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I'm not usually "too" hyped up for another sequel/season because that would scar my life not knowing when its going to be released. Especially cliffhangers, that hurt me the most :(
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Well, we've heard the people involved with the first season say that they really WANT to do it. So there must be something else holding it up, like maybe the bad economy, or waiting on Kadokawa to give the OK, or perhaps getting the original cast back on agreeable terms, etc. So, not to kill the dark mood, but I'm going to be the lone wolf here and give a big YES, WE WILL!!! to that. (Yeah, that's me. Always the optimist.)
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Our god will come to us when we least expect it, in our moment of our most dire need.
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As soon as Kyon gets up enough nerve to kiss her again. And that's a lot of nerve.
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I found this website when I was confirming the rumours that Keanu Reeves was going to play Spike in the upcoming Bebop movie. Fascinating place, fun pages, it seems like a great anime place at which to hang out. 
     As to why I first came here...I am deeply disturbed by the news of such great animes and mangas being turned into live-action films. Transformers, Fist of the North Star, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Lone Wolf and Cub, and many others. I've seen it happen to every sort of media: books, theater, cartoons, video games, comic books, newspaper comics, and even music. I find this trend to be extremely upsetting.
     Why must everything eventually wind up as a live-action movie? Are films the ultimate form of art? No. In fact, I think film is the most base form of art nowadays. Perhaps it was an artform years ago, even before I was born, when movies had to rely on plot, dialogue, and skilled direction instead of special effects, one-liners, and sex scenes. Production companies nowadays are spewing out whatever successful story they can find to turn a quick buck. The result? Lame interpretations of the stories we love, glazed over with gratuitous special effects and sex, all served in a convenient 90 minute package. 
     People are satisfied with just movies. They don't want to spend the time to watch 27 episodes or read 200 pages of comics or 1000 pages of a book to grasp what made the story great in the first place. They scoff at how the plot was weak, the characters were underdeveloped, or how implausible it concluded. They muse over the cuteness of the sidekick (Edward III, Gimli, Yamagata, etc) without realizing how important they are to the story. They suck on a sugary watermelon-flavored sweet instead of having the true experience of eating a real watermelon: the rind, the seeds, the sticky fingers, the messy chin, in addition to the succulent sweet taste.
     When it comes down to it...promote the comic, the anime, the book before the movie. Urge people to savor the original, not the cheap knock-off. Buy the mangas and animes of the stories you love, loan them to your friends, watch them with your lovers, talk about them with your co-workers. Live-action movies are devouring all other forms of media, but I refuse to let them go without a fight.

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GDH Opens GONZO CHANNEL within Chunghwa
Telecom MOD

GONZO anime to be made available by Taiwan’s leading IPTV provider

GDH K.K. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsuo Karasawa, Securities Code: TSE Mothers 3755, hereinafter GDH) has announced that it will open an IPTV video-on-demand channel dedicated to GONZO anime on the MOD (Multimedia On Demand) service provided by Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Taipei, Taiwan, Chairman and CEO: Shyue-Ching Lu, hereinafter CHT).

CHT is the largest telecommunications company in Taiwan, providing not only local and overseas landline call services, but also mobile services and Internet communication services for home and business purposes.

CHT’s MOD is provided via its ADSL network, subscribers are provided with rental Set Top Boxes to select and receive programs. In addition to broadcast TV channels, CHT MOD offers on-demand services for movies, TV series and anime titles. Launched in 2005, CHT MOD has grown to service over 600,000 subscribers (as of December 2008).

GDH will be the first Japanese company to establish a channel within CHT’s MOD platform. The GONZO CHANNEL will be a channel dedicated to distribution of GDH Group’s content. GONZO CHANNEL is scheduled to be launched on January 23, 2009 and will provide new and catalog GONZO anime titles via streaming for NT$55.00 per 2 episodes. The episodes will be provided with Chinese subtitles by Mega Marketing Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Taiwan, CEO: Kent Yen, hereinafter Mega Marketing). Promotional videos of GONZO Rosso’s latest online games will also be made available. Mega Marketing will introduce the channel in its gaming info program Game king, currently broadcast on Taiwanese terrestrial channel China-TV, as well as related websites.

