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Our parents did, why can't we and i don't follow fads .Get a laptop or a PDA , it's just  a want not a need.

this is my answer:

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Hmm... I said in the little news tidbit that I'd feel naked without my phone. That's more because it's one of those accessories I'm used to having around with me (along with my wallet, keys, and PSP that I take with me everywhere). If I was missing my phone for some reason, I would feel awkward for not having that little chunk that's always in my pocket with the hello kitty charm sticking out.

I did exactly as HeeroYuy did. I studied enough that I get good grades and the teachers don't particularly care what I do as long as I kept the grades and participated in the class when called on.

If I'm in one class that is the "required to graduate" type, then yeah I'd get bored out of my mind. That's why I would text in class. I don't use it obsessively like some people I see, but if I'm literally bored to tears with nothing else at hand to do (homework, reading a book) then I'll use my phone.
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The 2nd semester of High school just started and I'm already dreading it. I never thought I would say this but I hate my art class. Its so boring and the teacher is totally bogus. She isn't a real artist and I would know. My moms an artist, my brothers an artist and I'm an artist. The 1 class I thought would be a get away from the rest of my classes sucks.

1st Period: Geometry Honors (super hard math 4 a retard like me)

2nd Period: Drawing 1 (art)

3rd Period: English Honors (if I can't pick the book I wanna read then it sucks)

4th Period: I don't even know what its called but its some computer carrier college course class...its just lame and I'm the only freshmen in the class.

But as you can tell I dislike all my classes so far. The teachers are picky and uncool. When I get home I have to start on homework right away or I'm working on it till 12am. Its complete B.S. If I had a choice I would go with home schooling but god knows I'm already fat enough so technically I don't need to sit on my ass anymore then I already do. I just hope my classes get better as it goes on. The boring-er the subjects in art the worse I draw and the worse I draw the more it looks like I'm not an artist.
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I think Diggers should be made aware of these awesome condoms, don't you?
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Seriously, got Twitter? Don't forget to add us! You can get all our news updates ASAP. <3
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Times like this I like to go with Yahtzee's sort of advice that he uses on videogames and pessimism:

"Sometimes get at me and criticize me for being a pessimist. Now to some degree I understand the usual jibber jabber they're trying to convey and that the world isn't all full of rainbow pandas on flying circus wheels full of giddy love that doesn't involve STDs, but in this day and age it isn't necessarily bad to be a pessimist, especially with all the sequels flying about. The way I see it, if I have low expectations and a [series] is bad, there's no disappoint or surprise. If a [series] is excellent, then great and I would be happy to be wrong!"

That's why I could sort of care less about the Haruhi sequel. Sure, it'll probably be pretty good by the time it comes out, but ultimately I'm not going to wait for it like starcraft and diablo fans.

This way, if it turns out poor - I'm not hurt, if it takes forever to get out - I could care less, but if it turns out to be amazing -then hey! nice! a pleasant surprise! give yourself a cookie and now get me a sandwich...
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Heh, I survived all through high school without one and I survived... hell, if you're THAT bored in class, do what I did: study enough and get to be knowledgeable enough that your grades are good enough that the teacher gets ticked that despite reading manga through class you still can answer any question they throw at you.

I managed to get away with reading through all 14 volumes of Love Hina when I first bought it in all my classes one day because the teachers knew me at that point and didn't care so long as I did well.

And if you absolutely can't live without a phone or you want to do something after school but need to contact people, just leave it off and in your backpack during the day, it won't kill you!   but if it will THEN DIE!!!!

(^lol, fake rage)
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working for you.
working for you.
Does anyone want to test editing Voice Actors on Movies and Episodes?  We just pushed out some new code to fix a problem with it.   Thanks!  

I'm currently finishing up some code for uploading images, which I will push out later today. 
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of course i could survive, but i sure as hell wouldnt want to , i dont ever talk on mine but it comes in handy , and the times you dont have it are when you need it the most v____v

*goes to charge her phone* xP
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So, yesterday I got in the mood to bake some chocolate chip cookies. I had been buying the ones that the store bakery makes and sells, but wanted to try it myself. I had a simple recipe and all the ingredients. I got everything mixed together in the bowl, then thought, "Hm, this mixture looks kind of dry. Think I'll add a little milk to moisten it a bit." Well, milk was not in the recipe, but I thought, what the heck. Now, the recipe said bake at 375 for 10-14 minutes. I took it to 15 just for good measure. Well, the dough didn't flatten out and brown like it was suppose to. So, what I ended up with was pieces of half-baked cookie dough. It tasted fine, but I'd hoped it would turn out more like, you know, cookies. Being the persistent sort that I am, I WILL try this again; as soon as I finish eating this batch, of course. Till then...
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Dear Junes management:
Please install security cameras in your stores, particularly in the electronics section. I don't like the looks of those teenagers.

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Oops, I let two days pass by without writing a blog entry here.
It's just that I've been almost dying from cat allergies.

I'm usually not allergic to cats, but I seem to be severely allergic to one particular kitty that belongs to my former boss... and I've been a healthy girl all my life & haven't gotten sick much. So I really don't know what I'm supposed to do when I get sick. In fact, I never considered being allergic as "sick," so I didn't realize I was sick until everyone around me told me so.

