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I dont really go to Youtube to watch random vids about people without lives or (at least interesting ones) XD
No i have regular subscriptions that i check every day through Hotmail so i only really go to Youtube to watch new vids from those people and the occasional music vid ^^ here is my list pretty widespread at least to me also i deleted many old and unnessecery subscriptions that became unactive i`m also discovering that many great people have become inactive over the course of time.

My List:

BlueBeetle43: how else am i gonna watch Batman Brave and the Bold? damn Dutch tv wont broadcast it XD
GhostWatching: one of my favorite paranormal channels also because she`s the only one left XD
Damien225: revieuws Kamen Rider toys
gonbessa001: RIDER WARS!!!
JamesNintendoNerd: AVGN RULES!!!(be sure to check out his newest vids that was added like a hour and a half ago)^^
Mirada23: Misc... toku/anime vids
MostHauntedRules: my first favorite i <3 Most Haunted youtube banned this guy because of well Most Haunted but i refuse to take him of the list XD
raulkant007: He broadcasts the Chinese Armor Hero series to bad it aint subbed in English XD 
Screwattack: Hardnews
NostalgiaCriticFan: Needs i say more? lol
Xander2k5: Best Toku music videos on yuotube pure truth!!
xxBoukeNPrimExx: I added her because we have a commen hate ZAIDO SUCKS!!! >_< and she has the occasional cool toku vid a true fan :)

That`s it XD who are on your list? :)
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Purple SKY is a new media site for writers and artists focused on
creatively delivering content about Japanese music, the scenes and the

What does that fancy sentence mean?  All content from purple SKY will be
available online only at  This new format gives
us the opportunity to bring content to fans in more ways than just
writing.  Video, audio, illustrations and more will be mixed, matched and
redefined to give readers a dynamic experience.

Realizing that music can be the creative seed, purple SKY will feature
fashion, makeup and lifestyle articles that appeal to fans of Japanese

New media and online marketing are powerful tools and purple SKY is there
to make sure people take notice.  Press releases receive their own space,
making purple SKY the go to place for all the latest official news.
Purple SKY will incorporate an intuitive tagging and category system to
help readers find exactly what they want by simply searching for a
keyword.  Understanding that there are many flavors to Japanese music and
many different readers, purple SKY has created tabs to help filter
articles by genre.  Click the pop tab and those articles will filter up in
priority.  Readers can comment on articles, share them on their blogs and
actively participate in the news process.

Purple SKY welcomes guest writers, artists, and articles from other
Japanese music sites, fostering a true community based on open
communication and intelligent discussion.

Tags, community building, open communication, press releases and other
innovative features bring web traffic to purple SKY.  Place an ad on our
site and let us do the promotion work.
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i'm guilty cuz

i skip some practice for my graduation today

aaah! what am i gonna do tommorrow


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let's see what i can do to my first

anime website

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So apparently Skip Beat episode 25 is the last episode? Seriously? There're like, a bazillion more chapters of the manga! You didn't even CONCLUDE anything!
In other words, you had BETTER not make me wait long for season two, or I am going to be in SUCH a snit, HAL and Hakusensha!
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It's not 100% done-- but we're about 99% there. I still need to grab doublesided tape for the back of the top, and also deal with the eyebrows. close!
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*sob* just watched the last episode. and they didn't manage to get to the acting practice at Tsuruga's place, one of my favourite scenes.  But they've left it open ended so it could continue, god it so needs a second series *prays* (or a good JDrama).
I thought it was a pretty good adaption, except for them cutting out the Moko side plots eg Hio Uesugi, stalking Moko with Maria ; and Ogata's backstory.
They managed to squeeze almost every character in it so far, in as a cameo at the end, plus a shot of Hio with Moko  ^_^
They ended with 'Next Stage Is.....'     a new season i say, or quit teasing.
What will i use my Crunchyroll membership for now , hmm?  the new season stuff they've got so far is uninspiring.
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March 28, 2009 - Following their Friday night concert on April 10 at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Japanese rock band girugamesh will make a special in-store appearance at the Hot Topic store in Southcenter Mall on Saturday, April 11.


Hot Topic has been a major supporter of girugamesh's USA CD releases, with over 3000 girugamesh CDs sold by the nationwide chain since October 2008. The albums "Girugamesh" and "MUSIC" are available at Hot Topic stores and at Hot Topic's website, with the same artwork and booklet as the Japanese releases.


girugamesh's appearance at Hot Topic is sponsored by and Sakura-Con.



