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Taken from Type Moon's website after their C76 product lineup announcement.
No further details yet, but they've got a page up for it.

Please, for the sake of all that is good in this world, please be an Unlimited Blade Works movie by ufotable... Heck, I'll even settle for Heaven's Feel.
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hi how you doing

Bible Black: New Testiment
Bible Black: New Testiment

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Here is just a quick list of my fave Hentais so far, it could change in the Near futureXD

1. Night Shift Nurses Series:  Still one of the most shocking hentais ever!! Everything else looks tame compared to this, and with the new OVA's  that came out a few Months pretty much set this in stone. Its going to take something really special to knock this off in my mind. Lets just say after you watch this you may not see Eggs and Balloons the same way again.

2. Taimanin Asagi: Awesome Animation, Hot Ninja Girls, Awesome Animation, Demons and tenticules, A little Romance and did I mention Awesome Animation, I believe the new style of Hentai was born in this series.
Taimanin Asagi
Taimanin Asagi

3. Foxy Nudes: A Hostage situation made worse by an Ratings obsessed newscaster. This Hentai is one you will remember from Beginning to End, I know I will never forget that Balcony scene! :O

4. Accelerando Series: Some of the most aggressive and Hottest women I have seen in Hentai, combine that with great animation make this a must see.

5. Viper GTS: A very cool Hentai all around and you gotta love the sexiness that is Carrera!XD

6. Immoral Sisters: A story of Blackmail and Some incest, A perverted Principal and his Son, Oh my  a very cool story with nice animation to boot.
Immoral Sisters
Immoral Sisters

7. It's A Family Affair: A brother with 10 very hot step-sisters, If loved Akiba girls then you should check this out.
It's A family Affair
It's A family Affair

8. Seifuku Shojo: Four short Stories of Awesomeness especially episode 2.. Sailor Moon Goodness;)

9. La Blue Girl: One of the First Hentais I ever watched, even though it shows its ages its still a must see for those lovers of tenticule action:)

10. Angel Blade: This series is great all around great characters and smooth animation, All i'm asking is for the third part to this PLEASE!!!XD


Honorable Mentions
  • Akiba Girls
  • Taboo Charming Mother
  • Nightmare Campus
  • Bible Black First Series and The Onlys
  • Hills Have Size
  • Ane Haramix
  • Ali Maniax
  • Discode
  • The Immorals
  • Helter Skelter
  • Alignment You You
  • Lingerie Office
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After coming out of a coma, a gang leader wakes up to find his gang has disbanded and now the city they used to run in now divided up between three new gangs, now you must fight each gang for the territory and revive the Saints.
4 out of 5

Game Play
the game play is a lot like GTA, hijack cars, traffic drugs, race and other activitys. You can take out the gangs in what ever order you want, but to do missions you need respect, you earn respect by doing stunts around town and completeing activities each story and stronhold mission costs one level of respect to do. there are some pretty fun missions two, one will have you racing to your stronghold stoned, while another will have you stealing radio active waste to put in a gang leaders tatoo ink. this game dousnt focus on story as much as it focus on being fun, and it is very fun. the car mechanics can get a bit weird though, and it takes a while for the game to load.
5 out of 5

In the two GTA games i have played i felt they were lacking in the good music department , GTA SA had an ok selection while GTA4 selction was pretty bad, and here is another part where Saints Row douse things right. There is a huge selection of music and enough of it good that you dont feel screwed over if you dont like crap, i mean rap actually whats the differce. Saints row features music from bands like TakingBackSunday, Paramore, The Used, Wolfmother, Avenged Sevenfold, Helmet, The Defftones, and amny more good bands. ehat makes things better is that you can make you own station compsoed of songs in the game. i would have liked to add songs from my hardrive into the game but no games perfect
5 out of 5

fun gameplay, fun story, good music

Strange phsics, load time

In conclusion
This is a great game, go get it.
5 out of 5
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1. Batman: The Dark Knight.  What can I say about this movie.  It what all comic book movies need to shot for in the future.

2. Spiderman 2.  In till Batman: The Dark Knight this was the best comic book movie of all time.  Spiderman 3 would have made my list but they killed off Venom.


3. X-Men 2.  This movie set up the next X-Men so well and they totally drop the ball on this one.  Thank you Bryan Singer for destroying two iconic comic book franchises for the next couple years.



4. Iron Man.   Robert Downey Jr. nailed the role of Tony Stark so well I can’t see anyone else in the part. 

5. Watchmen.  Has I said about Girl Revolution Utena TV show.  Watchmen comic and movie has so many different layers to it and I can watch it over and over again and fined something new in it.

6. The Punisher.  The Second Punisher movie back in 2004 was classic in every way.  I like the way Punisher look like in Warzone, but that’s all I  like about the new Punisher movie.

