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Cowboy Bebop is a safe choice, but I'd love to recommend Gurren Lagann...
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If you don't digg it, you're a bad bad anime fan! No cookies!

..Just kidding. <3
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Nation¹s Largest Anime and Manga Convention Launches Japanese Version of
Official Website

Anaheim, California (February 3, 2009) ‹ Anime Expo® 2009 launches a
Japanese language version of its newly re-designed fan-friendly site to be
used as a welcome portal to Japanese industry, press, attendees and fans of
the nation¹s largest anime and manga convention held July 2-5, 2009 at the
Los Angeles Convention Center. More information can be found on the website <> .

Attendees, Press and Industry Members are also encouraged to view the video
coverage site of the 2008 convention at
<> .  Press and Industry members are also
encouraged to register for the 2009 convention at
<> .

About Anime Expo®
Located in Los Angeles, California - Anime Expo®, the nation¹s largest
anime/manga convention, serves to foster trade, commerce and the interests
of the general public and animation/ comics industry.  This event serves as
a key meeting place for the general public to express their interest and
explore various aspects of anime/manga, as well as for members of the
industry to conduct business. AX 2009 will be held July 2 ­ July 5, 2009 at
the Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California. More information
can be found at its website (

About Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation
The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) is a non-profit
organization with a mission to popularize and educate the American public
about anime and manga, as well as provide a forum to facilitate
communication between professionals and fans. This organization is more
popularly known by its entertainment property ­ Anime Expo®.  More
information can be found at its website ( <>
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Christian Bale supposedly went off on the set of Terminator Salvation....

Execs recorded the speech and sent it off for insurance purposes...

Rather angry boy


I have been on A LOT of sets in my time. Both in front of and behind the camera, i have watched A LOT of actors.. and i have never heard an actor treat another person this way.. this has put me off him in a MASSIVE way.

this is of course IF it is true
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Hey guys, as you may have seen latley the mods are trying to make sure we are here to support you if needed.

If there is anything going on in the threads and im not on here but you see me over at Vine.. please come get me. I try to watch Vice as much as possible but often im at work and I am in and out of both sites.

So if you see anything you need support with just PM my account over there.

cheers guys

oh over there im on as either

.mistress redhead.


Desiderina redhead
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      Love them or ignore them they are a part of our industry and I was thinking to myself where did I start on my dating sim path.  I mean I can assure you my first dating sim was not H but how do we find the gate way drug, that brings us from an innocent dating sim, to the concept most americans think of when they think of Dating sims.

   My first dating sim was Love Hina for the Gameboy Advance. In reality I guess it kind of makes sense, being early in my otakuhood as I was looking through the internet I cam across a dating sim for the gameboy advance translated in english.  It was of an anime I had been interested in Love Hina, which provided a nice into dating game standard such as flags and working on one girl. The game was very well done even if the translation was not the best, it included full motion video something I had never seen on a GBA before. My path was clear and I fell in love with the concept of dating games but it would be awhile before I would get my hands on my first H-dating sim.

   Tsukihime would become my first  H-game but it was interesting how I became interested in it in the first place. I had been introduced to the doujin game Melty Blood and while playing the main story My Friend and I while we could not understand a word written on the screen. We enjoyed making fun of the random blushes of of the main characters and thus my title, "why are they blushing!?"  When I found out that Tsukihime its origin game was an erotic game I just had to check this out so I procured tsukihime, and became very intrigued indeed. Ero dating sims had "rewards" for you during the scenario, this defidently has shaped my enjoyment to this day .

    Now I can even enjoy classics such as x-change and Raidy. and so now I throw this to you my fellow anime vice readers and also to the staff what was your first dating sim and was it ero? Please leave yours answers as comments, until then I'll be "investigating" some more.
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Gantz, its full of sex, violence, and cursing Perfect for him!^^

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I think the whole anime world is in trouble here in the United States.  I hope TOKYOPOP can turn it around.  I don't know if they can.
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Le'ts share the Samuel L. Jackson love, shall we? <3
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Hi People of Vice:D.

