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Hello everyone, this is a list of anime shows that will expire after this year. For all four, the date of expiration is December 31, 2014, 7am PST. For those who haven't seen them, this is the last chance to catch them on Crunchyroll. Some of these titles aren't licensed for audiences outside of Japan such as Beelzebub.

Expired Titles


Oga Tatsumi is a first year student in Ishiyama High, a notorious school for delinquents. One day he sees a man floating by, and the man suddenly splits in half to reveal a baby boy inside!
Ishida and Asakura

The friendship of high school boys can be a unique and oftentimes surreal existence for outsiders looking in. Of course, the friendship between our protagonists Ishida and Asakura, are no different. Join these two crazy characters as they get into all sorts of hilarious antics this winter season!
Growing up with an abusive father, Utsutsu is highly protective of his younger sister Yume. One day, Yume sees a red butterfly and contracts the strange Pupa virus. She begins to sprout grotesque wings and to indiscriminately attack both animals and humans. Hoping to find a way to stop the advance of the virus, Utsutsu seeks out Maria, a researcher who knows the secret of Pupa. He decides to sacrifice his own body as live bait for the sake of saving Yume.
Encouragement to Climb
Aoi prefers indoor hobbies and is afraid of heights, but her childhood friend Hinata loves to show off her passion for mountain climbing. As young children they once watched the sunrise from the top of a mountain, and now they've decided to take up mountain climbing in hopes of seeing that sunrise again. They have cooking battles with mountaineering gear, climb small hills in their neighborhood, and meet new mountaineering friends as they learn the ropes of the hobby. When will they finally see that sunrise again?




For wiki editors who are using Crunchyroll as their main image source, I will try to help you guys upload images if I can.

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Hello everyone! Winter 2015 season is approaching quickly. I'm working as fast as I can to make sure Anime Vice's community is up to date with the legal simulcast sites.

Here in Anime Vice, users are encourage to watch anime legally whenever possible. Territories are listed below. I will continually update this blog. Later in the first half of January 2015, I will have a comprehensive Simulcast guide for all legal anime streaming venue for the community. It will be on the front page.

Thank you everyone.


Aldnoah.Zero 2

  • Date: January 13 (using Daisuki's Twitter)
  • Territories: ?
  • Link
In 1972, the Apollo 17 mission discovered a hypergate to Mars on the surface of the moon. Soon a war breaks out between Earth and Mars, and Martian soldiers begin to descend from the sky, riding steel giants, intent on exterminating humanity.
  • Date: December 31, 2014
  • Territories: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
  • Availability: 30 Days after the release date.
  • Link


The time is February, after the ordeal with Nadeko Sengoku was resolved thanks to Deishu Kaiki working behind the scenes. As Koyomi Araragi studied for that last push before the college entrance exams, a change to his physical body that "could not be overlooked" was starting to happen. The difference that could be described as retribution for all his past action is...!?

By Anime Consortium Japan

Kuroko's Basketball 3
  • Date: January 10, 2015
  • Territories: North and Central America, Latin America, Europe (except French-speaking areas), Oceania (except French Polynesia), Africa (except for Tunisia) and Asia (except for Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore).
  • Link

Even in the glorious history of the Teiko Junior High Basketball team, the "Generation of Miracles" was where five genius players said to be at a one-man-in-ten-years level all resided at the same time.
Even after advancing to high school, they are still called by that nickname with the same amount of glory.

Taiga Kagami, the ace player for Seirin High School, is developing powers to close in to their level.
His natural talent increases in passion and brilliance with each game, and he is truly the "light" of Seirin.
And if Kagami is the "light," the "shadow" supports the team's rapid progress with an unwavering will.
Tetsuya Kuroko of Seirin High School.

With the advancement to the Winter Cup, Seirin finds themselves on a roll and defeats Toô Gakuen, starring Aomine, and Yosen, starring Murasakibara.

They finally advance on to the semifinals...!

The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
  • Date: January 12 (using Daisuki's Twitter)
  • Territories: World-wide except Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan
  • Link

There are many idols with long-established talent agency 346 Production.
And now the company is starting a new program, the Cinderella Project!
Girls leading normal lives…
They are chosen to be aspiring idols and see another world for the first time in this Cinderella story.
Can they all climb the stairs that lead to the palace?

The magic begins now…


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Welcome to the last weekly manga release blog of 2014! Sorry for being late since I had to catch up for the last 3 weeks due to school (Weekly Manga Releases: December 2, 9, and 16, 2014). I did finished 2 out 3 weeks with 11 volumes out of 20 for the 3rd week. I might go back and finish that blog.

This last batch is a bit small and will update when I get Right Stuf and Amazon's catalog for next week to double check.

For the manga releases this week, I'm still need to read Neon Genesis Evangelion after I dived into the franchise from a movie during Toonami's 2014 NGE block. The only familiar series here for me is Fairy Tail. I still love the series, and it doesn't have an end in sight for the original goal.

I would love to hear your recommendations on the rest of the manga series featured this week. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



None so far.


Kinokoinu - Mushroom Volume 2
  • Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing
  • Suggested retail price: $12.95

Picture book author, Hotaru Yuyami, was heartbroken after losing his beloved dog, Hanako. He was looking at a pink mushroom that had started growing in his yard when it started wriggling and out popped a dog, Mushroom Pup! Mushroom Pup, who loves takoyaki, melon bread, drawing, and Hotaru, is super popular and super adorable. This strange being is sure to heal your heart, too.

Fairy Tail Volume 45
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99

Small-town wizard Lucy would love to join Fairy Tail, a guild for powerful wizards, but instead finds herself teaming up with Natsu, a crazy fire wizard whose best friend is a talking, flying cat named Happy.

Summary is pending

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Volume 15
  • Distributor: Dark Horse Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Is it just an optical illusion, or are Rei and Shinji actually getting closer to one another? Asuka isn't too sure - but one thing you can be sure of is that she'll be giving this perception test a hard stare! And on that note, is Asuka falling victim to the same baka-tivity that afflicts her childhood friend, as she decides to use some of Shinji's "techniques" to help bring Toji and Hikari closer together?

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I Know that there's "A Certain Magical Index", "A Certain Scientific Railgun", "A Certain Scientific Railgun S", "A Certain Magical Index II". Do you think

there's going tobe "A Certain Magical Index III" or "A Certain Scientific Railgun _"?

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Hello everyone and happy Christmas Eve to all! Welcome to the last week of DVD and Blu-Ray releases (USA) for this year. We got a small selection this week. The best BD/DVD cover this week would be Onimonogatari. I love the colors that surround the woman who appears to be a succubus. I have yet to try the Monogatari series yet. It's on my watch list. I recommend Kill la Kill to fans who loved Gurren Lagann and Gainax titles such as Fooly Cooly because it has over the top animation and fan service.

I would love to hear your recommendations on these series. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



  • Amazon does not have a date for Kill la Kill Vol. 3.
  • For One Piece Season 6 Voyage Three, Amazon and Right Stuf has the release date set to January 13, 2015.
  • ANN did not list Mazinger Z, Horus, and Lupin.
  • Amazon listed Sword Art Online Extra Edition back on May 13, 2014 while Right Stuf and ANN had it listed this week.

DVD and Blu-Ray Releases

Kill la Kill Vol. 3
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $49.98 (Blu-Ray), $39.98 (DVD)

As they enter the final stages of the great King of the Hill battle, Ryuko must face Uzu Sanageyama again after defeating the other three members of the Elite Four. But the combat is brought to a sudden halt when a mysterious girl clad in a gothic Lolita outfit and an eye patch suddenly appears. Her name is Nui Harime, and she claims to have killed Ryuko's father, Dr. Matoi! Overcome by uncontrollable rage, Ryuko goes berserk and turns into a monster. Only Mako is able to knock some sense back into Ryuko, but not before Senketsu is cut into pieces by Nui.

Meanwhile, Satsuki and the Elite Four commence their Tri-City Schools Raid Trip, a large-scale invasion of the regions yet to be conquered: Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka. Ryuko learns that Senketsu's pieces were being used in this campaign to test the new Goku uniforms. Now, Ryuko rides into a new battlefield to make Senketsu whole once again!

Contains episodes 10-14. Special Features: Web Version Previews. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.

One Piece - Season 6 Part 3 DVD
  • Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $39.98

As Luffy attempts to track down Moria and take back what he's lost, Usopp reaches deep into his bag of tricks to even the odds in his battle with Perona. Meanwhile, Nami narrowly avoids an undead trip down the aisle, and Zoro clashes with a zombie samurai in the hopes of adding a new blade to his arsenal.

Armed with the secret to defeating Moria's minions, things briefly appear to be looking up for the Straw Hats, but the onslaught of Oars, the towering terror powered by Luffy's shadow, threatens to doom the crew. Undaunted in the face of this insurmountable evil, the Straw Hats stand strong together, vowing to fight till their very last breaths. As the hour creeps toward dawn, Oars prepares to deliver a furious flurry of devastating death blows, but his heinous attack is interrupted by the shocking arrival of Nightmare Luffy!

Contains episodes 361-372. Special Features: TBA. Spoken Langauges: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Mazinger Z TV Series DVD Set 2
  • Publisher: EASTERN STAR
  • Suggested Retail Price: $69.95

Koji and Company are back, along with Dr. Yumi and the staff of the Photon Light Institute, to keep Dr. Hell from taking over Japan. However, things won't be so easy now that Dr. Hell has a new alliance with the terrifying Duke Gorgon and an upgraded series of Mecha Monsters to throw their way.

Can Mazinger Z keep up with the growing threat? Or will the glory go to Sayaka's shiny new Diana A, or even - in the worst possible case - Boss Borot? Will Sayaka allow the new Most Dangerous Maid, Misato, to work at the Institute without being overcome by jealousy? Or will evil prevail as Dr. Hell's ambitions grow?

Contains episodes 47-92. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Horus: Prince of the Sun (Little Norse Prince) DVD
  • Publisher: EASTERN STAR
  • Suggested Retail Price: $24.95

A brave young boy named Horus pulls a blade out from a centuries-old rock giant only to discover that it is the Sword of the Sun. If re-forged, the sword's destiny will transform the boy into the Prince of the Sun.

