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have u ever debated agaist some one thats argument is so illogical that u had to facepalm? i have recentlyly saw some............very dumb debates and i have come up with this"the facepalm awards" nominate the person that makes u facepalm the most and wat ratings: 
ratings are lowest to highest(1-5) 
post nomines with the quote(or conversations) they said and the rating picture in the end we will detremine how gives people the most face palms :) 
 the winner will get this face palm: 
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Cosplayers came out in droves to this, my first convention. It was a one-size-fits-all-geeks sort of event, with seemingly no theme. There were anime booths, comic kiosks, action figures, actors, and a cosplay contest. I thoroughly enjoyed it, mostly because of the cosplay. Here are a few of the better cosplayers I saw there today. 





The girl in the purple is my new idea of what the girl of my dreams looks like. I discovered, today, how much I actually love cosplay.
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I'm bored, I'm listening to blues music in the background, and I'm going to try and use this valuable time by slapping down some quickie reviews of various animu I've been watching on and off over the past month. Some of it is recent, some is not, but feel free to read it and then draw your own conclusions:
Solty Rei: Started out interesting, but then seemed to forget where it was going. A cop on the edge with nothing left to lose? Fine. Have him fighting people with cybernetic enhancements? Fine. Give him a green-haired cyborg to replace his missing daughter? Fine. But then you throw in a well-known thief who has no trouble walking around in broad daylight, a few supposedly-deep villains that last only 1-2 episodes, and a quirky team of car-named girls who don't seem to do much more than get outsmarted and smacked around and eventually killed off? It felt kind of like the movie Hancock in terms of progression, where it felt like the writers were trying to insert four different stories instead of a clear one.

It wasn't a bad show, just kinda boring and forgettable.

Speed Grapher: Apparently, they spent most of the budget to license "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran for the opening theme. The entire main cast seems to be full of people who just can't get laid unless they do something that kills other people while they're doing it. Hence, the whole "Euphoria" shtick. The main character (Saiga) can only get hard while holding a camera, he fights villians ranging from a rubber-suit man to a guy who loves dentistry a little too much.

Plot? Oh yeah, basically, the girl who gives these "Euphorias" all their powers is a walking, talking MacGuffin.

Sounds strange, doesn't it? However, it's actually a decent show, and if you are not against the gratuitous sex and violence sprinkled liberally throughout the show you'll probably like it.

Sumomomo Momomo: I decided to watch this thing on a lark after hearing about it on AV. I guess this show is what would happen if you gave a high-school-aged Phoenix Wright an unwanted harem, and that harem was composed of girls who all had martial arts skills from some generic action anime.

The plot here revolves around a guy named Koushi who is studying to be a prosecutor, and then finds out he was part of an arranged marriage to this little pink haired girl who wants to make babies with him at nearly every opportunity. Everyone wants him to be a great martial artist, even his father, but he just wants the comfort of his law books while some secret war of the zodiac rages on around him, sort of. Depending on your POV, this show is either really hilarious or real fucking annoying (hearing the pink-haired thing scream "KOUSHI-DONO!" over and over nearly made me quit).

For an extra challenge, try saying the title five times over.

Burst Angel: The crime ridden streets of a semi-futuristic Tokyo are no match for a lady scorned, especially if she has a pair of pistols and a gigantic fucking mech (excuse me, "Cybot") that no one seems to notice. Feel free to take a shot of hard liquor every time Meg gets kidnapped or taken hostage, and take another shot when Jo angrily yells at the nearest teammate about the need to save her. You'll probably die of alcohol poisoning by the end of the series. Some yuri overtones present, but other than that this series feels rather forgettable.

Bakemonogatari: Trades in a lot of puns that probably make more sense in the original Japanese. I'm still not entirely sure what this thing is about, but it's definitely a little more interesting than the generic crap I've been watching. Definitely surreal with some strange animal spirits that seem to be fucking with people (a crab god that makes a girl weightless, a snail that makes a loli unable to find her home). This show is awesome, and you should totally watch it.

Needless: If Bakemonogatari is the anime equivalent of an abstract painting in an art gallery, Needless is the kindergartner's crayon drawing hanging on some proud parent's fridge. A true homage to 90's action anime where everyone calls out their attacks, the personalities and powers are twisted to the extreme, and the clothes of any female fighters inevitably get ripped or torn off during and after battles. You'll probably find it amusing, especially when you see the ED contains little more than three little girls macking on each other.
Or as a friend of mine put it: "They sold me at Dragonforce music, a guy who looks like Dr. Wily, and ludicrous fanservice enough to choke an anthropomorphic horse."

