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wats ur faviorite soundtrack from an anime show or if u feel confindent wats the best soundtrack PERIOD
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 You can now delete a gallery in your profile images and if you are wiki mod you can delete galleries from the wiki images.  I'll allow users with over 10,000 points to delete galleries from the wiki soon.
Delete a Gallery.
Delete a Gallery.
 You can also completely remove your profiles background image.  Just go to Change Icon in your profile, then in the popup window look for the red circle with a minus in it. Click it and save!
Remove your background image.
Remove your background image.
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New HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR album “swamp man” available on JapanFiles

August 12, 2009 – JapanFiles continues its partnership with Spice Records with the release of HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR's new album “swamp man.”
The Japanese rock band's new CD goes on sale in Japan on September 2, but JapanFiles has the early digital release available today for J-Rock fans worldwide.
With song contributions to three hit anime series (Bleach, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny: Special Edition, Darker Than Black), the band has returned to their original label Spice Records to start over with a heavier sound and new vocalist HALCA.

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR Official MySpace -
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR Official Website -

Supporting Japanese artists since 2004, JapanFiles specializes in digital sales and media promotion for Japanese music, with over 300 indie and major artists reaching their USA fans - rock, pop, hip-hop, punk, and electronic. All downloads are DRM-free and only 99 cents each.
JapanFiles has sponsored Japanese artist appearances at Sakura-Con, Anime Boston, A-Kon, FanimeCon, Anime Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Media Expo, Anime Vegas, Animex (Mexico), SXSW, Slim's (San Francisco), and Knitting Factory (New York City).
JapanFiles has produced 16 USA CD releases for Japanese artists, including Morning Musume, girugamesh, LM.C, Hangry & Angry, ketchup mania, Swinging Popsicle, LiN CLOVER, Budo Grape, BESPA KUMAMERO, and three volumes of the “Fresh Cuts from Japan” compilation series.
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Bored and browsing through the manga section of a local Barnes & Noble today, I picked up a copy of a manga I hadn't really heard of called 10 Beautiful Assassins. It seemed rather interesting and now that I've skimmed through the manga I think it was actually worth spending money on. From what I've gleaned, it's an Original English Language manga (though arranged in right-to-left style). The story involves a thief named Bernie who poses as the driver of the daughter of a Richard Branson lookalike in order to steal a valuable necklace while she's touring Cannes. However, Bernie runs into several problems: He's kind of awkward around women (it even says so on the back cover), the necklace gets stolen from him by a rival female thief, and the rich guy suspects Bernie of working with her. 
So not-Branson calls upon the leader of M.A.D.A.M. (Mistresses of Assasination, Destruction, And Mayhem) to get back the necklace and kill the thieves, and she obliges by sending the 10 Beautiful Assassins (dun-dun-dunnnnn) after them. Ranging from the dominatrix and the biker chick to the French maid and the policewoman, all of them are tasked with hunting down Bernie. It's kind of like a harem comedy, if the harem was trying to kill the main hero all at once instead of throwing themselves all over him.  I don't want to spoil too much for the few of you who might actually be tempted to go out and buy a copy of this thing. However, if you can deal with the (tongue-in-cheek?) stereotypes there's plenty of stuff to like in what I call this inverted harem comedy.  There's action, there's romance, there's a bunch of violent, beautiful women for the average self-styled otaku to ogle...what's not to like?
If there's one thing that irked me about the book it's that the middle of the book kinda flip-flops around with the chronology of the story, where it becomes difficult to tell what's being told in flashback mode and what's being told in the present. Also, the liberal use of chibis throughout the manga. I can understand the need for comedic effect but it was kinda blunted by the over-saturation of the midgets where it became a bit annoying.
When I say "buy it while you can," I guess I should also mention that I just found out this is a Seven Seas Manga, and an original IP (intellectual property) at that. If you've seen their track record with other original IPs like No Man's Land, Blade for Barter or Dead Already (to name a few), they have a habit of lasting just one or two volumes before being strangled in their crib. Maybe it's Seven Seas fault for not making enough copies available or for having crappy distribution, maybe the company is bleeding cash (a charge that has neither been confirmed nor denied), maybe the PR needs some work or maybe the market for manga in America is slowing down...
Whatever the reason, if you're at all interested in buying this manga, you should probably do it while the books are still on the shelves.
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After posting in the Real Live Pic thread i saw that i still had a lot of photo`s and i guess i just want to do something with them XD
My cats Mitzy, Izzie and Dylan all are idiots XD