From HOT TOPIC's MySpace page:


girugamesh will be signing autographs at the Southcenter Mall Hot Topic located at 2676 Southcenter Mall, Tukwila, WA 98188 on Saturday, April 11th at 6:30 PM.


Beginning Friday, March 27th, purchase any girugamesh CD or T-shirt from the Southcenter Mall Hot Topic location ONLY and receive a wristband that guarantees the opportunity to meet the band on April 11th!* Need more info? Call the Southcenter Mall Hot Topic at 206.244.5021. We'll see you there!

*Available while supplies last. Space is limited. Offer not valid online. Limit one wristband and one autograph per person. See associate for further details.



girugamesh on -

Hot Topic MySpace page -

Sakura-Con website -




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Gimmick! manga, reviews, Year of the Otaku, contests & more in episode 89!

GRIMES, IA, March 27, 2009 – Anime producer and mega-online anime retailer Right Stuf, Inc. goes inside the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 (TAF) in episode 89 of ANIME TODAY.

In this special TAF 2009 edition of the “Anime and Gamers’ Guide to Japan,” Judy is joined by Right Stuf President and CEO Shawne Kleckner, who shares his first-hand impressions of this year’s event – which was attended by more than 129,000 people – as well as photos from the show’s exhibition hall.

Also in episode 89 of ANIME TODAY:
  • Chad’s back with “What’s Hot” in the world of anime and manga.
  • Shawne reminds fans about the last days to “Lock on to Savings” on DVDs, Blu-ray and CDs from Bandai Entertainment.
  • Chad and Nick remind listeners about the last days to enter the Year of the Otaku contest for gift certificates, kick off a new contest for Darker Than Black Starter sets from FUNimation, and kick off a new, Year of the Otaku weekly prize blitz.
  • Marie takes a look at the manga series Gimmick!, written by Youzaburou Kanari and illustrated by Kuroko Yabuguchi.
  • Rich provides a rundown of upcoming conventions, courtesy of
  • Listen to musical clips from the CD bud by Dirty Old Men.
  • And finally, ANIME TODAY highlights some of the newest fan reviews from visitors.
Have a question about anime and manga? Want to comment on one of the podcast’s segments? Call our Anime Today Hotline at 1-800-338-6827, ext. 7424. You may hear yourself on a future episode of Anime Today!

Visit and for this episode, as well as an archive of all ANIME TODAY episodes and extended liner notes. Listeners can also download and subscribe to ANIME TODAY via the Apple iTunes Music Store.

Meet other anime fans, talk with ANIME TODAY listeners, submit your suggestions for future episodes and more at the new ANIME TODAY forums: .

Follow ANIME TODAY on Twitter at  .

Released every other week, ANIME TODAY is the first commercially-produced podcast aimed at enthusiasts of Japanese animation and comics (“anime” and “manga”). Each episode features fresh content and gives listeners a glimpse into what's new and what's hot in the world of anime and manga. Segments include reviews of titles from all major anime studios, insights into the industry from anime producers, tips on traveling to and around Japan, interaction with listeners, contests, prizes and more.

“If you’re into anime and what’s happening in the anime market then this is the podcast for you!”
- User review on iTunes

Currently celebrating its 21st year in business, Right Stuf, Inc. was one of the first players in the U.S. Japanese Animation ("anime") industry, as both an anime producer/distributor and a retailer. Right Stuf works to promote knowledge of its own products, as well as the anime and manga industry, in general, through its online storefront at and a variety of media including podcasts and special publications.

Nozomi Entertainment, Right Stuf’s production division, is dedicated to the highest quality releases. True to the Japanese word that inspired its name, Nozomi’s focus is on “what fans want.” By focusing on a limited number of anime properties each year, the Nozomi production team ensures each release receives the care and attention to detail it deserves.

