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I spent an obscene amount of money today. My CD1 account matured, so I transferred it into my checking account. I went to Macallister's for lunch with Baku which was delicious. Bought a new Mac laptop with IWorks --got a 50 dollar student discount though. Then got a manicure and pedicure with flowers painted on each of my big toes. I only meant to get a manicure, but the lady doing my nails was under the impression I was getting both. She prepped the footspa, and ushered me towards it and I just couldn't resist. I was so glad I got it done though! The feel of the hot water, massage chair, and then my nails being done was so amazing. It was just wonderful to sit there and gossip and joke with the girl next to me and both our nail technicians. Like five minutes into the pedicure, I felt so relaxed and happy; I couldn't stop smiling. The woman did an awesome job, and I gave her a big tip. One of the things I love about this nail salon and the people working in it, is the fact that you feel gorgeous and great about yourself when you're in and when you leave.

Now, I'm playing on my new laptop after spending at least two hours transferring files via thumbdrive from my old computer to my new one. I'm glad Apple will recycle my old computer and printer. To complete the cycle all their computers are made from recycled materials. Still getting used to things. I'm not very good with change. I almost changed my mind before I even got to the Apple store. I was like, "It's such a big lifestyle change. I have to get used to a whole new system!" But all the benefits really outweighed my doubts. The people at the store were really nice and helpful, especially for not being paid on commission. Baku's a little jealous. He loves the smart mouse and hates Vista, as do I. Vista is what really pushed me into considering and deciding on a Mac.

I'm upset about misplacing my phone. Worse part about it is that it's on silent. Not that it matters now because it's probably dead. It's been missing since Friday when I got off work. Somewhere between work, car, and home it got lost or misplaced. I could've sworn it was in my pocket for the longest time and that I took it out in the car. We scoured my car, Baku's car, the apartment and I asked at work. No phone. Worse comes to worse, I have an extra phone, so all I need is a new sim card. Still that's expensive. It might be cheaper if Baku just added a line to his plan because sometimes you can get a free or cheaper phone that way.

Jumping topics, Cake Mania 3 is out, and once again I'm hooked. Some people forget the world for WOW; I forget the world for Cake Mania. This version has voice acting, mini games, changing clothes, and different time periods. It's pretty awesome.

Going to a wedding this weekend and taking Baku along. I need to buy a gift, get a hair cut, find someone to check on Lily (my cat) for a night, and find shoes to wear with my dress. I may just stick with white shoes, if I can't find any brown dress shoes to fit--which seems to be my lot. It's going to be weird going to Paducah but not staying in my old house. Baku and I are going to stay with my best friend and her boyfriend in their apartment in Murray. Leave early Saturday morning, get to Murray, rest, change, go to wedding, drive back to Murray, go to bed, get up early, eat, drive back to Louisville Sunday. Busy weekend involving lots of driving.
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I looked upon Queen's Brade episodes within Anime Vice, and though one lone soldier did the duty of grabbing several screenshots for our benefit, none would dare post a summary after the first ep. hit.

I did what no one else would do, out of sheer boredom and loathing and the fact that I've got a brand new internship that pays nothing waiting for me tomorrow: I filled those episode summaries of Queen's Brade. I did it. Me. And as they slowly ate away at my sanity I found that I just couldn't take them seriously. So I decided that if this show was going to drag my brain down into the utter abyss, I was going to take it down with me.

Hopefully you enjoyed summaries 3-6 (ep #2 was lame, and therefore doesn't count). I swear, I'm going to see this through to the end if no one else will take up the burden from this point. And then I am going to take a very, very long shower to cleanse myself of this pure, distilled awfulness.
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Baltimore, MD (May 11, 2009) – Rising star Kanon Wakeshima will make her US debut at Otakon 2009. Wakeshima brings a unique and haunting sound composed of baroque cello, strong vocals, and electronic arrangements.

A promising newcomer who took up the cello at age 3, Wakeshima began performing at age 15, splitting her time between performing in classical ensembles and providing vocals to a pop/rock group. A few years later, she entered an audition held by Sony Music Japan, in which she was a finalist -- and won an artist deal with Sony label DefSTAR Records Inc.  

Her incredible talent attracted the attention of Visual-Kei star Mana (Moi dix Mois, Malice Mizer), who became the sound & visual image producer for Kanon for her debut single "still doll" (released in May 2008) from her first album. Wakeshima's rich, haunting sound fits well with the Gothic & Lolita street fashion culture -- for which Mana (who is also the designer of his own Moi-meme-moitie apparel brand) is very well known.