Anyway, what do those who start coughing from an allergic reaction do to relieve their throats?

Oh, enough about my cat allergies.

Lately I've been reading the Pumpkin Scissors manga.
One of my former co-workers, marketing coordinator Jonathan used to rave about the anime series, but I generally don't watch anime unless it's for work (or it's on Saturday morning TV) so I didn't really know what it was about. But since Del Rey sent copies of the manga to freelance translator S@tsuki to work on & I had a bit of free time on my hands, so I read the 6 volumes released so far.

I guess it's a manga that runs in Monthly Shounen Magazine.
No wonder I haven't really heard about it before. Monthly editions of shounen manga mags tend to have artists who aren't good enough to publish in the main weekly mag, and occasionally they're stories are interesting enough to be picked up for an anime release.

I'm not going to get too much into the story, but it's about the unrest time period between an end of a wartime Empire and before everything settles and becomes peaceful. And you can tell right off the bat that the manga artist Ryotaro Iwanaga is a big military otaku. There's a bunch of those in Japan... military otaku, that is.

Anyhoo, the art needs a lot of polishing (ack... parsing! Face expressions! Frame tempo!), but the story is interesting enough to read. I'm sure the story worked well in an anime medium since there are quite a bit of action sequenses that could look awesome.

I also think that the sexual tension humor is a bit unnecessary (and quite lame), but then again a thirty-something woman isn't the target readership, so maybe it gets a bit of a chuckle from high school boys.

But I do like the lead female character Alice, the troop leader of the Pumpkin Scissors group.
On the other hand, I really don't care for the other girl on the team... Stecchin, who is a dojikko (clutz).

It looks like the main bad guy group finally showed up in the fourth volume, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the story develops. And the art does get better with the newer volumes.

Oh, I read a bit of the English version too (it's been translated up to vol 4), and the military jumbo-mumbo has been tamed down so normal people can understand. Thank goodness... it almost reminds me of the time when I saw Jin-Roh in English for the first time & finally understood the whole story, cuz I didn't get half of the scenes w/ those military heads talking.
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I have been playing video games for  22 years now I have seen my share great games (Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy Street Fighter, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (still my all-time fave);). And I have have seen my share very bad games Skate or Die, Chaos Legion, Shaq-Fu for example XPP. The constant I realize over all these years is that DragonBall games have been Hit or Miss, but mostly Misses. Dragonball GT Final Bout was probably the worst DB game I have ever seen....until now

Where are they fighting in the first place??? The Moon!?!
Where are they fighting in the first place??? The Moon!?!

This game just looks like a button-masher to me the graphics look awful a chimp on some strong meth could have done a better job than that. This game just reaks of fail so i'm not even going to bother with this game, and I would recommend everyone else do the same!
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Probibly if I can get my hands on it
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I'm not usually "too" hyped up for another sequel/season because that would scar my life not knowing when its going to be released. Especially cliffhangers, that hurt me the most :(
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Well, we've heard the people involved with the first season say that they really WANT to do it. So there must be something else holding it up, like maybe the bad economy, or waiting on Kadokawa to give the OK, or perhaps getting the original cast back on agreeable terms, etc. So, not to kill the dark mood, but I'm going to be the lone wolf here and give a big YES, WE WILL!!! to that. (Yeah, that's me. Always the optimist.)
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Our god will come to us when we least expect it, in our moment of our most dire need.
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As soon as Kyon gets up enough nerve to kiss her again. And that's a lot of nerve.
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I found this website when I was confirming the rumours that Keanu Reeves was going to play Spike in the upcoming Bebop movie. Fascinating place, fun pages, it seems like a great anime place at which to hang out. 
     As to why I first came here...I am deeply disturbed by the news of such great animes and mangas being turned into live-action films. Transformers, Fist of the North Star, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Lone Wolf and Cub, and many others. I've seen it happen to every sort of media: books, theater, cartoons, video games, comic books, newspaper comics, and even music. I find this trend to be extremely upsetting.
     Why must everything eventually wind up as a live-action movie? Are films the ultimate form of art? No. In fact, I think film is the most base form of art nowadays. Perhaps it was an artform years ago, even before I was born, when movies had to rely on plot, dialogue, and skilled direction instead of special effects, one-liners, and sex scenes. Production companies nowadays are spewing out whatever successful story they can find to turn a quick buck. The result? Lame interpretations of the stories we love, glazed over with gratuitous special effects and sex, all served in a convenient 90 minute package. 
     People are satisfied with just movies. They don't want to spend the time to watch 27 episodes or read 200 pages of comics or 1000 pages of a book to grasp what made the story great in the first place. They scoff at how the plot was weak, the characters were underdeveloped, or how implausible it concluded. They muse over the cuteness of the sidekick (Edward III, Gimli, Yamagata, etc) without realizing how important they are to the story. They suck on a sugary watermelon-flavored sweet instead of having the true experience of eating a real watermelon: the rind, the seeds, the sticky fingers, the messy chin, in addition to the succulent sweet taste.
     When it comes down to it...promote the comic, the anime, the book before the movie. Urge people to savor the original, not the cheap knock-off. Buy the mangas and animes of the stories you love, loan them to your friends, watch them with your lovers, talk about them with your co-workers. Live-action movies are devouring all other forms of media, but I refuse to let them go without a fight.

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