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BLEACH Arrancar Story Arc Debuts With Two New Back-To-Back Episodes To Air Each Week 

San Francisco, CA, APRIL 24, 2009 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, brings the latest action-packed English dubbed episodes of BLEACH to Adult Swim. Beginning with episodes 110 and 111 of the Arrancar story arc, Adult Swim premiered two new BLEACH episodes back-to-back on Saturday, April 18th and will continue air two new back-to-back episodes each week.

Check local times for availability ( 

BLEACH is a popular manga and animated series (both rated ‘T’ for Teens), distributed domestically by VIZ Media, that follows the adventures of Ichigo, a 15-year old student with the ability to see ghosts. When his family is attacked by a Hollow — a malevolent lost soul – Ichigo encounters Rukia, a Soul Reaper, and inadvertently absorbs her powers. Now, he’s dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping tortured souls find peace.  

In the new Arrancar story arc of Bleach, Ichigo meets an unusual new student named Shinji Hirako, who has come to Karakura Town to recruit Ichigo into the Visoreds, a group of ex-Soul Reapers that have crossed over into the realm of the Hollows. Meanwhile, ex-Soul Reaper Captain Sosuke Aizen has sent his vicious mob of Arrancars to the World of the Living. When Ichigo is faced with this new and extremely powerful adversary, it will be up to him to protect everyone! 

“BLEACH remains a massively popular series and this is one of the most gripping plot developments yet,” says Bill Germain, Director, Programming Sales, VIZ Media. “Fans will be glued to the edge of their seats as Ichigo and Ruika face a wicked new force of tremendous power. Will the Arrancars succeed in their evil plan to topple the Soul Society? Find out in two new episodes each week!” 

BLEACH is a tremendously successful multimedia property internationally. The manga has been licensed to more than a dozen countries and has sold over 50 million copies in Japan alone. In North America, the manga has been a sales hit and the popular animated series is viewed weekly by millions in the United States and Canada on cable broadcast. This success has further spawned an array of related video games, apparel, action figures and other merchandise. 

BLEACH animation can be viewed through a variety of other web-based, video download and streaming outlets that have partnered with VIZ Media, including iTunes®, Xbox Live JOOST and HULU. For more information on BLEACH please visit 

About VIZ Media, LLC

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), is one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in the field of manga (graphic novel) publishing, animation and entertainment licensing of Japanese content. Owned by three of Japan’s largest creators and licensors of manga and animation, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co., Ltd., VIZ Media is a leader in the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga for English speaking audiences in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa and is a global ex-Asia licensor of Japanese manga and animation. The company offers an integrated product line including magazines such as SHONEN JUMP and SHOJO BEAT, graphic novels, and DVDs, and develops, markets, licenses, and distributes animated entertainment for audiences and consumers of all ages. Contact VIZ Media at 295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; Phone (415) 546-7073; Fax (415) 546-7086; and web site at 

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Right Stuf’s Nozomi Entertainment &
Kadokawa Pictures USA to Release
First of two DVD box sets planned for Fall 2009.

GRIMES, IA, April 24, 2009 – Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc./Nozomi Entertainment and Kadokawa Pictures USA today announced the licensing of RENTAL MAGICA, plus plans to release the 24-episode television series as two DVD box sets – with Japanese audio and English-language subtitles – starting in Fall 2009.

Each DVD collection will offer fans the option to view Rental Magica in their choice of “broadcast order,” as it aired on Japanese TV (and appeared on the Japanese DVD release), or “chronological order,” according to the timeline presented in the novels that served as the anime series’ inspiration. Additionally, each box set will include a book that features well over 100 pages of background information about the series and its mythology. (These supplemental materials were originally included with the Japanese limited-edition DVD releases.)

A supernatural action-adventure, Rental Magica is set in a world where magical organizations – staffed by specialists wielding both Eastern and Western disciplines – vie for work, prestige and power. When Itsuki Iba inherits the position of president for the Astral “magic-for-hire” service, he and his colleagues find themselves battling dangerous rivals in a fight for their company’s very survival. Will Itsuki be Astral’s final president? And is he really as powerless as he seems?

