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At Anime Central, FUNimation has revealed Senran Kagura's dub cast along with a trailer. The video is unlisted and region locked. The DVD and BD for this anime series will set for July 29th.


  • ASUKA – Felecia Angella
  • KATSURAGI – Brittney Karbowski
  • IKARUGA – Alexis Tipton
  • HIBARI – Megan Shipman
  • YAGYU – Bryn Apprill
  • HOMURA – Monica Rial
  • HARUKA – Teri Rogers
  • MIRAI – Lara Woodhull
  • HIKAGE – Kara Edwards
  • YOMI – Trina Nishimura
  • ADR DIRECTOR – Jerry Jewell
  • ADR ENGINEER – Cris George


From the Dynamic Duo that brought you Ikki Tousen comes a revealing tale of naughty ninjas sucking down sushi rolls and busting up the competition!

Asuka and her friends may look like any other girls at Hanzo Academy, but they’re secretly studying the ancient art of Ninjutsu! While other students do their homework, Asuka and the gang push their beautiful bodies to the breaking point in pursuit of their perfect form. Life is one sexy sparring session after another until a Deviously Demented rival clan of evil ninjas ambushes the Hanzo hotties – and steals their sacred ninja scroll. Faced with their toughest – and most well-rounded – enemies ever, Asuka and her fellow Deadly Divas will have to go further than they’ve ever gone before to prove they’ve mastered the art of full frontal combat!

Whether you like blondes or brunettes; good or evil; big or EXTRA BIG; this series based on the action packed video game proves once and for all that a ninja beat down is the most exhilarating beat down of all!


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Welcome everyone to another beautiful community spotlight! For many college students in our community, many of us are enjoying our summer vacation after grueling finals. For high school students, I wish you good luck on your AP exams. Cheers to our students and everyone for their hard work!

Please check out the last community spotlight we did together.

Wiki Spotlight


Awesome job to Taichokage and ForgottenOne for doing another great job on their wiki pages! Taichokage is scoring big on the Magi and D. Gray-Man pages while ForgottenOne clear some Jojo's Bizarre Adventure wiki tasks. Compared to them, I did only 2 episode summaries this week and one anime series page. Gyn uploaded wonderful images of One Piece. Check his stitched cap of Rebecca. Looks pretty awesome. RubberLuffy did his first wiki bounty task, Lisa Lisa. Lastly, Demonic13 did a cool summary on Kenko Zanrakei Suieibu Umishou Episode 4.

We have a new wiki editor these past 2 weeks. Sidapa is a Wikia editor from Hitsugi no Chaika Wikia. He is one of my teammates on the Chaika wiki project. Please welcome him.

Best Wiki Pages

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I'm doing threads for Guests of Honors for the following Anime Conventions:

RPG Forums

For newcomers, check out Kuma's first RPG news blog, Animevice RPG Weekly News 22/02/2014 for more information.

Thanks to Vapovile for his news tip. The hottest RPG forums are...

Battle News

An old thread was revived, the Rate The Debaters, where users rank other battle users on a scale of 1-5 based on their opinions. The most visited battle threads were Lucifer(Supernatural) vs. Kid Buu, Kid Buu vs Broly, and Acacia Three disciples, 4 Heavenly Kings, Joa VS SSJ 1 Vegetto.

CAVs that are still going strong are CAV Presents: IndridCold vs DBZ_universe.

Front News

Check out Daniel Newton's latest Caption Contest!

Even the most simple GIFs can be a little hypnotic... caption time!

Tom Pinchuk reviews Blade & Soul Ep. 1 and finds it to be the best pilot of this spring 2014 season.
Special Review. I can't believe it's not fan service!

