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Three-Part Chapter Book Series, A Junior Novel And A Collectible Sticker Book Offer Unique Ways To Enjoy Books Based On The New Feature Film DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION


San Francisco, CA, March 3, 2009 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced a fun array of DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION books, including a Junior Novel, a Sticker Book and a trio of Chapter Books in support of the debut of the action-packed 20 Century Fox film, opening nationwide on April 8.


The new DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION books are based on the upcoming live action adventure film. Directed by James Wong, the movie and the books center on a team of warriors, each of whom possess special abilities. Together, they protect Earth from a force bent on dominating the universe by controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name. DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION features Justin Chatwin as Goku, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, and Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi.  Each of the books include glossy color pages with photos from the movie. DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION the movie is based on the popular Japanese manga series created by Akira Toriyama (also published in North America by VIZ Media).


”VIZ Media is very excited to celebrate the upcoming release of the live-action feature film DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION with a variety of fun, kid-friendly books,” says Gonzalo Ferreyra, Vice President, Sales & Product Marketing, VIZ Media. “The DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION Junior Novel and Chapter Books are published under our popular VIZKIDS imprint, and are an ideal way to introduce the mystical world of DRAGON BALL to younger fans and help them develop a lifelong love of reading.”



MSRP: $5.99 US / $6.99 CAN · Available Now!

Goku thought he was just a normal high school kid until his whole world turned upside down and he found out he's actually a martial-arts whiz with all kinds of special powers. It was bad enough that his grandpa just died. But now he must save the whole world from a madman named Piccolo who is looking for the seven fabled Dragon Balls. Whoever finds them all will have any wish come true instantly! Can a regular guy like Goku become the strongest fighter in time to stop the end of the world? The Junior Novel is aimed at readers ages 9 through 12 and also features 8-pages of full-color glossy photos from the live-action film.


MSRP: $4.99 US / $5.99 CAN · Available Now!

The DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION Chapter Books is a series composed of 3 volumes designed for younger readers, ages 7 through 10. Based on the upcoming feature film, the Chapter Books depict the adventures of Goku as he tries to save the world from a madman that is looking for the seven Dragon Balls. Whoever finds them all can have any wish come true! Can a regular guy like Goku become the strongest fighter of all in time to stop the end of the world? Find out in these fun new Chapter Books from VIZ Media.



MSRP: $6.99 US / $7.99 CAN · March 24, 2009

All the excitement of the DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION movie is featured in over 100 stickers. The book collects 8 pages of stickers and 8 pages of full-color backgrounds to bring the fun of DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION to fans of all ages. The stickers are reusable and adhere to just about anything to give a fun DRAGON BALL flair to any item.


DRAGON BALL has become a global pop culture and entertainment phenomenon that has generated more than $3 billion in worldwide sales of a vast array of manga, DVDs, video games, toys, apparel and other collectibles. Over 1.6 million copies of the manga series have been sold in North America while the animated counterpart remains the most successful domestic anime series ever with over 500 episodes and 17 animated movies broadcast or released on DVD to date. Over 30 DRAGON BALL video game titles are also available for the PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 platforms, and have sold a total of more than 11 million units worldwide.


About VIZ Media, LLC

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), is one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in the field of manga (graphic novel) publishing, animation and entertainment licensing of Japanese content. Owned by three of Japan’s largest creators and licensors of manga and animation, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co., Ltd., VIZ Media is a leader in the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga for English speaking audiences in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa and is a global ex-Asia licensor of Japanese manga and animation. The company offers an integrated product line including magazines such as SHONEN JUMP and SHOJO BEAT, graphic novels, and DVDs, and develops, markets, licenses, and distributes animated entertainment for audiences and consumers of all ages. Contact VIZ Media at 295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; Phone (415) 546-7073; Fax (415) 546-7086; and web site at .