From anime classics like Astro Boy, Kimba and Gigantor to modern comedies, dramas and favorites such as The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, His and Her Circumstances, Gravitation, Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars, Ninja Nonsense, To Heart, The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye, Emma: A Victorian Romance, Maria Watches Over Us, ARIA and Gakuen Alice, Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment produce quality programming for fans of all ages and interests. For more information, visit and 
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I like to procrastinate on my paper about A Clockwork Orange (by Anthony Burgess) so I decided to do another cosplay update blog!
I finally took some more cosplay shots of random things I've worked on. I also finally ordered my wigs... yes plural. My Yoko wig will have a removable ponytail and instead of buying wefts, I decided I'll use another wig to have a fuller effect.

Anyway, on to the pictures! I will eventually have shots where you can see me where stuff but for now these will do.

Here are pics of my scarf/neck warmer:
On the right, you can see my template. I used a spare newspaper to figure out how big the stripes should be. The white fleece was sewn between the large piece of material so the scarf can be a bit more fluffier.

Here's my "work in progress" shorts:

They are really ugly right now because well... it's in progress obviously. I need to add the waistband, shorten the pair a bit more, and hem the bottom. It's still a bit bigger than I am so I need to take it in a bit more.

I also took a picture of my current workstation:

My Cosplay Workstation
My Cosplay Workstation
It's quite messy... I usually work in my room but I like having a large table so I'm working on my stuff downstairs for now.

I have also tried the eyebrow tutorial I posted on Gia's wig related blog. The tutorial teaches you how to make your eyebrows a different color using washable glue and acrylic paint.
Here are the results:
Excuse my acne... I'm just a bit stressed from school is all. Anyway, I think the results are fairly fine when it comes to far away shots like the picture on the right. The picture on the left is a closeup to show off all the flaws of the paint job. I did it fairly quickly though so it could just be my lazy self not doing a proper job. I also didn't paint some parts of my eyebrow because those are parts I would plan to either get done at a salon place or to cover up with makeup (I wouldn't wanna waste my cosplay makeup* on a test run...). Overall, I'm impressed by this ghetto method.

*I don't own makeup I use everyday. I own makeup I only use for cosplaying purposes. I'm not joking either... I hate makeup. I want to scratch makeup on my face whenever I am forced to use it. I'm not allergic... it's just annoying to have stuff on your face.

Stuff that's remaining:
  • Wig styling
  • Boots
  • Fixing shorts and bikini top
  • Working out more to tone the stomach haha
  • Practicing the technique for eyebrow coloring so it looks better
  • Optional by Fanime: her gun (if I don't finish it by Fanime, it'll get done for Anime Expo)
  • Make her belt. I bought studs and belt material so I gotta hammer those suckers onto the band.
I think that's all. There's probably more but here's a tentative list of things that I can think up off the top of my head. It's 1 AM after posting this blog entry so I probably missed something.

Previous Yoko Cosplay Blog Entries:
Update 1
Update 1.5
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O. Well it's basically about this girl named Selene who is a Vampire (Original right?) well she is not like the vampires you think of she' different. Her father is on the high council of Lord Demitir which is the ruler of their kingdome. She then decides to leave and meet many friend on the way and some turn out to be more than just friend. But through out htis strory they are trying to get to Willam Greystok (I know dumb but what the heck) and there is this Blood WARS that is looming over then I will have the time again I wrote this a while back but I'll do my best.
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Hey,guys um i am from the vine.I am TheDominceofCybernetics (Correct:TheDominanceofCybernetics).So I am new to the vice.Well I will be doing some rpg's.So see ya.Oh anyone up for a quick battle?
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Check out this cool you-tube video i stumbled ac cross it's actual a game.
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Good news everyone. Power Rangers will continue to air as usual, so it seems.

How is this actually news? I’ve been meaning to type up a post about the “supposed” end of Power Rangers, brought on by this New Zealand article about PR’s last season to shoot at its home since 2003 when Power Rangers Ninja Storm began filming in NZ instead of US.

Now, it seems I’ve lucked out. According to a Bandai press release Henshin Justice picked up a week ago, PR still lives on!!!

Given, this is a Bandai press release, and I often suspect some amount of communication discrepancy between Bandai and PR parent company Disney, as shown in Bandai of America’s Power Rangers TCG having names not matching the series. Still, I believe this is close as we’ll get, as Disney has been pretty tight lipped about the recent season.

Either way though, Power Rangers RPM has been doing pretty decent, quality wise. The opening episodes really suprised me with how good they actually were, a far cry from the mind-liquifying stupidity of Operation Overdrive just two seasons prior.

Now, how will Disney actually adapt Shinkenger?