Then, he did a review for episode 2.
Tom Pinchuk does another W & L article on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!
Episode #12 -- Watch & Learn. Carlos Santana?
Anime Filler vs. Padding -- The Vice Pit
What's the difference really? Aren't we just talking about B-Material?
FoxxFireArt reviews One Piece ch. 746.
That's him on the monitor. That's Usopp in the spotlight. He's losing his religion.
Anime Spring 2014 Season -- What's Bad?
Tom and his friend Marlin of Anime Expo share their bad shows.
THE VICE PIT. We've watched pretty much every new pilot so you don't have to. Which ones should you avoid?
FoxxFireArt reviews Ch. 675.
NARUTO returns from the Golden Week break with one of the most underwhelming reveals in the series' entire run.
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This is some pretty big news if you're a fan of the Sailor Moon anime franchise. At Anime Central just today, Viz Media announced that they have acquired licensing rights to all TV seasons, specials and movies to Sailor Moon. This licensing snag includes the fifth season of the franchise never released in America called Sailor Stars and the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal series that will premiere in Japan on July 5. The older titles of the franchise will be released entirely unedited, include a new English dub and will be streamed in subbed format via Viz's Neon Alley service on Hulu starting Monday with its first four episodes and adding on two additional ones for each Monday afterward. Viz plans to start releasing box sets of the older seasons in the series sometime late in the year, while they will announce more details on their release plans with Sailor Moon Crystal in the future. In celebration of the acquisition, Viz plans to hold a "Sailor Moon Day" event at Anime Expo on July 5 (the day of Sailor Moon Crystal's premiere) to host panels with the new dub staff and crew, as well as try attracting a large number of Sailor Moon cosplayers.

The Sailor Moon anime franchise is a long-popular mahou shoujo series based on Naoko Takeuchi's manga series of the same name that debuted in February 1992. The anime focuses on Usagi Tsukino and several middle school girls around her age gaining magical powers based on the moon and planets to battle the forces of evil. The first season and part of the second series, Sailor Moon R, was first brought to America in an edited format for syndication in the mid-1990s by DIC Entertainment and later brought onto Cartoon Network's Toonami block. DIC's English dub was infamous for Americanizing the names of the characters, altering or cutting out plot points and editing or removing content considered objectionable to a young American audience. The later two seasons, Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon Star S, also aired on Toonami which were more faithful to the Japanese script, yet altered several plot points which notably included Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune being cousins instead of lesbian lovers. The first four seasons of the series were originally released to video in the 2000s in unedited formats by ADV Films and Geneon, with the former having rights to the first season and R while the latter had rights to Super S and Star S.

Here is a video of Viz's announcement regarding their acquisition of the Sailor Moon franchise...

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This is the last update on my end. I didn't include Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders in my Current Wiki Projects and Goals for Spring 2014 because I wasn't sure if I love the anime series. I only work on wiki projects of shows I love. I have met folks who don't love a show, but they just work on the wiki page. I started wiki tasks before I got into the anime series just to take advantage of the momentum of the Jojo craze in the battle forums and the front page due to Tom Pinchuk actively reviewing the show. I'm thankful for having the chance to work Anime Vice folks on wiki projects and promoting it to everyone.

I thank for getting me in the show. I'll do my best to support the wiki and promote Jojo across the community's various niches.

Thank you everyone. Please support the wiki by commenting on the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Discussion or helping out in the wiki.

Team Members

Wiki Mod of Anime Vice, Admin of Sket Dance, Btooom, To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia
I'm in charge of episode summaries for Stardust Crusaders, but I also write up minor sections on character pages if I have time. I only finished Ep. 6. I hope to complete the series's plot summaries by the end of the series.
He's one of upcoming and best Rookie Wiki Editors we had. He did a great job on Toriko and Medaka Box. He's a skillful Wiki Bounty Task Hunter. He clears them fast.
He writes up character, concept, and the Stardust anime series page.
He's one of the veteran wiki editors in Anime Vice, a foundation editor due to mainly creating wiki pages and attaching them.
He created a lot of Jojo's manga and light novel pages and attach characters and other pages. Sometimes, he will leave bare bone pages.
He's one of the most outspoken fan of the series. He brings to the table, lots of cultural and musical references. You'll see him in the discussion and W & L articles.
He is currently working on Lisa Lisa's bounty task.
He's one of the veteran battle users and one of the most respected individual in the community. He first stated in the wiki this year with Zebra. He was one of the Toriko Wiki Team Members.
He finished the wiki task on Jotaro Kujo and did an awesome job on it.
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Hello everyone, I'm Taka, your wiki addict and pretty much the weirdest person you meet in the community. After posting the Community Spotlight 5/9/2014: Happy Mother's Day!, many of you guys wanted me to do a MILF list instead of a robot list. I give in. If I'm going to do a MILF list, I have to do a PILF list because my Fetish Friday blogs are picked to appeal to both genders, guys and gals. For this blog, I have to separate it for the first time.

