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Ponyo is coming out on the 14th of August, and despite being one of his better films - just like many of his works as soon as it comes state side - Miysaki's films have made art house numbers. Despite Pixar's prodding and planning (and unfortunately lack of coverage from this site and other anime sites on the actual dub director - I had to hear it from Variety and Variety doesn't do shit anymore ever since Nikki Finke has out scooped them many times and been looking for a suitor in around that time) I have my doubts how the movie is going to translate in a nation so infatuated with Wii, Miss Cyrus and Jonas (both families have kids who are the major voice actors in the movie).  And no matter how beautiful the movie is, its still considered a second class issuance from the basis of many of the old guard of Disney and the TAG unions.  
I wish i could tell you otherwise - But I will state this - the Industry is about to suffer a dislocation. I believed the correction for anime was over - and it is in a way - but since the fan-base has gotten rid of their intellectual leaders (not unlike the car Industry) and supported the perverted pirates - there is a sense that Disney and the rest can game the system both in Wall Street and Main Street and use what they have been doing for the past 40 years when it comes to animation - the nine old (heres the important part) "Nice honest American" men and there legacy continues in "The Princess and the Frog". 
And they will succeed no matter what. 
But when it comes this Genre they cant even figure out how to make success? Its really, really simple.  
Disney has been out of touch for years. You can see based on the news reports and issues about "The Princess and the Frog". The reason Miss Cyrus and other productions have succeeded is the same reason Britney (Later on) and Annette Funichello did - Disney is great in making Icons and Symbology, but their MAIN story-lines have been the same for the past 70 years - give or take comic quirk that Disney (the man, not the company) added in the movies.  That in and of itself isnt the worst thing in the world. But it does get tiresome. 
One of 4Kids's great moments was anime's greatest moment. Pokemon's 80 Million dollar rise to fame. The whole animation world was bitterly stunned (the unions and the Major Kids Companies)... How can a small rag tag group out of the City that Never Sleeps, make Disney, Nick and Warner Brothers quake in their boots?   
Looking back - it was simple. It was the same way Disney worked the media - it was at a time when we had the bubble and we needed a CEO that made sense. That Old media needed newer fresher looks. 4Kids put all the pieces and made a masterpiece - bringing anime out of the dumps and into a semi mainstream acceptance. 
Today - All I hear is the same fans who came to the anime world (or some who completed that Journey) because of that movie - waiting to dance on the grave of the company they so now hate - at the same time hoping against hope that a company who never really looked at the Genre in a positive light (outside of Disney himself when it came to Tesuka) will make magic strike again. 
It cant happen.  
Its isn't really the fault of Disney nor the fault of 4Kids. 
I kept saying this again and again but Im saying in terms that maybe, finally you can all understand.  
How can you promote a Genre which fan-base is seen by the mainstream as perverted?  
Its extremely difficult. In fact if one doesn't have the work ethic as Al Kahn - its nearly impossible.  (and dont fucking tell me anybody else in the dubbing industry has that work ethic, because if they did Funi would be on Fox right now so yes - most of the people in leadership roles in the anime dubbing industry are lazy bums not unlike Madoff) 
This is what they see - when Disney and those companies go to the anime conventions - their leaders are not dressed for success - that means they are not serious about what they want to promote - "No worries for us!" Their fans are honkies with no kids? Their ladies are dressed like whores - are you sure we arnt in Compton (CA) or Bankhead (GA)..."this is an animation convention?" 
And the Executives sit there, call Best Buy and tell them all types of shit. Best Buy gets the orders - places Hanna Montana in the front of the video kiosk, where something like Major or a lesser known anime franchise is placed in the back.  
Then, their researchers look at who is stealing tv shows - and once they see one piece on the list - that makes them worry even more. Then Time Article about 4Chan's moot and the whole like making yall look worse. 
Then on top of this - transliteration - which I consider nothing more than Blackface Vaudeville resurrected in its most ugliest form (or better yet - the yellow man and his shifty ways) had made things really difficult between the people that support the fanbase and many elements of the base who have become leaders of the fanbase (the anon and the like) 
I realized a long time ago - i stayed and dealt with all the crap and the name calling i took because along as 4Kids was there - there was some semblance of the goodness. They had good people in the company and they have been always nice to the people they dealt with.  
But sadly, the anime fandom i have dealt with are so perverted, so lost so whatever the thing most critics say about mainstream society says about its youth - that i cant really stand here and say things are happy of what not. Its not. 
See, I am an animation fan first and foremost. But this is just a big a crisis as anything that's happened in the animation world in recent years. Yes, theatrical has done well - but thats because the Unions only care about money and not protecting their workers, and has made deals that made the real unions (WGA and the rest) hate the TAG.  But what i sense is when the Unions forget what they are for - something with commitment, with hope and utter American Grit will show up and shock them - The Union would say Union busting - but the interesting thing is that the Unions for GM own the company - and GM would have not have recovered somewhat if it wasn't for Cash for Clunkers. At best - The TAG union, despite the good people it has - is as many of what the WGA has stated they are - a Union for the Corporations and not its workers. 