Written by Makoto Sanda and illustrated by pako, the Rental Magica novel series currently spans more than 14 volumes and was named “Best Action Story” by Japanese fans as part of the 2007 Light Novel Awards. It has been serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s magazine The Sneaker since its 2004 debut, alongside the novels that inspired The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Trinity Blood anime series, as well as the official novelization of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Manga interpretations of Rental Magica also appear in the shoujo (girls’) anthology Asuka and the shounen (boys’) anthology Comp Ace.

Rental Magica’s anime adaptation features direction by Itsuro Kawasaki (Sengoku Basara, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: The Movie), series composition by Mamiko Ikeda (Emma: A Victorian Romance), animation character design by Minako Shiba (.hack//SIGN, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE), and animation production by ZEXCS (Chrome Shelled Regios, Mushi-Uta).

Its vocal cast is led by Jun Fukuyama (“Lelouch” in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, “Kimihiro Watanuki” in xxxHOLic, “Kraft Lawrence” in Spice and Wolf), Kana Ueda (“Yumi” in Maria Watches Over Us, “Rin” in Fate/stay night, “Mikan” in Gakuen Alice), Mikako Takahashi (“Amy” in Burst Angel, “Ayumi Yamada” in Honey and Clover, “Gyokuyou” in Coo ~ Our Guardian), and Junichi Suwabe (“Archer” in Fate/stay night, “Greed” in Fullmetal Alchemist, “Fuuma” in X TV).

Visit for more information about Rental Magica, to view the trailer and to pre-order the first box set.

Currently celebrating its 21st year in business, Right Stuf, Inc. was one of the first players in the U.S. Japanese Animation ("anime") industry, as both an anime producer/distributor and a retailer. Right Stuf works to promote knowledge of its own products, as well as the anime and manga industry, in general, through its online storefront at and a variety of media including podcasts and special publications.

Nozomi Entertainment, Right Stuf’s production division, is dedicated to the highest quality releases. True to the Japanese word that inspired its name, Nozomi’s focus is on “what fans want.” By focusing on a limited number of anime properties each year, the Nozomi production team ensures each release receives the care and attention to detail it deserves.

From anime classics like Astro Boy, Kimba and Gigantor to modern comedies, dramas and favorites such as The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, His and Her Circumstances, Gravitation, Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars, Ninja Nonsense, To Heart, The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye, Emma: A Victorian Romance, Maria Watches Over Us, ARIA and Gakuen Alice, Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment produce quality programming for fans of all ages and interests. For more information, visit and

Kadokawa Pictures USA is the Los Angeles-based arm of international multimedia empire Kadokawa Holdings, Inc., which includes: Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, one of the largest publishers in Japan; distributor and production company Kadokawa Herald Pictures; and Kadokawa Daiei Film Studios.

Remakes from the Kadokawa library include the successful “THE RING” franchise and smash hit “THE GRUDGE,” as well as “SHALL WE DANCE?,” “DARK WATER” and the upcoming “ONE MISSED CALL.”

Kadokawa publishes over 100 fiction titles a month, is one of the largest publishers of manga (comics) in Japan, and produces and finances up to seven new films a year, as well as creating video games for distribution throughout Pan Asia.

In addition, Kadokawa produces many animated projects each year, including TV series, OVAs and animated films such as Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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Told you I'm not much of an artist ^^ But I think for a webcomic it'd do...

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Leading Online Anime Streaming Site to Launch Riviting School-Themed Anime
Titles from Marvelous Entertainment

San Francisco, CA and Tokyo, Japan (April 24, 2009) ‹Crunchyroll and
Marvelous Entertainment partner up to bring the intense school-themed anime
SCHOOL DAYS to Crunchyroll starting this spring. More information can be
found at <> .

President of Marvelous Entertainment¹s Audio Visual Company and co-founder,
Yoshiaki Matsumoto, states, "I am pleased to be able to present this very
raw and intense story to fans overseas for the very first time in English.
We hope that fans overseas will be able to discover SCHOOL DAYS and
appreciate its unique story."