I was thinking about ways we can help, I am starting work on a thread called FAQ - Submissions, So anybody with a subs question or just general questions in general:D can be answered and maybe break up some confusion and then I got to thinking, what do Vicers thats you guys, want from your mods, Is there anything we can do to make it an vice a easier place to hang, Like an easy site rules. Perhaps prize now and again for the best subbed page voted for by you guys ( I have a few Manags/Anime I could get rid of), What can we do to have you more involved in Vice and what in return can we do to keep the great standard we have going on vice?

So this is me asking you guys, I hope to have the thread for subbing up in a few days, but if anyone has ideas for it let me know.

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My personal favorite movie ever, the characters are engaging, the music is captivating, the animation is stunning, the story and direction are phenomenal, the action is jaw-dropping, and this series is a must-see.  You won't be disappointed at all if you watch this series unless you only like childish anime. 
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This isn't so much an answer as it is a statement. Product placement in the right way can get people like me to buy all sorts of weird stuff. I don't know how many people got Pizza Hut after Code Geass, but I wasn't really a huge fan of the show so that's not a great example for me at least.

Kara no Kyoukai, however-  I used to HATE and ABHOR strawberry and cherry ice cream with a passion. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Once I saw that cute scene in the first KnK movie where Shiki is eating Strawberry Haagen Dazs though, I figured I should at least try it since someone as awesome/cute/fashionable as Shiki can't have taste that bad. I had to go out of my way to find a store in my area that even carried Haagen Dazs, and ever since then, I rarely go a week without having a pint of the stuff. Strawberry Haagen Dazs is the only kind of strawberry ice cream I'll touch though, but still, that was a seriously brilliant marketing idea to be that effective on someone like me.

Also, next time I'm in Japan I've promised to myself I'm going to buy a crap ton of melonbread...

Hell, if there was a scene showing Rin Tohsaka showering with a Bed, Bath, & Beyond brand shampoo, I'd probably set foot in one of those stores finally for the first time ever and use try it out myself...
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Figures. For the first time almost ever, I'm in the middle of a mecha-series hiatus....sooo....let's see....most epic battle?

Hmmm... there's always classic debates from ages past, like Eva vs. RX-78 Gundam, or the Freedom vs. Wing Zero, but those have been done to death, and usually one side just bullshits that they're even even if the other side is CLEARLY the victor, thus descending into a popularity contest of faggotry.

What about the X-9900 vs. White Glint? That could get really interesting... (for all five of you out there that have heard of both of them before)
The X-9900's satellite cannon is probably the coolest mecha weapon design I've ever seen, and extremely powerful, but the pilot would need a good opportunity to be able to use it. White Glint is slightly more agile than the X, but it's weaponryh isn't quite as powerful, not to mention the two have completely different movement styles and armor capabilities. I think it would be pretty cool to watch.
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I have most of the series by them I'll ever care to get (which is to say, a lot), and the rest you can get at bookstores. In terms of old stuff I want them to stay around, but in terms of new stuff, they could drop everything except Fate/Stay Night and I'd happily pay double for each tankoban of it.
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So, I bought a new netbook. It's tiiiiiiiny and sexy. I named it Boota (who is also tiny)!
Yes, pretty much all of my electronic devices are named after anime characters-- the exception is Tifa, my PS3. It only seemed appropriate. My laptop is Yuki, my desktop is Desu, my mp3 player is DS remains unnamed. And my cell phone is always decked out based on a current favorite show, so no name there.

Anyway. Which of these two wallpapers (based on the same image) should I use?
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To start this con experience off, my friends and I, the MTAC promo crew, took a 9-10 hour drive from Nashville to Columbus. The trip was filled with iced roads and crazy semi truck drivers from northern Kentucky onward. That was not fun, especially being packed in the back of a 5-person-stuffed van. We made it into town around 4 a.m., checked in and were out like lights.

The con has been fairly fun. The registration line has moved remarkably fast as compared to last year. Our MTAC booth was right across from the registration line, but there often wasn't much of a line. Still, plenty of people pass by, as we're in a fairly active hall, so we were able to give out some fliers.
Niko want
Niko want

I only went to two panels today: Tokusatsu and Super Sentai Tamashi! The toku panel had plenty of sentai discussion, but it was well-rounded with Kamen Rider, Ultraman and other notable series. Plenty of excitement for Kamen Rider Decade. The sentai panel was filled with drooling over the panelists' toys. Mix of American and Japanese ranger toys, there were morphers, zords, figures and plenty more. A collection to be jealous of.