This is the most embarrassing blog I had to write in Anime Vice.

Past Fetish Fridays

Since I'm running out of time, I need to finish some wiki pages. I'm going to do this blog fast.

Reasons Why Folks Love MILFs

  • Going back on the Mature Men and Women Fetish blog, guys love mature women. They're well endowed, experienced, and playful. I was reading some articles on why folks love female bosses is because it's sexually attractive when a woman plays with her power of authority.
  • In Hentai, it's a popular sub-trope of big boob fetish because I haven't seen any pettanko characters as MILFs. There is also the sexually frustrated housewife trope that also plays in with the MILF fetish.


The only person that I asked was a great, funny guy I met on Twitter, SeishunRC, a writer at RandomCuriosity. On the weekend of Mother's Day, I saw his Tweets, so I went over to ask him why he loved Touwa Meme and why is she his best MILF.

I thank SeishunRC for his answers. I haven't watched Denpa yet, but she's one of the best representation of anime MILFs along with 3 other fetishes: tsundere, business woman, and mature woman.

Hot Mother List

I whipped up a quick list of mothers. I only included women who are alive for good reason. Who are your favorite anime MILFs?

Thank you everyone for reading.

Meme Tōwa
She's the owner of sweets store and mother of Erio. A young playful woman who likes to tease Makoto, her daughter's love interest.
Delia Ketchum

Ash's mother is the one who started the trend of young, lonely mothers in the Pokemon franchise.

Holy Kujo
Jotaro's mother who dotes on Jotaro despite how cold Jotaro treats her. Most mother would slap her son for calling her the B word, but Holy doesn't mind.
Tsurara Shirayuki

She's the ice queen and Mizore's mom in Rosario Vampire. I didn't include Ageha because I like Tsurara and Mizore a lot.

Akane Fujisaki
It's a spoiler for this character. I can't go into relationships, but she's a hard working mother who raises two kids all by herself.
Fumio Usui
Kenta's mother whose youthful appearance often confuses folks. She tends to get into trouble when guys try to hit on her because she's irresistible, and that beauty mark of her is a beacon!
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From the New Spring 2014 Wiki Task Projects, here's an update to one of the wiki projects. There has been a new team formed this month. I'm really glad to work with more folks. I emphasize team wiki projects heavily in this community. If you guys and gals are looking for folks to work with on a wiki project, let me know. I can help you out even if it's a little thing since I'm pretty stretched out with my current wiki projects this spring. Summer school is actually coming for me at the last week of May.

Here's my Current Wiki Projects and Goals for Spring 2014 if you want to see what projects I'm working on. I welcome anyone as long as you follow the wiki rules.

Thank you everyone. Please support the wiki by commenting on the Hitsugi no Chaika Discussion or helping out in the wiki.

Team Members

Wiki Mod of Anime Vice, Admin of Sket Dance, Btooom, To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia
I'm in charge of episode summaries, but I also write up minor sections on character pages if I have time.
Hentai Wiki Editor Specialist
He attaches pages to the episode pages and creates new pages.
Wikia editor at Hitsugime no Chaika Wikia.
He is a new wiki editor who works at Anime Vice, doing the same roles like AgentFakku. In addition, he writes up minor sections on characters and concept pages.
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Well, welcome to the first ADW of 2014 and this means and during all that time the blog wasn't updated, I had some heavy IRL stuff in the mix of raising my GPA, but I prevailed and everything was solved and it even had me closer to my family. (In short, fuck 2013. Right in that ass.) Now, let's get everything back up to speed for this year!

First off, Anime.

The previous season was bananas for what I ended up enjoying, but because school was getting real, I only managed to check out Lady Jewelpet, Chiaka, The Coffin Princess and Mekaku City Actors and out of these, Mekaku City Actors claimed my heart from Episode 1, was a bit iffy about Chiaka after 1 episode, and Jewelpet was a cheesefest, but it was fun. I got yet to check out some others, however and hope to do so soon after things wind down.