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It short film by Andy Newman, Mike Allen, and David Magida
it a nice film about an outsider finding his ture Identity in life.
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Forgot to make this blog a long time ago >.>....... but I do have my laptop now :D, It's a macbook, and it's awesome. Just have to get all my programs from my dead one to my new one XD
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 Hello, my name is olimar08. I'm working out story ideas for a freakin' awesome anime show. I pretty much decided that it will be called "The  Senkai Frontier." The story revolves around Seth, a young Senkai who is training his powers which mysteriously seem to be stronger than anyone elses. After proving himself, he becomes the leader of a squadron and recruits Asuki, Soku, Dmitri, and Clarice. The anime will be mostly Fantasy with touches of Sci-fi. (It takes place in the not-so-distant-future.) I'm trying to work out some backstories as well, and work on drawing my characters. Well, thanks for wasting your time reading this.
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From Facebook, I learned that Bandai Entertainment producer Toshi was in town for the Kurokami ADR session.
And since I was in the area, I decided to drop by to peek in on their session.

I'm sure the anime fandom already knows about it, but Kurokami (or "Black God" which is the Yen Press title of the manga series) is an extremely ambitious project where they release the English dub almost simultaneously as the Japanese air date.

Ambitious, because compared to releasing the subtitled version simultaneously... there's more people involved!
I don't want to say subtitle work is easy, but you can add more people to work on the project quickly. You can have two translators translate parts of the episodes. You can have more QC staff who check the script & time the subtitles to the animation. You don't have to match lip flaps, so you can go off of the written script for the most part (although there's a LOT of changes from the script to the final Japanese recording).

See, the problem w/ Japanese anime is that the production is always cutting it close.
Japanese voice actors hardly ever record to an animated video (I heard Detective Conan is one of the few exceptions), but to a series of pencil sketches, or pencil sketches of moving mouths, or storyboards... or just plain circles with character names on them. But one good thing about Japanese voice recordings is that they don't worry too much about matching lip flap. No, animators don't listen to the voice recordings & animate to the voice. They're cutting it so close, they just need to keep their hands moving.

So I was guessing the US staff is working off of the Japanese script (which is never final), the Japanese voice (which will help you w/ the emotions of the characters, but not the pauses for lip flaps), and if they're lucky... some sort of video.

And yep... sometimes they don't get the final video until they're really close to broadcast time in the US.
So if some of the lip flaps don't match... you'll just have to let it go.

I was wondering if they're going to re-record some lines to match up the lip flaps for the DVD release, but I forgot to ask Toshi. But of course his main concern is to make sure they get the episode out each week, so it's something he'll worry about later.

Kurokami is airing on IATV, so go watch it.
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No, not here-- not yet, anyway. But heads up! Comic Vine now has an ad on its news page, as well as on the forums and powers pages. And on the database browse page. I think that's all? All I found, anyway.

It's a fact, my friends, that sites are expected to be able to pay for themselves eventually, so this shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you (beyond that they didn't have ads a while ago). What do you think of what they've got so far? I personally find them very reasonable, noticeable without being intrusive or detracting from the site. Of course, it helps that they're topical (they're all ads for Watchmen, or at least that's all I saw).

I'm curious as to your responses, since presumably we here at the Vice will eventually be seeing ads as well!
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Having a blast planning that is. I'm thinking ahead to Colossal Con which is happening this June in Ohio. June in the mid-west--hot and humid...devout cosplay would not be good because it involves flannel and long sleeves. I'm trying to get ahead of the game, thinking about costumes that are within my current skill level. Also, I don't want to end up like Ohayocon and making the costume two or three days before the con--very stressful. I'm aiming for two cosplays this time.

My definite first is Sakura at end of Tokyo Revelations--when she's in the black shirt, shorts, with the cloak, and guns. Reason: This outfit marks an important shift in story and character; she goes from being princess and damsel in distress to bad ass quest leader. Pros: Fairly easy; I really don't have to sew anything but the cape; I'm sure I can dig around thrift/second-hand shops for the rest. Cons: Finding and styling a wig; and making/finding a gun that looks accurate.  While the outfit is all black, it involves shorts and quarter length sleeves--which wouldn't look funny pushed up.

