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Today, I am 21 years old.
I feel old.  -_-
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can aqua man even beat any body?
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pikachu get tired of ashes sh!t  
 ash has a weedle thats it
 who win?
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fighting in the grasslands 
guts has berserk armor on 
guts is in control of berserk armor
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Since launching Anime Vice, I haven't had a lot of time for my own personal side projects-- most of which involve crafting of some kind, cooking, or writing, although I never know what I'll come up with next.
But now that I've got GodLen and John helping me out on the site and the anime convention season is over, even in the midst of packing up for my move I'm getting mentally prepared to have a little more time each day to devote to my side projects. I thought I'd talk a bit about them <3

Arts and Crafts

TTGL patch
TTGL patch
A while ago I taught myself how do to "knitting pictures" (aka Intarsia), and even managed to knit some patches featuring the Gurren Lagann Gurren-dan logo (you may remember seeing one such patch amidst the prizes for the spring giveaway). For this fall/winter, I'm going to knit scarves for a few friends (and myself) with the logo. <3


So much to do here, and so much will depend on what kind of kitchen I manage to wind up with! I do want to put together a video with one of the recipes from Vertical's Bento Love cookbook. I've had a couple of less-unhealthy cookie recipes I want to try out also, as well as that cool peanut flank steak recipe I've been holding on to for aaaages. @_@;
Also, homemade pocky. <3


It's been a couple of years since I did (or more accurately, tried to do) NaNoWriMo, but I think this year I might be back on track for it, since I'll be settled in California by then, and as a bonus, I won't be traveling for Thanksgiving! I've got a light sci-fi project I've been mulling over for a while. I'm pulling together all of the character/setting info and trying to hammer out the plot so I'm ready when November comes :)
Anyone else out there doing NaNoWriMo?
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Gawker Media blog io9 recently posted a list of "The Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows" and its validity was criticized fairly quickly by some of the people I follow on Twitter including ALF ranking ahead of GitS: SAC and Get Smart being listed at all (at #67) since it doesn't seem like it fits in the category. (I guess the site thinks tech counts as sci-fi, which I'm so-so about, or spying part of fantasy, to which I'd say "no".) Though I'm not a big fan of the increasing practice of "listbaiting", I'm also often curious to see what made certain lists so I suppose they've got me in their traps.
(Each section, for your convenience: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80, 81-90, 91-100)
Here are the animated entries that made their list: 

#14 - Futurama
#15 - The Tick (animated series)
#23 - Cowboy Bebop

This gritty, fun anime series about bounty hunters in the 22nd century probably helped inspire Firefly, and it definitely gave us one of the most memorable characters in science fiction — the super-fighter with a dark past, Spike Spiegel.   

#28 - Venture Bros.
#29 - Batman Beyond
#35 - Robotech

The show that helped introduced space opera to a whole new generation (along with Starblazers), Robotech gave us humans struggling against not one, but three alien invasions, using bootstrapped alien technology. And more importantly — super robot armor.

#46 - Invader Zim
#60 - Starblazers

A plucky crew of humans takes to space in the sunken battleship Yamato, repurposed as a spacecraft, in this melodramatic, thrilling animated space opera. The crew of the Yamato are never anything less than awesome, and the show really gives a feeling of space travel being slow and dangerous — but the show's real standouts are the villains, especially the sly Desslok and the chilling Comet Empire.     

#61 - The Jetsons
#89 - Transformers
#91 - Static Shock (I'd honestly forgotten about this show!) 

The Big Bang, an industrial accident in the city of Dakota, turns many of the city's residents into powerful metahumans. Though many "Bang Babies" use their newfound powers for evil, quick-witted teenager Virgil Hawkins uses his electromagnetic powers to fight crime, aided by the gadgets built by his genius best friend, Richie. But it's trickier hiding his identity as Static Shock from his widowed father Robert and strong-willed sister Sharon. Even amidst a glut of superhero cartoons, this is one of the most memorable.