Tattoos and Kabuto zecter. Really cool.
Tattoos and Kabuto zecter. Really cool.
The two panels were filled with some cool people. In the toku panel, the guy next to me had IXA's henshin belt. I wanted it so much. In the sentai panel, another guy had the Kabuto zector belt, as well as some awesome Kamen Rider tatoos. That's some dedication to a fairly niche fandom, so he gets awesome points.

There was a Gundam panel I meant to go to, but I missed it. Oh well. They mispelled Zeon as "Zion" on the schedule anyway. There was another panel called "All Things Dolph Lundgren." No idea what that has to do with anime, but I'm trying to find out.

The rest of the time was spent either wandering around the con floor to get the lay of the land, drooling over things I cannot afford in the dealers room or at the MTAC booth.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and attend a panel on anime journalism, video games as an art (hosted by Topless Robot's Rob Bricken) and some others I want to see what they're about. Oh, and free continental breakfast. Yay Drury Inn.
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A while back, former Flex Comics editor Nakamoto-san had contacted us at Broccoli USA b/c he was visiting LA. He had left Flex Comics and started his own production company called Crenter. The name looks strange in English, but I think it's supposed to be "Creative" and "Center" merged, b/c that's what it sounds like in Japanese -- Kurenta.

Anyway, since Broccoli USA no longer has an office, we met at the Burger King next door to the old Broccoli USA office *laugh*

Crenter does a lot of production work for moe-type anthology books, so we were able to talk about a lot of things. Although most of it was about the manga industry in Japan, as well as how the doujinshi market is doing these days.

Let's see... any other interesting things they talked about?

Oh, they also work on manga released on cell phones. I assumed cell phone manga are weekly serials, but I guess the manga artists are still used to the monthly production schedule, so the cell phone companies have been sticking w/ the monthly format. And the readers have been pretty okay with it.

Although there have been a lot of bloggers turned cell phone manga artists who draw at a weekly pace, so the market will most likely shift that direction.

They said they'll be driving up to Northern California to have a meeting w/ VIZ too. I don't know if they're making any other stops in LA, though.
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Hey everyone.
  Zeo, Gavin is pretty tired. My first week back at college so I've had to re-integrate with my room-mates, college friends, class mates, societies, whatever.
Doesn't help that almost every lecture we've had this week has bored me senseless.  The new lecturers have all mentioned how most of the class didn't do too good (I did awesomely, was really surprised and happy), and perhaps they feel they must take it slow. Whether that's the case or not, I'm well aware that there isn't a ghost in a god damn computer (and yes, we talked about Ghost in the Shell) (also taken out of context that must sound crazy bizarre, the lecturer for Comp Org 2 seems a tad eccentric).

  Part of the society re-integration was the Computer Society (Skynet) committee meeting I was called to on Tuesday. I'm on the committee for Skynet's convention "Skycon" this year.
Randall Munroe of XKCD fame will be there for one.
Speaking also will be Microsoft (about XNA), Havok and moar (more details can be found here or you can just contact me-sa). It's a mix of web/nerd culture (Randall), Corporate tech (MS, AIB) and Open Source stuffs (lots, FREEBSD etc). In evening (after Randalls 90minute-ish speech) we're having a big reception/dinner in a conference room in a nearby hotel and then lots of us are going back to my apartment for a Rock Band party.
  And the day after? Paintball. Seriously, will be off the wall (I'll be wrecked).

In anime news? I've been watching more Casshern Sins, Michiko no Hatchin, Kurokami (might drop unless it returns to episode 1 level of shock), Tales of the Abyss (can I even defend that? It's passable *shrugs*) and Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
  Over Christmas I watched all of xxxHolic S1 and the movie. I... enjoyed it, but felt what I read of the manga was better. But man was the Vestal Spirit cute. And anytime Yuko said 'hitsuzen' I could not but feel it erotically. Yup.

Gaming wise it has been Halo 3, Fallout 3, and lots of Rock Band. Which I love. Oh and Chrono Trigger. I just finished all of the end game sidequests and now in the floaty fortress of doom (I'm very tired).

*toasts to the awesome animevice overlords and falls asleep*
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