Her highly anticipated first album, Shinshoku Dolce, was released in February 2009. A record-breaking in-store performance at France's biggest CD retailer, FNAC, paired with a sensational concert in Paris, put her on the road to international stardom. Wakeshima has also become the 2009 "Best Newcomer" Shojo Beat Music Award winner.

Wakeshima is also a talented illustrator. Fans flocked to her November 2008 exhibition along with the mini-concert in Tokyo's fashion-conscious Harajuku, and she regularly posts her artwork on her Web site ( Samples of her music can be found on her MySpace page:

ABOUT OTAKON AND OTAKORP, INC.: Now entering its sixteenth year, Otakon is an annual celebration of Japanese and East Asian popular culture, and also one of the largest gatherings of fans in the United States. Otakon celebrates popular culture as a gateway to deeper understanding of Asian culture, and has grown along with the enthusiasm for anime, manga, video games, and music from the Far East. Since 1999, Otakon has been held in Baltimore, Maryland; currently, Otakon is one of Baltimore's few large, city-wide events, drawing over 22,000 individual members for three days each year (for a paid attendance of over 60,000 "turnstile" attendees). Otakon is a membership-based convention sponsored by Otakorp, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based, 501(c)3 educational non-profit whose mission is to promote the appreciation of Asian culture, primarily through its media and entertainment. Otakorp, Inc. is directed by an all-volunteer, unpaid staff – we are run by fans, for fans.

For more information about Otakorp, Inc., see

For more information and the latest news on Otakon 2009, see 

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Gardena, CA (May 11, 2009) - Digital Manga Publishing, Inc., one of the industry’s most innovative and unique companies, is proud to announce the revamp of its online rental and manga viewing site,! eManga streams content through an Adobe Flash player, which allows readers to access their library wherever they have an internet connection. The newly revamped custom reader has been streamlined to focus on making reading fluid and enjoyable. With custom features that include two-page, one-page, or panel-by-panel reading, three custom zoom options, a bookmark bar, and auto play, the reader is also made to work with different screen sizes to maintain great image quality at any screen size. In addition to offering complete titles for rental, the new eManga site features free previews of titles from Digital Manga’s entire catalog.
eManga relaunches with some great new titles for preview, including Vampire Hunter D, Tricky Prince, and Steal Moon. Many more will be added in the coming weeks. The reader is also fully compatible with DMP's line of novels and instructional titles as well, many of which are available for viewing. 
The standard eManga rental package is $10 for 1000 points, with entire books averaging between 200 and 300 points. Higher packages come with free bonus points. Points are kept in user's accounts, allowing for quick and easy rental of titles whenever and wherever they want. For most of Digital Manga's titles, you also have the option to read the entire book by spending eManga points to "rent" the title for a limited amount of time (currently 72 hours). If you later decide to rent the same title again, it will be automatically upgraded to an "unlimited" rental, which does not have time restrictions.
We invite you to try out the new and improved reader to go along with the newly redesigned eManga site. Visit eManga at:
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Leading Online Anime Distributor Launches New Korean Drama Series

San Francisco, California (May 11, 2009) ­ Crunchyroll, the online world¹s
number one destination for Asian content, will conclude its mass streaming
release of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Korean drama titles with 90
39-77 of 77) legally and for free to users. More information can be found

These Korean drama titles are free for all users in the U.S., Canada and
U.S. provinces.

Title Synopses:
There is a man whose life that will end in 90 days. Although he's already
married, he wishes to find his true love and spend the rest of his remaining
days with her. This woman will be the hall elder sister. Will they who are
secretly in love commit incest within ninety days?

This is a story about fate that surpasses taboo and a love that surpasses
morality. Here, at the peak of his life at thirty-one years of age, is a man
who is fated to vanish into space as a mere speck of dust in three short

The fall of 2006, a man and a woman were fated to meet, but their hearts
were destined to be broken in the end. They are now desperately pleading for
90 days in which to love each other for the last time on earth. If you were
this man's wife, or this woman's husband, how would you answer their pleas
that transgresses both morality and taboo...?

MERRY MARY introduces the main characters, Mary and Daegu, who will redefine
the meaning of happiness. These are like the young people who live in your
neighborhood...People who keep their chins up even though they are poor and
live a tough life. She is a woman who is full of laughter! And he is a man
who shines with happiness! You¹ll discover happiness when you begin sharing
and joining them on this incredible story.

In order to bring about a hwang-geum-ki (golden period of life) in their
children¹s lives, a remarried couple names their children uniquely: Lee
Hwang, Lee Geum and Lee Ki. However, little do the parents know that there
are many trials and tribulation before the golden period of life.