Thankfully, my Master Computer at home isn't like this...
Thankfully, my Master Computer at home isn't like this...

Sylveon and Gold

I went to two malls in separate days: The first was in the Great Mall of Georgia and the second was in North Pointe Mall. While North Point did have some charm and had a store where I found a plushie of Sylveon, I ended up having much more fun at the Great Mall for the areas we explored. I really want to look at the GMG when the Christmas decorations are about.

How I Feel about School Right Now

It actually feels like a corrupt system in my school despite my strong drive to reach for graduation. Recently, I had to switch a class to a refresher course (but I was refunded for that class, which was rare for a college) and found out that my academic advisor registered me one stage too early for the course. Well, better than getting auto-failed by someone who was nice most of the time (that's if I had declined the advisor's plan). There are also too many corrupt teachers, especially the few teachers who I had the most trouble with for one class until a much better teacher showed up and managed to get me out of these courses with great grades. One of them was so bad, it took me years until last quarter to pass it and the other times were from the one teacher who turns her students into academic cattle if they make just one false move. If it weren't for good teachers about and the people I met that turned out to be friends later on, my drive would be much less stronger than it is today.

Finally, a Tournament Report!

During the time that I was off, I participated in two tournaments. One was a draft for Vanguard, the other was a full tournament of the same game. In the previous draft, I only had two holo cards. One was pulled and the other was given to me on accident during the rotation (I kept it) I ended up being very close to first place until I decked out due to taking one damage point further than him. I got back at him when he asked if the one card I actually pulled (Ethics Buster Extreme) was open by replying that it was already traded. The look of his face was priceless. The full tournament was nearly as more troublesome as the draft, but I managed to reach into the top 8 with my deck (PR<3ISM Bermudas). Both actually ended up being fun despite the last battle where me and my opponent was gradelocked (Stuck at Grade 2 or lower).

I have another mat to consider, but I also want to use this one to piss my rivals off. XD
I have another mat to consider, but I also want to use this one to piss my rivals off. XD

Thanks for reading this rather long blog of mine. I hope to bring more of my misadventures to you guys soon. :)

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To end up having to share this when another convention is nearing is quite shameful, but school was kicking my ass to no end during the time. I'll share with you what I remember of AWA 2013. I managed to get a DVD boxset of Princess Tutu that was about and I also had a poster of Chi (Chobits). I can't remember what else I bought, however. What I clearly remember, however...

Cosplay Photos!

Many, many cosplay photos were taken, including someone dressed as Charlotte, the meet-up with someone who ended up on TV a couple of times (I also end up in a pic with her!), found someone in a rediculous Marshall Lee getup, end up meeting Chi and Fraeya, found Mitsuru loafing around and met up with a good ninja friend of mine.

Sorry that this is so short, but to compensate with it, my next adventure is the first of 2014 and it should already be up after this blog. Until next time, see you!

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As I was working on the Anime Expo wiki page, I was wondering how our former Staff Gia got so much points on a page that has a barebone article. I was stupid and realized Gia loves uploading cosplay photos in the wiki gallery as well as the news articles she had done. I know some of you guys and gals visit anime conventions this summer.

I know it's a bit more work after making a blog and uploading all those images due to the site's glitches. It's worth it. More images means more foot traffic for our site.

Please share your images and blogs of your Anime Conventions memories. It makes our community stronger and better. I hope you check out the Anime Convention Survival Guide! that and I co written for folks who haven't been to an anime convention. I wish everyone a good time this summer!

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Editor's Note: It will be easier to group all the announcements from Anime Expo's events.

If you are new to Anime Expo, the events are a separate attraction. You need to buy additional tickets in addition to purchasing your badge on their website. Do it early because they will be sold out.


The official website for the K anime franchise announced that Anime Expo will host the Japanese band Angela in Los Angeles in July. Japan Expo in Paris will host cast members Kenjiro Tsuda (Mikoto Suoh) and Yui Horie (Anna Kushina).