GDH will also partner with An Ho Marketing Communication (Head Office: Taiwan, CEO: Wang Kuo Hsin, hereinafter An Ho) to promote the service launch. GONZO items will have a featured placement in HOT DOG TOYS, An Ho’s retail chain carrying a large selection of anime-related merchandise. Active promotion will be carried out in synchronization with the program scheduling through online media and in An Ho’s BASARADAN magazines which are distributed in convenience stores throughout Taiwan.

GDH will continue to globally promote Japanese animation and the GONZO brand, and enhancing the content business throughout Asia and offering consumers an increasing range of products and services.

* IPTV: a service (or the technologies) that delivers digital television broadcasting through Internet Protocol

[About Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.]
Chunghwa Telecom is the leading telecom service provider in Taiwan. Chunghwa Telecom provides fixed line services, mobile services and Internet and data services to residential and business customers in Taiwan.

[About Mega Marketing Co., Ltd.]
Mega Marketing, a game TV-oriented company blessed with one of Taiwan's top production teams, was founded in Dec. 2001 and is well known for producing high quality and innovative television shows. Its TV-program Game king, launched in 2002 and broadcast on China-TV every Saturday night, has been Taiwan’s most popular game-related TV program with the highest AC-Nielsen rating for over 5 years. Today Game king’s broadcast averages 200,000 viewers and is ranked as one of the top 50 TV-programs in all genres including drama series, cartoons, news, and entertainment.

Game king not only introduces information on the latest games on all platforms, but at the same time provides day-to-day news on games and issues that players are most concerned about such as virtual items, game walkthroughs, E3, Tokyo Game Show, and game hardware. Covering all information about games, Game king is the players’ best source of information and great entertainment.

[About An Ho Marketing Communication]
An Ho is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of apparel, books, DVDs, stationary, toys, figures, and other merchandise, established in May 2006. An Ho owns a retail store chain named “Hot Dog Toyz” which currently has 9 stores in Taipei, to which An Ho distributes the above items. An Ho also publishes a monthly magazine called BASARADANM, which has a circulation of 30,000 per month.

[About GDH K.K.]
GDH is a globally-focused Japanese media company founded in February 2000. The group produces cutting edge entertainment for teens and young adults through its GONZO animation brand. Kids and family product is distributed through the GONZO FILMS and GONZINO brands.
GDH is a world leader in content development targeting both domestic and international audiences with Japan's trend-setting animation culture and, usually, GDH controls licensing management and international distribution for the content it produces. For additional information, visit (for GDH) and (for GONZO - Japanese only). GDH group companies include GONZO Rosso K.K., GONZO K.K., Future Vision Music K.K., GONZINO K.K., and GK Entertainment K.K.
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Ok so the first attempt... well kinda blew.. so im tryign again


so i get to walk around all day with a "skin" coloured thing on my arm, Ok wtf is with the "skin" coloured... WHOS SKIN?? it looks like a cartoon colour...

But anyway! if you find me being snappy or snarly... that is why!

wish me luck peeps! ^_^

I want to win at this!
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January 19, 2009 - JapanFiles announces another team-up this month with Japanese music distribution powerhouse Disk Union. The first artist released on through this partnership is RAMPANT.



Female-fronted Japanese hard-rock group RAMPANT was formed in Osaka, Japan in November, 2005. In 2007, they released their mini-album "CHAIN," playing live shows across Japan with the likes of SURVIVE and METAL SAFARI.

Their first full album "CHOICE OF LIFE" was released in September 2008.

Vocals - HIroko // Lead Guitar - Atsushi // Rhythm Guitar - Tomoya // Bass - Hajime // Drums - KA+U





RAMPANT Official MySpace -

RAMPANT Official Website  -



RAMPANT appears on by arrangement with Disk Union. 