#93 - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 

#94 - Serial Experiments Lain 

Shy junior-high school girl Lain is living a quiet life — until she gets an email from her dead classmate Chisa Yomoda, who claims she's not dead, but has just transcended the flesh world and moved to cyberspace. Lain gets drawn into a journey of cyber-discovery, hallucination and weirdness, as she's encouraged to ditch her flesh body and help bring down the walls between our world and the cyber-world. Trippy and bizarre, Serial Experiments may be the best cyberspace-as-drugs show ever.

#96 - Aeon Flux 

Aeon Flux originally debuted on MTV's Liquid Television as a series of shorts about Aeon Flux, the bondage-clad agent of an anarchist nation battling the forces of the restrictive Bregna government, only to be repeatedly thwarted by her own death. But Aeon eventually got her own half-hour show, where she locked horns (and occasionally naughty bits) with her nemesis Trevor Goodchild in a surreal, disturbing, and yet sexy dystopian future.    

#97 - Thundercats 

#99 - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 

Cybernetic police officer Motoko Kusanagi keeps New Port City safe from cybercriminals, maniacs and terrorists, using an array of surveillance toys that includes optical camouflage and mini-tanks called tachikomas, while she tries to get to the bottom of the mysterious "Laughing Man" incident. It's been praised as one of the most fully realized cyberpunk futures, and for having the best depiction of cyberspace environments, ever created. Plus, cyborgs with tanks versus mysterious cybercriminals FTW!

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There have been a lot of RPGs that combined a lot of comedy in a series setting, Persona 4 comes to mind, Still it wasn't able to surpass my pick in comedy or game play, For me the best game ever made would have to be Shadow Hearts 2 Covenant. you know the final boss of the first game? well it seems a religious cult was planning on killing it and making a huge show out of it, and now there pissed at Yuri for ruining there plans. The game featured a system called the judgment wheel, this would deturmin if you attack, how many times you attacked, and if you got criticals, It worked buy spining a red line around a circuital symbal, with varies yellow shaded parts, press x while the line was over the yellow shaded part and attack, press it in a red shaded area you got a critcal. the min character also could change his stats by transforming into demons (kinda like vincent from FF7) here's the original trailer.

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is this funny or is it just me? 

Fag can refer to:

  1. You
  2. A term of derision/endearment. Your affiliation/location suffixed with "fag"; e.g. EDfag, Amerifag, newfag, Gaiafag, etc.
  3. Someone who sucks in general
  4. Someone with zero vagina tolerance
  5. A homosexual
  6. A cigarette, in some cultures
  7. A bundle of sticks
  8. A kind of meatball
  9. Anyone who plays TOW Online
  10. Anyone that plays WoW
  11. Drew Pritt    
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man i have return to skool but i didnt except this year to be so hard i have tons of homework that i only get around 3 or 4 hrs of sleep . and then i go to my class and to kill me more i have to do phycial education outside when it is like 104 degrees . i  still have tons of hw this weekend it is going 2 be a long and hard skool year and so will i survie is the question dum dum dum . please tell me how ur skool year is going so far 2 : )    
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Wow, just wow
The story to these episodes i must admit was good and intresting but seriously.... they fucking repeated the same episode eight times with slight changes in each one, was their any need to do it eight times....
The episodes are about a time loop where the characters are stuck in a time loop between like two weeks and on the midnight of the last day their memories are erased and the loop begins again.
I still cant believe they did it eight fucking times, they could of proved their point doing it three times heck two times would of done, eight times is a bit overkill though seriously
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This is pretty self-explanatory. Just wanted to show what anime I've got right now in my collection in this video.
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Thanks to mom, I was able to see Zappa Plays Zappa, amongst other acts just last night in Downtown San Jose. Since Frank Zappa is dead, this tribute band created by son Dweezle is as close as I will ever get to seeing Frank's band live. Unfortunately, I didn't get  any pictures of the show itself (cameras were "not allowed." Besides, I would have been caught anyway.) But I did get a t-shirt and a poster. Highlights, so to speak:
  • Scale the Summit opened the show with a 25 or so minute set. Me like them already.
  • Big Elf was second with a 40 min. (?) set. Not really a band I'll invest in.
  • Zappa Plays Zappa! Over an hour set. Wow. Would have been perfect if "Flakes" (my favorite Zappa song) were played. And why did the lead singer keep walking off the stage?
  • Dream Theater: Headliner act played for almost 2 hours. Note to self: buy albums.
Feel free to ask me questions about the concert.
  Please excuse the flash in this shot. Poster cost $15, and was one of the last two for sale.
$35 for this t-shirt. Front side.
Back side.
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Just some non anime movies that i enjoyed
Tommy Boy. When a business man dies, it's up to his idiot son and an employee to save the buiness from being bought out by a complete douchbag. The comedy in this is kinda like Airplane, but more realistic
Black Sheep. staring the same two guys from Tommy Boy. this about some one ruining for Governor of Washington State's brother's attempts to help him, that useally turn out terrible, like getting stoned then going on live TV.
EuroTrip. A group of teens decided to take a trip to Europe looking for sex and drugs, the movie is actually very funny.
Donnie Darko. This cult classic follows Donnie Darko, after a six foot tall talking rabbit named Frank saves his life, and the odd jobs Frank has for donnie (like arson)
Dogma. Two angles banished from heaven and cursed to life on earth for the rest of time have found a loop hole that would allow them back into heaven. unfortunately if they succeed they also will negate reality so it's up to the main character along with Jay and silent bob (don't know the name of the actors) Chris Rock and some one i can't remember to stop the angles from analitaing every thing. This also has one of the most ironic casting, George Carlin as a cardinal.
Mall Rats. Two friends who like to spend time at the mall have to stop a game show that could cause one of them to loose there girlfriend.
Clerks 2. to lazy to give another description, it's a comedy
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This is the image I totally should have used for vice fights. I mean, we weren't planning on playing anything mario like, but... come on...
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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, and Heero Yuy as we cover the new on Anime Vice.

News stuff
Gundam 00 movie
X-box indie game banned.
Eureka seven movie.
Book of Bantorra.
Levitz talk  
Peach-Pit + Ryukishi07 = awesome
Volleyball manga gets OVA.
Preview Seiken No Blacksmith. 
Tegami Bachi has a cool gun.
Games are older than you think.
Level 5 gives us more. 
AMV Bond, James Bond.
Tatsunoko VS Capcom who will be the new char.
DBZ online.
Taiga Fig, Bad Gundam figs, Mikuru figs

WTF Japan
Bleach guitar fail.
expensive cosplay Eh
Anime evolution charts.
Gundam girls.
Two robots kiss, start the fall of humanity.
Hetalia vending machine.

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  With the next Dragon*Con (the 23rd) coming up in just a week, I thought I might share some posts written over the past two years about what the con is, and why a blinkered manga and/or anime fan should give a shit.  
Who said this was a *holiday* weekend?  I feel like I’m working my ass off.  
This being Atlanta, and this being Labor Day (not to be confused with Labour Day, which is Canadian and actually came first) that can only mean

Ah yes, a chance to be out and amongst the geeks of my nation, to let my Geek Flag fly, to mercilessly self medicate with alcohol in an attempt to overcome my nascent demophobia

Yesterday I listened to Jake Tarbox give a panel on “How to Read Manga” — which might be more accurately described as art appreciation and an introduction to Japanese visual language, analysis of panel layout and composition, cultural differences in the pictorial depiction of time, space, and sequence, and how the arbitrary separation of art into ‘high’ and ‘low’ forms has largely been discarded by the academic art community… but that’s kind of a hard title to fit into the Pocket Program listing.

