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   i dont know if u guys know this but daft punk teamed up with toonami to make anime/dance video its pretty good check it out
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if u havent read this manga i would reccomend it its one of my favarite manga's about 2 americans( pyro is a manga fantic and largo is a gaming fantic)goes to tokyo for a visit and are unable to go back they make some friend and start their life in tokyo until they can get back. this comic is funny as HELL with a side of drama, beer and rent-a-zilla's if u want to read it go to:  
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People sweeping the street in heavy weather. Tokyo, Japan. Around 1930. 
People sweeping the street in heavy weather. Tokyo, Japan. Around 1930. 
To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the first trade treaty between the Netherlands and Japan, The Hague's Nationaal Archief has uploaded a nice set of photographs to The Commons on Flickr. The images date from the late 19th to the mid 20th century. 
I love the typewriter!
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 A Perfect Circle - "Judith"
AFI - "Medicate"
Attack! Attack! UK - "You and Me"
Band Of Horses - "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands"
Beastie Boys - "Gratitude"
Beck - "Gamma Ray"
Billy Idol - "Dancing With Myself"
Billy Squier - "Lonely Is the Night"
Blur - "Song 2"
Bob Dylan - "All Along the Watchtower"
Bon Jovi - "You Give Love a Bad Name"
Brand New - "Sowing Season (Yeah)"
The Bronx - "Six Days A Week"
Bush - "Comedown"
Children Of Bodom - "Done With Everything, Die for Nothing"
Coldplay - "In My Place"
Darker My Love - "Blue Day"
Darkest Hour - "Demon(s)"
David Bowie - "Fame"
Deep Purple - "Woman From Tokyo ('99 Remix)"
The Derek Trucks Band - "Younk Funk"
The Duke Spirit - "Send a Little Love Token"
Duran Duran - "Hungry Like the Wolf"
Eagles of Death Metal - "Wannabe in L.A."
Elliott Smith - "L.A."
Elton John - "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)"
Face to Face - "Disconnected"
Garbage - "Only Happy When It Rains"
Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc."
Gov't Mule - "Streamline Woman"
Grand Funk Railroad - "We're an American Band"
Iggy Pop - "Lust for Life (Live)"
Iron Maiden - "2 Minutes to Midnight"
Jeff Beck - "Scatterbrain (Live)"
John Mellencamp - "Hurts So Good"
Kaiser Chiefs - "Never Miss a Beat"
King Crimson - "21st Century Schizoid Man"
Kings of Leon - "Sex On Fire"
Kiss - "Shout It Out Loud"
Love and Rockets - "Mirror People"
My Morning Jacket - "One Big Holiday"
Nirvana - "Lithium (Live)"
No Doubt - "Ex-Girlfriend"
Peter Frampton - "Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)"
The Police - "So Lonely"
Public Enemy Featuring Zakk Wylde - "Bring the Noise 20XX"
Queens of the Stone Age - "Make It Wit Chu"
Rammstein - "Du Hast"
The Rolling Stones - "Sympathy for the Devil"
Rose Hill Drive - "Sneak Out"
Rush - "The Spirit of Radio (Live)"
Santana - "No One to Depend On (Live)"
Scars on Broadway - "They Say"
Screaming Trees - "Nearly Lost You"
Smashing Pumpkins - "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"
Sonic Youth - "Incinerate"
Spacehog - "In the Meantime"
Sublime - "What I Got"
Sunny Day Real Estate - "Seven"
T. Rex - "20th Century Boy"
The Sword - "Maiden, Mother & Crone"
Thin Lizzy - "Jailbreak"
Thrice - "Deadbolt"
Tom Petty - "Runnin' Down A Dream"
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - "American Girl"
Vampire Weekend - "A-Punk"
Weezer - "Why Bother?"
The White Stripes - "Blue Orchid"
Wild Cherry - "Play That Funky Music"
Wolfmother - "Back Round"
Well Guitar Hero RIP, cause you are now dead to me, This is pretty lousy set list if you consider you can get a lot of the songs for Rock Band already, the same problem i had with world tour (that and the mic seemed to be a lot more intuitive in rock band)
| | WYSIWYG editor. Cool. 
So, yes, I've been absent; work has been absolutely insane lately but it looks like it's calming down once more. I won't go into details (don't want to get into trouble for blogging about work. Yech.) 
Let's see... 
- Have found a little time to play Fat Princess. It is GLORIOUS. 
- Have a lot more doodles and comics to work on. Practically bursting at the seams with 'em. Forcing myself to jam out as many of them as I can before I start posting them, though...probably will get to it later in the week. 
- Ponyo was cute. 
- I am looking forward to new Project Runway because i am a nerd. 
That's about it for me. Good to be back!
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If you watch Anime at all, you should have the CCCP codec pack installed.  If not, shame on you!  Anyways, if you watch Anime in .mkv and are also using Windows 7, you will notice that there are no subtitles loading.
Yes, I experienced this.  Heading over to the CCCP official forums for help, I found nothing useful.  Now, Google is your friend, it's everyone's friend.  Having googled this problem, I found the solution to this problem by Snowulf.
Too lazy to click on the link?  Here's what you do to solve this problem: 

  1. Open "Media Player Classic".
  2. Hit the "O" key (this brings up the Options window).
  3. Click on "External Filters".
  4. Click "Add Filter".
  5. Select "DirectVobSub (Auto-loading version)".  Click "OK".
  6. On the right-hand side, click the radio button for "Prefer".  Click "OK".
  7. Restart Media Player Classic.
  8. Watch Animez!
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a unmoveable force meets a unstopable object :P who wins 
some people are alittle confused so let me put it like this flash is running as fast as he can then he gets blind side turn and kick superman in the ass will flashes foot hurts or superman a55
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c'mon, where are the good exclusive titles, i was looking through my gamefly Q, a list of all the games i'm inerested including whats out now and whats to come in the next 6 months, of all 45 of them five where xbox titles (IE Exclusive), that's compared to the seven PS3 exclusives. i know with hard ware sales way ahead of PS3 they may seem relaxed, But if they continue on this pace, us Xbox owners will lose, Microsoft may seem like they have a competeive marketing skeme with making FF13 multiplatform, but they lost dead rising as an Exclusive. I already regret buying a Wii, don't make me regret buying another console, also stop with the microsoft points bullshit, is it really that hard to just tell us how much money we have in our accounts.
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Name: Aoi Kage
hair color: Midnight blue
face: decent with a scar on the left cheek
clothes: a dark blue sweater, a black shirt, black pants and black and blue sneakers.
scenario: A descendant of the ancient kage ninja clan.
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    Haruko Haruhara 
if u havent saw a haruko gun fight it hilarously awsome :P    
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Just a little something I got curious about with the recent theatrical release of Ponyo. After checking Box Office Mojo, I made this video featuring the top 10 highest grossing anime movies in America. Considering the licensing muscle and promotion that these movies had, you shouldn't be too surprised over the totals. Here's the video:
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A gothic lolita doll of Rei Anayami form Neon Genesis Evangelion from Kotobukiya granted it was 10 dollars more then the cerificate but it was worth it. 

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