Urged by his Father, Horus and his pet bear Coro travel to his ancestral village, a place destroyed by the Frost King Grunwald. Along the way, he helps a village whose residents are besieged by Grunwald's magic, but the villagers feel threatened when he befriends Hilda, a beautiful girl whose haunting songs conceal a dark secret.

The debut feature of Isao Takahata, creator of The Grave of the Fireflies and Pom Poko!

Special Features: Every Poet is a Thief: Inspirations from Horus, Horus and Hilda: Just like Twins, Reiko Okuyama: A Tribute to a Legend, Message of Hope: Isao Takahata conversation, Interview with Isao Takahata and Yoichi Kotabe, Audio Commentary with Mike Toole and Daniel Thomas MacInnes, Production Gallery, Theatrical Trailer. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro DVD
  • Publisher: EASTERN STAR
  • Suggested Retail Price: $24.95

In the twilight of his career, master thief Lupin the Third's latest and greatest caper has hit a snag. What should've been bags of cash from a national casino turns out to be expert counterfeits! Together with his partner-in-crime Jigen, Lupin heads to the remote European nation of Cagliostro to exact revenge.

Not everything goes as planned; the two encounter Clarisse, a royal damsel in distress being forced to marry the sinister Count Cagliostro against her will. Saving her won't be easy, however, as Lupin and Jigen - together with Lupin's unpredictable ex-girlfriend Fujiko and the swordsman Goemon - must fight their way through a trap-filled castle, a deadly dungeon, and an army of professional assassins! Can Lupin rescue the girl, evade the cuffs of his long-time nemesis Inspector Zenigata, and uncover the secret treasures of The Castle of Cagliostro?

This release includes the 1992 Streamline English dub, the 2000 Manga Entertainment English dub, and the 2000 Family Friendly English dub, as well as an all-new English subtitle translation and a restoration of the 1980 theatrical subtitles. Special Features: Commentary with Reed Nelson, Original Trailers, Opening and Endings Collection, Translation Notes. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $59.98 (BD), $39.98 (DVD)

On a hot summer day, Kazuto (Kirito) takes Suguha (Leafa) to his school, to meet Asuna, Keiko (Silica) and Rika (Lisbeth). Their mission: teach Suguha how to swim. Kazuto, however, has a prior commitment to see Seijiro Kikuoka, an officer with the Virtual Reality Section of the Department of General Affairs. Kikuoka wants to go over Kazuto's recollection of his time in SAO and ALO, to resolve some unanswered questions.

Later in ALO, Kirito and the girls (along with Klein and Agil), embark on an underwater quest to show Yui her very first whale. But the deeper down they go, the more mysterious the quest becomes...

Sequel to Sword Art Online and Prequel to Sword Art Online II. Special Features: Special Animation: Sword Art Online II Trailer. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.

Onimonogatari - Shinobu Time (Blu-Ray 4)
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $64.98

After time traveling to the past with Shinobu Oshino, Koyomi Araragi meets Mayoi Hachikuji and returns her backpack which she left in Koyomi's room. That is when they witness something unidentifiable – something that can only be expressed as the "darkness."

Koyomi, instinctively feeling danger, sits Mayoi on his bicycle and attempts to escape, but the ever elusive "darkness" tries to swallow the two of them. They barely manage to escape with the help of the young shikigami girl, Yotsugi Ononoki, and they evacuate into the ruins of the cram school. There, Shinobu tells him that she encountered the "darkness" about 400 years ago. Then a woman named Izuko Gaen, who says she knows Meme Oshino, explains to them the nature of the "darkness." And Koyomi has to face Mayoi's tragic fate. Fourth arc to the Monogatari series' second season.

Collects episodes 1-4 plus a deluxe booklet and pinup postcard set! Special Features: Textless Ending, Promotional Video & Commercial Collections. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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I didn’t see that coming; there is no way anyone saw that coming. There is genius to how layered Deadly Sins is becoming, the way its plots are starting to grow deeper, changing every time you think you have the entire picture figured out.

A few chapters in, this new arc is promising to be something especially spectacular.

Our heroes scramble to make sense of previous events, even as seemingly defeated villains prepare to move against the kingdom.


There are so many peculiar things I could point out about shonen manga, not least of which is the amount of focus placed on the most minute details.

That Hauser and Gil could take note of the fact that Dreyfus stumbled at a most crucial moment, using this as a clue to reveal the ruse behind Dreyfus and Hendricksen’s game  can be forgiven.

Or maybe not; people are not perfect. Is it really that hard to believe that a knight, even one as experienced as Dreyfus, could make the odd clumsy mistake? It is possible that shonen manga series place way too many expectations on the shoulders of their characters.

Which doesn’t actually matter, because Hendricksen is alive. Who saw that coming? Here we were, happy to finally bring the longest arc in the series so far to an end, looking forward to a new set of villains, only for Hendricksen to remerge on the scene.

I said this before; we don’t really know what is happening in the Nanatsu no Taizai ; 100 chapters in, there is so much left to explore, so many secrets waiting to be revealed that every new arc is most likely going to shift our perspective of this universe.

There was nothing easy about Dreyfus’ transformation during the war with Hendricksen. Everything about the Holly knight seemed to point towards some form of redemption.

The idea that it was all a ploy, that Dreyfus is actually the primary villain of this entire plot changes everything. What is this obsession with the demon tribe?

Who exactly is Dreyfus? Everything in this chapter seemed to suggest that the former great Holy knight might not be the true Dreyfus. Yet I think that assumption might be more accurate for Hendricksen, who we all know is nothing more than a leech for demonic energy.

Dreyfus on the other hand boasts the same mark as Meliodas, and clearly has demon blood running through his veins; something tells me we are about to get a Magi style revelation arc, in which we finally learn of the deep connection between all the events of the last few decades, this including the death of Zaratras and even the fate that befell the Deadly Sins .

Merlin has to be involved somehow; Meliodas has hinted more than once that she might have played a direct role in having the Sins framed and banished for Hendricksen’s crimes.

What are the chances that Hendricksen turns out to be an Itachi in the making, a white knight forced to go dark for the greater good?

That would be an awesome twist. 

Even while lacking the depth in its story, Nanatsu no Taizai is right up there with Magi when it comes to entertainment value.

RATING: 9/10, this chapter was just one giant revelation, which actually created more questions than answers given. The only way next week’s chapter fails is if the mangaka decides to waste precious pages and panels on Ban and King. Those two couldn’t be any less important right now.

If you think about it, there are so many ways Dreyfus could have taken Elizabeth’s blood without having to fake fight Hendricksen and fake dying; hell, what was the point of sending thugs to force Elizabeth back to Leonas in previous chapters. She has taken so much damage over the course of the series, and bled so many times. They could have acquired a sample of her blood any time they wanted.

Now that they no longer need her, I really hope Elizabeth doesn’t lose relevance.
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Well, considering how Season 2 ended up being my guilty pleasure show of last Winter, this was actually a shocking stroke of luck, but that's just me.

"The official website for the anime of Yoshiki Usa and Tomoko Fujinoki's Wooser no Sono Higurashi (Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life) manga announced on Christmas Eve that production on a third season has been green-lit. The official Twitter account stated that the third season will premiere in 2015 and that more details will be announced at a later date."

Source: ANN

For those that I pulled into this series, It looks like we're in for another one sometime in 2015...

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Ever encountered a panel in a Manhwa that was a so gobsmackingly awesome that it made you skip with excitement? Because that last panel of chapter 350 got me more excited than I have been for the next Noblesse chapter in a long time.

Regis and Rael find themselves on the losing end of a deadly fight; and just as Grui and Gaitan prepare to bring the duo to a violent end, a ray of hope emerges.


Let’s not waste too much time with chapter 349; 349 wasn’t that important; it wasn’t bad, but the best parts came at the end, when Regis finally became a badass.

Let’s be honest. The last time Regis looked even remotely impressive was back when he was still a mystery and we hadn’t met any other nobles.

Since the Lukedonia arc, Regis has taken so many beatings that he has been reduced to an irrelevant side kick.

That is until the end of chapter 349. I have said this before. Noblesse works because it knows exactly what it is: a shonen manhwa.

It can be funny when it wants to be, even tragic, but at the end of the day Noblesse is all about the action; and that final transformation of chapter 349, when Regis finally activated Regasus, well, it was like being transported back to the earlier days of Bleach, when Ichigo first went Bankai.

Chapter 350 was perfectly complimentary to the final moments of 349; Noblesse seems to have finally found its groove in an arc that has been a little shaky.

349 might have felt a little clunky with the fights, but 350 was crazy, the panels finally reacquiring that fluidity we have come to expect from Noblesse; though it was the choreography that really did it, the awkward yet entertaining manner in which Regis’ strength and Rael’s speed came together to overcome Grui.

But again, all this doesn’t matter, because that last panel…RK4 is finally here, and despite all my reservations about how misused they are, the way they always need saving, that last panel somehow managed to convince me to expect more this time.

Maybe it was the Bleach like poses they struck, the confidence with which they approached the battlefield, the fact that we are getting to see them fight so soon after their training…I have every reason to expect them to fail, yet I am still expecting ballistic stuff from next week’s chapter, if there is a chapter next week.

RATING: 8/10. 349 was a little tame for my tastes. However chapter 350, well, that is what I have come to expect from Noblesse after 300 chapters: none stop, off the rails action.
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There has been a lot of news coming out of the Naruto world ever since its finale was announced two or three months ago; a marketing ploy that has worked if only to keep the word ‘Naruto’ in the limelight.

With the manga finale behind us, there has been a lot of talk about the future of Naruto, a ton of rumors about what we might expect and a surprising amount of criticism about the series' continued run next year, most of which seems somewhat uninformed.

But before that:

+The Naruto Finale
There are a lot of things that could be said about the Naruto manga Finale, but satisfying isn’t one of them. Even considering the positive elements of chapters 600 and 700, the final moments of the series were ridiculously rushed, with so many plots brushed under the rug and numerous characters and villains either forgotten or relegated to one or two panels near the end.