Both Anime Expo and Japan Expo are hosting the world premieres of the K: Missing Kings anime film — before the film opens in Japan. Anime Expo will run from July 3 to July 6, while Japan Expo will run from July 2 to July 6.

Angela is performing "Different Colors," the theme song for K: Missing Kings. The duo made their major debut in 2003 with the opening and closing theme songs for the anime Stellvia. They have since contributed to the soundtracks of Asura Cryin', Coppelion, Corpse Princess, Fafner, Heroic Age, Jinki:Extend, the K television series, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Shikabane Hime: Kuro, Shin Hakkenden, and Valvrave the Liberator. More recently, they performed the opening theme song for the Knights of Sidonia television anime series.

Kill la Kill English Dub

Aniplex of America announced on Monday that it will co-host a Kill la Kill event with Sony Music Entertainment Japan at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. The event will include the first episode of the English dub, a concert by opening theme song performer Eir Aoi, and a talk session with guests of honor. Guests include original story and script writer Kazuki Nakashima, character designer and animation director SUSHIO, producer Yosuke Toba, and voice actresses Ami Koshimizu and Ryoka Yuzuki (Ryuko and Satsuki).

Tickets for the Kill la Kill event will be sold independently of Anime Expo tickets beginning on Thursday. AX Premier Fans will be able to order tickets early beginning on Monday evening.

Anime Expo will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 3-6.

Source: Anime News Network

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Aniplex of America announced on Monday that it will co-host a Kill la Kill event with Sony Music Entertainment Japan at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. The event will include the first episode of the English dub, a concert by opening theme song performer Eir Aoi, and a talk session with guests of honor. Guests include original story and script writer Kazuki Nakashima, character designer and animation director SUSHIO, producer Yosuke Toba, and voice actresses Ami Koshimizu and Ryoka Yuzuki (Ryuko and Satsuki).

Tickets for the Kill la Kill event will be sold independently of Anime Expo tickets beginning on Thursday. AX Premier Fans will be able to order tickets early beginning on Monday evening.

Anime Expo will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 3-6.

Source: Anime News Network

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Note: I couldn't fit the whole title in. It's supposed to be Bandai Channel to Stream "Tiger & Bunny: The Rising" for Free before Blu-ray/DVD Release.

The official site for the Tiger & Bunny anime films announced today that its second film Tiger & Bunny: The Rising will be streamed only once for free on Bandai Channel's live stream site Minna de Stream at 22:00 on May 24 (JST), six weeks before the official release of the Blu-ray/DVD in Japan, July 4. The URL for the stream will be announced later.

Plot Summary

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, a.k.a. Wild Tiger, and Barnaby Brooks Jr.'s partnership comes to a sudden end when Apollon Media's new owner Mark Schneider fires Kotetsu and moves Barnaby back into the First League, pairing him up with Golden Ryan, a new hero with awesome powers and a huge ego to match. When the heroes are sent to investigate a string of strange incidents tied closely to the city's Goddess Legend, they discover three superpowered NEXTs plotting to bring terror and destruction to Stern Bild.

Editor's Note

If you haven't seen the movie like me, you check out that site.


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I don’t know what it is about manga this week and story progression; because while everything I am encountering so far has delivered in the action arena, I find myself unsatisfied by the stories told so far; truth be told this has less to do with this week’s particular chapters and more with the previous chapters of Noblesse and Nanatsu no Taizai, each of which has spent quite a while prioritizing action over story progression.

And it can become difficult to complain about Noblesse’ failings, especially with the quality of its art it consistently presents in its action packed panels, though I am finally at place where I must protest.


The Lord collides with the elders, while M21 tries his hand out at contending with a true werewolf.


It is certainly true that these days I try to keep the chapter descriptions as brief and spoiler free as possible; yet it does astound me when a chapter description fits into a single line, without any attempts on my part to summarize the plot in question.

That is literally all that happened; and unlike with Nanatsu no Taizai I am not complaining, because this Manhwa is simply superbly drawn, so much so that every new chapter of little more than action always finds a way to entertain me.