"SCHOOL DAYS is one of the most unique, biting pieces of entertainment to
have come out of Japan in the past few years," states Rob Pereyda, Senior
Director of Crunchyroll's Japan office. "I believe that the very passionate,
seasoned anime fan Crunchyroll will appreciate the story it tells."

SCHOOL DAYS will be available in enhanced definition without video
advertisements to Crunchyroll¹s Anime Members and will be available for
free, to the general public, one week thereafter for regular members at a
lower streaming quality. Regional and age-based access restrictions may

Title Synopsis:


It was at the entrance ceremony of Sakakino High School that Makoto Ito met
Kotonoha Katsura for the first time.

Kotonoha was in the class next to Makoto's, lived along the same railway
line, caught the same train to school every morning read a book. Although
Makoto had a little crush on her, she was to be looked at from a
distance...that was all she was.

Then, a message on Makoto's cell phone appeared:

As ridiculous as Makoto thought it was, he took a shot of Kotonoha on the
train and made it his wallpaper, only to be discovered by Sekai Saionji, his
classmate at the next desk, right the next day.

Though the portent seemed to turn out to be of little consequence, Sekai
volunteered to play matchmaker between Makoto and Kotonoha to make up for
sneaking a look at his cell phone. From that day on, Makoto's ordinary life
started to take a new turn...

About Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll is an online video service and community that offers full-length
episodes and movies of the very best in Japanese anime and Asian
entertainment. Crunchyroll's content is provided by Asian media leaders
including TV TOKYO, Shueisha, d-rights, Fuji Creative Corporation, Pony
Canyon, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Toei Animation, Gonzo, Munhwa
Broadcasting Corporation America and many others.

Crunchyroll was founded in June 2006 and has offices in both San Francisco
and Tokyo. Crunchyroll is a pioneer and innovator within the Japanese anime
industry and the only video service in the world to offer hit programs like
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, GINTAMA and many others online to its subscribers within
one hour of their Japanese broadcast. Crunchyroll is a member of the
Association of Japanese Animation (AJA) and the Licensing International
Merchandisers¹ Association (LIMA) and is funded by leading venture capital
firm, Venrock. More information can be found at its website <> .

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New York, NY – April 23, 2009 – Aspire Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce 

Japanese "Maid" Show in NYC, performed by a Japanese cosplay singer Reni.

"A genuine Japanese idol that American fans can finally call their own."- 

What: Japanese "Maid" Show: Japanese Pop Star Reni performs Anime songs and J-Pop in Karaoke Cosplay, Akihabara style, singing and dancing. 

When: May 3rd 5:00 - 6:00 PM (Door opens 4:30PM)
Where: TopTunes 303-305 E 53rd St, NYC NY 212-758-3818
Cost : No cover charge/one drink minimum
Note: Cosplayers welcome


Space is limited. Please come early to reserve.

More info at

About Reni

She specializes in Akihabara style performance, a genre that emphasizes the cute look of Japanese pop-culture with the hip appeal of Japanese animation. As a unique cultural phenomenon, these Akihabara idols have attracted an enthusiastic fan following all over Japan. As interest in Japanese entertainment grows among the American youth, Reni offers the most fun and authentic Japanese pop experience without ever having to travel to Tokyo. She is quickly winning over the hearts of many new local fans thanks to her pretty stage costumes, upbeat personality, and talented singing ability. 

Reni's Bio
Reni was born in Japan and began her formal ballet training at the age of seven. Since then, she has been dancing nearly every day in styles ranging from Jazz and Hip Hop to "Nihon Buyo," traditional Japanese dance. Reni expanded her talents to the theatrical world by joining the well-known Japanese company "Seinenza," where she played an active role in both performing and directing.
In 2005, Reni won a major music contest in Tokyo, out of 1,000 participants. Her first CD was produced by Takahiro Yamautsuri, who composed music for one of the Pokemon movies. Her live performances in the major music clubs and show houses in Japan have grabbed the attention of a wide range of audiences. Her quality singing and powerful dancing in Akihabara style keeps them coming back for more. In 2008 she relocated to the U.S.A., started a monthly event, Japanese "Maid" Show and is quickly gaining a loyal fan base. Reni was recently invited as a guest performer to Krazy Cosplay Party organized by Japan Society.