Also yesterday: 

  • a voice actor panel where George Lowe (Space Ghost) completely stole the show: an impressive feat with Vic Mignogna and James Hong (and others) on the same stage 
  • a panel discussion and Q&A on the legalities of copyright, fair use, transformative works, and literature (um. well. that is to say: fan fiction)
  • & a two hour stint @ Gibney’s (love that place) drinking Guinness self medicating and taking a break away from the crowds, while also trying to finish up the weekly (and monthly) manga charts.
speaking of: The manga charts should post on time, if I can find a freakin’ wifi connection at the con. Between four hotels and the Peachtree Center Mall you’d figure someone would be fronting some bandwidth, but no — “No internet for you, Fanboy!” (if only Gibney’s had free wifi…)
Back to it. Vic has an hour-long solo Q&A coming up if I can get to the hotel by 11:30. (Well, he’ll likely still hold the panel even if I can’t make it… but y’all know what I mean…)


I made it to the International Ballroom at the Hyatt downtown -- a little late -- but in time to catch at least two-thirds of Vic’s Q&A, where he answered the same 50 questions he has to answer at all the cons.

It was someone’s birthday (Amanda? I seem to remember Amanda) so the 200 or so people in attendance all got to sing Happy Birthday --led by Vic. I bet that is now a happy memory, hopefully preserved via i-phone or camcorder or the like. Vic also sang again at the very end of the session, rolling right into a karaoke version of his song “Nothing I Won’t Give” when the video and music played but for whatever reason the vocal dropped out.

Vic Mignogna is a composer and musician, if you didn’t know. If I might be permitted some fanboy gushing — he’s pretty damn good, too. At least, “Nothing I Won’t Give” has real emotional impact when paired with clips from FMA, the anime that inspired it.


I swapped hats following Vic’s session, switching over to my Serious Blogger persona and also changing venues, to attend a panel on Creative Commons and Legal issues for Podcasters. (Please ignore for a moment that despite repeated promises, I’m not actually a podcaster yet.)

Among the five panelists there were two regularly-updating and (one assumes) moderately famous podcasters, two musicians, two lawyers, a law professor, and a radio executive — yeah, that’s more than 5 but some folks are just that multi-talented — and they managed to cover every question I had in the first 5 minutes, then went on to discuss pertinent issues for the next hour. I could post my notes, but this being a podcast panel, of course there’s a podcast — well, this year’s recordings likely won’t be up for a while but the same panel discussed the same topic last year.

If you wanted to see a list of everything folks were talking about (into microphones) then you might want to check out the 2007 index and bookmark the rss feed for 2008

Following Podcasting I stuck with the AV track — not that Dragon*Con has an AV track but they present such a big buffet that you can pretty much program your own con from the extended offerings —

...and let me riff on that thought for a bit before getting back to how much of a loser fanboy I am:


As I noted last year, one of the big, big draws of Dragon Con is that they do everything — if you’re a fan, they’ve got your fandom. It’s not just a matter of “Oh we have both Star Wars & Star Trek” either. I mean everything. If elves and space pirates just aren’t your thing, there are panels on robotics, astronomy, legal issues & the internet, art, literature, YA novels — heck, they run a four-day writer’s workshop that runs parallel to the con every year. (it costs extra, but it’s there.) The con schedule runs 40-some pages [edit: in 2009 it runs about 100 pages]; there’s no way one person could do it all, let alone talk about it all: if you’re interested you should check out the pdf yourself: [link to the upcoming 2009 schedule .pdf]

The telling thing is they’ve been doing this for 22 years, drawing tens of thousands of people each year, and they only recently got around to adding an Anime & Manga programming track. (Oh, sure, they’ve always had the viewing rooms — I remember anime at the 2nd Dragon*con — but this is the first year there is a full schedule and dedicated space given over to otaku panels)

For me, it’s a long slog. I can get downtown in about 40 minutes (incl. the time it takes to link up with the mass transit system to take the train in) but travel time is incidental. Navigating the crowds (esp. on Saturday), switching buildings five or six times a day because the con is spread over four downtown hotels (adjacent hotels, but still), finding time to eat, taking time to breathe…

Incidentally, I found that a pair of sunglasses and an MP3 player turned up to a suitable volume help with my phobia of discomfort in crowds almost as well as the alcohol. Taken together it’s almost perfect — and my consumption of $7 pints of Guinness (but only $5.75 at Gibney’s) was considerably reduced yesterday compared to Friday (& last year). Perhaps it’s just a matter of psychological distance — a way to pull myself back and away from the mob & throng.