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Hey guys,

Quick heads up as to what the engineers have been working on the past week or so.

Dave: Completely re-styled ComicVine and it looks absolutely amazing. He's going to take some time now and give AnimeVice the new GB treatment as well. On the side, he'll be helping me fix lists -- any ideas on what you guys want to see out of the list feature, pls send them our way!

Andy: New back-end queuing and messaging system..... this will allows us to do a lot the heavy lifting in outside processes - hopefully speeding up performance across the sites.  He's also been improving the API for our new iPhone app while simultaneously de-bugging my bullshit.

Ethan: Upgraded our javascript framework to work w/ the newest version of mootools.... ninja'd up the rest of the image editing tools (how fucking sick is that shit -- ethan is the damn man when it comes to js -- I'm constantly impressed with what he's doing on that side of things.

Sean: Upgraded all of our code to work w/ the newest Django release. Something we've been putting off for awhile, but its nice to be close to trunk. Aside from that, I've been working with Dave on ComicVine and I'm currently re-working our private message system.... there's a few bugs that are completely crapping out ComicVine (there's just more data over there) -- so we've actually had to take pms down until we get this fix out..... which is actually what I should be doing right now. BACK TO WORK!

Good days :)
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So, my Sheryl wig arrived today. (Okay, okay, I went to the UPS store and picked it up today, it came a couple of days ago.)
It's a pretty awesome wig, and combined with a wig cap it's pretty easy to stick on, but...well, my eyebrows are so dark they stick out like CRAZY. Am considering a light light bleaching of them...the trick being finding that fine line where they're lightened enough not to stick out so much, but not so light that they look weird with my normal hair when I'm NOT wearing the wig =p

Wish me luck with that. (And you cosplayers, if you have tips, do let me know. And yes, I know I have to be very very careful dying eyebrows, etc; I've worked with bleach before.) :D

On second thought-- Sheryl's bangs go straight across, so Arika might be able to trim them to just the right length so I can see but my eyebrows are covered...? Will consult on Sunday!
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Statue Name: Autumn Beauty – Jessica Chobot J!NX Edition

Producer: Symbiote Studios

Price: $39.99

Being as I am a figure/statue newbie, I really had no idea what I was getting into with the Jessica Chobot figure from Symbiote Studios. Now before I get into the review itself I feel like there is a need to establish...who is Jessica Chobot? She is an editor and blogger for entertainment property IGN. She also does a significant amount of “geek” modeling for companies such as J!NX. You may also know her for the PSP licking picture, which is how she got to be where she is today.


Now that we've established that, why is she getting her own figure? Well for one, she's an attractive woman and she is known to be an anime fan. She has her hands in the production of this statue so we see a definite anime style in it with the eyes, hair and loli fang.

The statue is very solid and around ten inches high coming in at about four pounds. Their site calls it a statue and it is shown in the build quality as it feels very well made and upon closer inspection looks nearly flawless. The design is really well done and the proportions are nice and not exaggerated too much. The color is even throughout and although Colette Bennett (over at Tomopop) had an issue with her's with a small paint issue on the hand, the one I received did not have any issues.

As a hardcore gamer myself I really can appreciate the nice little touches with the Xbox 360 controller and there is some geeky items in the game boxes with “Extreme Ninja Fighting” and “Pirates FTW!” allowing the figure to take the middle ground in the long standing Pirates vs. Ninjas debate. For the otaku / Japan enthusiast there is some wasabi chips at her feet along with some soda, these items are all firmly in the base so you won't be able to play with them or lose them anytime soon.

The small of the back includes the “tramp stamp” tattoo, which I have no idea if the real living version Jessica Chobot actually has. The shirt is also adorned with the J!NX logo, which I didn't particularly mind since I am a fan of the company but this may turn off others as pure product placement. It should also be noted that on further inspection the tattoo and the J!NX logo are stickers, but appear to be firmly on there and are not going to come off in the near future.

The statue retails for $39.99 from Symbiote Studios which isn't a bad price for something with the quality and size that this statue is. This statue really doesn't look much out of place with other anime figures due to the anime styling of it and geek accessories to it. If you're not a fan of Jessica Chobot or don't find the statue to really be your style, then this probably isn't for you. If you are interested, you may want to try to pick it up soon as this is a limited run with 250 in production. Mine was ordered 3/23/2009 and is number 152 of the aforementioned 250.