Its one of the many reasons why animation writers left the business. With them gone, there isn't that many writers out there pushing new ideas. 4Kids did hire some union writers - but it wasn't counted as such - but they had solid scripts (etc) for TMNT and the like. 
Now with them being sold off or merged without the people that made 4Kids what it was - a great company - where would any new anime series - scratch that any new animated series become a hit? 
See, Nick and Disney and CN have a war chest and they can afford (at this time mind you) to fail a million times. 4Kids had to get shows that had to be a hit out of the gate. But the anime fan-base didn't help matters, and the changing Kids Industry didn't help matters and the issues with the economic situation really didn't help matters.  
But I think the real tragedy is that now, i feel anime in the US has lost its moral core. Disney can try and try but it will never had the right spots nor the right time to do what 4Kids did with Pokemon 10 years ago. And that I feel hurts not only this website - but every thing that deals with anime in the states now. And i feel that the racism was never in 4Kids offices. But in Arlong Park and the modern day fan-base and the transliteration crowd that is apart of this hobby. Its not a hobby (as a black man especially who still deals with questions about race even to this day) I want to deal with anymore. I loved the era i grew up in when it comes to Anime and the like - and the joy we had. But with age comes wisdom. And the wisdom let things pass and show and to divest is a more enlightened path than staying and fighting another 5 years with no results. 
I don't know where I am going - but i realized that the perverted that hold this industry in cell i cannot fight against. They will always exist - but now they are much more powerful and prevalent. I stated to myself some time ago that - if 4Kids goes - I go. Things are in balance in the world and as one thing dies - a new thing comes along. I see the writing on the wall. Its not a happy picture. It might die - it might become a larger part of a changing Porn industry - but It will never be mainstream and never be at least somewhat respected as it was back then, because the perverts have won. 
And it hurts me, but I have to take the best for this Genre (and maybe once in a while look at something new) and leave the bad behind. But when the bad overrides the good - its time to move on. 
Im not sure if this is the end of the Queen Blog. I hope it isn't. But I dont hope much. Im just disappointed in most of you. From the webmaster of this wonderfully made site to the fans. I tried to convince you but it isn't enough. So im done trying to convince you guys. Im done being angry. I gonna move on with my life and hope for the best for the Genre. 
Thats all that needs to be said. 
NovidAnon - The Anon of the Internet signing off ... for how long?
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My first hat. I haven't decided how I'm going to place the cards yet.
My first hat. I haven't decided how I'm going to place the cards yet.
The crafting goddess has shined her glory down upon me. I have successfully created two mini gothic lolita top hats. One is a replica of the hat worn by Mio Akiyama in K-ON and is the final element in completing my costume. The other is just one that I made inspired by one I saw at OhayoCon at the Gothic Lolita Tea Party. They're a little rough looking, but I think overall they're not bad for a beginner. I spent
It's kind of wrinkly, and I need to find a way to hide the cardboard side. Not bad though.
It's kind of wrinkly, and I need to find a way to hide the cardboard side. Not bad though.
forever trying to find a good, simple tutorial. I found a great tutorial on youtube using a lampshade. I remembered a girl at Ohayocon telling me her dad made her a hat out of a paper coffee cup. Suddenly the method clicked in my head. For one hat I used a 12 oz coffee cup and the other I used a smaller, plastic cup I had. I used cardboard as the base and the top cover for both. For the green hat, the top and base are covered with felt. I found out that while the felt I had worked well for covering flat surfaces, it didn't fit too well when I tried to adhere it to the cup. So I used scrap fabric to wrap around the cup. I didn't measure exactly, so I kind of have an extra crooked flap on one side, but you can't really tell from a distance. Plus, it lays pretty flat, blending in. I burned almost all my fingers with the hot glue gun, and made a nightmare of my living room (it's clean now), but it was worth it. I'm really proud of my hats. I figure with practice, I'll get better. I also bought a mini top hat for teddy bears at Michael's, but have yet to decorate it. Now I just gotta figure out how I'm going to attach the hat to my head. I think I'm going to get metal hair clips and hot glue them underneath.
My Mio Hat. Looks a little bit more polished than the first hat.
My Mio Hat. Looks a little bit more polished than the first hat.
  I spent $11 for my first Lolita hat; not bad for a really nice hat with lots of trim. However, I see less than stellar hats being sold for more on ebay.  Lolita hats do not cost that much to make. You just need cardboard which you can get for free just about anywhere. Buy a grab bag of ribbon at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or any crafting store or even Wal-Mart; it's like maybe $5 for a bag filled with tons of different colored and textured ribbons. Buy leftover fabric or those small bundles of fabric folded like squares--I know these were like $3 a bundle which is more than enough fabric for one hat. Buy a hot glue gun for $2.99, glue sticks for $2.99, and
The least of the mess.
The least of the mess.
you're set to go.
My disaster zone living room.
My disaster zone living room.