Which makes you wonder, why the rush? What about Shonen Jump’s plans had them determined to end the manga series at a perfect 700 chapters?

Complain as one might about the length of the final arc, Naruto as a series would have been better served had the final moments of its run, even the final villain been assigned to a short, separate 15-20 chapter arc, bringing the series to a close in a slow steady manner.

Are we really supposed to believe that Kishimoto was so tired of drawing his manga that he made the irrational decision to end the long awaited Sasuke/Naruto clash in five chapters? No, it doesn’t make sense, or maybe I am giving the mangaka too much credit.

Whatever the case, it happened, nothing can change that. And while the rush cannot be forgiven, we can show appreciation for a kickass final battle, specifically the hand to hand elements.

Giant and flashy attacks are fine and all, but there is something so much more visceral about two shinobi beating the holly hell out of one another with their fists.

There is every chance that, no matter how these events played out in the manga, the anime is going to make these final chapters the best we have seen in Shippuden.

RATING: 5/10, a massive Naruto fan I might be, but I wanted so much more out of this finale than Kishimoto actually gave us. That being said, there is a rationale to the way that final fight played out.

Considering the fact that the Fourth Great Ninja war Played out over a period of four days, and taking into account the enemies they have encountered in that time, could we really have expected the fight between these two young shinobi to last any longer?

More importantly one has to appreciate the poignant dialogue presented in the exchange between Naruto and Sasuke, Kishimoto using very few words to say so much.

+The Future
It’s happening, we are getting more Naruto. And you are either going to rejoice at the idea or curse.

Either reaction makes sense. If you loved the original series, then the Bolt Story cannot come fast enough.

If Naruto irritated you to the core, then you cannot understand how anyone could waste so much time, money and effort on another 100 or so chapters or even episodes of the series. Otaku are divisive beings with diverse opinions. And to an extent it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.

Rather than wondering what the fandom (and haters) think, time would be better spent trying to understand the logic behind carving out a few more years of Naruto. A better question would be this:

-Does Naruto Need/Deserve a Third Series?
The number of people all too ready to jump down Kishimoto’s throat at the mere idea of a third Naruto series is staggering, many of them choosing to hate on the manga before they even have the chance to read it.

Who cares if Kishimoto has spent the last 15 years writing Naruto and has shown, on numerous occasions, that he has what it takes to produce some great material? What does it matter that Naruto has managed to hold onto its position in the top 10 best selling manga of each year for 15 years where many of its rivals have risen and then fallen away?

Kishimoto is just a greedy bastard that cannot see further than his paycheck, after all, right?

Why all the hate for a story Kishimoto has even yet to write? The answer is pretty simple. Dragon Ball GT

-Dragon Ball GT VS Naruto
Akira Toriyama was the first so called greedy bastard that so many comments on YouTube speak of, a talented mangaka that supposedly sold the soul of his greatest creation in an attempt to extend the already over-extended Dragon Ball franchise beyond its breaking point.

The obsession with Dragon Ball GT is baffling; it was bad, yes, but the idea that its existence somehow proves the folly of anime and manga continuing longer than they must is erroneous.

Why are so many people expecting the third and final Naruto series to suck? Because Dragon Ball GT sucked.

But let’s be clear here. The comparison between Naruto and Dragon Ball is ridiculous; they might share a few similarities but these two series are completely different from one another.

Yes, Dragon Ball GT sucked, but who didn’t see that coming? The fact that Dragon Ball Z managed to succeed is nothing short of a miracle. Akira’s entire concept has always been flawed, at least in the context of long running series.

When you base a story on fighting, when its core is heavily dependent on the creation of epic battles, there are only so many places you can go before running out of room. Every arc finale in Dragon Ball Z ended with Goku achieving a power-up of such weight that you knew the key to the success of Akira’s next arc lay, not in his ability to tell even more engrossing stories, but whether he could create an even more powerful villain, which would necessitate an even more powerful Goku to emerge.

Guren Lagan understood that once you began down this ‘Who is the most powerful?’ road, there would be no stopping; which is why it went all the way, creating galaxy and universe sized mechs within its 24 episode run.

Dragon Ball kept riding this train for more than 300 hundred episodes; and the result was GT.

Because when you think Dragon Ball, the only question you can ask about any upcoming movie/series/story is: who are they going to fight next?

And like Bleach, whether or not GT succeeded came down to how well Akira could answer this question; once you have fought mercenaries, you have to move on to aliens, androids, super saiyans, and now gods. And once he defeats the gods and becomes the greatest of them all, then what?

The flaw in dragon ball is clear; there is an obstacle that Akira cannot hope to keep overcoming.

NARUTO ISN’T DRAGON BALL. It has never been about Naruto Uzumaki becoming the strongest there is. Nor have any of the arcs ever focused upon creating the most powerful villains the series has ever seen.

Naruto has what DB GT never had, a story and great characters. And every jutsu created, kunai thrown and action scene drawn was only ever purposed to tell Naruto Uzumaki’s story, not his rise to power per say, but his attempts at finding peace in the ninja world, and saving his friend.

Kishimoto has every advantage going for him that Akira Toriyama never had with Dragon Ball GT.

And there is one important factor that so many people seem to forget:

It would be difficult to accuse Kishimoto of pushing the Naruto series past its expiration date when the Naruto Manga we are expect to see next spring won’t even be Naruto.

We all need to understand this: Naruto ended this year, 2014, on chapter 699 (with chapter 700 playing out as more of an epilogue). Excited as some of us might be about the return of Naruto in a few Months time, the next time Kishimoto’s work hits the internet, it won’t be Naruto.

Instead the focus will shift upon Bolt (Boruto), Naruto’s son, and a whole new generation of shinobi. Even with Naruto and group making an appearance every once in a while, the Naruto story is over. 2015 is bringing us a whole new story, one that Kishimoto can be trusted to succeed with if you consider the skill with which he authored Naruto Part 1. And with a whole new cast and an ENTIRE WORLD to explore, the comparisons with Dragon Ball GT more or less lose weight.

-So Does Naruto deserve another series?
Well, let us consider what the future of Naruto has in store for fans. Kishimito intends to tell a minimum of four stories revolving around characters like Kakashi, Shikamaru and Gaara; there is every reason to expect these side stories to entertain, especially with regards to further expanding the Naruto universe and plugging a few holes and gaps in the series.

The anime is expected to continue past chapter 700, under the direction of the same writer and director that developed Naruto: Blood Prison. Which allows for a sense of optimism. Blood Prison was a decent animated movie, very grounded in the Naruto universe.

Beyond merely adapting the novels to screen, we can probably expect to catch up on Naruto’s life between chapters 699 and 700, at least for a few months, allowing Kishimoto enough time to finish the third installment of Naruto, which, according to interviews, is expected to be a mini series and will not run for more than 24-30 chapters.

There has been no indication of a closing date for the Naruto anime, which means it could continue even past the Bolt mini series.

Whether or not this is a good thing is difficult to tell; at the rate at which the anime is progressing (taking into consideration the upcoming filler), Shippuden should reach chapter 700 by the time the first chapter of Bolt’s story hits the internet, which makes one cringe at the thought of the amount of bad filler we might have to endure.

Yet, there is only one thing you can take away from this; Naruto isn’t a one trick pony. There is clearly more to the story than Madara and giant chakra beasts. The victory against Kaguya was just that: a bad guy was beaten.

Does that mean the shinobi world stopped moving? Is their peace the world over? Clearly not. You wouldn’t suggest that the defeat of Hitler somehow brought the hard times to an end, and that the world has been enjoying peace ever since.

Of course not. There is still turmoil and drama and chaos.

IN a similar manner, Kaguya was one person. Life continues. Naruto has spent the majority of its run within the confines of the hidden villages. What do we even know about the real world in the Naruto Universe?

Nothing, that’s what. There is still so much story left to tell; it just won’t be a story about Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

The anime has a lot of potential, specifically when it comes to closing all the holes in the Naruto story and providing us a glimpse of events yet to be explained, starting with the filler in January which, if the internet is to be believed, will chronicle how the Konoha 11 became Chunin and Jonin, basically covering the gap between Naruto part 1 and 2.

A recent interview with Kishimoto also further unraveled the mysteries of the upcoming third series. And if the translations are to be believed, Orochimaru and Kabuto are going to be the final villains of the mini series, essentially capping off the remnants of old Naruto stories and putting the previous two series to a final rest.

If Kishimoto can provide fans all the answers he promised and failed to deliver in the final arc, then the new era of Naruto seems set for greatness.

It is worth keeping in mind that, for us anime only fans, Naruto hasn’t yet ended. We are still marching forward with the final War arc; so maybe this question of Naruto’s future is fairly irrelevant to us until we actually wrap up with the Naruto story
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Hello everyone! Winter 2015 season is approaching quickly. I'm working hard to make sure Anime Vice's community is up to date.

Here in Anime Vice, users are encourage to watch anime legally whenever possible. Territories are listed below. I will continually update this blog. Later in the first half of January 2015, I will have a comprehensive Simulcast guide for all legal anime streaming venue for the community. It will be on the front page.


Returning Shows

1. Fairy Tail
  • Returning Streaming every Fridays at 9pm ET

Across the Fiore kingdom, wizards join guilds and make their pay by filling magical needs—but one guild has a reputation as the roughest, rowdiest, most dangerous of all: Fairy Tail!

When four young Fairy Tail members unite, their bond is forged by a power found in neither muscle nor magic and grows stronger with every mission. Whatever you do, don’t mess with these friends or you’ll get a taste of Natsu’s flaming fist or Gray’s ice hammer, suffer a painful blow from one of Lucy’s celestial spirits or catch the edge of Erza’s mighty blade! Whether they’re stopping demons from devastating the world or wrestling in the mess hall, this mystical team manages to inflict as much damage to their rivals as they do to the surrounding area!

2. One Piece
  • Streaming every Saturday at 9pm ET

The battle in Dressrosa rages on as Luffy & Law’s alliance is put to the test against the powerful Don Quixote Pirates.