Lee Hwang (Moon So-ri) is the smart, aloof one who works at a publishing
company as a designer. Her life seems very much in control, with a seemingly
loving husband and an adorable daughter, but there is more than meets the
eye for her married life turns out to be anything but perfectŠ

Lee Geum (Lee So-yeon) has two secrets: one, she¹s still paying the hospital
bill for her birthfather and it¹s putting her heavily in debt; and two, she
has CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia). Regardless, she¹s bright and
cheerful as she coaches a track team. When she fatefully meets Ko Kyung-woo
(Shin Seong-rok) and becomes tangled up in a contract marriage, things start
spiraling out of controlŠ

Lee Ki (Shin Yi-han) has a set life: he finished med school and is an intern
at a hospital. But in order to live his true dream, he quits and starts
training to become a musical actor. As he secretly attends dance lessons
while pretending to still work at the hospital, he must deal with the
troubles of his sisters as well as the fact that he just may be falling in
love with his sister-in-lawŠ

A family drama about the relationship between parent and child, brothers and
sisters, romance, marriage, divorce, reconciliation, dreams and hope.

YI-SAN (episodes 1-38 of 77)
In the late 18th century, Lee San became the 22nd kind of the Joseon
Dynasty! It was the most tumultuous times ever seen in the 500-year-old
Joseon monarchy!
He was an open-minded, wise king who championed democratic values.
The stories of his glorious triumphs, ordeals, regrets, and historical
achievements are shown in this TV drama.

MBC (c) All rights reserved.

About Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll is an online video service and community that offers full-length
episodes and movies of the very best in Japanese anime and Asian
entertainment. Crunchyroll's content is provided by Asian media leaders
including TV TOKYO, Shueisha, d-rights, Fuji Creative Corporation, Pony
Canyon, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Toei Animation, Gonzo, Munhwa
Broadcasting Corporation America and many others.

Crunchyroll was founded in June 2006 and has offices in both San Francisco
and Tokyo. Crunchyroll is a pioneer and innovator within the Japanese anime
industry and the only video service in the world to offer hit programs like
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, GINTAMA and many others online to its subscribers within
one hour of its Japanese broadcast. Crunchyroll is a member of the
Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) and the Licensing International
Merchandisers Association (LIMA) and is funded by leading venture capital
firm, Venrock. More information can be found at its website <> .

The statements made in this press release that are not historical facts are
"forward-looking statements." These forward-looking statements are based on
current expectations and assumptions that are subject to risks and
uncertainties. The Company cautions readers of this press release that a
number of important factors could cause Crunchyroll.com¹s actual future
results to differ materially from those expressed in any such
forward-looking statements. Such factors include, without limitation,
product delays, industry competition, rapid changes in technology and
industry standards, protection of proprietary rights, maintenance of
relationships with key personnel, vendors and third-party developers,
international economic and political conditions. The Company may change its
intention, belief or expectation, at any time and without notice, based upon
any changes in such factors, in the Company's assumptions or otherwise. The
Company undertakes no obligation to release publicly any revisions to any
forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date
hereof or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

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Shigeru Kitayama and Noriyuki Jinguji to Also Join Famed Manga-Ka and
Director as Industry Guests at Nation¹s Largest Anime and Manga Convention
for an Exclusive First Look Premiere of the Highly Anticipated TRIGUN Film

Anaheim, California (May 11, 2009) ‹ The staff that created the TRIGUN
anime, over 10 years ago, are reuniting at Anime Expo®! Anime Expo® is
proud to announce Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow and Mr. Satoshi Nishimura as an
official Guests of Honor of the nation¹s largest anime and manga convention
held July 2-5, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. More information
can be found on the website <> .

Mr. Nightow and Mr. Nishimura will be joined by two (2) additional members
of the highly anticipated 2009 slated TRIGUN movie team, Mr. Shigeru
Kitayama and Mr. Noriyuki Jinguji, for a TRIGUN movie panel in which they
will talk a bout the various behind-the-scene episodes, from days way back
when, and about the experiences they had while in the production stages of
the newest TRIGUN movie as well as key points regarding the upcoming film.

Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow has loved to draw manga since childhood. He continued
his creative passion well into his adult years in order to fill the ³holes²
of his life (i.e. what he wanted and couldn¹t get, what he wanted yet no one
had yet to create it, etc.). He debuted as a manga artist in 1994 with ³CALL
XXXX² published by Shueisha in Super Jump. Since then he has also created
the manga ³Samurai Spirits² which appeared in Tokuma Shoten¹s Family
Computer Magazine. In 1995, the manga ³Trigun² begain its serialization in
the Tokuma Shoten Shonen Captain magazine. The ³Trigun² manga title inspired
the television anime series of the same title and became highly popular in
the U.S.