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Hi everyone :) I'm a long-time lurker and new account holder here at Anime Vice.

I was born in San Jose, CA before heading up to Bend, OR for a while after high school. After I graduated from Central Oregon Community College I found a job back in the Bay Area and I've been living here ever since :)

I'm not much of an artist, but I've got a webcomic project I'm working on on the side-- keep an eye out for that? :D
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Hey guys,

We just finished up (well last friday), our first Whiskey Media Developer Podcast: The Speakeasy. 

It's really just a chance for developers on the sites to discuss what we've been working on, certain challenges we're facing, what's coming up from a feature standpoint on our sites, etc. We also wanted to briefly talk about the most important topics happening on each of the three Whiskey sites (AnimeVice, ComicVine and GiantBomb).

So, if you're interested in how the sites are built, what new features we're going to be launching or are just curious to hear the devs shoot the shit for a bit, then check out the podcast and give us your feedback.

Note: This is our first one, so we're probably going to be tweaking the format of the podcast a bit each week until we find something that we're all stoked on -- so, if you have any suggestions, please drop them in the comments. 

Also, if you're a developer and you have any questions about anything really - go ahead and PM them to me and we'll try to work them into next week's podcast. Thanks guys - hope you dig it :)
| |  Hey folks, just thought I'd inform everyone my webcomic updated. If you enjoy kawaii culture, Jeepers just might be the webcomic for you, centering on a bunny who lives in a magical valley, and the assorted magical girls, strange monsters, merchandise oriented maniacs, cats, and all kinds of creepy ladies said bunny encounters. You can check out 6 years worth of strips all right here

The current storyline started here

[edit -attached to manga forum, cause hey, manga means comics y'know :) Plus, I have a serious overdose on manpu usage]
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Just posted a new doodle to my DA, a postcard with a surly Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle....
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Anyone remember Haim Saban, cartoon music producer who later became a multimedia mogul after success importing assorted anime and repackaging Power Rangers for international markets? Whatever fans have to say about his work, he did play a big part in popularlizing anime,  with his main production company [and TV network The Family Channel] being sold to Disney awhile back.

Apparently he's found himself in the middle of a political controversy, like a monstrous creation of Rita Repulsa, only one the Power Rangers can't finish off by episode's end

CNN has a bit more
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A friend was looking back into his older articles, which lead me on a search through my own archives, and I came up with the following data:

animeOnline - January 3rd to July 20th, 2007
- 1500 articles over 201 days, average of 7.5 posts per day. I didn't post on weekends there. - May 28th, 2007 to January 1st, 2009
- 1509 articles over 587 days, about 2.5 posts per day. I was also working full-time as a freelancer for a good chunk of that time, and on Vice in the background for the rest :) - Dec. 4th to April 20th, 2009
- 1000 articles over 137 days, about 7.3 posts per day.

- 4,009 articles over 837 days, for an average of about 4.8 posts per day.

There's some overlap with articles I crossposted on and AnimeVice prior to the latter's launch, but I figure they're probably more than made up for by the anime-related freelance work I've done.

No wonder I'm so tired all the time! ;)
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Gardena, CA (April 21, 2009)- The newest DokiDoki promotional giveaways are here, with beautiful fukuseigenga to go with them! The next two titles in the DokiDoki inaugural line are Living For Tomorrow by Taishi Zaou, and Brilliant Blue Vol. 1 by Saemi Yorita!  Hurry and order today to receive a great promo item with it-and for DokiDoki members-remember, books are available early in late April/early May in limited supply! Still wondering what fukuseigenga are? Check out pictures and customer feedback on the DokiDoki Blog!

There are two ways to retrieve your special promo item: the first is to go to, and click on the Register button for the DokiDoki newsletter. Just fill out a brief survey, and it'll direct you to Akadot Retail ( checkout for purchase of the book of your choice with the promo item. For those who purchase a DokiDoki title in bookstores, there is a special promo code in the back of the book. All you have to do is go to, and click on the Enter Promo Code button. Enter the promo code specific to your title, and after filling out the survey, you will be able to checkout just the promo item. Easy!  