7. Batman Begins.  When you watch the first 20 plus minutes of the film you think you are watching a regular movie.

8. Blade 2.  I know some of CGI looks kind of lame, but the fighting and story are really good.

9. Superman 2.  Best Superman movie hands down.  I wish they would make a live action Superman movie where he fought Darkled.

10. X-Men.  Good plot and fun to watch.


11. Ghost Rider.  I don’t care what people say.  I though Nick Cage did a fine job has Ghost Rider.  Can’t wait for part 2.

12. Ghost World.  I know this is more of a down to earth comic book about a young women named Enid.  She living her life in a normal word.  I love the characters in this film.  I just wish she would have stayed with Seymour at the end of the film.  If she did it would have been higher on my list.

13. Blade.  Say what you want about Wesley Snipes now and days.  He made it ok for big name Hollywood stars to play parts in comic book movies.


14. Spiderman.  Once you see Peter Parker swing around in this movie and fight the Green Goblin.  That’s all you need.

15. The Incredible Hulk.  I love Edward Norton in this film.  He did a good job.  I don’t know what people want from a Hulk film.   Bruce Banner is a alone in a world where he could hurt allot of people.  He’s not going to have a happy go lucky person.

16. Batman.  I know the Batman is allot more campy than the new movies, but I still like it.

17. Superman: The Movie.  The only Superman movie to have only Lex Luthor has the main villain (I don’t count the opening part in the film with General Zod because he really wasn’t part of the main storyline in this film.) and it do it right.

18. Batman Returns.  Two words.  Cat Women.

19. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.  Seeing the Silver Surfer in action is really cool.  If we could have really seen Galactus in this movie.  That would have made me put it high on my list. 

20. Sin City.  I love the black and white look to this film.  I just wish they didn’t kill off MARV in the film.  I love his story the most.

I don't why more people can't like anime and comic books like I do.
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i'm going to stop using the thread for my reviews and now just post them as blog post (like any of you really care though)
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KANA - Koi no Katachi

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   Here a video that was shot by the people from Trends in Japan CScout Japan Tokyo Toy Show 2009. 

It nice to know that it's not just video games and anime that come out of Japan.
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ive been looking online all day at blogs of anime recomendations but when people ask for that they dont list specifics so i need some help finding a recently new good anime with good animation with good fighting scenes i like drama but i like fighting alone with it alone with the funny ive already watch both code geass, eureka seven, claymore, d grayman, flcl, and basicly all popular animes like death note, bleach, and naruto plz help! lol
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im currently watching eureka seven pocket full of rainbows(the movie) and i dont get the movie it didnt leave off from episode 50 can someone fill me in
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I got my Tsumugi wig in the mail today and it is safe to say that I don't make a good blonde. Oh well, can't back down now seeing as I've already bought a good chunk of materials for the cosplay already. I guess I'll have to figure out how to put makeup to look half decent... The wig itself is nice if I actually put my hair properly inside the wig but I can't for the life of me find my wig cap so I just put the wig on without one. You can see my black hair creep eerily in the back but pretend you don't see that. It's a bit lighter than what I wanted but ahh life goes on.

As for progress, I've found two things for her hair accessories. One was a plastic coconut drink container which I'll use for her hat; it will get covered with fabric but for now it's just painted white. The other thing I made is her green star that adorns her head. And for good measure, I included a reference shot with MS Painted circles.

And on a completely random note, I got two spiffy art books from Kinokuniya recently. Noizi Ito's Haruhi art book and the Kamina and Simon combo one by Atsushi Nishigori (TTGL's character designer). The Haruhi one is stuff I can easily find online but it's a hardcover art book and is pretty to stare at. The Kamina/Simon one has lovely art that is entirely new to the book and it includes mini prints of some pieces you can put wherever.

If you can recall that one news article with Kamina on a segway, I have proof of where it is from. In the Gurren Lagann: The Movie's Official Fanbook, there's a bunch of doujinshi stuff in the back and one of them has Kamina on the segway. Here's pictures:

And on another random note, I redid my closet doors with more Gurren Lagann stuff. I still haven't finished redoing it but here's my wall of stuff for now:

And I think that's all for now. Until next time~
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So, I don't really have an excuse for not blogging lately besides being lazy. Well besides Anime-Expo being crazy. Finally met Gia and Deb (of which was great. I have a few things lined up (this will help me organize my next few posts), feel free to let me know what you think:

  • Review: Romeo x Juliet: Romeo Collection
  • Review: Gurren Lagaan Movie (sub)
  • Review: Evangelion 1.0 (dub)
  • State of the Industry (compare and contrast from last years AX panic panel, to where we are today)
  • Overall review of AX (spoiler: It was great, but not close to how great last years was)

Like I said though, if there's something you'd like to hear from Anime-Expo, let me know and I'll gladly write up something on it. I also have a couple video clips that I did for another site (Orange Lounge Radio) that I will mirror here once they are up.
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Wow, did the Summer season just fly by?!  It's not even August yet.
 Fall 2009 v3
 Fall 2009 v3
Anyways, here's what looks good to me as of 7th October 2009:


  • Queen's Blade: Heir to the Throne (going to watch this for the LULz)
  • Nyan Koi
  • Kampfer
  • To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
  • White Album: Final
  • Setokai no Ichizon
  • The Sacred Blacksmith
  • Sora no Otoshimono
  • Shin Koihime†Musō
  •  Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza (YUS!!!)
  • Sasameki Koto
  • Kiddy Girl-and (did not know this was a sequel to Kiddy Grade.  Might watch the first season if this is any good).