Mr. Satoshi Nishimura is the director of the highly anticipated 2009 TRIGUN
movie and has worked on many huge and popular titles including ALIEN NINE,
ALPHA, TRIGUN and much more!

Mr. Nightow and Mr. Nishimura join Daisuke Ishiwatari, Toshimichi Mori,
Morning Musume and Kari Wahlgren as official Anime Expo® 2009 Guests of

Attendees, Press and Industry Members are also encouraged to view the video
coverage site of the 2008 convention at
<> .

Red & Black Sponsors include: FUNimation, Silver Sponsors include: Anime
News Network and Digital Manga Press, Patron Sponsors include: COPIC,
Central Park Media and The Right Stuf, Media Sponsors include: ImaginAsian
TV, Animation Magazine, Anime Insider Magazine and Anime News Network.

About Anime Expo®
Located in Los Angeles, California - Anime Expo®, the nation¹s largest
anime/manga convention, serves to foster trade, commerce and the interests
of the general public and animation/ comics industry. This event serves as a
key meeting place for the general public to express their interest and
explore various aspects of anime/manga, as well as for members of the
industry to conduct business. AX 2009 will be held July 2 ­ July 5, 2009 at
the Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California. More information
can be found at its website (

About Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation
The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) is a non-profit
organization with a mission to popularize and educate the American public
about anime and manga, as well as provide a forum to facilitate
communication between professionals and fans. This organization is more
popularly known by its entertainment property ­ Anime Expo®. More
information can be found at its website ( <>

The statements made in this press release that are not historical facts are
"forward-looking statements." These forward-looking statements are based on
current expectations and assumptions that are subject to risks and
uncertainties. The Company cautions readers of this press release that a
number of important factors could cause Anime Expo®/SPJA¹s actual future
results to differ materially from those expressed in any such
forward-looking statements. Such factors include, without limitation,
product delays, industry competition, rapid changes in technology and
industry standards, protection of proprietary rights, maintenance of
relationships with key personnel, vendors and third-party developers,
international economic and political conditions. The Company may change its
intention, belief or expectation, at any time and without notice, based upon
any changes in such factors, in the Company's assumptions or otherwise. The
Company undertakes no obligation to release publicly any revisions to any
forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date
hereof or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

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Note: This contains Spoilers for the Star Trek Movie:

So, The Anon of the Internet was out and about. Unlike those in the losing side of that movie pirate game - i do go out see flicks and I do love the natural world. That being said, this movie was Fun. But folks lets be honest and if you really did see it you would say the same thing too...

If this was Star Ocean: Rise of a Legend, and it had younger Ronyx, Illa and Kurtsman against future Lesonians in their first mission to save the Terran Federation, it would have been the best SF film in a long ass time.

That being said, it was Star Trek. And it will age like fine wine despite what many critics state. 

But a lot of this movie has many anime influences. In some turn that is what made the movie work (despite the script and the writers strike and what not). It was a 4-6 episode OVA stringed back to back. Where as many of the aspects of the movie dealt with universal concepts of love, loss and sacrifice, parts of the film interludes are somewhat ripped from most anime - The red oil used in movie comes from Giant Robo. Back in the day when Enterprise was on the air, i used a convention stating that every federation ship is a Gundam - but i never realized that much would actually be realized in this film. Its not so much the 60's Enterprise (which used 1950's style UFO Saucers, Rockets and Dishes) or the Late 70's Pontiac GTO inspired Enterprise no its is more Gundam Like in appearance. 

And if you have ever seen Captain Tyler, well there was one scene where it was almost ripped off from the OVA... you know it when you see it.

Its interesting for all of there talk about anime and the like, most of the critics don't see the influence when its in action. JJ Abrams wishes not to be known but Uhura (whither was it through the writing strike or what not) was given a typical anime dere type but Zoe acted way above her pay grade (despite given only around 10 mins of work) and made Uhura very underrated in the movie. The first fight scene against the future Romulans  you could almost see the speed lines when Kirk, Sulu and the Red Shirt made the dive. The second fight scene was Purely American and awesome but the first one was interesting if not a bit off-putting.

There are so many i could mention. However thats just half the fun i guess - the other half is the symbolism (the simple and the complex) JJ Uses in the movie and what all you need to know is that JJ uses all of influences to make a movie that is able to make the audience feel like there is a future for humanity. For all intents and preposes JJ has made Star Trek bigger than it ever was. His task was to make it more accessible to audiences all over the world and he did his job. One has to wonder if Star Ocean will do the same...

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New to this whole site, just discovered it today (05/09/09)
Be sparing to me, I know, I don't know how this whole thing works yet.