But that doesn’t say anything about the story, which, I wish, would start rapidly progressing; because it feels like we have stagnated since Rai and crew clashed with Muzaka and left the island. I get it, there is only so much that can be done in a single chapter, but Noblesse isn’t allowing me to experience the same level of satisfaction I encountered when I first read the Manhwa.

I don’t even remember when RK4 first went into battle, it can’t be last chapter because that was all about Karias; but I have seen this too many times in the past to care, the group entering training to achieve greater power, to prove themselves useful to Rai, encountering a strong opponent, showing what they have learnt and getting their asses royally kicked.

Kind of reminds of Dragon Ball Z in which the Z warriors would spend the year training to defeat a foe that would wipe the floor with them almost instantly.

I am calling this the Fairy Tail syndrome, what Noblesse has been doing in the past 100 chapters, basically teasing some actual development for RK-4 but having them contribute almost nothing; and to think each of them were considered true threats when they first emerged in the beginning of the manga.

On the plus side, and I have already said this, I cannot get enough of this art, and the way the battles are arranged, choreographed and presented, allowing the speed and impact to come through, simply awesome.

+RATING: 6/10, this was little better than Nanatsu no Taizai, merely a tad bit more exciting.


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Nanatsu no Taizai can sometimes prove to be a difficult manga to follow on a weekly basis; and it has nothing to do with how satisfactory the various individual chapters can be, because the manga is fairly consistently action packed, delivering thrilling pages each and every week.

Yet there is something to be said about the amount of action in any given Nanatsu no Taizai chapter; because the mangaka clearly knows how to pack as much action as he can into each weekly collection of 21 pages, keeping the fights fast paced by cramming as much action into each panel as is humanly possible.

But it could be argued that the amount of action presented stifles actual story progression, of which we get very little in a number of recent chapters. Admittedly the manga avoids Bleach’s pitfalls, which can sometimes prove to be too brief for one’s liking, with Kubo wasting so many panels on irrelevant shots (which Bleach is actually famous for) instead of moving his various plots along.

Bleach’s failures are considerably greater because with Kubo even the fight can stagnate, with only one event (sometimes even less than that) occurring in each chapter and creating a feeling of waste. And by one event, I mean reading a chapter in which a character swings his sword once in all 21 pages to deliver a devastating attack and that’s it, the rest of the panels (usually coming before this final scene) wasted on various shots of the battle field and lengthy stares.

Anyway, The Seven Deadly Sins; Arthur and Meliodas finally meet and are now standing side by side, fighting against Hendricksen and Gilthuder. We learnt something important about Gil in the last few chapters, something about his being related to someone very important, I can’t remember.

Either way I was far from moved by chapter 76; honestly the King/Diana stuff was so much more interesting than this. Sure it was great action but nothing really happened, besides the revelation that Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret, was actually being incarcerated of her own free will- which doesn’t interest me much.

At this point Hawk’s story might prove to be a much more interesting plot than the Hendricksen/Meliodas brawl.

+RATING: 4/10, not a bad chapter, only I wasn’t greatly entertained.


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Now for the longest time ( since high school 1985 ) I have said art is simply opinion. An For years an years I have watched attacks on the video game industry by well meaning an not so well meaning people. So imagine my surprise to stumble across a well written an historical look at video games as art an the attacks their of.

""Video games can never be art," thundered movie critic Roger Ebert in 2010. Responding to a provocative TED Talk that argued the opposite, Ebert dismissed the examples mentioned in the presentation, sniffing that they "do not raise my hopes for a video game that will deserve my attention long enough to play it. They are, I regret to say, pathetic."

Now this is one of among the many things I would disagree with Ebert . But for those interested in the history of video game attackers an a fair look at how the critics of video games were wrong with their long term predictions, please read the whole article. It covers all the big points an predictions of the nay sayers of negativity of video games.

Thought enuff of the 2 page article to make a blog post about it. But it does have a few things to discuss. As video games seem to have a large chunk of the entertainment dollar will we see more attacks soon? So even NPR fudging numbers so much so NPR had to list movie advertising as a profit for movies not a expense. That seems like a sure thing we will see more but I think more subtle ones.

Also of note if one looks at gross then things look a bit different. Problem with the comparison is net. The movie industry can show a net loss an still make money. Its call Hollywood accounting The video game industry can not do that. Or at least has not learned to do that.