Princess Lover: No one else seemed to care about this series, so I figured I'd give it a shot. It's the only show where you'll see a horse-drawn carriage inexplicably outrun a sportscar. Some poor Japanese kid somehow inherits a giant fortune, gets thrown into a super-rich school, and manages to have four different girls with large breasts all wanting to jump his bones by the end of the first 2-3 episodes. Oh, and he has a sword, just because. If only it didn't take itself too seriously, it would be a little more interesting. Otherwise, it's standard wish fulfillment with a PG-13 flair. On the other hand, there are a couple of episodes with an awesome butler guy, I'm talking like a more serious Klaus from Hayate the Combat Butler.

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!: Something about little girls in tight rubber suits sticking giant plugs into people to make them less likely to become "an heroes". Basically, if you have a latex suit and/or loli fetish you'll probably like this one. Not exactly my style. The only thing I like about this show is that the first male lead isn't some whiny angsty teenager but a guy with a baseball bat who actually stands up for himself. Then again, there's one girl who apparently enjoys getting smacked by said bat.

Upon further reflection, I'm starting to think that this is a parody of the "magical girl" genre. Either that, or just another show that shouldn't be shown to little kids.

Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments.
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This is the longest video clip I've made to date topping at over 27 minutes. Here is my newest Top 10 list on anime titles that I think show the best amount of character depth and development. Because of its length, I winded up having to cut the video down into three parts so I could get the parts onto Youtube. So here are my separate clips of my Top 10 take on characterization in an anime:
Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
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Join Moon Storm and Lunermoth as we cover the news on Anime Vice. 
RIP Takahiro yamato .
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haruhi figs.
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As many of you know, my online handle is usually "giapet" (most sites require your username to be more than three characters, and/or "gia" is already taken). My personal site is; hell, even my license plate is GIAPET. I'm fond of the nickname. I think it's cute.
HOWEVER! There is more than one "giapet" on the Internet. I have a Google alert for the name and I know that there's a crafty person on Etsy who uses the same name-- in fact, she's the second item on a search for "giapet" on Google. 
And then there's this giapet:
And someone who is decidedly not me on MySpace (warning: probably not safe for work).
...And even a DeviantArtist who draws furries. (Don't even joke that it's me; the person lives in Chicago. Maybe it's actually GodLen posing as me.)
Not that I've ever had any problems with mistaken identities when it comes to this stuff, mind...but how many of you suffer from many-people-use-my-name-itis?
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 After beating Persona 4, I wondered what I would play next. Eventually I decided I should finish Dragon Quest VIII, and then I'd probably move on to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne after that. But for whatever reason that didn't happen. I ended starting Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker instead, played that for 28 hours, and then switched to Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. And after rescuing the last six slimes in the game, I didn't stop. I just kept going, and I guess now I'm aiming for 100% completion.That's a great way to remove all the fun from a game...
Oh, and I found out Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime's credits are amazing. The slime puns never stop, even for the credits. It's a shame you can't watch them more than once. You could probably find some video on YouTube though if you want to see for yourself.
Other games I've been playing recently at some point: 
  • Fire Emblem - I'm up to Chapter 26 playing as Eliwood. I'll beat it eventually. Eventually.
  • Super Mario Advance - Collecting several eggs for the Yoshi Challenge, currently at 28/40. Collecting the Yoshi eggs and then beating the level without dying can be tricky, especially since the Yoshi eggs often take the place of mushrooms.
  • Mayhem Intergalactic - This is an indie game available on Steam. I bought it mostly for the achievements, but it's not a bad game. Oh, but I'm still playing it for the achievements. I just have one left, and it requires 100 multiplayer wins. Guess what? I've never played a multiplayer game against actual people. There aren't enough people playing the game, so I always have to go up against bots.
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kazuma the shell bullet  
if u dont kno kazuma he has shown him self a even match for the hulk
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SPOILERS ahead, I suppose.
Out of "boredom" I decided to ride my bike to Kinokuniya Bookstore in San Jose on Wednesday. While there, I ended up buying Gurren Lagann (not the school one*) manga vol. 4 (it's in Japanese). Why? Because, I figured why not: I couldn't find any other volumes, and I have a habit of buying things I don't "need." 
So I read it later at home. Well, it's not horrible, but not perfect either. Heck, I don't even know what to rate this thing. So instead, I'll point out some stuff that sticks out to me:  
  1. Apparently, this volume takes place after episode 8 of the tv show, then brings in elements from the first movie= Some of it works, some of it doesn't.
  2. Yoko firing Simon's drill out of her gun in order to save Nia= Ok, but no swimsuit (no beach chapter, oh well)
  3.  The speech!= Talk about akward looking 0_o   
  4.  Boota biting SImon in the butt= lol, motivation.  
  5. Well, that's all for now. Any questions? Feel free to ask me, I guess.
  6. *=I bought the school manga in San Francisco last Saturday
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I came across these in the course of my own graphic novel/manga research, and while they're a tad outside both my own interests and the scope of my [other] blog, I knew there was an audience somewhere for this stuff; I'm a nice guy, so I thought I'd do a write up for you. 