Hope to have fun and meeting some new people who love anime too
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So, I've posted a couple of comics, and I've got plenty more in my head I'll be working out. These are kind of "drafts" more than finished comics, so they'll change and restructure and change in order and etc etc, potentially, depending on how much I want to destroy my hands drawing.

But, so, I'm trying to decide: do I just wanna post 'em here and my new Dreamwidth account? Should I go for Keenspace (err, "comic genesis"), which I know will boost hits and the like? Should I pick up a domain and host it myself? Or should I do a domain and set it to  the comic genesis site, or however the hell that crap gets set up?

But if I do that I have to worry about like, consistant sizing and stuff.

So many options.

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That second panel bubble thing was driving me nuts, so I gave in and revised-- I wanted to change a bunch of dialogue anyway. I think it's much stronger now.

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Summer's two months away and while it might be early to speculate on what titles would be worth watching, I thought I would take the time to show you what titles will be definite watches for me and what ones I might be tempted to see. So, here are my Definite Watches and "Maybe" Titles.

Definite Watches:
Spice and Wolf II
The first season of the series was one of the few titles I enjoyed seeing back in 2008, a lackluster year in anime viewing for me. The interactions between merchant Lawrence and wolf deity girl Horo made for some touching and amusing moments, especially as they deal with medieval economics and evade the Church's influence so Horo doesn't get spotted. I seen the OAV promoting this series just last week and look forward to seeing another season of Horo and Lawrence's adventures as they journey towards Horo's homeland.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
The premise to this title seems interesting enough: a middle school girl and her brother try getting back to their home following the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that strikes Tokyo. From what I hear, the animation studio for this series, Bones, will attempt to realistically portray the aftermath of an earthquake after doing research and interviews on the subject. And considering how well Bones has done with titles like RahXephon, Full Metal Alchemist, and Ouran High School Host Club, I definitely expect them to present a well-done title with Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

"Maybe" Titles:
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Made by the same company that created the visual novels of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, this visual novel anime adaptation is also gonna be a mystery-thriller series as a group of family members are left at an island mansion during a typhoon and each of them are being killed off one-by-one. While I did enjoy the Higurashi TV title adaptations, the premise for Umineko seems a bit iffy for me since I have heard of American movies having a similar premise as this series, though many of the plots in those titles were quite one-dimensional. While I am somewhat interested to see this, I plan to wait and see first reactions to this series in other blogs.

Taisho Yakyu Musume
The plot to this one seems interesting enough: a focus on high school girls in the 1920s forming their own baseball team when the sport starts to gain popularity in Japan. This could be something different for me to look into considering that both historical relevance and sports are the focus of this title. Still, my exposure to sports titles have been very limited since I've only seen Hajime no Ippo and Cross Game. While I did enjoy watching those titles, I went around online to get reactions to both of them before I watched them since I was reluctant to see them at first. For Taisho Yakyu Musume, my thoughts of waiting things out won't be any different.

Sora no Manimani
Romantic comedies haven't been my thing in a while since recent titles didn't have a good enough premise to hook me in. This one might be just the thing to reel me back into the genre with its focus on a school astronomy club caught in the mix of the hijinks with the potential coupling. Still, I'm reluctant to touch romantic comedies so this is another title I'll wait on.

Aoi Hana
I'll admit that I am a sap for tightly close-knit female friendships in anime titles since they are quite rich in depth. It was what got me to enjoy watching Revolutionary Girl Utena and Maria-sama ga Miteru. Aoi Hana's premise seems to follow in the footsteps of these two titles with two childhood female friends reuniting in high school and trying to reconnect despite the perils of life getting in the way. But after reading the first volume of the manga, I will admit my thoughts of Aoi Hana are a little mixed since it lacked the rich amount of character depth I seen from Maria-sama and Utena. So I'll be waiting on fan responses to this one as well.
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This rant wasn't inspired by any particular occurrence, nor is everything in it based on my personal experience-- a lot of it comes from talking to other people that I know in various industries, and yes, that is particularly the "geek" industries.

That said: everyone in the world whines about SOME facet of their job, no matter what it is. It's boring. They have a difficult boss. They don't get paid enough. It's hard. It's exhausting. Whatever. But I know I'm not alone in feeling sometimes like I'm not allowed to participate in these conversations because I do something that I love. And I feel that way because people will-- usually jokingly, good-naturedly --respond by saying something to the effect of "yeah, poor baby, you get to write about anime all day."

I'm not going to go on into the specifics of what I do every day or anything like that, but I wanted to break what appears to be news to some people:

Working a job that you love is easily twice as hard as working in one you're ambivalent about. (I won't get into arguments about whether it's harder than working a job you despise.)