Now the legal details: promotional items are limited in quantity, and are therefore on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. Promotional items are free, but are subject to a shipping and handling fee (continental US only) and are only eligible after registration for the DokiDoki newsletter and a one-time survey participation. We will not divulge any personal information to any third party, nor is it used for anything but internal purposes-but your participation in the survey helps us help you!  Promo items will vary from book to book.  Promo items are limited to one giveaway per book bought, but you are not limited to the number of DokiDoki titles you purchase to obtain the promo item. By all means, buy as many as you want!  Plus, being on the DokiDoki newsletter will keep you notified ahead of time of the newest titles, their date of availability, and the special items that come with each title. To start, you can pre-order these two titles now to be first in line for your promo item! 

LIVING FOR TOMORROW written and illustrated by TAISHI ZAOU - Rated M+ (Ages 18+), 5" x 7.2", MSRP: $12.95 US, Yaoi Manga, Available In Stores: May 20, 2009 
*Click here to order!

High school student Tasuku Mizuochi has a secret he knows and a secret he doesn’t. Even though he punches, kicks, and otherwise abuses fellow karate team member, Ryouta, on a daily basis, Tasuku has hidden feelings for his childhood friend. When Tasuku’s mother died, Ryouta was always there to comfort him, and these emotions grew over time to become something else. Confused and embarrassed by his secret crush, Tasuku takes his frustrations out on Ryouta to keep him from ever knowing the truth. When Tasuku learns that his late mother may have been an “ageman” (ah-gay-man) – a woman who brings men good fortune – he starts to believe he’s inherited these powers, too. Can having the ability to influence luck give Tasuku and Ryouta a future together? Or will all the people crawling out of the woodwork wanting to use Tasuku’s power cause him to run screaming for the hills?!

BRILLIANT BLUE VOL. 1 written and illustrated by SAEMI YORITA - Rated YA+ (Ages 16+), 5" x 7.2", MSRP: $12.95 US, Yaoi Manga, Available In Stores: May 6, 2009 
*Click here to order!

When Shouzo Mita left home, he thought it would be for good. Although he followed his father’s career path as a construction manager, Shouzo never wanted to enter the family business – that is, until dad got laid-up with an injury. Forced to return home and oversee his father’s company, Shouzo finds that a lot of things haven’t changed, but some things have. Nanami, a childhood acquaintance, has gone from being an awkward fatty to a sparkling pretty-boy straight out of a shojo manga. As an electrician contracted to work for Mita, Nanami’s simple, naive charm and healthy appetite manage to flip Shouzo’s switch. With the choice between remaining independent and accepting responsibility for his family even more complicated, what will Shouzo do?

TAISHI ZAOU is the pen name for MIKIYO TSUDA, creator of PRINCESS PRINCESS and THE DAY OF REVOLUTION for all her BL (boys love) manga. SAEMI YORITA is the creator of various shonen-ai and yaoi manga in Japan, and BRILLIANT BLUE is her first US english release. 


About Digital Manga Publishing, Inc.

Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga Publishing is one of the industry's most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the Western Hemisphere - specifically through the licensing, importation and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for the North American mainstream and subculture markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the expansion of Japanese pop culture institutions into global arenas. The company's imprint line includes DMP: its mainstream imprint, DMP PLATINUM: its classic manga imprint, JUNE´: its boys love imprint, 801 MEDIA: its adult boys love imprint, and DOKI DOKI: its exclusive co-publishing imprint with Shinshokan Publishing. 

For more information about Digital Manga Publishing, visit 

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This is going to be harder when I start running out of pictures. But I got tons laying around. So each night I'll show you a new one and you tell me what you think.
I'll try to tell you as much as I can about the person and the con, but mostly I want to have fun at it so... here we go.

As some as you can tell, She is doing a cosplay form Host Club. It ways really fun to get a shot of her she jumped on a chair and pose for me with that lovely rose. A bit out of focus but one of my first shots. Taken at Tulsa Mini-con 06.

