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sankaku complex   says that haruhi reairs will run 2 cours making it 28 episodes so does this mean that dissapearence will be intersparced with the reairs, will we get  some new storys amongst the old ones such as bamboo leaf rhapsody only several weeks of waiting it out can tell.
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ANN is reporting that Shouji Murahama has started a new company, Lambda Film, only a day after leaving Gonzo. In his parting notes he still asked fans to watch Shangri-la which premiers on April 5, which is Gonzo's newest Sci-Fi anime series. Murahama will act as a representative director for Lambda Film's board of directors.

Just two days ago we reported on Gonzo closing their gaming division and there has been layoffs and spliting of divisions in recent months at the anime company.

Murahama had formerly left Gainax before co-founding Gonzo with anime director Mahiro Maeda and film director Shinji Higuchi. Wednesday is also the day that parent company GDH absorbed Gonzo along with the name.
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Full, original post can be found here. The below is about 50% of it.

In the book Japanamerica, the lives and habits of some genuine otaku are documented, almost like a tribute to Otaku no Video. Now the word “otaku” gets used in a wide variety of ways in the States. To some extremes, I’ve heard corporate marketing people mention it in interviews with press, saying it interchangeably as the in word for “fans” with us anime/manga people. It felt like he’s gotten the 1-sentence low-down on it and decided to use the word as if it gives him some cred (see: stupid Sakura-con commercial! Sushi! J-rock! Otaku! Etc.) To that end, Japanamerica also documented the term and its definition over time, of the transformation from its normal verbiage in Japanese to its first, sci-fi, roots. The continuing transformation of the term to today’s uses by the Japanese, is briefly documented in the book. And…it’s all just to point out the delicious irony on how Americans totally watered down the term, despite how some Japanese folks referred to the old school geeks here, who may fill the halls of a SCA meeting or a Leonard Nimoy autograph line, as the first otaku.

But is it really so different? I think some of us (Americans) use the term that way still, and it fits. I find myself using the term “Akiba-kei” or the branched-out/derogatory versions of otaku (fujoshi, kimo-ota, etc) in the place of how some calls plain-vanilla “otaku” more and more, but that’s probably because there grows a necessity to distinguish, and those words became available and acceptable in recent years.

Honestly, I have no claim to any otaku fame compared to those who calls themselves that in Japan and East Asia. They are just that much closer to the source, to the scene, to the culture, that unless take, you are no match. The full plunge here means you go live and breathe Japan for a while! And by doing so you might just well earn the right to call yourself otaku in the eyes of the world, even to the Japanese. A few transplants were interviewed in the book too, and you can tell they are likely to take the term otaku like I do.

Which, if you’d ask me, the word otaku is more like "The Scarlet Letter" than a "Metal of Honor." And I think the problem between these varying definitions of the word otaku arises from that impression–it’s not something to be wore with pride, to some! But alas, this is as “Japanamerican” as it gets–they take our culture, we take it back, and so on, and so forth. The end result is probably not anything we should be worrying about.

However, this leaves people like me in a bind–we’re too “otaku” to call ourselves otaku, but we’re not at all like normal folks, or even like the people who would call themselves otaku! Ah well. Who cares?

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Ok so I've had a lot of cosplay projects going on lately. One of which everyone has been watching the progress of right here on Anime Vice. But along with that I'm also helping a few friends with their costumes, and working on my own in the mean time. So it's really no wonder that I can't get cosplay out of my mind (been having cosplay dreams, I'm sure that says wonderfull things about my pchyce).
So when my students were testing a few weeks ago I started randomly writing down tips to share with everyone that have helped me in the past, and I figured I'd share some. I hope anyone reading this can gain a few nuggets of wisdom. I've also started a general convention tips list that I'll post in the future.

Cosplay Tips

1. Always Wear Makeup

This is number one for a reason

Even if it’s just a little foundation, put some on. A small amount of makeup in the right places can make a simple costume pop (L from Death Note for instance). Also If you're wearing a fantastical costume with bright hair in any color, your face looks really washed out in photos without a little help.

This tip is for men as well. I know it’s embarrassing, ask your girlfriends for help if you must, I’ve seen too many pimply Could Strifes for me to abide anymore. You’ve got a cool costume, and usually a really awesome weapon, don’t let your skin ruin pictures for you.

2. Iron Your Costume

Many photos of amazing costumes are ruined because of wrinkles (Unless the character wears it that way, which is rare), I’ve been a victim once or twice myself. There are very few hotels now-a-days that don’t include irons with the rest of the amenities. Take the time to iron it before you wear it. You can even do it the night before if you hang it up or fold it nicely.

3. Check Yourself

Let’s face it, you don’t cosplay to blend into the crowd, you want your picture taken, so do yourself a favor and check yourself first before leaving the hotel room. Is your wig on straight, makeup look good, and go through a few poses in the mirror.