And the main reason why? Is because you actually give a damn about the results of what you're doing. Which propels you to work 60-hour weeks without being asked, which makes you put forward your best effort, and...which makes you get upset when it sometimes feels like the world is arranging itself to make doing what you want as difficult as possible.

I am completely and utterly lucky to be able to do what I do. I love it and wouldn't give it up for the world. That doesn't mean it's not difficult, and sometimes it can be very trying and frustrating.

So, next time your friend who is an anime marketer-- your cousin who translates manga --your mother's friend who inks comics --or anyone else in this field says they're exhausted, do us all a favor: let 'em have their moment to whine. Mmkay?
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Strong Guest List and Size Place Super-Con Among Top U.S. Comics Conventions

New Guests Announced! Margot Kidder, Darick Robertson, Whilce Portacio and Huberto Ramos 

THE EVENT On Saturday, May 16, and Sunday, May 17, the fourth annual Super-Con brings the biggest and brightest stars of comics, sci-fi, and pop culture to the San Jose Convention Center's South Hall. 

SUPER GUESTS (Visit for a complete, up-to-the-minute list):
Super-Con's impressive guest list of comics professionals places it among the top fan-friendly conventions in the U.S.:

Newest additions:

  • Margot Kidder, Lois Lane in the first four Superman movies with Christopher Reeve, Kidder has appeared in almost 100 TV and movie roles including Smallville.
  • Darick Robertson, best known for Transmetropolitan.
  • Whilce Portacio, amazing artist and inker for such books as Wetworks and Spawn.
  • Humberto Ramos, known for work on X-Men and Spider-Man.
  • Anime Guests, voice artists for anime's popular Full Metal Alchemist and Hellsing.
  • Sergio Aragones, writer/artist, Groo, MAD, Bat Lash and Will Eisner's The Spirit.
  • Travis Charest, cover artist; WildC.A.T.s, Metabarons, Star Wars art.
  • Howard Chaykin, American Flagg, City of Tomorrow, Hawkgirl.
  • Frank Cho, Liberty Meadows, Avengers, Shanna the She-Devil.
  • Bruce Dern, Oscar-nominated actor, star of film and TV, including Silent Running, Great Gatsby, and Big Love. First comic book convention appearance.
  • Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Spider-Man animated.
  • Michael Golden, Doctor Strange, Micronauts, Nightwing.
  • Adam Hughes, cover artist; Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Tomb Raider.
  • Joe Jusko, painter of Tomb Raider, Tarzan, Vampirella, numerous trading cards series.
  • Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in the Star Wars trilogy.
  • Bill Morrison, co-founder of Bongo Comics, publisher of The Simpsons comic books.
  • Eduardo Risso, 100 Bullets, Batman: Broken City.
  •  John Wesley Shipp, The Flash, Emmy-winning actor.
  • Marina Sirtis, Star Trek's Deanna Troi.
  • Arthur Suydam, Marvel Zombies, Conan, Batman, Death Dealer.
  • Jane Weidlin, the Go-Go's, VH1's The Surreal Life.

    And many, many more! 

    HIGHLIGHTS Super-Con 2009 features panels, Q&A discussions with special guests, displays, and presentations by icons and industry leaders. The 4th annual Super-Con Cosplay Contest allows those daring souls to roam the convention hall in costume (providing photo opportunities galore) before the formal costume contest pits hero vs. hero. The Art Auction allows conventioneers to bid on one-of-a-kind pieces of art created especially for the auction by our super guests. In all, Super-Con has over 80,000 square feet of space to play with this year, so expect more excitement than ever, plus a great array of comic book, anime, and specialty toy vendors! Full convention programming info is at 

    WHEN Saturday, May 16: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, May 17: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

    WHERE San Jose Convention Center, South Hall, 425 S. Market St., San Jose.

    I-880 and I-101 are less than a five-minute drive from the Center, which also has free weekend parking in the rear and nearby underground lots. Special rates at the San Jose Marriott are available to Super-Con guests (a limited block of rooms have been set aside for Super-Con). 

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    ABOUT US The fourth annual Super-Con is brought to Bay Area fans by a group of local comics professionals and fans.

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You know, when I come up with these I always imagine them as horizontal strips...but then it always winds up making more sense for it to be vertical. People hate scrolling sideways; people are used to scrolling up and down. Go fig.

Note: in the second panel, read the lower bubble first. Gonna have to work on text bubble placement, clearly.

I can just picture some of the people out there trying to perform a citizen's arrest on a fansubber. On the other hand, some of the subbers out there are pretty goddamn ridiculous too. 