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I pretty much finished the wig to the best of my noob abilities. I really didn't know what I was doing half the time but I tried. It turned out... decent I guess. If you don't care about the methods and/or process, just look at the last two pictures and you'll see the finished wig.

Before I begin, I thought I'd show you how my (exciting!) wig stand looks like:

Wig Stand
Wig Stand
My dad gave me a large "nail," two pieces of spare wood, and a PVC pipe that the nail fits in. I just suckerfalconpunched that nail and place the PVC pipe around it and BAM instant wig stand.

Let's start with the normal cutting stuff:

So from my previous wig-related blog entry, you can see where I sectioned off the wig and how I tried to figure out Yoko's bangs. Despite knowing in my head what I wanted, I ended up not following the sections I clipped perfectly. I followed the sections initially but I had to move parts of sections around and add more hair from one area to another. The cut pieces (first picture) can be used as wefts if I want to add something to the wig but for now they're just sitting in a sandwich bag.

What methods I FAILED:

There's a couple of methods I looked up online but they don't exactly work for Yoko's bangs (or I just plain suck). The first method I tried (look at first and second picture) was using hair rollers and pins to curl up the bangs in their respective sections. This didn't work because the pins ended up creasing the wig's fibers and it didn't really curl enough because I didn't put enough hairspray. I had to use a hair straightener (set on low) to remove the creases. That was not fun. I also had to rinse off all the hairspray because it hardened the wig fibers a bit.
My second method was to let the rollers hold by themselves and put a bit more hairspray (pictures 2-6). I didn't use the pins to hold them down this time so I could avoid the creases. This method didn't work either because It ended up not curling at all. I rinsed the wig a couple times (like seen in the fifth picture) and ended up with something that resembles the last picture.
There's a couple other methods I tried but I can't remember at the top of my head. I might have blocked them from memory. I also don't have picture to job my memory so OH WELL.

I was getting mad at myself for being crappy at wig styling. Well everyone has to start somewhere I guess but still.

The method that worked for me:

Working with the wig was getting me agitated. I decided to look at several different angles I could find of Yoko's hair instead of focusing on how other cosplayers did their wigs. Her hair does inconsistent things in the anime after re-watching a couple episodes so I decided to screw it and make it spikyish.
So I sectioned each part of her bangs in the first three pictures. After getting the base of each "spike," I started shaving parts of the wig fibers that are below each bang to make it a bit thinner when it reaches the pointy part of each spike. It also makes the bang look fuller from the top. I then used a hair curler (on super duper low so it doesn't melt the wig) to make it curl a little bit.

After deciding where bangs go, I started putting pins around each spike's ends (as you can see in the last two pictures). I would hairspray the sucker enough to be hard. I left the hairspray to dry and eventually starting moving bangs into the position I wanted them to be in. After deciding exactly where I want things, I repinned each of the hardened bangs to place and hairsprayed like crazy again.

This method wasn't full proof. Before pinning the ends of bangs, I tried just hairspraying each bang. That didn't really work because while it was wet, the hair that makes up each bang would spread apart. I also had to make sure I hairsprayed the bottom of each bang without making it stick to the mannequin head. That was annoying. I learned that using a water spraybottle helps loosen any mistake I did even if the bang was hard.

And here's the end result:

The ponytail wig needs to be combed a bit more but other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with the wig for my first time styling. I have no idea how to make her side bang "poofy" out of her head (the one with her skull pin) so I decided I'll just leave the side bang against the hair. Ignore the pins I left on the head... I forgot to remove them when I took the pics.

If you're wondering why I'm not wearing it, I left my wig caps at a friend's house and I haven't bothered her about it yet so just wait a while. =) If you are curious, the ponytail reaches roughly my bum. In my next Yoko cosplay update, I'll have a picture of myself actually wearing parts of the cosplay.

On my to do list:
  • hammer in studs on my belt
  • make that long glove she wears on her left arm
  • order my boots and paint them
  • fix up my random accessories

Pimpin' Ain't Easy: I "guest-starred" on the podcast run by Moonstorm and Lunarmoth. I talk about some cosplay stuff at the end of the ending theme so if you care to listen, check out the podcast right here.

tl;dr: My first attempt at wig styling was... okay. I may have failed a couple methods but I found my own and it worked out fairly well.