Disk Union official website -




Supporting Japanese artists since 2004, specializes in MP3 sales and media promotion for Japanese music, with over 250 indie and major bands reaching their USA fans - rock, hip-hop, punk, and techno! All downloads are DRM-free and only 99 cents each!

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Well I guess its par for me to watch Macross out of order as other than seeing a bit of SDF/Robotech back in the '80's my viewing order has been Frontier, Zero, Plus, SDF and now 7. I think that means after the Frontier movie I'll watch Macross II then Do You Remember Love? just to keep up the tradition. 
The power of rock compels you!
The power of rock compels you!

So far this iteration has yet to make much of an impression other than Basara is trying to show everyone "THE POWER OF ROCK!"(TM) 

I was glad to see my two favorite characters from SDF, Max and Milia, all grown up(I'm guessing superluminal time dilatation is why they aren't  in their 60's).

This boy just ain't right.
This boy just ain't right.
The art is good for the era but feels a bit stiff, like when Basara is singing in his varitech and everything but his mouth is frozen(creepy!) or how the battle sequences don't look as good as some of the ones in SDF. 

Overall I like the mech designs with the exception of Basara's VF-19 Battleroid form which looks like it was lifted straight from a gundam anime.

Max may be off his nut, would you entrust your 14 year old to this guy?
Max may be off his nut, would you entrust your 14 year old to this guy?
The pink haired loli is cute and is likely who I'll be rooting for in the inevitable love polygon barring she goes all MinMay on me. 

More to come a few episodes down the road.
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I bought Rosario + Vampire manga v.1-4 love it.
Art History book for class...(and other books for class)
The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien
1 terabyte External Hard Drive by Fantom Drives

What has not come in yet:
Louise Fairy Bustier Ver.(Can't wait for this especially)
Haruhi Suzumiya v.2 regular edition dvd(replacement to the copy that was stolen when my friend borrowed it...he never replaced it back for me some friend he was.)
Fate/stay night manga v.2
He Is My Master v.1 manga
Higurashi, When They Cry manga v.1
Aria manga v.1

That's all for now.
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Seriously, I'd love to see one of these for the anime/manga industry. English AND Japanese :D

But I'm too lazy to do it myself.
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I know its a little bit early for the people who prefer the subs but today the last raw ep was uploaded on various websites.

my own resume
I liked the series more then Den-O`s mostly how the 1986/2008 storylines played next to eachother and coming together in the end.
Anyways the last ep was a perfect ending IXA fought Bishop, Wataru and Taiga fought the Bat Fangire. happy ending a marriage And a sudden return of a familiar face in a new role and looking like a nutt btw XD

I hope to see Wataru back as (yes im finally gonna say it) Bishop in DCD
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Wow, due to my ski trip yesterday I didn't get to check Anime Vice at ALL yesterday T_T

It was a fun trip, too, but I hadn't been skiing in like, a decade, and the mountain seriously kicked my ass.  My legs are sooooo sore today!
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In which I review various manga I've stumbled across in little snippets.

Yakuza Girl--It has nothing to do with Yakuza at all except for the name. However, if you thought that Ikkitousen (or "Battle Vixens" in the US) could be so much better if only there was more explicit sex and less coherent plot development, then this manga is perfect for you. Of course, this also means that the chances of this manga appearing on American bookstore shelves are slim to nil.

Black Cat--Kinda like the GetBackers, except the guy with the evil eye later has a magic briefcase, and whenever you hear Train's name you almost expect "Drops of Jupiter" to start playing in the background. Dragged on a little too much, and the cast got really convoluted near the end. Dances on the line of DBZ-syndrome without completely crossing it, but the mere fact that I stuck with it till the end (with several breaks, sure, but still...) as opposed to, say, Bleach means that there's probably something I enjoyed about it.

The World God Only Knows--A high school kid who prefers dating-sim-game girls to real ones ends up getting drafted by the cleaner, newer version of Hell to suck out evil spirits from girls in the real world by kissing them. How convenient that most of the girls he has to help in the real world are similar to the archetypes from his games. Still, I actually found it kind of amusing.