What a world.
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Its been clear for the past few months that GACKT is interested in playing a villain or hopefully a Rider in Decade`s 2009 movie. But now rumors are actually showing up that he might have gotten his way. (closes his ears to protect himself from the awful fan girl squeals) If that`s true he`ll be on the side of the evil Great Shocker organization who have been a pain in the neck for several Riders in the Showa era.(maybe even as the Great Leader)
Yep that`s one dangerous guys alright starting all those evil organizations
Yep that`s one dangerous guys alright starting all those evil organizations
So that`s a good reason for the non-rider fans to watch it and also with the comeback of those legendary Kamen Riders it will be save to for us true fans to assume that this is gonna be the most awesome Kamen Rider movie EVER!!!!! :D

PS: yes i went lazy and used a part of my earlier post in that thread :P
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Kara no Kyoukai: Oblivion Recorder due out JULY 29TH.

Order your copy NAOW!!!
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What does this mean? IMAX your life in just a few hours.
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Hey Guys, Im going to start doing weekly reviews for some Manga. Since 446 is due out TODAY I was going to start with 445 and maybe a bonus review of 446 later this week. Naruto will not be the only reviews I will be doing on a weekly basis I will pick random Manga's and just knock this up for fun.

Okay where to start with this 0_o, I guess from the start. Now the thing that has been annoying me for awhile has been most of us know Peins past and who he is. Do we really need a whole back drop again. We could have just fast fowarded to how he became so powerful rather then when he was with Yahiko. This is all explained to us way back during the flash backs with Jiy before his death. I like the focus on Yahiko and how it was him that put the idea into peins head, but still there was no need for this pointless flash back. Which in honesty could have been summed up in a few pages rather then 17. I mean we all know whats coming, one of those famous Naruto speeches that will take another 17 pages about how his pain and how him and Pein are alike, which will then lead to a battle no doubt. This was a three out of ten, Once again I found the Naruto art abit lacking this week, The detail was very low and the back drops was just open space almost all the time, way to rasie the bar on the art, I was hoping for something a bit more before they had that week's break in between 445 and 446.

Page 15 below was about the hight of the whole thing, we get to see three greats facing off against Hanzo. I would have been happier for the story to lead on after Jiy had left them rather then before, that is the real mystery to us readers. What happend after their training and when the Konoha Ninjas pulled out. How did Pein become the way he is. I know this is a build up but is it one we need or is it just more Naruto self indulgent rubbish. Saldy I think its the latter. in a round up poor story and dialog, mixed with weak art makes this a very poor read.


Hope you enjoyed the read. Im happy to take suggestion to what to review next week.

Page 15
Page 15

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Now let do the worst anime list. Warning some spoilers in this.

Heres mine 1 though 10.

#1. Mazinkaiser. When I finish watching this piece of garage. I was glad it was over with. I also glad that it was with the on the DVD packs that comes with Newtype magazine and I glad I didn't buy the first DVD.

#2. Angel Cop. The sad thing about this anime is that it had a good plot point to start off with infighting within Japan goverment officals with people that have the power that be and just ran itself into the ground.  Not all anime that have to do with Japanese infighting end up like Patlabor 2. 

#3. Mirage of Blaze. Let's just the showed things in this anime you wouldn't see in most if not all rated R movies in the US.

#4. Betterman. More like Bettercrap. The ending in this one was really dumb.

#5. Blue Gender. I so sick and tried of animes that say the USA would be destroyed by the Blue in this anime and somehow people would still be alive in Japan. With their no military to speak of and no guns anywhere in site. Also the way people were acting on the space station. After watching them for a awhile you almost want the Blue to win. A mean all their morals were out the window. I would hope if mankind was about to die we wouldn't act like that.

#6. Super Duper Sumos. Doesn’t the name say it all.

#7. Super Milk-Chan Show . This one really gets me angry about is one is that Adult Swim starting showing this on their channel a few years ago and I was thinking to myself that their are so many other comedies anime out their they could so that were much better than this. Like Azumanga Daioh, Excel Saga, His and Her Circumstances and Love Hina. Hell even the Fuccons would be a step up if just a small one. Fuccons is also right up Adult Swim alley.

#8. Final Fantasy Unlimited. I just love all these Final Fantasy anime shows that have nothing to do with Final Fantasy video games what so ever. Except for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. 

#9. Heat Guy J. The first five esp. were really good. It has to with these cops in the future named Daisuke Aurola and Heat Guy J a robot and it was cool for awhile. Then half-way though the show you fine out that their are only eight city cities left on earth and that their aliens that watch over the last remaining cities and I'm like WTF!!!!!!  I hope Funimation knows what their are getting into.