I'm not the biggest Jessica Chobot fan by any means, but I enjoy her work at IGN and I really loved the style of this figure and the price was definitely right in comparison to many of the other anime figures on the market.

Jessica Chobot has a blog over at IGN, a profile of her work at J!NX, dating advice over at Maxim, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. So go ahead and check her stuff out if you'd like and follow me on Twitter too!

Also, check out the rest of my photos on my Flickr page!

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last week’s rankings
About the Charts
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The Weekly Charts:
Your Executive Summary and Index
Week ending 22 March 2009

Manga Top 500

1. ↔0 (1) : Naruto 38 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [725.4] ::
2. ↑3 (5) : Rosario+Vampire 6 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Apr 2009 [718.1] ::
3. ↔0 (3) : Naruto 34 – Viz Shonen Jump, Feb 2009 [696.7] ::
4. ↓-2 (2) : Naruto 35 – Viz Shonen Jump, Feb 2009 [696] ::
5. ↑9 (14) : Fruits Basket 22 – Tokyopop, Mar 2009 [685.3] ::
6. ↔0 (6) : Vampire Knight 6 – Viz Shojo Beat, Apr 2009 [681.6] ::
7. ↑4 (11) : Bleach 26 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [660.8] ::
8. ↓-4 (4) : Naruto 37 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [656.5] ::
9. ↓-2 (7) : Naruto 33 – Viz Shonen Jump, Dec 2008 [615.9] ::
10. ↓-2 (8) : Naruto 36 – Viz Shonen Jump, Feb 2009 [592.2] ::


Manga Top 50 Series

1. ↔0 (1) : Naruto – Viz Shonen Jump, Jul 2003 [2958.79] ::
2. ↑1 (3) : Rosario+Vampire – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Jun 2008 [1449.7] ::
3. ↓-1 (2) : Vampire Knight – Viz Shojo Beat, Jan 2007 [1442.19] ::
4. ↔0 (4) : Fruits Basket – Tokyopop, Feb 2004 [1170.13] ::
5. ↔0 (5) : Bleach – Viz Shonen Jump, Jun 2004 [1090.28] ::
6. ↔0 (6) : Warriors – HC/Tokyopop, Apr 2007 [857.93] ::
7. ↔0 (7) : Death Note – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Oct 2005 [855.68] ::
8. ↑1 (9) : Ouran High School Host Club – Viz Shojo Beat, Jul 2005 [737.26] ::
9. ↑1 (10) : Chibi Vampire – Tokyopop, Apr 2006 [704.41] ::
10. ↑4 (14) : The Twelve Kingdoms (novel) – Tokyopop, Mar 2007 [694.79] ::


Top 25 New Releases and Preorders

1. ↔0 (1) : Naruto 38 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [725.4] ::
2. ↑3 (5) : Rosario+Vampire 6 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Apr 2009 [718.1] ::
5. ↑9 (14) : Fruits Basket 22 – Tokyopop, Mar 2009 [685.3] ::
6. ↔0 (6) : Vampire Knight 6 – Viz Shojo Beat, Apr 2009 [681.6] ::
7. ↑4 (11) : Bleach 26 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [660.8] ::
8. ↓-4 (4) : Naruto 37 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [656.5] ::
11. ↑13 (24) : Naruto 41 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [578.6] ::
12. ↑4 (16) : The Twelve Kingdoms (novel) 3 – Tokyopop, Mar 2009 [577.6] ::
26. ↑2 (28) : Naruto 39 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [480.2] ::
34. ↓-4 (30) : Naruto 40 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [457.7] ::
35. ↓-2 (33) : High School Debut 8 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [455.2] ::
40. ↓-3 (37) : Naruto 44 – Viz Shonen Jump, Apr 2009 [415.5] ::
44. ↔0 (44) : Skip Beat! 17 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [400.9] ::
48. ↓-7 (41) : Wild Ones 6 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [376.9] ::
54. ↓-16 (38) : Love Com 11 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [363.1] ::
55. ↔0 (55) : Gentlemen’s Alliance† 9 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [361.8] ::
59. ↓-17 (42) : Claymore 14 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Mar 2009 [354.7] ::
64. ↓-4 (60) : Nana 15 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [342.5] ::
72. ↑6 (78) : Black Cat 19 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [332.9] ::
79. ↓-13 (66) : S.A (Special A) 9 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [318] ::
95. ↑138 (233) : Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2 – Yen Press, Mar 2009 [292.4] ::
98. ↓-14 (84) : Captive Hearts 3 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [288.9] ::
104. ↑70 (174) : Me & My Brothers 7 – Tokyopop, Mar 2009 [281.5] ::
106. ↓-21 (85) : Mixed Vegetables 3 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [281.1] ::
115. ↑8 (123) : Shaman King 21 – Viz Shonen Jump, Mar 2009 [262.6] ::