Next if someone does ask for a photo, look around, if you’re in the middle of a walk way, or there are too many people, find a better spot and just say, “How about we do it over there?”

Third take all the stuff that doesn’t have to do with your character off (i.e watches, purses, glasses, convention badge) and set if off somewhere you can see it. Or better yet hand it to a friend.

And last POSE, don’t sand there like a lump, if your from Naruto look up photos of Ninja and mimic them, if you’re a princess character ask yourself, “would a princess just stare at the camera or would they look dreamily off into the distance (again depends on the character).

4. Don’t Use Satin

It’s really ugly for photos, even really good costumers can’t make it look good. I do make an exception for low sheen casa satin, but I personally wouldn’t use it for a whole costume.

5. Wear a Wig

If you’ve got a costume where your haircut is similar but the characters hair is bright pink for goodness sake don’t dye your hair. A good wig (made of Kanekalon) is usually better looking than your own hair when it’s healthy, it will look ten times better than hair that’s been dyed within an inch of it’s life.

6. Bring a “Quick Fix Kit”

Several convention have places you can fix your costume if something happens. Some are free, some require payment, and some are specifically for the cosplay show only. So just in case, it’s usually a good idea to bring a scaled down version of what you would normally use to fix things. Your fix kit might include, but certainly wouldn’t be limited to.

Needles, and several different colors of thread.


Glue (fabric and/or plastic)

Markers (great for covering up shoe scuffs, making fake tattoos, and using on your wig.)


7. You’re too big to go in there!

I’m a big stickler about this, a lot of people who cosplay are quite young and forget that the world doesn’t revolve around them, or older and think they deserve special treatment,

If you’re costume involves large wings (Ah My Goddess), large unwieldy props (Trigun), or large dresses (Tsubasa), steer clear of heavily populated, or confined areas (game room, manga library, dealers room). It annoys people to have to circumvent your costume, there is also the very real possibility that someone could get hurt, which would mean more rules for the convention and a possible limit on the size and scale of props. Also these lovely items that you worked so hard on could be damaged and you’d only have yourself to blame.

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I never thought of this one before but...a manga based around Mao, and C.C of course, but Mao...he was a pretty interesting (though sometimes annoying) character in the first season of Geass but if there was a manga, wouldn't even have to be a whole series maybe just one or two volumes it would be neat to see.
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For me the series would have to be Kara no Kyoukai. I didn't know much about this series until I was looking through some TYPE-MOON articles and came across this series so I decided to look into it more and found it to be a great series with beautiful artwork, amazing action scenes and a really great storyline. A recommendation to any Type-Moon fans as well as fans of any anime in general.
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Well, this year I plan to attend the anime con that I missed out on last year...and the year before which is Anime North in Toronto, Ontario so while I don't leave the country I can still enjoy what I'm sure will be a really good anime convention.
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When I heard that this series was going to be part of the Spring lineup, I was interested to know more about it so throughout my search I came across a trailer for it. (This was I believe a week before or something...) anyway, when I watched the trailer my interest in the series increased and I thought to definitely check it out. Not only is it by Production I.G but the storyline seems to be very interesting so I'm looking forward to watching (and perhaps reviewing) this series after its release.
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Yuki-chan, my beloved Dell laptop, is suffering from a massive hard drive failure T_T I'm going to have to run her to a repair shop to see if they can extract some of her data at least. Sigh! I'm extra annoyed because this means I lost an article I'd just finished writing (and thought I'd posted, actually..)

At least I have enough backup computers to last me a lifetime O_O
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A gothic, fantasy anime with lots of Alice in Wonderland references sounds fabulous to me! I'm very excited about seeing it!
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Last week, I got to watch one of director Takashi Miike's (Ichi the Killer, Zebraman) latest films, Sukiyaki Western Django.  It's a play on the spaghetti westerns of the 1960s, particularly the spaghetti western Django. It's mixes Japanese history, such as the Genji and Heike clan riverly, into the western genre. In this movie, the Genji and Heike clans (also referred to as the whites and the reds respectively) are both claiming stake in this small village. A lone gunman comes into town and decided to help this mother and son caught in the middle.

So what's special about this movie? For one, it's in English. By that, I mean the Japanese director Takashi Miike made a film with an almost entirely Japanese cast and crew (exception being Quentin Tarantino), and he had all the actors speak primarily in English. It's a neat idea, but it can be hard to follow at times with the heavy accents if you watch with just audio.

So how's the movie? It's pretty decent and enjoyable. The action was fun, and there was plenty of blood and loss of limbs as one would expect from Miike. Mostly gun fights, but there's some sword usage.