Some would question if video games will ever be as big as movies. But it is time an accounting that will tell the tale. Think that line was crossed when Hollywood made movies based on video games. An continue to try an cash in on their popularity. Oddly enuff one could argue how the horror movie industry was attacked an predictions of what those movies would cause. Is fairly similar to the claims vs video games. Which were similar to the attacks on pen and paper rpgs Which was similar to attacks on books.

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I'll add the full list with DVD and Blu-Ray covers. I did copy and paste ANN's catalog as a temporary list. Sorry for the inconvenience. I was busy with finals this week.

I would love to hear your recommendations on these series. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.


DVD and Blu Ray Releases

Deltora Quest - The Complete Series (Dub.DVD)New$79.95
Dragon Ball Z - Season Four (Blu-Ray)FUN$44.98
The Book of Bantorra - Complete Collection (DVD)Sentai$79.98
The Book of Bantorra - Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)Sentai$99.98
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Season 5 Volume 1 (Dub.DVD)New$19.95
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Season 5 Volume 2 (Dub.DVD)New$24.95
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Season 5 Volume 3 (Dub.DVD)New$19.95
Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Official Fifth Season (Dub.DVD)New$59.95
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I know it's fan made but this (if created) would probably be better than anything the so called stalled Americanised version would turn out to be

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So this is what Fairy Tail feels like when Hiro injects some effort into providing some character development; overall I would say, not bad. Not bad, rather than simply good because this is after all nothing but setup, setup that can go very bad depending on how Hiro chooses to approach the next chapter.


Tartaros’ leader Mardgeer activates Alegria, which swallows all the fairies but for Lucy; and while it rampages, Lucy makes her stand against the Tartaros horde, standing as the last man against an impending disaster, with only her spirits for backup.


I cannot help it; I know what Fairy Tail is and clearly the key to enjoying it lies in accepting its fun and light hearted side. But I have spent so many years treating it as something so much more serious that I cannot change that mindset now.

Which means I am going to continue holding the manga to much higher standards than is necessary.

That being said, these were two considerably kick ass chapters, portending what could be a massive amount of character development for Lucy.

YES, LUCY, OF ALL PEOPLE. Then again it makes all the sense in the world. Most of us Fairy Tail fans have a pretty uniform view of Lucy as an annoying, completely useless Sakura-esq character. Then again Sakura brings so much more to the Naruto world than Lucy does to Fairy Tail.

And this has nothing to do with her battle prowess; overall Lucy serves absolutely no purpose to Fairy Tail as a guild, and suddenly the fate of the guild and Foire lies in her hands. Is that really a good thing or more bad storytelling on Hiro’s part?

Because this follows what is fast becoming a trend with Hiro, ever since Wendy acquired dragon force; he is clearly taking steps to pour some purpose and power into his female characters, attempting to push them to the fro with Erza.

And that isn’t a bad thing; Lucy is in terrible need of development, only surpassed by Natsu as far as unbelievably underdeveloped characters are concerned (strange that Oda can make that work, because on a whole Luffy hasn’t changed much since his first appearance, precluding a power up or two. Only he still works as a character. Not so for Natsu, afflicted by the sorts of problems you find with heroes that come into play at the beginning of a series, fully formed, with little to learn from the world).

At some point during this arc I envision Natsu standing at Hell’s doors and taking on everything else that Tartaros still has to offer, including END, and obliterating them. And chances are I will fume about the pointlessness of Fairy Tail. Except I will probably keep pushing forward with the series, because Natsu is a power house.

Lucy is a different case. If she stands against the entire Tartaros and comes out unscathed, utterly defeating her enemies, Fairy Tail will have reached new levels of idiocy. Because it makes absolutely no sense (And please Hiro, no Laxus making a sudden appearance, miraculously healed from his last battle; or Jella, who should be in no condition to fight).

Which is why the success or failure of this move will largely depend on what Hiro has in mind; because If this was any other series, this situation would be something to anticipate. Lucy as the last fairy tail survivor and standing by herself against Tartaros creates hope, to finally see her rise and prove herself worthy of the guild’s name.