Monkey D. Luffy is a boy with big dreams. This daring rubber-man refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, Luffy strikes out in search of a crew – and a boat. Along the way he’ll do battle with scallywag clowns, fishy foes, and an entire fleet of marines eager to see him walk the plank. The stakes are high, but with each adventure, Luffy adds a new friend to his gang of Straw Hat Pirates! Like his hero Gold Roger, this is one captain who’ll never drop anchor until he’s claimed the greatest treasure on Earth – the Legendary One Piece!

3. Akatsuki no Yona
  • Streaming every Tuesday at 10am ET

Upon her sixteenth birthday, the cheerful Princess Yona intended to tell her doting father of her love for Su-Won, but her life was turned upside down after witnessing the man she loves cruelly assassinating her father. Heartbroken by this painful betrayal, Princess Yona fled the palace with her loyal servant Hak. Now, she will take up the sword and the bow on a quest to gain new allies and protect her beloved people.

  • Streaming every Friday at 12:23pm ET

The King’s close advisor implemented a large-scale witch-hunt. The tragic victims of this hunt were not witches, however, but Makai Knights and Makai Priests. One Makai Priestess gave birth to a child while being burned at the stake. That child carried the bloodlines of the Golden Knight. Although he was saved by his father, a Makai Knight himself, the newborn, León Luís, suffered greatly from the unjust death of his mother. And so he vowed to learn the ways of a Makai Knight from his father, Germán Luís, and use his training to seek revenge. During his battles against the demons known as “Horrors,” León must gradually approach reality and accept the truth.

Meanwhile, the powerful former adviser to the King, Mendoza, banished Prince Alfonso and his mother while the king was bedridden. Eager to reclaim his kingdom and save his people, Alfonso embarks on a quest to find the legendary Knight – but destiny holds a twist of fate in store for him.

Together, León and Alfonso begin long and difficult journey filled with many hardships.

5. Shonen Hollywood - Holly Stage For 49-
  • New episodes every Saturday at 12:30pm ET

The critically-acclaimed hidden gem SHONEN HOLLYWOOD -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49- returns– if you’ve ever wanted a realistic look at Japanese show biz without the lies and sparkly facade, this is your backstage pass.

These boys won’t stop till they make it to the top! Get another true life, behind-the-scenes glimpse of Japanese show business as Shonen Hollywood returns for a second season! Fifteen years ago, the famous idol group Shonen Hollywood stole the hearts of thousands adoring fans. Their performance at the famous Hollywood Tokyo Theater is the stuff of legend, and now a new group of boys is determined to become the next generation of this famed super group. Ikuma, Kakeru, Shun, Kira, and Daiki will train day and night as they chase their dreams on the road to superstardom!

New Winter 2015

6. Kamisama Kiss Season 2
  • First episode available on January 5th at 9am ET
  • New episodes every Wednesday at 9am ET

Kamisama Kiss gets its long-awaited second season, now with new characters and a deeper look into Tomoe’s dark past! series synopsis: Nanami was just a normal high school girl down on her luck until a stranger’s lips marked her as the new Land God and turned her world upside down. Now, she’s figuring out the duties of a deity with the help of Tomoe, a reformed fox demon who reluctantly becomes her familiar in a contract sealed with a kiss. The new responsibilities—and boys—are a lot to handle, like the crow demon masquerading as a gorgeous pop idol and the adorable snake spirit who’s chosen the newly minted god to be his bride. As the headstrong Tomoe tries to whip her into shape, Nanami finds that love just might have cute, pointed fox ears. With romance in the air, will the human deity be able to prove herself worthy of her new title?

In the second season, sparks continue to fly between Nanami and Tomoe, but will an dangerous force from Tomoe’s troubled past drive a wedge between he and Nanami?

7. Tokyo Ghoul Root A
  • First episode available on January 8th at 11am ET.
  • New episodes every Thursday at 11am ET

This dark, supernatural mega-hit anime returns this winter, and the ghouls are back for blood! How have things changed now that Kaneki is forced to more fully embrace his ghoul side? Find out in the second season, Tokyo Ghoul √A (a.k.a. Tokyo Ghoul Root A).

The things that go bump in the night are back for a second season – and they’re hungrier than ever! In modern day Tokyo, society lives in fear of Ghouls: mysterious creatures that look exactly like humans — yet hunger insatiably for their flesh. None of this matters to Ken Kaneki, a bookish and ordinary young man, until a dark and violent encounter turns him into the first ever Ghoul-human half breed. Trapped between two worlds, Ken must survive the violent conflicts of warring Ghoul factions, while attempting to learn more about Ghoul society, his newfound powers, and the fine line between man and monster.

Assassination Classroom
  • First episode will be available on January 9th at 1pm ET
  • New episodes following every Friday at 12:20pm ET.

Forget about homework and pop quizzes. The students of Class 3E have a far more important assignment: kill their teacher before the end of the year! A tentacle-d sensei that moves at Mach 20 is out to conquer the classroom after destroying seventy percent of the moon. In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, the murderous monster behind the lectern will teach his students everything he knows about the assassination game. Should some eager beaver prove to be a quick study in killing, he or she will save Earth from extinction – and collect a hefty reward. But they’d better take some serious notes while class is in session because their slaughtering sensei has eight deadly tentacles just waiting to wreak havoc on humanity!

Death Parade
  • First episode available on January 9th at 12:28pm ET
  • New episodes every Friday at 11:30am ET

There is a place after death that’s neither heaven nor hell. A bar that serves you one chance to win. You cannot leave until the game is over, and when it is, your life may be too. From Studio Madhouse (Death Note, Black Lagoon) comes a thrilling new series where the stakes are high and the rules are simple: your life is on the line.

10. Shōnen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 50-
  • First episode available on January 10th, at 12:30pm ET
  • New episodes every Saturday at 12:30pm ET

These boys won’t stop till they make it to the top!

Get another true life, behind-the-scenes glimpse of Japanese show business as Shonen Hollywood returns for a second season! Fifteen years ago, the famous idol group Shonen Hollywood stole the hearts of thousands adoring fans. Their performance at the famous Hollywood Tokyo Theater is the stuff of legend, and now a new group of boys is determined to become the next generation of this famed super group. Ikuma, Kakeru, Shun, Kira, and Daiki will train day and night as they chase their dreams on the road to superstardom!

11. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
  • Starting on January 13

Teenage boys are notoriously lazy, and the members of Binan High School's Earth Defense Club are no exception. Their definition of “earth defense” is bumming around all day at the local bathhouse. But when a pink wombat appears out of thin air and begs the boys to help him save the planet, even the idlest high schoolers jump to action.

Samurai Warriors
  • Starting on January 11th

Based on the hit video game, this dramatic re-imagining of one of Japan’s most revered historical periods drops audiences into the middle of an epic battle royal. Great warriors and dashing rogues from cherished Japanese tales come to life in this rousing series. Follow along as your favorite hacking, slashing characters from the video game meet once more on the field of battle. Every deadly move you perfected in the game is recreated in the action-packed anime experience that is Samurai Warriors!

12. Yurikuma Arashi
  • Simulcast: Mondays at 1:30 pm Eastern

After an asteroid explosion and meteor shower lit up the sky over planet earth, strange adorable bears began to attack and devour humans. The earthlings responded with violence of their own, and in the end, a massive barrier – the Wall of Extinction – was erected to separate man from bear. This fragile peace lasted until two high school girls encounter a yuri flower blooming – only to be shaken by the piercing warning of the Bear Alarm! Once again, bear and man- or bear and girl -will be pitted against each other in a deadly and mysterious showdown—brought to you buy Kunihiko Ikuhara, the director of Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

13. World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman
  • Start Date: January 18

Akane Academy is just like any other school…except the students just happen to be reincarnated legendary heroes from a distant past who battled for the fate of the world. Now, evil monsters are threatening to wreak havoc, and it’s up to the students of Akane Academy to stop them! Follow Moroha, Shizuno, and Satsuki as they navigate love, past lives, and kicking butt in this action fantasy with a dash of fanservice.

14. Absolute Duo
  • Simulcast: Mondays at 1:00 pm Eastern

In a world of heroes who wield magical weapons known as Blaze, Thor Kokonoe’s manifests instead as a shield. Things aren’t all bad for Thor, though: he’s enrolled in an elite school that pairs students up into Duos, and his own partner is the beautiful Julie Sigtuna, a silver-haired exchange student who wields a wicked pair of blades. Along with a bevy of Blazing beauties, Thor’s high school adventures are just beginning!

15. Maria The Virgin Witch
  • Start Date: January 11 at 9:30 a.m. EST.

In the time of the Hundred Years' War, a young and powerful witch known as Maria leads a reclusive existence. Shunned by the church – but beloved by certain locals – Maria endeavors to use her magic to bring an end to the warfare she so despises. She assists people of all walks of life with the help of her two familiars: a succubus and an incubus with great powers of seduction. Though she seeks only peace, the archangel Michael despises her use of magic to interfere in human affairs and decrees that should she ever manage to lose her virginity, Maria's powers will vanish! To ensure that Maria no longer mingles magic with humans, Michael sends the angel Ezekiel to keep a watchful eye on the virgin witch.

16. Yatterman Night
  • Starting Date: January 13th
  • Simulcast: subsequent episodes 10:30 AM EST/9:30 AM CST on Sundays.

Long, long ago, a pair of heroes called the Yatterman faced off against the mischievous Doronbow Gang, led by the sexy villainess Doronjo. Now, years later, the Yatter Kingdom is protected by the new Yatterman. But the mysterious new Yatterman have forced the Yatter people into labor, and unrest runs rampant throughout the kingdom. In the spirit of her predecessor, a young new Doronjo reforms the Doronbow Gang in rebellion against the Yatterman. In celebration of the beloved classic’s 40th anniversary, this modern update features some familiar faces, and an exciting new cast and story.