My second is...I don't know what ambitious nature wants to say: Umi from MKR in her final knight form or Falsetto from Eternal Sonata. My practical side says "Yeah, right. They appear deceptively simple in construction, but the the details will get you in the end." Yeah, I think both of those require more time and funds than I have currently. I have from now until June, however there's school and work to take into account. I have a ton of pink fabric left from making my devout dress; I should probably try to do something with that. I could do Piffle World Sakura--use pink fabric and the pattern for the devout dress. No need to get a second wig then. Also, considering Erika from Soul Eater; I like her character, and I was really taken with the costume of the girl cosplaying her at Ohayocon. Thinking ahead of time,a  wig for Erika can be used for a future Umi costume. I think I've made a decision in blogging about this. Erika: Reason: She's a pretty cool character. Pros: very simple outfit; short dress, thin sleeves--not a bad choice for summer; mostly black fabric, so if I need to I can get extra and make the Sakura outfit. Cons: That hat will be a pain to make.

So what summer cons are you guys planning to attend? What cosplays do you have or are you working on? What are the basic pros and cons of your cosplay?  How do you plan your cosplays? Do you make them with the intent of reusing the materials/props/accessories for future cosplays? Do you work last minute, way ahead of time, or sometime close to con, but not the week of? Does the weather/season and location affect what cosplays you choose to do? Lastly, give me suggestions on cosplays I can do with a ton of pink fabric (not Sakura, Kairi, or Aeris).

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Hello, folks!  My name is Joe.  It's nice to meet you!  This is a fantastic Web site.  But, as in all human endeavor, there exist a few small (shall we say) deficiencies here which I will attempt to resolve for the better.  Mind, I'm rife with deficiencies myself -- just like everybody else.

Let's see:  most of my personal tastes are mentioned on my Profile page, so I needn't go into all that.  Since I'm retired on a disability pension, most of my time is spent hanging around the apartment reading books and playing with the Internet.  I keep two cats, Blue and Tonya, who are my live-in therapists.

Ever since El-Hazard:  The Magnificent World hit the streets, Ifurita had been our domestic or household deity or god.  Nearly two years ago, however, "Iffy" asked for an indefinite sabbatical so she could undergo regenerative hibernation.  We hope she's having pleasant dreams!  Ifurita's recommendation to us, which we heartily embraced, was that we ask Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann to fill her soon-to-be-vacant position.  We asked and Yoko said "Yes, it would be an honor!"

The honor, of course, is ours insofar as Yoko's been here at our home -- in spirit, as a metaphor and muse -- for 18 months now.  See, I'm one of those people who believes in the imagination.  Hence I'm not a "canon fascist" who can't see beyond the confines of plots, scenarios and themes imposed upon worthy characters in anime and manga (and games too).  Fascinating characters, such as Ifurita and Yoko, interest me far more than franchises or series.

So ... there!
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Often, I wish that I were skilled in photography, that I knew what I was doing with a camera so I could capture the awe and the amazement of the epic snow late Saturday night.

The beautiful snow fall caught us all by surprise, and a great surprise it was. After a hazardous and adventurous trip to Wal-Mart on the snowy and iced roads, my friends and I bundled up and charged the midnight snow as if we were kids again. We basically were kids the last time it snowed like this. This area of Middle Tennessee only gets a good snow fall once every few years. I've heard at least 4 inches came down in some areas or Rutherford county, and I can agree. Heck, in the hour in a half we were in Wal-Mart, 1-2 inches of the white stuff landed on my car. We were all pretty shocked and immediately knew it was going to be a long night of play.

There we were, out in the courtyard area behind our apartments just past midnight. We built three different snowmen, the kind only MTSU Anime Club members would build. We built a snow throne for all of us to take turns sitting in. Matticus built a tiny snow empire to rule over. Elliot built a giant snow ball half his size, and he's 6 foot something. After finally demolishing that ball with several sword swipes and a double council rider kick, we called it a night. That was at 3 a.m. Three hours in the snow with a short tea break in between, sponsored by Matticus.

My apartment was filled with friends all weekend. Friday was the Star Wars RP, followed by Gangs of New York. Prior to the Saturday night snow, we had a GaoGaiGar marathon. Many stayed over the night because of the ice on the roads. Sunday, I watched a bunch of Kamen Rider Agito before people got off work to join us for American History X.

It was a weekend of friends and fun. It was one I won't soon forget. I'm sore and tired and loved every minute of it.

(I would post pics, but the upload doesn't seem to be working. Check them out at Facebook instead.)
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GATS wrote a long comment on one of my older blog entries... and I started to write a response, when it started getting really long. And it could work as a blog entry, so I decided to post it as an entry instead.