Seikon no Qwaser--It's like Fullmetal Alchemist, except the Alchemists are called "Qwasers", they are only able to manipulate one element (with a few exceptions), and they get their powers from sucking someone's breasts instead of drawing a circle on the ground. There's also some plot involving the Russian Orthodox church, but if the last sentence caught your eye, chances are good that the plot doesn't matter.

Hayate the Combat Butler--Pokes fun at various shonen manga, but at the same time, the massive amount of in-jokes can get kind of confusing. There also seems to be a small pattern where Hayate meets a new girl, they start crushing on him, and he ends up too focused on his job to notice, then this cycle repeats with a different girl. Other than that, I found it somewhat entertaining.

Feel free to comment, or add your own.
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Love the song. Otis Redding 1967, "Try a Little Tenderness"
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Well, life ain't so bad. My grades are average. My Mom's fair. I'm into the 2nd Chapter of the book I'm writing. Its called "Always There". A girl named Christine is lost in her emotions after her father's tragic death. The relationship w/ her currant boyfriend keeps getting worse and worse. He 1st starts w/ being pushy then goes into abuse. A Guy named Jason appears in her room 1 day,  claiming to be a guarding angel there to serve and protect her. Sound interesting?
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When did funimation secure the rights of Love Hina away from bandai entertainment.
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In this world of wonderful Anime, at least in North America, we seem to be overly flooded with tails of boys (loose use of the term I know) Battling mostly in arena style competitions, normally using cards, tops, (yes those spinney things) along with other things that are boring but supposedly seems less boring when flashy animation and catchy theme music is added.
Now thanks to a blog posting from Anime Vice which can be found here, I have located, watched, and am semi interested into an Anime called Battle Doll Angelic Layer, which seems to have directed this stereotype of male dominant "toy" battling Anime series into something targeted at the female demographic.
Ok, first a brief (uber brief) description of the series
Based on a Manga (really what Anime now a days isn't)
Features a young girl who basically falls in love with this televised battle game, called, now brace yourselves, Angelic Layer! I know, I am totally shocked. Anyway, the story then fallows her love for the game, and battling, her journey into becoming a true competitor. But it mostly focuses on the relationships she builds with all those who she comes in contact with, a real moral filled adventure.

Honestly, the series reminds me a lot of the video game series CustomRobo, just more directed and girls then guys. I mean really, Angelic Layer features little toys that can battle each other, piloted by the owners, using thier minds, and they can build and customize these toys by buying parts and accessories. Just in this series case, they are called dolls and not Robo's though they seem pretty robotic to me, but that is just my humble opinion.

Anyway its not bad, a little dry in parts, but the animation is crisp and enjoyable, especially during the battles. I strongly suggest it, and since it is legally free on the Anime Networks site, found here, I say you have little to no excuse. If you prefer, like myself, to watch Anime subbed (friends don't let friends watch dubs) I suggest you go to The Angelic Layer page can be found here

Oh God, that post was so close to being a review *bites nails* sooooo close... that is BAD!!
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IF ONLY for exposing the rest of you to Angelic Layer (doesn't do me any good; I own the DVDs) then I'd have to say, yes, ADV gets a special one-day Win.  (expires in 24hrs. if they can't back up the beta launch with some other goodies)
The site only prompts me to ask questions:  What's their business model? Do they have a business model, or are they just throwing stuff up and hoping to win a lottery?  Is the entire ADV library (at least, titles still under license but old enough that DVD sales are close to nil) going to be available, or just an odd mix of midlist and half forgotten series?

Are they going to put Farscape up, or did they lose that license?
(Farscape FTW!  Well, a guy can dream...) 
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Right Stuf’s ANIME TODAY Talks Anime Movies & More
With Writer & Anime Expert Helen McCarthy

MIX MARKET, “If you like Ouran,” reviews, contests & more in episode 84!