 You could also try painting your hat instead of covering it with fabric. Acrylic paint is cheap and decent brushes are not that expensive. All you got to do is go home, invest some time, be patient (which I'm not very good at), and you'll have an awesome Lolita hat.
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Ok, Psychotic fun is a new thing i'm doing where i list games I'm going to be getting soon that support online play, for me this also means that all games for this thing will be PS3 games, but if our interested in playing co-op or just want to a quick match send me a message on PSN to ThePsychoGamer on witch one you want play. also, please bring a mic to these.
anyways the next two games i'm getting from gamefly are
Killzone 2
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UNSC Andraste
Production information

UNSC Frigate

Technical specifications
Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

Slipspace velocity





60 Centimeters of Titanium-A Armor

  • MAC Gun (1)
  • Archer Missile Pods (30) with 30 missiles each
  • 8 point defense guns
  • 3 Shiva nuclear warheads



The UNSC Andraste is UNSC Frigate shown in the art novel Art of Halo 3.  The UNSC Andraste was the therd  frigate attacking the Ark in the level, 'The Storm' 's ending cutscene.  After the failed attack the Andraste took off  to an unknown location and did not go though the portal, but stayed on Earth         


   the UNSC Andraste  is still unknown, only showing its self in the attack, its rummored it took part in the space battle above Reach and was one of the 3 ships that servived the attack. master sargant Haseo served on this ship as an ODST, but was KIA back on Reach, his wife Ayana is the UNSC Andraste's  piolet.       
PS i looked in to it in the halo history there were only 3 or 4 ships that servived the battle, piller of auttom as one of them!     
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watch: Foxy Nudes     
watch: lucky star for fist time 
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Horie Yui - YAHHO!