But only if Hiro executes this part of the story right. Yes, Lucy can completely defeat Tartaros and it can be awesome, but only if Hiro doesn’t throw logic out the window and actually provides a credible solution to the Tartaros threat.

-Chapter 383 was a perfect example of Hiro allowing Lucy the chance to kick some ass, displaying her agility and durability in weathering the power of three spirit summons. Can she pull it off though, defeat Tartaros by all her lonesome?

And what is Lumen Histoire, the so called light or darkness of Fairy Tail?

What can Hiro do to create an outstanding battle royale for Lucy in the coming chapters?

Hiro’s art has been awesome for the past few chapters.

RATING: 6/10, if Hiro expects me to believe that Lucy can perform Urano Metria even after having so much of her magic sapped by three summons, then I am going to be disappointed. Because that is one ability that could give her the edge.

Wait, no, wait, we are forgetting Hiro’s pattern with such situations, having Lucy contend with opponents stronger than her, get her ass kicked, take loads of punishment and holding on until Natsu comes to the rescue. Somehow that sounds even worse than Lucy pulling off a Nakama power win.

Speaking of Sakura I really hope she gets the chance to prove herself before this war is over; the Sasori fight was a VERY LONG TIME AGO.

| |

This is another strange idea I got from the stress of studying for finals. Part of the reason for this idea is to promote the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads in the community. I'll be taking comments or pics to highlight the best moment of the anime series' episode on a weekly basis.

I wish I had more time to watch all the shows, including the reverse harem shows. I thought I could use Twitter to fill in ones that don't have a lot of love (looking at Crunchyroll's hashtags). It's hard to find out which Tweet was about last week's episode.

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

I have a hard time uploading images due to the site's month old lagging glitch. I was going to post shots of each date.

Which date did you enjoy the most?

Is the Trap, the Childhood Friend, or the Yandere
Is the Trap, the Childhood Friend, or the Yandere

Drop a comment at the Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Discussion!

Dragonar Academy

I haven't seen the show. Couldn't use Twitter. Did a bit of Google search for the most recent episode.

Question is what was the most erotic scene in last week's episode? Is it the endowed maid's dressing scene, the loli dragon getting in heat scene, or other scenes?

No comment
No comment

Drop a comment at the Dragonar Academy Discussion!


After the festival episode, we get a beach episode where we get T & A, your favorite trope. Every girl except Onodera and Onodera's friend, Neko have some sexy scenes. Which gal's bikini choice made your day?

Beach Fun!
Beach Fun!

Drop a comment at the Nisekoi Discussion!

Kamigami no Asobi

This week's male love interest is Totsuka. It was great seeing his character spotlighted. Do you guys and gals feel Totsuka and Yui is the best pairing so far? Who's our next lucky guy? I'm hoping Hades because his "Ahh, I give you misfortune" gag was hilarious.

Our latest pairing
Our latest pairing

Drop a comment at the Kamigami no Asobi Discussion!

I'll do Date a Live II and La Corda tomorrow. Sorry, I have to study for finals.

| |

In the Nikkei financial report, Walt Disney will air Doraemon (in English Dub) this summer on the Disney XD network. It has been 44 years since the original manga had debuted. The anime had aired in 35 countries outside of Japan. This will be the first television showing of Doraemon in the United States of America. The cultural significance of Doraemon is that he is seen as a cultural icon and ambassador of Japan to many Asian countries.

The schedule of Doraemon for Disney XD will be a total of 25 episodes, shown 5 times a week. The target audience would be elementary school children.

Changes to Doraemon's during Localization

Like all anime series being localized in the US, there will be some changes due to convenience sake. Some names are easier to pronounce in English especially for the younger children.

  • Nobita, Doraemon's owner, will be called Noby
  • Gian will be called Big G
  • Takecopter will be called Hopter
  • Dokodemo Door will be called Anywhere Door


In the story, the robotic cat was sent by a boy in the future to the present day to help the boy's hapless grandfather, Nobita. Doraemon, Nobita, and other children deal with everyday childhood issues, solve (and cause) problems with the gadgets in Doraemon's fourth-dimensional pocket, and embark on escapades through time and space.



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