Previous Yoko Cosplay Blog Entries:
Update 1
Update 1.5
Update 2
Yoko Wig, Part 1
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Members and Fans Can Now Expect New Titles from Kadokawa Pictures USA Every
Tuesday at the Number One Online Destination for Anime and Asian

San Francisco, CA (April 21, 2009) ‹ Thrills, chills, hauntings and psychos
visit Crunchyroll fans and members every Tuesday as Crunchyroll and Kadokawa
partner to bring ³Kadokawa Tuesdays² starting today. More information can be
found at:

Title launching ³Kadokawa Tuesdays² include the psychopathic trilogy MPD
I-III and the continued saga of a mysterious girl who appears again and
again in various people¹s lives and haunts them until their eventual end in

Title Synopsis:
Memories of Sin/Drifting Petals:
A sadistic criminal is turning his victims into human flower pots. Detective
Amamiya Kazuhiko is called out of early retirement to work on the case,
which is tied to horrific events in his past. His new wife goes missing and
a mysterious cult with barcodes tattooed on their eyeballs surfaces to wreak
havoc on the city

How to Create a World:
A brutal serial murderer cuts babies from their mothers' womb in what
appears to be a copycat crime from five years earlier.  All of the women
have barcodes tattooed to their eyeballs.  The victims, under some sort of
hypnosis, purchase the surgical quality knives used to kill them the day
before their murders! As Detective Amamiya's wife wanders the city in a
trance, he discovers someone from his past is involved in the crime wave...

Life is a Constant Helix:
Chiaki Kuriyama (KILL BILL) guest stars in the episode, which finds
Detective Amamiya and the police team investigating the mass suicide of
forty girls from a posh high school.  Amamiya goes undercover as a high
school teacher to find out why and learn more about a new generation of
barcoders, many of whom are students at this militaristic school.

The Crushed Ant:
Perfectly severed body parts with numbers cut into them are discovered in a
field.  In a nearby arcade, two rival youth gangs battle each other and
Amamiya's wife is taken prisoner by a gang leader.  The Police Chief tries
to put together more of Amamiya's hidden past with the assistance of a one
eyed snuff filmmaker.

Coronation of the Cursed King:
Cult members spontaneously combust when the barcoder network is infected.
The burn victims are taken to the local hospital where a lonely employee's
cyber girlfriend tells him to kill people.  Detective Amamiya and his team
lock down the hospital, while strange things happen on the secret 13th

Soaring Souls and Human Bondage:
The Police Department denies that the barcode case ever existed in the
massive cover-up attempt.  Three remaining members of the investigation team
decide to continue working on the case on their own. The Police Chief's
entire family dies under mysterious circumstances.  Amamiya tracks the baby
stealer to a remote cabin in a snowstorm for a final showdown to recover his
own missing child

Hideo, an art student, is painting a portrait of Tomie when she suddenly
dismisses it as a poor work of art and destroys her own portrait. In a
moment of rage, Hideo picks up an art knife and ends up killing Tomie.
Hideo¹s friends help bury her and try to cheer him up by throwing a party. A
girl appears at this party, uninvited that resembles Tomie in many ways.
Hideo has gone missing but this girl begins to appear wherever these friends

Tomie's father, Kazuhiko Hashimoto hasn't forgotten about the love from his
youth. His daughter encounters a mysterious girl who is also named Tomie.
The girls befriend each other and when Kazuhiko meets his daughter's new
friend, he is surprised to see that she resembles the girl he fell in love
with 25 years ago. It soon becomes clear that the meeting of the two girls
was not by mere chance.