I’m sure if I were in costume (in a way, not there myself at all) there would be a similar effect, but I can count the number of awesome anime characters I’d be willing to dress up as who also share my stylish, handsome goatee on no hands. (I’m not shaving for cosplay. Without whiskers, I look like that blue muppet who was always stuck with Grover as his waiter.) (No, I’m not doing that either, even if if you can find someone willing to wear the Grover suit)

Anyway: it is possible to attend Dragon*Con, nominally a sci-fi and fantasy convention, without doing anything fantasy or fannish all weekend. Other than rubbing elbows with Oddly Dressed Folk in the lobby, you might as well be attending science or cultural seminars at a college campus all weekend.

Of course that’s no fun.


Following Vic & the podcast panel, I trucked it back to the basement of the Hyatt for the “Dub Your Own Anime” panel.

Before you discount this as just an amateur effort in the vein of fandubs, let me point you to Coastal Studios [flash site — as an alt here’s the wikipedia entry] and their founder, Scott Houle. Scott loaded up a spare Mac G4, a Pro Tools LE workstation, mics, script, stands, and all the assorted accoutrement and basically transported a sound booth to set up at a con panel. (He’s done this before, at Otakon and others)

There were so many attendees (starting at about 50 and growing to 75 or more as more folks kept filtering in) that Scott took a round-robin approach — having volunteers step up to the mic to record a line or two each. Besides being hilarious (both for the efforts of those brave enough to try it and for the source material — a scene in a bar that ends with a drinking contest, from the anime Miami Guns — complete with drunken characters & bad accents) it was also a very informative session. Instead of just talking about the process, folks got to see it in action, they could work (however briefly) with an actual ADR director, and the results were there for everyone to see (and hear) on the screen.

In fact, Scott promised to post the final ‘product’ when he gets back to Wilmington, after some editing and clean up (and getting the licensees permission): It’s not uploaded yet but the fan-dubbed scene should be found at in about a week. 
[edit 2009:  not just posted but posted to YouTube] 
 I took the opportunity after the panel (and after everyone left) to sit through an interview Scott did with DragonConTV and then to ask him some pretty hard-core tech questions, discuss the nuts and bolts of the industry, where the American Anime Industry is headed, and also to get his opinion on SCAD’s Sound Design Degree Programs (his take, mostly favourable: “They certainly invested in the right equipment”) and to ask his advice (three words: Final Cut Pro)

I’m not a journalist, so I won’t post the ‘interview’ because it wasn’t an interview. (Hopefully DragonConTV will end up uploading their interview to iTunes or it’ll make the D*C 2008 highlights DVD) Still, I really enjoyed the conversation and I’d Like To Take This Opportunity To Thank Scott. Again. Very Very Much.
[edit: here, have some fun, but they didn't post the serious interviews to their YouTube channel.]  

I know I was acting like a otaku fanboy loser but I was really into it which isn’t a defense but there ya go.

Talking with Scott meant I completely missed the graphic novel panel over on the YA fiction track, which would have been informative and certainly on-topic and eminently more suitable for posting to this blog, but screw it. It’s my $90 and I’ll act like a fan when I feel like it.

Scott also hosted a panel early that evening on “the Anime Racket”, where he covered a lot of the same ground as the DCTV interview. (some of the points Scott Houle and various voice actors made in this panel and others I’m going to discuss in a follow-up post)

After that in the same room, there was a Toonami Panel with a lot, and I mean *a lot* of video clips and a lot of discussion (Nicolas Anderson of Tsubascon in WV was the sole panelist/moderator/emcee but he was doing a fine job getting the audience involved while simultaneously keeping everyone more-or-less in line and on topic).

(And after that I trundled home. Alas. One of these years I might muster enough scratch to get a hotel room and actually attend the con, rather than just faking it as a day-tripper.)        
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