[Emerging TrendsFull list of ranking New Releases and Preorders]

Manga Midlist 500
What’s the Midlist?

1. (12) : The Twelve Kingdoms (novel) 3 – Tokyopop, Mar 2009 [577.6] ::
2. (29) : Death Note 1 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Oct 2005 [477.5] ::
3. (31) : Chibi Vampire 12 – Tokyopop, Jan 2009 [475.9] ::
4. (35) : High School Debut 8 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [455.2] ::
5. (37) : Death Note 3 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Jan 2006 [420.2] ::
6. (39) : Dark Hunger – Feehan, Zid – Berkley, Oct 2007 [416.7] ::
7. (41) : Death Note 2 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Nov 2005 [414.5] ::
8. (43) : Death Note vols 1-13 box set – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Oct 2008 [403.4] ::
9. (44) : Skip Beat! 17 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [400.9] ::
10. (45) : Maximum Ride 1 – Yen Press, Jan 2009 [398.3] ::
11. (46) : Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 2 – Viz Shonen Jump, Nov 2008 [390.2] ::
12. (47) : Phoenix Wright 2 – Del Rey, Feb 2009 [382.2] ::
13. (48) : Wild Ones 6 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [376.9] ::
14. (49) : Warriors 1 – HC/Tokyopop, Apr 2007 [371.6] ::
15. (50) : Berserk 27 – Dark Horse, Jan 2009 [371] ::
16. (51) : Death Note 4 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Mar 2006 [370.8] ::
17. (52) : Warriors 2 – HC/Tokyopop, Dec 2007 [369] ::
18. (53) : Hellsing 9 – Dark Horse, Oct 2008 [368.3] ::
19. (54) : Love Com 11 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [363.1] ::
20. (55) : Gentlemen’s Alliance† 9 – Viz Shojo Beat, Mar 2009 [361.8] ::
21. (56) : Warriors 3 – HC/Tokyopop, Apr 2008 [357.5] ::
22. (58) : Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 20 – Del Rey, Jan 2009 [355.5] ::
23. (59) : Claymore 14 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Mar 2009 [354.7] ::
24. (60) : Death Note 12 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Jul 2007 [352.2] ::
25. (63) : Death Note 5 – Viz Shonen Jump Advanced, Apr 2006 [344.5] ::


If you would like to receive this report as a weekly email, please visit this link.

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Now Available for Download for the First Time Ever 


San Francisco, CA, March 27, 2009 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced the debut of the smash-hit animated feature film BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF A NOBODY along with three full-length NARUTO animated movies; NINJA CLASH IN THE LAND OF SNOW, GUARDIANS OF THE CRESCENT MOON KINGDOM and LEGEND OF THE STONE OF GELEL on the iTunes Store ( in U.S. and Canada (


The movies are dubbed in English and available for purchase in standard-definition format for $9.99, for rent in high-definition for $3.99, and for rent in standard-definition for $2.99 in the U.S. In Canada the movies are available for purchase in standard-definition format for $14.99, for rent in high-definition for $4.99, and for rent in standard-definition for $3.99.


“BLEACH and NARUTO are two of the most popular animated properties to ever come to North America from Japan, and we’re very excited for fans to check out these feature films on iTunes,” says Ken Sasaki, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, VIZ Media. “These movies can be enjoyed on a Mac or PC, a widescreen TV with Apple TV, or on the go with an iPod with video or iPhone, giving fans the opportunity to watch their favorite anime wherever they are. The availability of the feature films is a great addition to the already wide selection of BLEACH and NARUTO TV episodes available on iTunes now.”


BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF NOBODY (Rated 'T' for Teens) is the first feature film adapted from the wildly popular animated series and best-selling manga graphic novel series (both distributed and published in North America by VIZ Media) created by acclaimed Japanese artist Tite Kubo. The film begins as unidentified beings known as “Blanks” start popping up. They are soon followed by a Soul Reaper named Senna who makes them disappear. Puzzled by these unknown beings and the even more mysterious girl, main characters Ichigo and Rukia set out to learn more and soon uncover an evil plot when a menacing clan tries to kidnap Senna. Banished from the Soul Society long ago, the clan’s leader has sent the World of the Living and the Soul Society on a collision course, and Senna seems to be the key to his diabolical plot for revenge. Can Ichigo and his fellow Soul Reapers save the two worlds from annihilation?

NARUTO THE MOVIE: NINJA CLASH IN THE LAND OF SNOW (Rated 'T' for Teens) finds Naruto and his team on a mission to guard Yukie Fujikaze, a popular actress starring in the hit movie The Adventures of Princess Gale. The crew is heading toward the Land of Snow, a land forever covered in snow, to shoot the final scenes of the film. When Yukie refuses to go and escapes from the set, she is brought back by force by Naruto and his teammates. But little do they know there are three rogue Snow Ninja lying in wait with a sinister purpose that forces Yukie to make a crucial decision and face her hidden past.


NARUTO THE MOVIE 2: LEGEND OF THE STONE OF GELEL (Rated 'T' for Teens) begins as Naruto, Shikamaru and Sakura are in the middle of returning a lost ferret to its owner, supposedly the easiest mission ever. Or so they think! When a young knight, Temujin, attacks them out of nowhere, they are drawn into a fierce struggle over a treasure harboring legendary power – the of Gelel. Temujin's master wants to use the Stone’s power to create a utopia, while the last of the clan who once controlled the Stone wants to keep it sealed away forever. and the others, along with help from Gaara and Kankuro, must protect the Stone from those who want to misuse its power. When the dream of utopia becomes a nightmare, it'll take a ninja to set things right!

NARUTO THE MOVIE 3:  Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (Rated 'T' for Teens) is the latest feature adventure featuring everyone’s favorite band of ninjas. Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi team up with Rock Lee to protect Prince Michiru and his son Hikaru on their return home to the Crescent Moon Kingdom. Easy enough, until the royal family becomes a royal pain! Prince Michiru can’t help indulging his son, even buying him a circus along the way! Naruto has a tough time putting up with both the spoiled Hikaru and a saber-toothed tiger, but the real adventure begins when they reach the Land of the Moon and find themselves facing a villainous uprising. Does Naruto have what it takes to save an entire kingdom?


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Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), is one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in the field of manga (graphic novel) publishing, animation and entertainment licensing of Japanese content. Owned by three of Japan’s largest creators and licensors of manga and animation, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co., Ltd., VIZ Media is a leader in the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga for English speaking audiences in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa and is a global ex-Asia licensor of Japanese manga and animation. The company offers an integrated product line including magazines such as SHONEN JUMP and SHOJO BEAT, graphic novels, and DVDs, and develops, markets, licenses, and distributes animated entertainment for audiences and consumers of all ages. Contact VIZ Media at 295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; Phone (415) 546-7073; Fax (415) 546-7086; and web site at

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I'm hoping to drag my non anime loving friend and my Anime Loving Guy friend to Dragon Con. IT would be very close to heaven for my ALGF and me  (heaven being a true Anime Convention). And my NALF will just have to endure it (although she watched Blood + with me once and liked it. But considering Dragon Con isn't strictly an Anime Convention and is a mixture of stuff it wont be so bad for her.). IT would be my first Convention. And I'm thoroughly excited. We live about two hours away from Atlanta in the heart of Georgia, but I'm betting it would be a road trip woth being on. Especially since my friends and I are nutters. :D

On the flipside of this whole trip my NALF and my ALGF will have to endure my Paranormal Fangirl moments when I go to Meet Michelle Belanger. She's a leading expert on Vampires and happens to be a guest on one of my Favorite Paranormal shows at the Moment. Plus my NALF will probably fangirl over the whole Vampire thing since she wishes she could be one.

Overall if we do go, I am assuming my friends and I will be just dragged along, mostly drowning in everything thats going on or being killed by the people who have attended this convention before. So if you never hear from me again after Spetember, it's because I was killed at Dragon Con.
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