About Kadokawa Pictures USA
Kadokawa Pictures USA (KPUSA) is the Los Angeles based arm of entertainment
the oldest and largest publishing groups in Japan and the largest publishers
of Japanese Manga. KADOKAWA PICTURES with its library of over 2,000 titles,
develops, finances, produces and distributes live action and anime films
theatrically and for TV throughout Japan and Asia and boasts a state-of-the
art production facility in Tokyo. Films that have garnered worldwide
attention from these libraries include: THE RING, DARK WATER, PULSE and
SHALL WE DANCE? KGH also includes a major exhibitor in Japan,Kadokawa

KPUSA distributes, licenses, remakes and adapts library films and books for
an international audience in the English language, such as; ³One Missed
Call,²²Melancholy of  Haruhi Suzumiya.²

About Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll is an online video service and community that offers full-length
episodes and movies of the very best in Japanese anime and Asian
entertainment. Crunchyroll's content is provided by Asian media leaders
including TV TOKYO, Shueisha, d-rights, Fuji Creative Corporation, Pony
Canyon, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Toei Animation, Gonzo, Munhwa
Broadcasting Corporation America and many others.

Crunchyroll was founded in June 2006 and has offices in both San Francisco
and Tokyo. Crunchyroll is a pioneer and innovator within the Japanese anime
industry and the only video service in the world to offer hit programs like
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, GINTAMA and many others online to its subscribers within
one hour of their Japanese broadcast. Crunchyroll is a member of the
Association of Japanese Animation (AJA) and the Licensing International
Merchandisers¹ Association (LIMA) and is funded by leading venture capital
firm, Venrock. More information can be found at its website <> .
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Alright, I'll tell you so open up those big ears and listen well. With a man's soul and a strong back, Cure Maid Café celebrates Gurren Lagann: Lagann Chapter (the movie) being released in Japanese theaters on April 25, 2009. They will display various merchandise and costumes and sell things inspired by the movie. Show your manly spirit blazing by quenching your thirst with Simon's blended drink and ordering a Burning Drill Spirit dessert!

When the first movie came out, Cure Maid Cafe had an event dedicated to a Gurren Lagann theme. There were lots of illustrations hung on the walls as decorations and other things on display.

Whether impossible or laughable, this idea should be done somehow in the US. I would definitely go to opening day if there was a café that would do this.

What would you order from the menu if you could visit a Gurren Lagann themed café?
| | Nice Bandai! Looks to be Hybrid to, so we'll get a dub. It's not as cheap as Bandai's releases of Galaxy Angel S and Mave-Chan, which were both 9.99, but at 60 minutes it's twice as  much content, so not too shabby. I'd love to see more lower priced one or two episode OVA releases of this sort from Bandai and others, which makes a nice, cheap quick fix compared to collecting assorted TV volumes or an expensive boxset. Even though I haven't bought or even seen Lucky Star, I'll probably be buying this.
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Florida Resident

Nabari no Ou
Many others

Ask if you really wish to know more.
Or check me out at IMVU (entire profile on there)
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Nov 2009  - Jan 2010
New listings up on amazon for Viz , TKP & CMX
here's what i'm getting so far :***&view=kismet&shelf=list

My god that's 52 volumes i seriously need to cut down. Why do series never seem to end??  ^-^
7 new titles
All My Darling Daughters
Beast Master, Volume 1
Butterflies, Flowers, Volume 1
Jormungand, Volume 1
Karakuriodetto Volume 1
Mad Love Chase Volume 1
Natsume's Book of Friends, Volume 1

out of the lot most looking forward to Skip Beat as always, and Natsume.
Anything anyone is looking forward to?

| | This is for products shipping in July/Aug and some in Sept. Also, if you go waaaayyy down to the bottom of the list, some of the live action dvd's are long-term solicitations [as are some toys] for items shipping in the future, which is why there's UP, Wolverine Origins and other dvd's of recent movies [note- DragonBall Evolution gets a 2-disc version DVD. Nifty]
I've sent in my orders, have you? I'm currently regretting not ordering the first Muppet Show trade [though I might pick it up at some point]

Sort through the Previews listings for assorted manga you'd like. For new series from this month's previews, I'm ordering WaqWaq  vol.1 and Zone OO Vol.1. Also, ordered Gunsmith Cats Burst vol.4, which we've been waiting for, for a long time. Also keen in my books is new Uncanny X-men First Class miniseries, and a Metroplex Transformers 1shot.
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