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Trust me when I say this. 
When 4Kids goes, If it goes - if worse comes to worse - The anime industry will be destroyed in this country. Its already hanging by a thread because of the Lawyers, the Censors and all the rest of the silly nonsense. 
But its not just that - when they go, Saturday Morning also goes. The industry becomes into the hands of three owners - so strong they can change the focus of one network - because the other two making money out of little tarts and what not. 
Guess what folks. Your nothing more than the other side of the Mainstream Industry. Trust me on this.  
So what now? 
You think you fucking won, but you really really lost. Your gonna lose your moral center - 4Kids because you couldn't deal with supposed "race bating" which never really exist. 
Sometimes i wonder why I do these things. For the time I was off i was thinking of bringing back my website and making new ideas.
You see, 4Kids was the model i wanted my company to be, an no nonsense - a little luck and all american (to the degree of its workers) company that respected anime, continue the legacy set out by Sunbrow Productions, Saban, DiC did. But too many liberals from the FCC, and Too many sick twisted bastards from the anime fanbase and the Vulture Communists named Disney, Warner Brothers and Nick/Paramount/Viacom wanted this company gone. 
I hope to GOD. TO GOD that they don't get sold. But if they do: 
That is all.
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Parody of 99 red balloons by nena
Parody of How to save a life by the fray
Parody of the real slim shady... i think Emimin i think
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I friend of mine and Baku's invited us to an anime gathering/party at the Louisville Free Public Library last week. Today, I found an article on this event on the front page of the features section of the Courier-Journal. Apparently, it's a pretty big event; the predicted attendance is around 500. The "con" is mainly geared at younger children and teens; it's  meant to encourage reading. Librarians are really happy and excited about manga; it appears to be a popular reading material among kids and reaches a large audience. There will be a bookmobile set up as the Manga Mobile with 4,000 volumes of manga for people to check out. There are lots of activities like manga drawing classes, Ramen noodle eating contest, a costume contest, and anime screenings. The con is Friday and Saturday with free admission. Friday is limited to people ages 12-19. Saturday is open to people ages 5-11 and 12-19. Registration is recommended, but not required. Obviously, Baku and I are way past the 19 age limit; however, I think that's just for participating in the contests and certain events.

We know several people who have been and will be there above the age of 19. I really think this is an awesome event and way to further love for reading and anime/manga. So, this Friday, Baku and I will be headin' down to the Louisville Free Public Library (Main Branch downtown)  to check the con out and take lots of photos. I'll be debuting my Mio outfit. If you're in the Louisville area come and check it out. If you spot us, make sure to say “Hi.”
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Out there, we've walked quite friendly up to Death,-
Sat down and eaten with him, cool and bland,-
Pardoned his spilling mess-tins in our hand.
We've sniffed the green thick odour of his breath,-
Our eyes wept, but our courage didn't writhe.
He's spat at us with bullets and he's coughed
Shrapnel. We chorussed when he sang aloft,
We whistled while he shaved us with his scythe.

Oh, Death was never enemy of ours!
We laughed at him, we leagued with him, old chum.
No soldier's paid to kick against His powers.
We laughed, -knowing that better men would come,
And greater wars: when each proud fighter brags
He wars on Death, for lives; not men, for  war.
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My new site Reach Out to the Truth is now live.

Reach Out to the Truth is the site where I'll be publishing all my future blogs. Most people don't know, but I currently blog on seven different sites. Reach Out to the Truth makes it easier for me to keep track of all my blog posts, reminds me of the sites that I need to publish the blog on, and increases the visibility of my "exclusives" which may include content of interest to all my readers.

Reach Out to the Truth takes its name from one of the songs on the Persona 4 soundtrack. Truth and the desire to obtain the truth is a common theme in Persona 4. I'd like to think that has something to do with the site, but I really just chose it because I like Persona 4. And that's the truth.

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