  • Kanokon ~Manatsu no Daishanikusai~
  • Kyou no Go no Ni (Today in Class 5-2)
  • ToHeart2 adplus
  • To Loveる
  • kissxsis
This season is BUST'N with a lot of (hopefully) good stuff, unlike the Summer season (-_-)
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i am just bored and well there are lots of arguments , when  orihime and ulquiorra should be a couple or not. i think they are cute as a couple well tell me about what you think please.  YES or NO 

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In her youth, Aki caused accidents while dueling, often resulting in people getting hurt or injured. Aki later attended a Duel Academy as a young teenager, where she inadvertently caused more accidents due to the instability of her special powers. Because of these incidents, she became separated from most people and kept herself away from them. Thus taking on the persona of the "Black Rose Witch". Aki is later found by Divine, a mysterious looking man who has a profound interest to Aki and her powers.

Her first appearance was when Leo and Dexter decide to challenge the Black Rose Witch to a duel. Right then Aki the "Black Rose Witch" appeared and that's when Aki first sees Yusei Fudo and his Dragon's Birthmark. She sees Yusei as a challenge since she knows he possesses a mark like hers as well.

Aki is a participant of the Fortune Cup and faces Jill deLauncebeaux as her first opponent. She wins the Duel with her signature card "Black Rose Dragon" and is then exposed as the feared "Black Rose Witch". Which was Jeager and Rex Godwin's intention. They also wanted Jill to expose her as a Signer, however even though she used her powers in the Duel, Akutsu's D-Sensor didn't receive a reading.

Aki's next opponent in the Fortune Cup for the second round is the Duel Profiler, Kodo Kinomiya, a mysterious man who attempts to confuse and manipulate her with tragic insights from her dark past. After being pushed to her psychological limits by Kodo, Aki loses control as her mark is revealed which makes her more unstable than usual. Aki is victorious and moves on to the final round where she faces Yusei Fudo.

After her first attack against Yusei becomes reality, he angrily exclaims that she enjoys inflicting pain on others. With a slightly insane smile, Aki replies that she is the "Black Rose Witch," a fearful lady who finds pleasure in other's pain, but Yusei knows that her hidden emotion is something else. Yusei ends up defeating Aki in the end. Aki is then taken away from the scene by Divine.

When the Crimson Dragon appeared in the middle of Yusei's and Jack's duel, it showed her, Yusei, Jack, and Luna a vision of the Satellite area being destroyed by a mysterious spider drawing which looks like the spider drawings of the Nazca lines.

Before Yusei's confrontation with Kyosuke Kiryu, his birthmark begins to react inside of the B.A.D area. This triggers Aki, Luna, and Jack's birthmarks as well. Aki instinctively senses that he is responsible for the reaction and knows that it is related to the vision they witnessed during the Fortune Cup. Leo goes in search of her for her aid in fighting the Dark Signers, but he, along with Luna are kidnapped by Divine. Whilst looking for Divine, who had gotten involved in a duel against Carly, she encounters Misty, who reveals herself as a Dark Signer. She challenges Aki to a duel for revenge.

Dragon Mark:
Aki's Birthmark allows her to make any damage done in a duel to her opponent real. So this is why she caused accidents when dueling because she didn't know how to maintain the power. She wears a hairband to keep these powers under control.

When Leo and Dexter decide to challenge the Black Rose Witch to a duel, Aki first sees Yusei Fudo and his Dragon's Birthmark. She expressed surprise to the fact that another individual also possesses such a birthmark. She notes it as a "wretched mark" before she leaves from the scene. After meeting Yusei, Aki changes her outlook on the world. Since they haven't had a chance to talk, she sees Yusei as a challenge since she knows he possesses a mark similar to hers.

In the semifinals, her opponent for the round was Kodo Kinomiya. Despite Kodo pushing her psychological limits, Aki still claims victory in the duel. Her dragon mark, the left claw, is revealed towards the end of the duel.

Aki plays a Plant Deck that is "Black Rose" themed. Her cards consists of gaining control of her opponents' monsters and inflicting damage by card effects. It is also aimed at summoning her ace card "Black Rose Dragon", the monster that supposedly led to her alias, the "Black Rose Witch."
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