Here's one suggestion. Negotiate better deals for Hollywood adaptations, or you might have your own DB: E-style abomination. Or, in the case of Blood and/or Crying Freeman, you might find out that Hollywood's just trying to cash in on the int'l. market, and couldn't give a fig if the movies get released in any form stateside...Oh, yeah, actual anime success stories again...

Here goes. At the moment, y'all really need to invest in courses in writing, since that's what the current generation of studio-people is lacking. I, mean, yeah, compared to the hacks behind Indy 4 and Transformers, the Japanese are friggin' literary prodigies when it comes to screen-writing. But  their animated content is currently suffering from too much cutting-and-pasting to the point that fans on both sides of the Pacific are starting to notice and complain. So I guess I'm kind of on Satoshi-san's side here.

[Shiz Response]
Oh, that's something we talked about during dinner (w/ Broccoli USA president Kaname & former Geneon producer Satoshi)!
Hollywood movie adaptations of otaku stuff.

Kaname was talking about how the Japanese fans of the Simpsons complained about the new cast for the Simpsons Movie. The company that released it in Japan decided to go w/ an all new cast instead of using the voice actors of the TV series. And it ended up being a good choice because if they had listened to the hardcore Simpsons fans, the movie would have only done so-so in Japan. But because they had Tokoro George as Homer, they were able to get a lot of non-Simpsons fans who went to see the movie.

So... take Dragonball Evolution movie.
If the US producers stayed true to the manga or anime, it would only appeal to the anime/manga demographic. Which isn't very big for a Hollywood movie. So it makes sense to adapt the story, characters & whatnot to what the general audience would be willing to see. They're looking at grabbing the bigger market. Of course I haven't seen any trailers or read the script, so I don't know if it's even a good movie or not... but they are making a good business choice. Whether it pans out or not... well, you never know if something is going to be a hit or miss in the content world.
(And this logic would also work w/ Street Fighter Chun-Li & Transformers... or even GI Joe.)

As for getting good writers... when I talked to some of the staff at GAINAX, they were lamenting on how Japanese screenwriters don't even have the basics down. Apparently they don't have really good screenwriting classes or books, and they were buying English language screenwriting books to teach the future generation of anime writers. So some of them are definitely working on developing new creators. Hopefully they'll develop before the anime industry dies completely.
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Today we had an industry get-together party in Burbank.
I thought it would be good to get people who were recently laid off & people who are still working, to meet & network... and possibly make business connections.

So here's who showed up:
Alex (ADR director at Bang Zoom & others), Ardith (former Broccoli USA sales manager), Dani (Konami web/marketing), Erika (freelance manga layout artist), Jyun (SEI localization), Loy (BEI coordinator), Michael Sinterniklaas (ADR director & voice actor), Richard (Atlus producer), Stephanie Sheh (voice actress), Taku (BEI producer), Yoichi (Anime Jungle assistant manager) & several common citizens Jennifer, Joann & Morgan.
Gosh, I hope I didn't forget anyone.

We had invited plenty of others, but the party was kinda set up last minute so not everyone could make it.
Of course we'll have another get together in 2 months or so.

We had lots of food too!
Ardith, who likes to make bread puddings, made a Twinkies bread pudding. Apparently there's an official receipe at the Twinkies website. It came out really good, so I recommend you make it for the holidays this year. Ardith added Ghiradeli chocolate chips, which made it even yummier. And you can add Kaluha if the party is for adults *laugh*

We got to talk about a LOT of things... and I don't know if there's anything I can really discuss in public. But we sure had lots of laughs.

It was too much fun. We need to do this again!
(sorry, I don't have any photos... although Michael was taking a bunch. Maybe I'll get some from him next time I see him)
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Today, I took Broccoli USA president Kaname & his cat Kurosaki to the airport to see them off.
Of course I was at his apartment yesterday helping him clean up the apartment, selling furniture & household appliances to people who answered his ad on ViviNavi (Japanese Craig's List?).

And today is my official "last day" working for Broccoli USA.

