition to go with the new follow / activity code we pushed last week. This feature was launched last week for mods and staff and was opened to all users earlier today.

Click the Follow Feed Link to View The Activity Feed For People You Are Following

This page is just a start and will definitely see some more work in the next few weeks -- but its a preview for the type of feed we're working towards. Head over there when you get a chance and let us know:
  • what you like
  • what you dislike
  • what you want to see in this activity feed (more images, more forum posts, more relevant information, etc)
  • is it too "spammy" -- what could be filtered out to make it more interesting
  • what would make this feed more useful - being able to filter by content type, or by user?
  • voting - would it make sense to allow you to vote activity up and down?
  • comments -- would it make sense to be able to comment on activity?
We're laying the foundation right now and we're trying to gather feedback from you guys earlier than later -- so if you have any ideas they are welcomed, cause in the end, we're building all this stuff for you guys!
And as always, we're looking for bugs -- so if you come across any -- let us know.

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Hey duders. 
We just deployed some new code earlier this afternoon. I've  blogged about the changes before. Here are the exact changes: 
  • Friends: The traditional 'friends' code is gone - please let me know if you see it referenced on the site anywhere.
  • Follow: In place of this is a more Twitter-like model where you 'follow' people (and they may 're-follow' you back). This should make it easier to track activity, blogs and status updates of the people (and soon, games, objects, etc.) you are interested in. All of your old friend data has been migrated over during the downtime today.
  • Activity Update: Activity was not scaling properly in its old implementation. With so many users generating so much activity, we had to ultimately take down the 'friends activity' feed to keep the site afloat. We have made pretty big changes and have re-implemented new activity logic that should enable us to bring you your 'followed users' activity in a feed. This is currently being tested w/ Staff and Mods and once we determine that it is stable, we'll be rolling it out to everyone :) We're really excited about this and hope you will be too.
Let us know if you find any bugs and look forward to some more new features over the next few weeks -- really excited about the future of AnimeVice. 
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  It's name is  "SFX FANTASY RAYFORCE" and is an awesome Korean Toku show. This is just a promo, and the company that made it is waiting until they get more funds, or something.  They really better start making this, god that mech (gundam) at the end was beautiful.
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Jesus, this is quickly becoming a tattoo blog.  
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I can't wait to see him when he's 80.
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I love me some paperboy.
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Take the One piece: What pirate are you?

Your Results:

Jimbei 100%
Half shark, half oni, all man! You are the powerful Jimbei, the pirate-hating pirate. Johnny Depp has nothing on you. In a world without honor, you are a saint; though you'd still eat any human to cross your path.
Congratulations, you are the man closest to One Piece, while also being the strongest pirate as well in the world as well. If that wasn't enough, you also possess the world's greatest mustache in existence. Pat yourself on the back, you earned it.
You might run away from battles, and constantly lie your ass off, but you are a true man. What makes you stand aside from all others is that in desperate times you can throw your cowardice aside and do what needs to be done; like dressing up like a super hero and smashing your enemies with a giant hammer.
Not only do you probably download fansubs, movie screaners, pirate PC games and have a R4, but you are also a cat burglar. If that wasn't enough, you can control the weather. Stay away from me.
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 Exciting news, we just deployed some new list code this afternoon and added some huge new enhancements to our List system.
Creating a list:
We added a bunch of new tools to help you create and manage your lists - you can check them out if you hit this url:

Adding Lists To Your Blogs and Forum Posts:
The big bummer w/ lists before was that you created them and that was it. Cool if you want to manage collection, but not very social, and definitely not very easy for other people to see and talk about. So we decided to throw it into the boards via our editor. Now, all of your lists are available to embed into a Blog or Forum Post using the 'Insert' dropdown in the editor.
 The My Lists Drop Down Will Let You Add Your Lists to Blogs / Forums
 The My Lists Drop Down Will Let You Add Your Lists to Blogs / Forums

Ordering Your Lists: 
Probably the most requested feature by users --- and actually not to difficult to implement. You can now order your lists in 'edit mode' by either clicking the Up/Down arrows next to each list item or by using the number field in between the arrows. Oh, and when you add new items to your list, they now get appended to the bottom as opposed to injected at the top.

 Sorting and Ordering Your Lists Has Never Been Easier
 Sorting and Ordering Your Lists Has Never Been Easier

Comments and Recommendations:
We also added stats to your lists, so you can track how well each of them is received. You'll be able to track your most commented on lists, lists w/ the most user recommendations, etc. from your new list dashboard in your profile.

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 Dragging an image and dropping it in the trash when editing images should no longer suck for Internet Explorer users.  Let me know if I am lying.  Look I even made an image to explain:

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 There was a crazy bug when using the text editor and inserting images.  Often clicking "Search this Site" in the image popup mutliple times would cause a browser crash.  This should not happen anymore.
FYI, I have tidy list of bugs that happen in the text editor on different browsers that I am still working on.  Plus I pushed out alot of bug fixes to other issues this week.  If you get a browser "CRASH" while using the text editor please let me know about it in the Bug Forums boards.  And also let me know what actions/clicks lead to the crash.  We dont want the text editor to ever crash your browser, so if it does, let me know so I can track down the problem. Thanks!
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 You can now delete a gallery in your profile images and if you are wiki mod you can delete galleries from the wiki images.  I'll allow users with over 10,000 points to delete galleries from the wiki soon.
Delete a Gallery.
Delete a Gallery.
 You can also completely remove your profiles background image.  Just go to Change Icon in your profile, then in the popup window look for the red circle with a minus in it. Click it and save!
Remove your background image.
Remove your background image.
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Hey people:

I am putting a new texteditor (aka: wysiwyg) on the site.  For those not in the know, I'm talking about the box you type your messages in here on the site.  The moderators having been testing the new editor for a while now, and now it's your turn.  For now I am putting the editor in the Forums, Comments, PM, Review section of the site.  We'll wait to put it into the wiki once we test it somemore.

All in all the new editor should be easier to use and will allow us to add new features to it with greater ease.  Any way feel free to hit me up with any questions or bugs about it.

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I bend gas.  I think you know what I mean.
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Ok duders,

Dave's been wanting me to implement this for awhile now --- and I finally got around to doing it today (as step 1 in my attempt to get some nice topic moval (sp) tools in place for the mods (yay!))....

And its a really simple tool -- just had to take a little bit of time to tweak our auto-completer to accept a new argument that would allow us to limit its result set to a single item.

Anyway, now when you go to start a new topic on the site (from the forums home page), you click the new 'Specific Page' link to search for and attach to whatever forum you want to on the site (instead of just the default ones listed in the dropdown):

now becomes:

If you see any bugs with this -- or with the auto-completer anywhere else on the site -- please let me know. Thanks guys - enjoys!
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Just deployed the old (well, the new old) activity feed -- and made a few tweaks to the performance of the templates.

You will notice a slight clash in styles --- as older activity was generated using the old templates and newer activity is now being generated using the newer templates.

Let me know if you guys see any issues - thx.
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