GRIMES, IA, January 16, 2009 – Anime producer and mega-online anime retailer Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to welcome anime writer, lecturer and advocate Helen McCarthy to episode 84 of ANIME TODAY.

In this new interview, McCarthy talks about her newest book – 500 Essential Anime Movies: The Ultimate Guide – and how she worked to narrow the list to “just” 500 picks. She also discusses how writing about anime has changed over the years, the globalization of anime, and her upcoming projects.  

A trailblazer in the field of anime writing and journalism, McCarthy started writing about anime in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and went on to pen books including Anime! A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Animation, The Anime Movie Guide, Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation and 500 Manga Heroes and Villains, in addition to co-authoring The Erotic Anime Movie Guide and The Anime Encyclopedia, both with Jonathan Clements. One of the Western world’s foremost experts on Hayao Miyazaki and the works of Studio Ghibli, she has also curated several seasons of lectures and screenings at London’s Barbican Cinema, including a week-long celebration of Osamu Tezuka’s works in Fall 2008.

Also in episode 84 of ANIME TODAY:
  • Chad tells listeners “What’s Hot” in the world of anime and manga.
  • Shawne reminds fans about the last days of the FUNimation “Dossier of Deals.”
  • Kris and Judy talk about their recent video gaming experiences during a new “Anime and Gamers’ Guide.”
  • Rich and Nick announce the winners of the FUNimation Claymore DVD 1 contest and remind listeners about the K-drama contest for posters and preview DVDs of YA Entertainment’s The King and I. Then they kick off a new contest for passes to Bandai Entertainment’s upcoming theatrical screenings of Sword of the Stranger.
  • In a new “If…/Then” segment, Christy offers recommendations to fans of the Ouran High School Host Club anime.
  • Nick and Rich provide a rundown of upcoming conventions, courtesy of
  • Listen to musical clips from the CD Shiawase no Elephant by MIX MARKET.
  • And finally, ANIME TODAY highlights some of the newest fan reviews from visitors.
Have a question about anime and manga? Want to comment on one of the podcast’s segments? Call our Anime Today Hotline at 1-800-338-6827, ext. 7424. You may hear yourself on a future episode of Anime Today!

Visit and for this episode, as well as an archive of all ANIME TODAY episodes and extended liner notes. Listeners can also download and subscribe to ANIME TODAY via the Apple iTunes Music Store.

Meet other anime fans, talk with ANIME TODAY listeners, submit your suggestions for future episodes and more at the new ANIME TODAY forums: .

Follow ANIME TODAY on Twitter at .

Released every other week, ANIME TODAY is the first commercially-produced podcast aimed at enthusiasts of Japanese animation and comics (“anime” and “manga”). Each episode features fresh content and gives listeners a glimpse into what's new and what's hot in the world of anime and manga. Segments include reviews of titles from all major anime studios, insights into the industry from anime producers, tips on traveling to and around Japan, interaction with listeners, contests, prizes and more.

“If you’re into anime and what’s happening in the anime market then this is the podcast for you!”
- User review on iTunes

Currently celebrating its 21st year in business, Right Stuf, Inc. was one of the first players in the U.S. Japanese Animation ("anime") industry, as both an anime producer/distributor and a retailer. Right Stuf works to promote knowledge of its own products, as well as the anime and manga industry, in general, through its online storefront at and a variety of media including podcasts and special publications.

Nozomi Entertainment, Right Stuf’s production division, is dedicated to the highest quality releases. True to the Japanese word that inspired its name, Nozomi’s focus is on “what fans want.” By focusing on a limited number of anime properties each year, the Nozomi production team ensures each release receives the care and attention to detail it deserves.

From anime classics like Astro Boy, Kimba and Gigantor to modern comedies, dramas and favorites such as The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, His and Her Circumstances, Gravitation, Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars, Ninja Nonsense, To Heart, The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye, Emma: A Victorian Romance, Maria Watches Over Us and ARIA, Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment produce quality programming for fans of all ages and interests. For more information, visit and .
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