Oh, here's the photo of Kurosaki that I promised:

She's in her cage & quite scared of all the noise.
Usually she's hopping all over the place asking to be petted.
BTW, I'm terribly allergic to this cat... and had to get steroid pills from my doctor to repair my throat (I was coughing non-stop for a week). And because I spent another two days with her, my throat is very messed up. Time to go see the doctor again!

After saying goodbye, I headed south to Torrance because the leftover inventory from New York Comic Con arrived for Organic.
I needed to help them count the inventory to determine what was sold during the event. We sent over 8 pallets and came back with 2, so I think they sold quite a bit.

The staff didn't pack the returning boxes too well & there were a lot of damaged boxes.
So... they will be sent off to reviewers and other folks.
I might take some to the industry get-together we're planning for tomorrow...
I did secure myself a Toro & Jun from "Doko demo Issho." Gah, cute!
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Today I had arranged for a meeting w/ Anime Expo marketer Chase in Little Tokyo.
We decided to meet at Weller Court... only to realize that they were having a katsu curry sale at Curry House. Katsu curry for $4.95 (about 40% off), and there was a huge line outside & a separate tented area for to-go orders. Wow!

Anyhoo, the AX meeting went great.
I don't think I should give out any details yet, but there will be a "pavilion" for a group of companies.

More info coming soon!
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ok i hope you enjoy this its a really awesome song

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Dad and I went snorkeling again today-- and I was cameraless, but he wasn't, thank god! We saw a white-tipped reef shark, which is very rare. They're completely non-agressive, by the way; I know people who have found them sleeping and managed to actually *pet* them...but I totally froze up when I saw it! It was about 5 feet long and still pretty scary looking! Luckily dad did NOT freeze, he tried to get a couple of photos. Neither is amazing, but it's still pretty freakin' cool.

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This answer really convince me (:

Some person:

Hinata isn't dead. Kakashi isn't actually dead either.

There is a pattern in the manga. All meaningful characters get an entire chapter devoted to them when they die. They get flashbacks and introspection. They don't just roll over and die.


Jiraiya died a heck of a death, a memorable one, even if I didn't like it but is true. He died a heroic death and the whole manga was devoted to him when he died. Also Kakashi and hinata's stories are incomplete. Specially Hinata's.

Hinata never prooved to her father that she was worthy of leading the clan, that is incomplete. She never fought Neji which is the idea of her 64 palm defense technique, for her to defeat Neji. That was also incomplete, if she dies her whole storyline was totally pointless. Jiraiya was a legendary character already his story was to train Naruto and he did, he fulfilled his purpose and died. See.

Hina and Kakashi are alive. :)

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Some of the pics might have explicit violence or gore

Hello , Nerx here resident Villain on the Vice! Keeping it real with EVIL, so this will be my hall of atrocities and cruelty

Nerx himself with his nice associates.
Nerx himself with his nice associates.

Welcome to my lair!

The Beginning

The week is about to start and Kiryu just found a perfect way so spend it... by MURDER!

Time to properly KILL people!
Time to properly KILL people!

So he goes to his dress cabinet and picked up a Katana... and the rest well is pretty much


With speed and precision he swoops from the air and cuts them like a knife cutting water, smooth and fast.
Kiryu then proceeds to clean his blade but he saw a hi-tech vehicle nearby

Kiryu: mmm... a time traveler, o0o i know i shall jack his ride , kill him and arrive in the present century

Traveller: I come from the future and i come in peace (looks at the two bisected corpses and gasps in shock) oh my God!what  did you ...

Kiryu: shut the f**k up spaceman!

With a light movement of the arm Kiryu swiftly passed his blade through the man's head , the effects were simply spectacular

The beauty of death painted in red, the canvas: the spacecraft
The beauty of death painted in red, the canvas: the spacecraft

Nerx then proceeds to hijack the spacecraft and arrived at the 21st century ( well in an alternate earth) and he looks around, then he sees a child who witnessed his arrival and the gore spattered across the site.

Kiryu: Hey kid are YOU going to give uncle K any form of trouble?
Kid: umm, ahem...
Kiryu: figures , hey kid c'mere let me.... (Kiryu forcefully ripped out the kid's eyes

Relax the kid survives
Relax the kid survives

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Check it out and leave your opinion. :)

Tsunade and Naruto

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SHE SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HINATA SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHA!!





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I'd like to push that sexy Poke-man story :)
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