The Rolling Girls
  • Starting Date:
  • Simulcast: Saturdays at 12:58 PM Eastern
  • Link
Gun your engines and get ready for the full-throttle adventure of The Rolling Girls, the first original anime from the studio that brought you Attack on Titan! In the wake of the Great Tokyo War, Japan – as the world once knew it – no longer exists. What remains is a fragmented network of independent nations, each ruled by a prophet known as a Mosa. Every Mosa commands an army, or Mob, as they seek to conquer anyone in their path. Enter Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya. Together, these intrepid and adorable girls travel across battle-ravaged Japan, seeking to transform themselves – and their world!



  • Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) was listed as Crunchyroll exclusive simulcast for Fall 2014. Have to check when it got streamed.

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My apologies for being late. School and various Anime Vice projects were on my plate during the first three weeks. I finally finished finals this week. I only finished the first week of manga releases. I will finished this in 2 sittings/2 days. Thank you guys and gals. It's a heavy three weeks worth of manga.

For winter break, I definitely read more Toriko, Knights of Sidonia, Pokemon, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts. I need to try Food Wars since a lot of folks were commenting on it during the Komatsu vs Sanji (Iron Chef Cook-off) thread.

I would love to hear your recommendations on the rest of the manga series featured this week. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



  • Right Stuf and Amazon had Attack on Titan Vol 14 listed on November 4, 2014 while comic book stores and ANN has it on the first week of December.
  • Amazon and Right Stuf has Neon Genesis Evangelion on February 10, 2015 while ANN listed it this week. There was a digital edition on November 25, 2014.

Dec 2 Releases

Alice in the Country of Joker: Nightmare Trilogy Volume 2
  • Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $13.99

A three-book tale that focuses on Alice’s romance with the incubus of bad dreams!

Alice has been living in the Clover Tower for a while now, and with the coming of April Season, she is able to see Julius again and has met with Joker. Nightmare isn’t very pleased, and comes up with ways to keep Alice distracted with all sorts of mini adventures. While Alice can’t get away from Nightmare’s penetrating gaze, she does not fear him; she may even love him. What will happen when Alice wakes up?

Assassination Time Volume 1
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

The students in Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High have a new teacher: an alien octopus with bizarre powers and unlimited strength,​ who's just destroyed the moon and is threatening to destroy Earth - unless they can kill him first!

Dragon Ball [3-in-1] Vol. 7
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $14.99

Goku and Vegeta face off at last and both are determined to emerge victorious in this epic fight. And if battling the ruthless Vegeta weren’t enough, Son Goku and friends must obtain the wish-granting Dragon Balls in order to resurrect their fallen allies! Their search will take them all the way to the planet Namek, where evil Freeza and his minions are slaughtering the Namekians to fulfill Freeza’s wish for immortality.

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Volume 3
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

The "teamwork and friendship-building" camp from hell begins! While most students are already petrified by the threat of instant expulsion for low marks, the unveiling of the teachers responsible for judging their dishes ratchets their fear to a whole new level! Just which fear-inducing teachers hold the culinary futures of Soma and the rest of the Polaris crew in their hands this time? Also includes the one-shot "Your and My Romance Consultation."

Happy Marriage Volume 9
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

In order to help her father, Chiwa Takanashi agrees to an arranged marriage with the company president, Hokuto Mamiya—a man she doesn’t know—at the request of Hokuto’s grandfather. Chiwa believes the arrangement isn’t binding, but her new partner seems to think otherwise. Can two strangers living together find their way to a happy marriage?!

Honey Blood Volume 2
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

When Hinata Sorazono meets her new neighbor, Junya Tokinaga, the author of an incredibly popular vampire romance novel series, she's inexplicably drawn to him. Dressed in a kimono with an old-world air about him, Junya has a taste of Hinata's blood and tells her it's sweet... In Junya's novels, a kiss with a vampire means that only the human's blood can be taken as nourishment. If that person dies, so will the vampire. Could it be that Junya is actually a vampire - and about to enter a life-changing contract with Hinata?

I Am Alice: Body Swap in Wonderland Volume 2
  • Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $13.99

I Am Alice: Body Swap in Wonderland is a new ongoing manga series that recasts the tale of Alice in Wonderland in a uniquely hilarious light: Alice switches bodies with a boy, and together, they must journey on a madcap quest through Wonderland.

When Makoto, an unsuspecting Japanese teen, pulls a copy of “Alice in Wonderland” off a library bookshelf, his world will never be the same—literally. Suddenly, he is transported into the magical world of Wonderland, and even more shockingly, he is now stuck in Alice’s body!

To make matters curiouser, the real Alice is stuck in Makoto’s body, and neither of them are happy about the situation. There’s only one way to reverse the body swap and return Makoto home, but it won’t be easy: They must journey together to Heart’s Castle and defeat the King of Hearts.

Knights of Sidonia Volume 12
  • Distributor: Vertical
  • Suggested retail price: $12.95

A lone seed ship, the Sidonia, plies the void, ten centuries since the obliteration of the solar system. The massive, nearly indestructible, yet barely sentient alien life forms that destroyed humanity's home world continue to pose an existential threat. When a state-of-the-art warship is dispatched towards Lem, the system's sun, her crew is menaced not only by humanity's nemesis, but by an unwitting Peeping Tom.

Manga Dogs Volume 2
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99

Kanna had just gotten used to balancing her two lives as a high school student and a professional manga artist when three starry-eyed bozos intruded on her well-ordered life! But as she faces down a rival, a kidnapper, and her dismal popularity rankings, her dim-witted disciples have her back. Maybe having pets isn't so bad after all?

Millenium Snow Volume 4
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Seventeen-year-old Chiyuki Matsuoka was born with heart problems, and her doctors say she won't live to see the next snow. Toya is an 18-year-old vampire who hates blood and refuses to make the traditional partnership with a human, whose life-giving blood would keep them both alive for a thousand years.

Naruto Vol. 68 - Furrow
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Even as the Shinobi Alliance's resolve begins to falter in the face of Obito's overwhelming power, Naruto refuses to give in. But how can he turn the tables with the odds so stacked against him? Can Naruto and Sasuke work together long enough to lead the ninja world to victory?!

Neon Evangelion Genesis Vol. 14 - Setting Off

Distributor: Viz Media Suggested retail price: $9.99 The Third Impact has come.​ As the unbelievably massive form of Ayanami towers over the Earth,​ the Instrumentality Project enters its last stages.​ While the world shudders in terror as it is engulfed in a sea of LCL,​ Shinji's consciousness merges with Lilith's,​ and he searches his memories for a final understanding of himself and the fate of humanity.​

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Volume 24
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Key members of the Nura clan plunge into battle with the Gokadoin clan, but as the battle wears on, Rikuo struggles to keep his clan energized for battle. Meanwhile, Ryuji seeks a way to penetrate the Gokadoin stronghold…Aoi Spiral Castle!

Pokemon Black and White Volume 19
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $4.99

Pokemon Keldeo learns something surprising! Meanwhile,​ the Pokemon League is under attack by Team Plasma and.​.. their castle?​! Who will drive Team Plasma out - not to mention rescue all the kidnapped Gym Leaders?​ Not Black.​.. because now that he's awakened Reshiram,​ he's got another battle to fight! Is Black ready to take on Legendary Pokemon Zekrom?​ Plus,​ meet powerful Team Plasma Pokemon Zweilous,​ Scolipede,​ Seismitoad,​ and Mandibuzz!

Sankarea Volume 10
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99

Caught between his concern for Babu and Rea's feelings, Chihiro awakens one morning to find Rea has left for the ZoMA, the Zombie Medical Anthropology Institute! What new answers - or threats - await the two of them in the "zombie Holy Land"?

Seraph of the End Volume 3
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

After trumpets of the apocalypse proclaim the fall of humanity, vampires arise from the shadows to rule the earth. Yuichiro wants just one thing—to get revenge by killing each and every vampire.

Yuichiro has undergone the strange and dangerous ritual to acquire Cursed Gear—demon-possessed weaponry that is humanity’s only hope for combating the vampire scourge. But times are dangerous, and instead of getting to celebrate his newfound power, Yuichiro and his friends are given their first mission—head to Shinjuku and investigate vampire activity.​ Unbeknownst to him,​ his best-friend-turned-vampire,​ Mika,​ is headed for the same place…

Toriko Vol 25 - The Bishokukai Invades!!
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Gourmet Corp. attacks the unsuspecting public at Cooking Stadium while they are assembled to celebrate food and watch the world's top chefs compete at the Cooking Festival. Toriko's chef partner Komatsu is captured and the long-held rivalry between the IGO and Gourmet Corp. explodes into all-out war. This looks like a fight for Toriko and all his friends, but can they win against foes old and new alike?

Voice Over Seiyu Academy Volume 8
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Hime Kino’s dream is to one day do voice acting like her hero Sakura Aoyama from the Lovely ♥ Blazers anime, and getting accepted to the prestigious Holly Academy’s voice actor department is the first step in the right direction! But Hime’s gruff voice has earned her the scorn of teachers and students alike. Hime will not let that stand unchallenged. She’ll show everyone that she is too a voice acting princess, whether they like it or not!!

World Trigger Vol. 3 - Assimilate Thy Neighbor!
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Border headquarters wants Yuma's powerful Black Trigger - and they want it desperately enough to send their top three squads to steal it. The Tamakoma branch is one step ahead, having already safeguarded Yuma, Osamu, and Chika by recruiting them to their group of eccentric and talented agents. And Jin's precognition powers put him two steps ahead - he ambushes the thieves en route!

Yukarism Vol 1
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Yukari Kobayakawa, an accomplished author at the age of 17, writes with amazingly accurate details about historical Japan. It turns out he has the ability to travel back in time... to his past life as a renowned courtesan in the Edo period! As he goes back and forth between the past and present, he unravels the karmic relationship he has with his beautiful classmate Mahoro Tachibana...

Dec 9 Releases

  • ANN listed As Many As There Are Stars on December 9, 2014 while Amazon has it on July 7, 2015. Right Stuf doesn't have a date yet. Digital Manga Publishing, the company that releases this manga, has its date on November 26, 2014.
Ajin: Demi-Human Volume 2
  • Distributor: Vertical
  • Suggested retail price: $12.95

A bright high schooler has discovered to his horror that death is just a repeatabl event for him - and that humanity has no mercy for a demi-human. To avoid becoming a science experiement for the rest of his interminable life, Kei Nagai must seek out others of his kind. But what would a community of them stand for? Volume 2 also included the AJIN pilot chapter - File: 00 "The Shinya Nakamura Incident."