Graphic-Sha -- perhaps sensing the sea change among casual fans away from Manga-style art (which is a damn lot of work) toward the cute outfits (which are also a damn lot of work but which get a much better ego-stoking-reaction at American cons) -- have started the How to Cosplay Series, announced and released to little fanfare back in the spring (ANN had the press release) (yeah, I don't remember seeing it either).

If this is anything like Graphic-Sha's How to Draw Manga series, we can look forward to many, many volumes culled from Japanese sources and translated into English.  Two volumes are currently available, vol 3 releases at the end of the month, and after that it looks like we'll be getting one new volume a month for quite a while.  The list price on these is either $19.99 or $24.99 (of course you can find them online for less) but I can't determine an overall pricing strategy here... maybe it depends on length?

 Here are the volumes I've been able to find so far.

[item descriptions from online sales sites; I'm assuming they were provided to Amazon, B&N, et al. by the publisher and such are fair game.] 

vol 1 Transformations & Special Effects Makeup, currently available.  isbn 9784766119602 
"There are a number of books out there on making the costumes for cosplaying, but until now, there have been none that specialize in cosplay make-up. Taking full advantage of the know-how amassed through its publication of various how-to books, Graphic-sha has produced a detailed and thorough book on how to do cosplay make-up. Graphic-sha has obtained the necessary authorization to use the popular (and copyrighted) anime, manga, and game characters featured in the book, and can present the actual make-up techniques needed to reproduce them accurately! Using familiar materials and items, professional make-up artists present complete lectures on such topics as Basics/Cross-dressing/Using face paint/Special wound and make-up/Covering facial faults! Also featured are exclusive reports on major cosplay events!"

vol 2 Japanese Style Costumes, currently available.  isbn 9784766119619
"Characters in Japanese-style costumes are a cosplay staple, so How to Cosplay includes in-depth tutorials on how to craft easy-to-arrange costumes, beginning with the basics of materials and sewing machines. Ninja costumes, haori and hakama for samurai costumes, one-piece kimono and casual clothes - you can also freely combine the different parts to make your own original variations! From larger pieces such as outer coats, sleeves, haori, and hakama to smaller ones such as hoods, coverings for the back of the hands, and leggings, How to Cosplay features basic designs that are easily arranged and tutorials on techinques that will allow you to produce beautiful costumes. Includes a CD-ROM containing sewing patterns for different costume parts in different sizes, complete with pattern grids to make them easy to use!"

vol 3 Manga, Anime, & Game Characters; Aug 29.  isbn 9784766119916
"Experience to the fullest the latest cosplay information from Japan, the home of cosplay!! Cosplaying - in which fans dress up as their favorite manga, anime and game characters- is exploding in popularity around the world. And the place all these fans admire is of course-Japan ! Cosplayers around the globe want to know which characters Japanese fans are interested in now, how they express that interest, and what techniques they use to bring those characters to life. How to Cosplay 3: COS*Style is the project we've developed to meet those fans' desires. The book features lots of great photos of the best cosplayers from cosplay events all over Japan. Details of costumes and weapons are shown from many different angles, and the book includes a wide variety of ideas for costume execution and hair and make-up arrangement. It's an excellent reference book. The How to Cosplay series editors and camaramen are in charge of production."