Has anyone else seen it? What are your thoughts?
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So I learned a new academic shorthand term today: BIC - butt in chair --supposedly the best method for getting stuff done; you put your butt in a chair and don't leave the computer until you're done. But this fails to take into account all the distractions that come with a computer and the internet. Sitting in the library with my butt in a chair, and I'm going no where...

I'm going no where on my short response for my Virginia Woolf class on To the Lighthouse whcih is due in less than two hours.

Got done with the epic moving of my furniture from my mother's garage in Paducah to Baku's mom's garage in Shelbyville. It's going no where until the week of April 25 when we start moving into our new apartment!

I decided to go for the frumpy nerd look today. I rolled out of bed, threw on a Harry Potter Ravenclaw T-shirt and baseball cap with the Nintendo DS logo on it (which I borrowed from Baku; he got it for free working for Gamestop one summer). I would put my FF character buttons on my messenger bag, but they have a tendency to get caught on something, fall off and get lost.

So many final papers due and with presentations to boot! Ahhhh!

Decided that in my current financial situation and because Baku's work situation, we're not going to Colossal Con or any summer cons. Instead, I prefer to work all summer save money and have time to put together two awesome cosplays for the fall without having to worry about school work. Found the perfect and most fabulous wig for Sakura, unfortunately have no money to purchase it as of yet.

Le sigh. It's back to work to get this response done before class. Then three hours of BIC listening to my eccentric and gauchely dressed professor lecture on VW's craziness and genius.
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Leading Monthly Manga Anthology In North America Offers  
7 Chapters From NARUTO Volume 45 For Free With Special Password Available Only In May Issue


March 31, 2009 - VIZ Media announced today SHONEN JUMP magazine has a special treat for readers—an invitation to read a free preview of the upcoming NARUTO manga Volume 45 (rated ‘T’ For Teens)—online at, for a limited time only. These chapters will not run in the magazine and will not be available in graphic novel form until July 2009. 

The 120-page preview will be available online beginning today through May 5 exclusively at A preview link appears on the homepage. Visitors must type in the password that appears on page 20 of the May issue of SHONEN JUMP to access the chapters.

NARUTO is one of the hottest series from Japan and continues to be one of VIZ Media’s most successful manga and animated properties. Back in February, VIZ Media unveiled an accelerated publishing schedule for upcoming editions of the best-selling NARUTO manga series. Between February and April 2009, 11 volumes have been scheduled for publication, moving the series from Volume 34 (February 2009) to Volume 44 (April 2009) before returning to a quarterly release schedule beginning with Volume 45 (July 2009).  

NARUTO depicts the adventures of a young boy named Naruto Uzumaki who trains to become a ninja, and through his exciting adventures, the young ninja learns the importance of friendship, teamwork, loyalty, hard work, creativity, ingenuity, and right versus wrong. Created by Masashi Kishimoto, NARUTO was first introduced in Japan in 1999 and quickly became that country’s most popular ninja manga targeting tweens and teens, and more than 85 million copies to date have been printed. The manga series has captivated millions of fans across North America, Europe and South America. More information on NARUTO is available at  

In NARUTO Volume 45, Sasuke and Naruto find that their powers are ever increasing. Sasuke can now use the Mangekyo Sharingan in multiple ways, and Naruto may have become even more powerful than his fallen sensei Jiraiya! But is anyone powerful enough to stop the ultimate attack as the Pains of the Akatsuki launch their deadly strike against Naruto's home village?

NARUTO animated episodes are also currently available for free on and through a variety of web-based, video streaming outlets that have partnered with VIZ Media, including HULU and JOOST. More information on NARUTO is available at

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Nation¹s Largest Anime and Manga Convention Welcomes All Interested
Volunteers to Join the Family

Anaheim, California (March 31, 2009) ‹ Anime Expo® is proud to announce the
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The Anime Expo® Volunteers program is less demanding than regular staffing
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Volunteers work in all areas of the convention. Volunteers assist Anime
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·     Packet stuffing
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There are three types of volunteers at Anime Expo® 2009: All-Con (All
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About Anime Expo®
Located in Los Angeles, California - Anime Expo®, the nation¹s largest
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About Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation
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Nation¹s Largest Anime and Manga Convention Announces Registration for
Artist Alley Available Now

Anaheim, California (March 31, 2009) ‹ Anime Expo® is proud to announce the
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The Artist Alley at Anime Expo® is a venue for amateur and semi-professional
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Students from the Manga and Animation Department at NEEC (Nihon Kogakuin
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I might form time to time blog.
What will I blog? I don't know. But I do love anime and manga. And try my best to keep my English readable. I'm a engineer not a English teacher.
So, what could you look froward to. Well right now I'm watch the whole series of Sailor Moon (I'm on the 4th series already). Yes, you hear me right and as a guy I fill my manhood slowly fading away, and it would be gone if it wasn't for those short skirts and the show humor. But I'm really joking about what I just said, the show is good but that for the next blog, that if I don't talk about anything else.
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I picked up a package today. I wonder what's inside...