Arata: The Legend Volume 20
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

In a mythical world where humans and gods coexist, a ceremony marking the new governing princess is about to occur for the first time in 60 years. Only a girl from the Hime Clan may take this position, but the lack of females born to this family means that a boy called Arata must pose for the role. Meanwhile in modern-day Japan, a boy named Arata Hinohara is starting his new life in high school. He wants to put memories of his difficult past behind him, but things aren't going to be simple when he discovers a mysterious connection to the first Arata...

Arata and Hinohara finally manage to bring each other fully up to date on what's happening in the worlds they've been switched between. They realize the potent Amatsuriki power of the Hime clan must be fully revived in their companions Oribe and Mikusa, two women who also seem to have been switched between the worlds, if they want a real chance to defeat their mutual enemies, the Six Sho. Arata and Oribe investigate possibilities on the Internet, but what they discover might turn out to be too little, too late!

As Many As There Are Volume 1
  • Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing
  • Suggested retail price: $12.95

Brand-new student Shinichi wants to give up sports for a whole new scene! But what will he do when a cool stranger asks him to join his crazy club? Does Shinichi have the stamina to take on that many wild guys at once?

Can an artist learn to cope with his demons without isolating those who love him most? And will a weekend getaway bring a band of not-quite brothers even closer together?

Attack on Titan Before the Fall Volume 3
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99

Kuklo left the walls behind for one reason: to see a Titan for himself, and finally banish the doubts that have dogged him about his own humanity. That mission has been accomplished, but not everything has gone according to plan. Now Kuklo is on the run with the Survey Corps from a 10-meter-class Titan. But it soon becomes clear to Kuklo and Commander Pikale that they have no chance to reach the wall in time. To live, they'll have to fight!

Deadman Wonderland Volume 6
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Despite the loss of their leader,​ Scar Chain manages to defeat the Undertakers and escape,​ but Ganta and Shiro stay to fight on.​ Tamaki,​ the insane mastermind of Deadman Wonderland,​ initiates his next plan - the development and deployment of the Ninben,​ artificially created Deadmen,​ and Ganta's friend Azami is one of his first test subjects!

Itsuwaribito Volume 13
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Utsuho's closest companion is Pochi,​ a tanuki or raccoon dog.​ Tanuki are familiar to most people,​ but seem to be rather rare,​ so it's quite something for Utsuho and his other companions to come across an entire village of them!

There,​ they meet Tsukumo,​ defender of the village and,​ as it happens,​ Pochi's betrothed! How will Utsuho deal with the effect this seems sure to have on his relationship with his best and most trusted friend?​

Magi Volume 9
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

With peace restored in Balbadd,​ Aladdin and his friends have begun training in Sindria,​ the land of King Sinbad.​ With the rise of Al-Thamen,​ an organization dedicated to spreading evil around the world,​ there is much to do.​ While Alibaba works to repair the Sword of Amon,​ visitors from the Kou Empire arrive with an interesting proposal.​ Then King Sinbad assigns a weighty task: they must enter Zagan - Dungeon No.​61!

Witchcraft Works Volume 2
  • Distributor: Vertical
  • Suggested retail price: $12.95

So far Honoka Takamiya has been your typical clueless rom-com action lead. But the teen is also at the core of a grand power struggle between witches and is completely unaware of his place within this increasingly tense war between magic users. In atypical form though, Takamiya is willing to take on his new rivals and to do so he must learn his share of magic.

Mastering magic will take repetition, so in the meantime, Takamiya and his magical - and beautiful - caretaker Ayaka Kagiri will soon come to learn who exactly is after his "body" and about the extremes both sides would go through to posess what he contains within.


1. No. 01 Dec. 01, 2014
2. No. 02 Dec. 08, 2014
3. No. 03 Dec. 15, 2014
4. No. 04-05 Dec. 22, 2014
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Wow I reached 5 blogs of Toku…. I really thought I would stop halfway through, but I pushed on (better said I found free time to do this) so let’s continue the quick look to Kamen Rider!

Today we will start checking the Neo-Heisei (Decade technically is part of it, but it’s too focused on the anniversary to showcase some of the main traits associated with the Neo-Heisei or Heisei Part 2 series)

The Neo-Heisei era is more of a fandom coined term, yet there is an evident division between the Pre-Decade series with the Post-Decade series. From the official side the main changes are the change in their schedule making the series start around the later half of the year and end around the same time it ends.

This means every Rider series now shares the timeslot with 2 Super Sentai series and vice versa, allowing more Crossovers. Crossovers are an important thing in the Neo-Heisei series, the movies and the series have them in spades, something that didn’t happen in the early Heisei except in joke videos.

Another production change was that for the first time since the series started the romanji version of title said Kamen Rider instead of Masked Rider, not a big thing for us, but signaled the difference between Heisei and Neo-Heisei as a new time to experiment.

What was the experimentation about? They cherry picked elements and concepts from the Heisei series and formed a list of traits and common ideas that all (or most) Neo-Heisei series share. Let’s list them, shall we?

1. Gadgets and Gimmicks: Every Neo-Heisei Rider has some sort of collectible element to his powers. Memories, Medals, Switchs, Rings, Lockseeds or Shifts Cars. All (Except Wizard) share the same denomination for their Henshin Device, are all called Drivers. W Driver, OOO Driver, Fourze Driver and etc… Most of them also have some sort of robotic or miniature pet.

2. Riders with the Same powers: All the Riders and Secondary Riders in the Neo-Heisei era tend to have similar power sources, they can use it on different ways but all their powers are similar.

3. Multi-forms: All the Neo-Heisei Riders have at least 4 forms, sells more toys

4. Monsters and Riders with the Same Powers: The Monsters tend to have a similar origin to the Riders. Makes it easy?

5. Shouting the Attacks: Every Neo-Heisei Rider has a classification for their final attacks, Maximum Drive, Scanning Charge, Limit Break and etc. All of them tend to be shouted by the Driver itself

There are many more but this are very noticeable. Yet I can see a couple more from the design, as all the Riders seem to be more colorful than in the Heisei Era, their supporting cast tends to be more “toon-like” and the humor is also aimed to younger children, yet there is a positive, as most of the series are pretty damn good with relatively good writers (Except for Wizard… fuck Wizard)

Another interesting thing is the numerical correlation between the series

· W: 2 (2 Memories to activate the powers, 2 individuals join to create a Rider)

· OOO: 3 (3 Medals to activate powers)

· Fourze : 4 (4 available switches for weapons and powers activation)

· Wizard : 5 (5 Magic Rings, a hand as a belt buckle (5 fingers)

· Gaim : 6 (Lockseed (The Henshin device) are locks, in Japanese roku (6))

· Drive: 7: (Between Drive and his car there are always 7 Tires)

There are many more stuff in this numerical correlation, but I won’t spend your time talking about all of them.

Finally there is a single element that can be counted but unluckily it was abandoned after Kamen Rider Fourze, so we will cover it only in this blog. Foundation X.

What is Foundation X? An evil organization that popped from time to time in W, OOO and Fourze, trying to learn more about the powers of the Riders and their enemies. They served as the main enemies for the Crossover movies between Riders. They were a hint of a joint Universe, but that went to the drain thanks to whoever was the idiot writing Wizard….Well I’ll stop ranting and cover the first three Neo-Heisei series…

Kamen Rider W (or Double) 2009-2010

Kamen Rider W is a detective story, our protagonists (yes plural) are Shotaro Hidari, young private detective and sharp dresser, and Phillip, a mysterious guy who was rescued by Shotaro and his late mentor Sokichi Narumi, the single classiest, most badass and amazing Kamen Rider in the fucking franchise. (Yes my mancrush is even larger with him than with Kenji Matsuda)

Shotaro and Phillip team up, Shotaro puts the hands on investigation and instinct while Phillip puts his intelligence as he seems to have every piece of knowledge known to man inside his head, but can only be properly accessed by using the correct keywords to find the information needed, that’s were Shotaro investigations enter to the equation as he tells the keywords.

Both live in Fuuto City and fight against the evil organization Museum, that searchs to perfect the Gaia Memories, small USB memory like devices that hold a concept inside of them all of them codified with a letter of the Alphabet like A for Accel or W for Weather or I for Ice Age and so on. Whoever uses these memories turns into a monster called Dophant. Shotaro and Phillip must fight them.

But regular humans can’t make the cut fighting against these monsters, so using the W Driver (two belts) they transform into Kamen Rider W. Just like while investigating Shotaro puts the body while Phillip puts the brain and they combine two memories Cyclone and Joker to turn into W. They can shift Memories and turn into Cyclone/Trigger or Metal/Joker and many more combinations.

I highly recommend W, is a really good series, it may have some goofy characters and episodes but the villains are pretty cool and the designs are awesome. The W movies are some of the best Kamen Rider movies around with Kamen Rider Skull (my favorite Rider ever) and Kamen Rider Eternal being exclusive to them.

Kamen Rider OOO (or Os) 2010-2011

Eiji Hino is a vagabond/waiter/Adventurer that stumbles upon an ancient relic of a forgotten Kingdom usually referred as a Driver he will use to transform into OOO’s , an armored warrior created by said Kingdom to battle the sinister Greed a race of creatures with their own language and…. Well they don’t have hierarchy but this really sounds a lot like Kuuga ain’t it?

Eiji is guided in this war by Ankh, one of the Greeds that betrayed his kin in the previous war and sided with the previous OOO’s. The Greeds as their name indicates are consumed by desire, not just material stuff, but everything. Their principal desire is the Core Medals, powerful artifacts that are linked to animal groups and allow the Greed to return to their full power.

OOO’s uses the Medals in groups of three, allowing him to make weird combos, like his basic form, Taka-Tora-Batta (Hawk-Tiger-Grasshopper) or the combo forms that include medals of the same color to grant him powerful skills and abilities. Eiji will fight against the Greed and the Yummy, their servants with the help of a private organization that was studying the Core Medals and the Cell Medals (their cheap brothers)

OOO’s is another awesome series, it has a rocky start but it gets really good. It has some similarities to Kuuga but with a deeper more developed main character and all the Neo-Heisei traits.