#10. Street Fighter V the anime TV show. Don't mix this up with Street Fighter II the anime Movie. The first anime about street fighter and I say the best . Anyways back to the bad Street Fighter show. First of all when Ryu learns about the Fire ball he keep moving this hands for about 23 minutes in till he fires it. I mean come on. In another scene in the show when Chun Li put under a love spell by Vega. Which in it self is pretty stupid, but that not even the worst part. They keep showing her under spell by showing her face and then going to another part of the show and then she sitting in the same place again doing nothing and this goes on for about 6 more times and your like. O.K. we get it she under Vega spell. Their are so many parts like that in this anime you want to throw you T.V out the window.

You think by reading all this on hating anime that don't like, but it's the opposite of that. I love anime. I just don't like the bad ones.

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he is one of the potential love interests of the protagonist Hino Kahoko. He is from the Music Department of Seiso Academy, the school in which the series is set in, and is a 3rd year Student. He is extremely popular (to the point of having his own group of devoted fans) and has a very good reputation in the school. He's one of the contestants in the series' musical competition; playing the flute. He is shown to be very close friends with Hihara Kazuki, his classmate who's also a contestant in the concours.


First Name: Azuma
Last Name: Yunoki
Age: 18 years old
Birthday: 18 June
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 172 cm or 5'6")
Instrument: Flute
Current Family: Parents, Grandparents, 2 older brothers, an older sister and a younger sister
School Year: 3rd Year B Group
Favorite Song: Gabriel Fauré's Après un Rêve (according to the 1st game)
First Appearance: Episode 1 (Anime), Chapter 1 (Manga)

[edit] Music

These are the songs he's played in the concours.

First Selection: Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite No.1~I.Morning Mood
Second Selection: Massenet: Meditation from "Thaïs"
Third Selection: J.S. Bach: Partita for Solo Flute in A minor, BMV1013~IV.Bourrée anglaise (Anime), Tomaso Albinoni: Adagio (Manga)
Fourth Selection: Sergei Rachmaninov: Vocalise (Anime)

[edit] Background

Yunoki Azuma was born as the third son to the Yunoki family which gains its prestige from the Business Industry, and because of this, since Azuma was a child, he had been raised and instructed to maintain a good appearance and become a support for his brothers; though it also appears that he should not outshine them in any way, judging from how he was told to quit the piano when he showed progress above one of his brothers and later took up the flute instead.

As he is a student in the Music Department of the school, people would assume that he would continue on to pursue a career in the Music Industry but that is not the case. He’s merely pursuing the musical career until the end of High School and according to his grandmother can only regard it as a ‘hobby’ before he must continue on to study a major in college that would benefit his family’s business and assist his elder brothers.

He excels both musically and academically and is shown to occasionally help out the student committee's works, though it doesn't seem that he's part of the student council itself.

[edit] Personality

Throughout the story, Yunoki Azuma is shown to have two sides to his personality; a ‘White’ personality that he publicly display to his peers and what we see from the beginning of the series, which is that of a charming, considerate, and ‘princely’ character, and a ‘Black’ personality that he shows to Hino Kahoko and we only see from volume 4 of the manga onwards (He shows his "Black" side to Hino at the end of Episode 11 and the first minute in Episode 12), this personality is similar to that of an antagonist in a way that he is deceiving everyone and picks on Hino whenever they’re alone. It is assumed by Hino that the ‘Black’ personality is his true identity, though after meeting his grandmother and learning about the constraints and burdens he holds towards his family, Hino starts questioning whether if that’s really the case.

[edit] Relationships

Hihara Kazuki : Kazuki is Azuma's classmate and is shown to be his best and possibly only close friend. They first met before the school's opening ceremony in their first year; Kazuki assuming that Azuma was his senior and asking him for directions before he later found that Azuma was the student representative for the new students, and it appears they've been friends ever since.

Hino Kahoko: Kahoko is the main protagonist of the series, and Yunoki was one of her possible love interests in the dating simulation game. In the manga and anime, Kahoko's personality and her view of the world slowly attracts Azuma to her, to the point that she's the only one he's revealed his dark side too. While he passes off his flirtatious bullying and harassment towards her as 'teasing' and jokes, he evidently shows jealousy and disdain when he learns that she asked Tsukimori and Hihara to go on a 'date' to the amusement park with her before she asked him (Referenced from the 35th chapter of the manga). He usually refers to her as 'Hino-san' in front of others and simply 'Hino' in private (He eventually refers to her as 'Kahoko' occasionally later in the anime).

Yunoki Miyabi: Miyabi is his younger sister, and the only one of Azuma's siblings that is introduced thus far. She is shown to care about her brother's well being.

Takashina Ayano: One of Azuma's omiai candidates, she was fascinated by him as a child and became determined to become his wife. Azuma, however, isn't really keen on that idea and enlist Kahoko's help to dissuade her by passing Kahoko off as h

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