vol 4 Wigs & Contact Lenses, Sep 29.  isbn 9784766119848
"Your costume and make-up are perfect, but you find that you're still worried about one thing - WIGS! In order to thoroughly become your favorite character, wigs are indispensable, but for beginners, they're tough to handle. This book explains in detail the techniques used at a cosplay-specialty beauty salon, using both lectures and photos. The differences between wig materials, how to maintain and store wigs, how to process wigs, vertical rolls, corkscrew curls, pompadours, Japanese hairstyles and more - all will be fully explained. The second feature compares 60 different types of color contact lens, complete with lessons for beginners on how to put in and take out contact lenses safely."

vol 5 Gothic & Lolita, Oct 29.  isbn 9784766120035
"Announcing a new stylebook from Japan, the birthplace of Gothic and Lolita fashion! 'Gothic Fashion' is patterned after gothic novels set in medieval Europe and the costumes worn by nobility in the movies based on those novels, as well as the styles associated with demons, witches, and vampires. 'Lolita Fashion' takes to extremes the classical girlish tastes of young girls and women - the Lolitas made famous in Literature. This book includes Gothic and Lolita fashion zones from all across Japan, and features numerous photos from famous streets, fashion shows, and 'charisma' shops. Costumes, accessories, and tips on designing clothes, hair, and make-up are also detailed."

vol 6 Uniforms Arrangement, Nov 29.  isbn 9784766120042
"In this volume, Graphic-Sha tackles uniforms - popular costumes that appear with great frequency in anime, manga, and games. Photos and illustrations help explain clearly how to make basic uniform types, plus some of the props that complement them. Patterns for all of the uniforms are also included on the enclosed CD-ROM as PDF files."

vol 7 Props, Jan 29, 2010.  isbn 9784766120059
"Take your costume and cosplaying to the next level! No matter how much your costume looks like the real deal, no matter how perfect your hairstyle and make-up is - if the props for the character are rubbish, the effect of your costume will be ruined. In easy-to-comprehend terms, this book details how to use the same materials the pros use to create amazingly realistic props at home."

If this release schedule keeps up we can expect vol 8 in February or March (my guess is March, and with additional volumes every othe month following -- for as long as they keep up the series)
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Note: I've tried to post this a few times previously, and each time it was eaten by blog gremlins or something. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping fourth time's lucky.
Confession: I have not watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in its entirety. Not for lack of trying, mind you. Three times I have sat down to what I believed to be the first episode only to sigh dramatically and hit stop about ten minutes in. The (not really?) first episode The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina over-stays its welcome like a Saturday Night Live sketch. I just can't muster the attention span to finish it. 
With Haruhi back in the news recently I decided to give it a fourth try. This time, however, I remembered a story Margaret Atwood once told about overhearing two women in a grocery store discussing Anna Karenina. One woman was complaining that she kept trying to finish reading it but couldn't stay motivated. Margaret suggested that the woman read the last chapter first as Anna Karenina has a very dramatic death-by-train-squashing at its end. The idea was that the desire to know how the squashing comes about would provide the motivation to keep reading. With this in mind I sat down to what I believed to be the last episode of Haruhi. Foiled again. I failed to find The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 6 sufficiently compelling and I've subsequently discovered it's not quite the last episode anyway.
So here I am. A lone nerd girl on the fringe who has only managed to get through 1 1/2 episodes of one of the more popular shows in recent years. On one hand, I feel compelled to go for a fifth round if only to be a part of the conversation. On the other hand, these Endless Eight shenanigans have me wondering if I should quit now just to avoid being trolled.
Therefore Internets, I ask you. Should I make another attempt to accept Haruhi into my life? If so, which episode order is recommended? Give up now and remain blissfully ignorant of Endless Eight? Watch the first season but run screaming from the second? Help a girl out here.
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closest image i could find of what they look like! 
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Right im sick of this whole Curb Stomp... GOku VS Superman: GOku Curb Stomp..... Sorry thats not an actually argument for or against. It is in fact the worst way to get you point across, If a battle is made at least have the frame of mind to post your point of view and not just CURB STOMP! I mean we all know the characters why is it a curb stomp EXPLAIN YOURSELFS . Its the dumbest thing people can post in a battle thread it tells us nothing and leads to this type of arugment "Curb Stomp".."NO WAY SUPES CURB STOMP" . If your going to debate in a battle then DEBATE! and if it is a so called curb stomp then its really just a spite thread is it not???
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