Kamen Rider Fourze (no or) 2011-2012

Before anything let me make something clear, Fourze is the first Kamen Rider series I watched… and trust me when I say to you this is one of the corniest, more POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!!! Centric series of the franchise. But I just fucking love it, is like my relation to G Gundam, I know it’s ridiculous and corny but that is what it makes it good.

Our protagonist is Gentaro Kisaragi a new student in Amanogawa High School, making him the youngest Main Rider in the franchise. Gentaro is a friendship obsessed, delinquent looking, eternally optimist guy who expresses his desire to become friends with every person in the school (that is focused on training people to become astronauts)

He ends up protecting fellow students (one being a childhood friend of him) from a monster and ends up getting hold of the Fourze Driver, turning into Kamen Rider Fourze and kicking ass. His fight style is the most unorthodox of the franchise, most Riders kick and punch while outboxing the rival, meanwhile Gentaro does wrestling moves, headbutts and knee attacks with gusto.

He starts collecting the 40 Switches that grant him weapons and altered forms while he fights the Zodiarts, students or teachers that use a “Switchers” to turn into creatures based on constellations...with fucking awesome designs. Gentaro doesn’t only beats them, they tries to befriend them afterwards…

For a child friendly series some of the finishers are pretty hardcore, like Rider Kicks with a drill attached to the leg or punting an enemy through a wormhole into space. Meh it’s clean. I recommend it, pretty good but really Corny, you have been warned.

Well this is everything for today! I'll do another one before the end of the year and catch up to the lastest series.

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Pupa was a 12-episode TV horror anime series that aired from January 9 to March 28 of this year. The series was animated by Studio Deen and notable for each episode of its run running for only four minutes a piece. Pupa was based on the manga series written by Sayaka Mogi for Comic Earth Star magazine from March 2011 to December 2013.

The Plot

Even cannibalism can't hide the undertones coming from this moment.
Even cannibalism can't hide the undertones coming from this moment.

Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa are siblings who were abused and abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves. Both become infected by a mysterious virus called Pupa that mutates those who become exposed to it into monsters. Under the virus' effects, Yume develops an uncontrollable hunger for human flesh and Utsutsu gains the ability to rapidly regenerate himself. Utsutsu finds himself having to have his body eaten by his sister regularly to keep her from feeding upon other people.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Utsutsu Hasegawa- The older brother of the siblings who has a sister complex towards Yume and found himself subjected to the abuse of his father regularly as a child. Having gained the ability to regenerate his body from the Pupa virus, Utsutsu subjects himself to being eaten by his sister to keep her hunger for flesh in check.
  • Yume Hasegawa- Utsutsu's younger sister whose exposure to the Pupa virus left her with an uncontrollable hunger for human flesh.
  • Ai Imari- A mysterious researcher who gathers information on the Pupa virus with little regard for the lives lost from it. She uses the Hasegawa siblings as her research subjects to learn more about the effects of the virus.
  • Shiro Onijima- Utsutsu and Yume's abusive father.
  • Sachiko Hasegawa- The mother of Utsutsu and Yume who was subjected to Shiro's abuse at first before he turned it towards Utsutsu. She cares greatly for her son, yet fears Yume due to knowing she was born a monster.

Why It Sucks

Laziness is the best word to describe the mess that is Pupa. While its premise seems like a unique one on paper for a horror anime, Studio Deen's choice of structuring Pupa into 12 four-minute shorts lead to really sloppy storytelling throughout the show's run.

Learning to kill since leaving the womb.
Learning to kill since leaving the womb.

Plot and character development is mostly nonexistent in this baby as Pupa is mostly focused on relishing in its gory content. Whatever little story it has is completely rushed through, has little time to build up and the characters in this are flat, cutout archetypes with little in the way of personality and depth. A good chunk of the violence in Pupa comes from Yume's gory slaughter and feeding on human victims, with her feeding on Utsutsu in particular carrying some rather creepy incest undertones.

Adding on to how lazy this is, the animation for Pupa is quite low quality with washed-out backgrounds, subpar character designs and animation shortcuts milked to death throughout its entire run.

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Hello everyone! I'm here to promote my fellow teammate's wiki project, Building a Better Wiki: Perfect Profile Portraits! [+ tutorial] and the wiki page, #Profile Portraits: Characters. Daniel Newton is a gifted wiki mod and user who was very innovative with our wiki systems. Without him, we wouldn't be where we are now, pushing Anime Vice's HTML code system and wiki features to its limits.

Plus, I'm promoting a team wiki project that I'm proud to be part of, Akame ga Kill. Please see this blog to learn about our wiki editors, Introducing the Akame ga Kill Wiki Team.


These were made by Dekken and myself. At first, we couldn't find a good shot of Leone's face. We had to play a waiting game until Dekken found a super, awesome image.


One of my favorite characters. He's such a Vanilla character.

I also made an Incursio which I'm using as my Avatar. I love the design since it reminds me of Kingdom Hearts and mech series.


Akame is a fan favorite. Dekken and I made portraits for her. I loved her cute bear apron. We had two pics of her smiling, but we went with the non blushed version.


Thanks to Dekken for creating these awesome pics. We got her thinking, her innocent look, and her scheming looks. We definitely add some sexy portraits of her.

I will add more characters. Sorry, I'm really busy this week. Thank you everyone for reading this blog. I hope you make profile portraits or use them in your forum threads and blogs and reviews.

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Vash the Stampede

Brandon Heat => Grave (Gungrave)

Bear Walken

Kugashira Bunji


Momochi Zabuza

Rygar (Tiger of the Wind)


Laharl Overlord








Yagami Light =>Kira

Mihael Keehl(Mello)

Genki Sakura


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Hello everyone! Sorry for being a bit late. I just finished finals this week. We still have more DVDs and Blu-Rays for upcoming Christmas break for you guys and gals.

Out of this week, I'm only familiar with Silver Spoon and Bleach.

  • Silver Spoon - If you like slice of life series that focuses on farm life
  • Bleach - If you love Shonen series with strong semblance to Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho.

I'm only a 5 year anime fan who hasn't seen a lot of anime especially older series prior 2000. Detroit Metal City looks fun and up my alley to try. I haven't seen a lot of anime series with music themes.

I would love to hear your recommendations on these series. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



  • ANN did not list Ambition of Oda Nobunaga, Creamy Mami, Reideen, and Cowboy Bebop for this week.
  • ANN listed A Certain Magical Index II back on October 30
  • Amazon does not have Silver Spoon 2 ready.

DVD and Blu-Ray Releases

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna Complete Collection
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested Retail Price: $69.98 (Blu-Ray), $59.98 (DVD)

Yoshiharu Sagara thought he knew his Japanese history backwards and forwards, but when he inexplicably finds himself in the past everything he thought he knew was wrong and he's in a very different history altogether! Not only is this timeline's version of the legendary (and very male) Oda Nobunaga now the cute (and very female) Oda Nobuna, but one of the first things Yoshiharu manages to accidentally accomplish is getting one of the Sengoku era's most important historical figures killed!

Still, when you're stuck in the past, have a semi-reliable knowledge of one possible future, and there's now a vacancy in the history books, what's your best present course of action? Aligning yourself with someone with the potential to become one of the most powerful warlords in any of Japan's possible histories might not be a bad start. Provided, of course, that you can keep yourself from becoming too intimately involved in the cloak and dagger action during a time when the cloaks cover body armor and the daggers are paired with multiple swords! But that's just part of the risk you assume when your history becomes her story!

Contains episodes 1-12. Special Features: Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Bleach DVD Set 23
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested Retail Price: $44.82

With Aizen's defeat, peace has returned to the both the Soul Society and the World of the Living. But soon reports begin to surface of Soul Reapers going missing in the Precipice World, and Ichigo is a prime suspect. He and Rukia go on the run from the 13 Court Guard Squads, while in the World of the Living, Kon finds an unconscious girl lying in the street. When Ichigo and Rukia find out more about the girl, Nozomi, they realize their world, as well as the Soul Society, is in danger, and the Soul Reapers pursuing them and Nozomi are actually imposters known as Reigai, who have switched places with the missing Soul Reapers!

Contains episodes 317-329. Special Features: Omake, Clean Opening and Ending. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Cowboy Bebop Complete Series
  • Distributor: Funimation
  • Suggested Retail Price: $59.98 (Blu-Ray), $49.98 (DVD)

The Bebop crew is just trying to make a buck. This motley lot of intergalactic loners teams up to track down fugitives and turn them in for cold hard cash. Spike is a hero whose cool facade hides a dark and deadly past. The pilot Jet is a bruiser of a brute who can't wait to collect the next bounty. Faye Valentine is a femme fatale prone to breaking hearts and separating fools from their money. Along for the ride are the brilliant-but-weird hacker Ed and a super-genius Welsh Corgi named Ein. On their own, any one of them would be likely to get lost in the sprawl of space, but together, they're the most entertaining gang of bounty hunters in the year 2071.

Contains episodes 1-26. Special Features: Cowboy Bebop Session #0, Memo from Bebop: The Dub Sessions Remembered, Ein's Summer Vacation, "Tank!" Full-Size Music Clip, Interview with Wendee Lee, Interview with Sean Akins, Episode Commentary (1, 5, 10, 17, 24), Original Openings and Closings, Textless Openings and Closings, U.S. Trailer, Trailers. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Creamy Mami DVD Set 2
  • Distributor: ANIME SOLS
  • Suggested Retail Price: $79.99

Morisawa Yuu is a precocious 10-year-old girl who likes Toshio, a boy 3 years older than her. One day, Yuu runs into aliens that have trouble with their damaged spaceship. In appreciation for helping them repair the spaceship, the aliens give Yuu a magical stick with one condition: she must keep it secret, otherwise she will lose the special power.