[cool video of me opening my mail]

Oh, look. It's Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.
[cool picture of the game]

I payed out the ass for shipping and customs, but I think I still got it for a pretty good price.

I hope to start playing it after I finish with Persona 4. And I hope to play it for a few days before I get frustrated, toss the game on my shelf, and never look at it again. I'm that good at playing games. :P
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Just using one of these two accounts >_>

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Leading Online Anime Distributor Continues to Legally Stream Highly Popular
Korean Dramas

San Francisco, California (March 30, 2009) ­ Crunchyroll, the online world¹s
#1 destination for asian content and social networking service, now streams
highly popular Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Korean drama titles
SPOTLIGHT and WHO ARE YOU. More information can be found at

The series that will be launched today include:

·     JUMONG Vol. 2

Title Synopses:

A young woman passed the bar examination so that she could become a lawyer
who helps patients in malpractice cases decides to join a residency after
she completes her internship. Then there is the passionate man who is
dedicated to saving lives even though he graduated at the bottom of his
class in medical school. This drama revolves around the lives of these two
people who are 3rd year interns at the same hospital as they mature in their

MBC (c) All rights reserved.

Simple country girl Bong-sun (Eugene, Save the Last Dance for Me) leaves the
mountains in search of her long-lost parents. Helped by an irascible Secret
Service officer (Lee Min Gi, Be Strong, Geum-soon, Dal Ja's Spring) and a
handsome doctor (Ryu Jin, Summer Scent, Capital Scandal), she finds love and
success as a cook in Seoul's most important kitchen, the South Korean
President's Blue House. Along the way, Bong-sun overcomes every obstacle,
learns the true meaning of family, and solves a startling riddle: Could the
President himself be her father?

MBC (c) All rights reserved.

The Legend Begins.  Korea¹s epic history comes alive in the blockbuster TV
drama JUMONG.  180 B.C. The Korean kingdom of Ancient Josun has fallen to
China¹s Han Empire, leaving the land and its people divided. Rising from the
turmoil, one man stands alone, destined to unite the nation and bring
freedom to his people.

Journey into the life of one of Korea¹s most legendary figures, JUMONG (Song
Il-Kook, Emperor of the Sea), founder of the Koguryo kingdom.  Amid sweeping
battles and equally sweeping romance, he embarks on an adventure to bring
peace and glory to the land once more.

MBC (c) All rights reserved.

QUE SERA SERA Ep. 1-8 of 17
This series is a story of all-so-proud characters facing a huge blow from
love which they have never taken very seriously. Though it may seem trivial
to others, love is the greatest thing when it walks into your life. It makes
you laugh and cry and it even makes you a fool who's willing to give up your
life for your loved one. It's that foolishness that makes this portrayal of
youth so beautiful.  This is QUE SERA SERA.

MBC (c) All rights reserved.

SPOTLIGHT Ep. 1-8 of 17
Woo-jin (actress Sohn Ye-jin) passed the highly competitive process of
joining the news bureau of a major TV network to achieve her dream of
becoming an anchorwoman. While undergoing the grueling first years as a cub
reporter in the society newsdesk, she comes across a few bitter experiences.
No matter how hard she works, her Cap, Oh Tae-seok(actor Ji Jin-Hee) somehow
always finds fault with her abilities and it drives Woo-jin into a rage. But
she finds the strength to rebound and channels her anger into fighting back
and becoming a hard-hitting investigative journalist. At first, she wanted
the prestige of becoming an anchorwoman but through Oh Tae-seok's hard
training, she grows into a true journalist. She begins to develop a respect
for Oh Tae-seok as a mentor and gradually falls in love with him....

MBC (c) All rights reserved.

A ruthless corporate raider shares his body with a spirit who has 49 days to
spend in this world to meet his daughter!
He'll buy the things he never got to buy for his daughter and take her out
to restaurants that he never could afford before and buy all the clothes
she'll ever want!
Fortunately, the owner of the body that he is borrowing is Cha Seung-hyo,
who happens to be young and filthy rich!
Two men sharing one body: A ruthless corporate raider and a clumsy
motorcycle messenger...
Two souls sharing one body: Two men living under one roof but living
opposite lives! WHO ARE YOU?

MBC (c) All rights reserved.

About Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll is an online video service and community that offers full-length
episodes and movies of the very best in Japanese anime and Asian
entertainment. Crunchyroll's content is provided by Asian media leaders
including TV TOKYO, Shueisha, d-rights, Fuji Creative Corporation, Pony
Canyon, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Toei Animation, Gonzo, Munhwa
Broadcasting Corporation America and many others.

Crunchyroll was founded in June 2006 and has offices in both San Francisco
and Tokyo. Crunchyroll is a pioneer and innovator within the Japanese anime
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