In order to attract Toshio, Yuu decides to transform herself into an attractive 17-year-old girl! Yuu, with her 17-year-old figure, happens to be discovered as an idol singer and makes her debut as "Creamy Mami." But she never could have imagined that Toshio would start to be attracted to Creamy Mami, and not Yuu herself.

Contains episodes 14-26. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Reideen DVD Collection 1
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggest Retail Price: $49.98

Although mathematically gifted, Junki Saiga is an otherwise typical high school student, whose archaeologist father disappeared during an expedition years ago. But recently his family learned that his father's remains have been discovered near Japan's pyramid along with artifacts and notes from his research. While Junki is still reeling from the confirmation of his father's death, a meteor comes crashing from the sky carrying a foreign robotic life-form that immediately begins attacking anything and everything!

This sequence of strange events triggers a bracelet left from his father's research to activate and merge with an ancient robot hidden inside the pyramid - Reideen. But not everyone welcomes Reideen's help in dealing with the alien threat. There are those that want the robot's power for themselves, and others who want to see it and its pilot destroyed. Without the help of his nation or even his friends, Junki must push himself to succeed in piloting Reideen against the aliens or watch the world perish!

Contains episodes 1-13. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Detroit Metal City Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested Retail Price: $39.98

Get ready for the ear-splittingest, skull-smashingest band to ever assault your senses! Led by phallus-waving terrorist-from-hell Johannes Krauser II (guitar/vocals,) and given pulsing, throbbing life by indestructible drummer Camus and bassist Alexander Jagi, they're Detroit Metal City, the hottest ticket on the concert circuit! There's just one catch. That "hottest ticket" is just a meal ticket, and beneath the makeup these ultimate headbangers are hired doppelgangers who don't even LIKE what they do!

Jaggi is actually Wada, who wants to play Glam Rock, Camus is Nishida, an anime fan with an appalling weakness for curry and NSFW videos, and Krauser is - oh the shame - street-singing Soichi Negishi, whose dreams of singing happy pop seem hopelessly doomed by the success of his rage-fueled alter ego. Worse, he can't even tell anyone who Krauser is. Not even the girl he likes, who hates DMC!

Will rage against the corporate machine consume Negishi's tortured soul? Is there life after Death Metal? What's it like to put your head in a jet engine and turn UP the volume?

Contains episodes 1-12. Special Features: Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Hidamari Sketch x SP (Blu-Ray)
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $24.98

Even though studying at a prestigious art school like Yamabuki is hard work, the girls who live at the Hidamari Apartments always manage to squeeze in time for a little fun and exploration. And when they actually get a day off? Watch out world!

Yuno, Sae, Hiro, Miyako and new students Nori and Nazuna return to create another masterpiece of life as art, with all-new adventures that include swimming, pajama parties, trips to the art museum, and even an all-you-can-eat diner courtesy of the landlady! Of course, there's always a little housework that has to be squeezed in, but with a pinch of resourcefulness and a dash of creativity, even the most onerous of chores can be turned into something magical.

Contains episodes 1-2. Special Features: Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Silver Spoon 2 - Complete Series (DVD)
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $74.98

The second trimester begins at Ezono as Hokkaido's fall quickly kicks in. Hachiken is as busy as ever, taking over the position of vice president of the equestrian club, adopting a puppy, competing in his first equestrian event, and being in charge of many activities for Ezono's school festival.

Even though the usual school life is carried out and they dream of their futures like any other teenager, Hachiken and his friends are forced to confront the harsh realities of agricultural businesses such as financial struggles and successor issues. Hachiken tries his best to support his peers, which ultimately leads him to face and overcome his own problems with his family.

Contains episodes 1-11 of season 2. Special Features: Textless Opening, Textless Ending, Commercials. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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Hi Everyone! I know all of you were all Otaku... Let's Unite and be friends...

My Favorite anime is SK Flowers... and my Favorite Character is Hana Asakura..

How about you?

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Sentai Filmworks announced today that they have acquired home video and streaming license rights to former Viz Media title, Saikano. The anime was animated by Gonzo in 2002 and released to home video in America by Viz in 2004. The series was based on the manga series She, the Ultimate Weapon written by Shin Takahashi. The series is a sci-fi/ romantic war drama focused on the relationship between high school students Chise and Shuji being tested when it is revealed that Chise underwent military experiments that turned her body into a cyborg weapon of war eating away at her humanity as she fights off enemy armies engaging in war with Japan.

Outside of the TV anime, there was also a two-episode OVA series prequel of the series made called Saikano: Another Love Song in 2005 and a Japanese live-action film adaptation of the series made in January 2006.

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The only thing wrong with this chapter is the fact that this dynamic duo of Hakuryuu and Judar is going to be defeated by Aladdin and Alibaba.

It is expected; they are, after all, the heroes of the series. Yet, It becomes difficult to stand behind Aladdin’s idealistic dreams and Alibaba’s indecisiveness, not when faced with the realistic and somewhat incisive approach that Hakuryuu and Judar bring to the table.

The battle against Gyokuen comes to a close. Kou has a new emperor. Hakuruyuu and Judar set their eyes upon the rest of the world.


That was unequivocally brutal. Say one thing about Magi, say that it never really holds back on the gore and despair when it needs to cement a point.

This is it; the point when Hakuryuu and Judar finally became the central villains of the story.

Sure, there are a lot of negative things you could say about Kouen and his ilk; yes, few other characters in the series are quite as conniving and untrustworthy as Sinbad. Yet none of these characters have truly given themselves over to depravity, not when compared to Hakuryuu.

One might say that the Magi story just turned onto a new path this week; Hakuryuu finally got his revenge, and in a most brutal fashion, especially when you read this chapter together with the last panels of chapter 249, where Hakuryuu tears the flesh out of his mother’s neck with his teeth, with Gyokuen then lumbering towards the salvation waiting beyond the boundary of the barrier, only to fall to Judar who hands her life to Hakuryuu.

That Hakuryuu could kill her without a second thought, unmoved by the sorts of silly tricks so many heroes tend to fall for in the very last moment, shows his resolve.

That he understands the depths of his intentions, the blood he will have to spill in his conquest means that he is unlikely to fall to the sweet words of Aladdin and Alibaba about right and wrong, the evil of his path and any salvation they might offer.

Simply put, Hakuryuu is the perfect hero turned villain; there are no forces pulling his strings without his consent, which means we are unlikely to run into another Obito situation.

He is fully aware of his own madness and accepts what he must do to accomplish goals that, to an extent, even he realizes are wrong; which means his clash with Aladdin will more or less come down to a last man standing type situation, where Hakuryuu and Judar must be put down lest they bring the world to its knees.

Magi has created a situation so perfect, with the rising conflict between Aladdin, Hakuryuu, Kouen, Sinbad and Al-Tharmen, especially with so many of the lines so blurred, that it would be difficult for Shinobu Ohtaka to ruin this arc.

She doesn’t even have to deliver deaths on any scale to create a satisfying conclusion to what might be Magi’s last, or at least one of its final sagas.

+RATING: 9/10, Judar never seizes to surprise, specifically how far his character has come, with each chapter continuing to compound upon just how reliant the Magi is on his friend’s madness.

Hakuryuu is the soul mate Judar searched for and failed to find in Sinbad, which probably has something to do with the fact that Sinbad is so much more mature than Hakuryuu and thus less likely to succumb to Judar’s darkness.

Gyokuen will be missed; she showed the sort of madness and resilience few villains have manifested in anime and manga.
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  Boku no Hero Academia has some pretty erratic releases; I begun expecting these chapter on Saturday, however that schedule seemed to shift to Sunday.

Now we have chapters coming out as early as Thursday; and not just one chapter but three, with the results not being very pleasant. I had to read these three chapters several times over.

In some cases the translations were that bad; other websites had the pages completely out of order, so much so that I would get to the last page only to realize that it was actually page one, and I had most likely encountered the end somewhere in the middle. 

It took sometime to track and finally read chapter 20. For some unknown reason, several websites kept uploading and then removing this chapter. So much effort to read manga these days.

THE CHAPTERS: All Might’s arrival throws a wrench into Tokamura’s plan, with the so called artificial human still unaware of All Might’s weakness, that he strands at the edge of his strength, running on fumes and nearly out of time.


This wasn’t much of an arc; more like a mini arc.

It was barely 8 chapters long, which isn’t a bad thing per say. Because you really couldn’t say that they rushed things. 

Yet, for its first major arc, the manga could have done more to extend the length of these events, possibly making something more out of them in terms of story and character development.

+The Good
Despite the brevity of the arc, there was no shortage of tension, with each chapter continuing to build upon the threat that the alliance posed against our young heroes.

This was further augmented by the fact that we all understood perfectly the limitations of All Might, that he stood mere minutes and possibly even seconds way from running out of juice and getting the Holly Hell kicked out of his ass.

In that regard, these three chapters were more of a bluffing game, with the secret to All Might’s victory lying in his ability to defeat Noumu, the biggest threat of them all, at which point he could use his seemingly immovable figure to intimidate artificial human and group.

All in all, a well choreographed battle, the fights short but strategic in bringing across the risk in each situation and the heroism of each character.

Todoroki and Bakugou were pleasant surprises, and the fact that they actually played a role in the salvation of their hero allowed the entire situation to play out in a much more satisfying manner.

Of course none of this would matter if Noumu was not such a terrifying beast, seemingly indestructible with his absorbent/regenerative abilities. Knowing that he was indeed more than a match for the weakened All Might really made the stakes so much greater.

+The Bad
This arc could have continued for another six or seven chapters, and I don’t think anyone would have accused the mangaka of dragging these events out.

There is so much more that could have been accomplished; yes, the mini arc indeed managed to get a select few things done, specifically highlighting the abilities and personalities of the young heroes.

Yet it was almost abrupt in the way it brought events to a close. And then there is the fact that Tokamura, the villain at the center of the alliance, did nothing whatsoever to justify the fear he seemed to generate upon his first appearance.

Not a wasted appearance since he survived the skirmish, but it would be difficult for him to be regarded with any sense of fear now.

RATING: 7/10, it was a decent enough end to the invasion for a shonen manga, but it could have been better.
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