Trying to make photo`s of the moon

Nature pictures (Ok to lazy to remove that pic of Dordrecht and the Jellyfish is from Blijdorp)

Past few weeks (At Scheveningen and in the Biesbosch with my dad and two dogs lol)

Misc. The Mentos where treats i gave to the company i was dumped at and they where imported from Japan so they shouldn`t complain IMO

That`s not all i have more but  these pics take so damn long to upload and i don't want to wait that long. so expect more later lol ^^ 
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 1. Tenchi Forever.  I know that allot might scratch their heads at this being number one on my list but I love this movie for the fact that it takes Tenchi storyline and turns it all it’s head and makes more of a drama show.  Because of this it work perfectly.  It’s also ties up the Tenchi Universe story line. 

2.  Patlabor 2: The Movie.  Here my thoughts on this great movie.

3.  Lupin the III: Secret of the Twilight Gemini.  Again here’s a link to my review. 

4.  Prefect Blue.  This movie shows the very dark side of the pop Idol scene in Japan.   Satoshi Kon is one of those people that can make a surreal anime and makes it beautifully. 

5.  Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.  To me this is the best Hayao Miyazaki film.  It feel so more raw to me then any other Ghibli movie and that why it works for me. 

6.  Grave of the Fireflies.  If your not crying at the end of the movie (like I did) when you see that little girl at the end of  the film then your not a human.  Be warned it’s a very sad movie.  

7.  Tenchi Muyo Movie 1: Tenchi in Love.  I know this most people favorite Tenchi movie but I put it hear because it doesn’t tie to any of the OVA's or the TV shows. 

 8.  Princess Mononoke.  I Love the English dub in this movie.  

9.  Akira.  This movie visuals still hold  to even today standers and the was made 20 years ago! 

10.  The Sky Crawlers.  This movie shows the ugly side to anime fandom and tells anime that it can do better.
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 In the thrilling roller coaster ride that is the R1 anime industry we've seen a lot of companies go lately (CPM, Geneon, etc.) and companies really picking up the pieces (Funimation), one fall from grace and look like it's making a comeback (ADV) and then there is Bandai. Bandai seems confused at what it's doing right now, and consumers are of course the one's suffering. 
We first really saw this with Kannagi which had great marketing, but in the end having it locked into one online retailer (really?) and no dub in sight (ok, that's not TOO bad) but then the general public (ie. not us) get screwed later on with a higher price ON THE SAME EXACT DVD. Really Bandai? When the general consumers find out that you're pulling a fast one on them (if they have any interest in the series) they're going to be none too pleased. Forcing WHERE consumers have to buy something is, in general, a bad idea. Lack of competition etc, etc. The excuse is "oh it's only for the hardcore fans", "the price will be better because it's sub only" blah blah blah. I ended up getting it from another online retailer who got their hands on some stock and sold it for essentially the same price. I'm really not buying the whole cheaper because it's sub only argument (stay with me, yes I know production costs are drastically higher), if we're going to use that excuse...then why are other DVDs not in line with this pricing? Why is Code Geass $30 for 9 episodes, and Kannagi (sub only) essentially the same price AND sub only?  
But in the end it boiled down to me buying the series (which I had never heard of before this stunt) so in the end I guess Bandai wins.
Then we move on to today's news of Code Geass R2 being released in 4 sets, instead of the first seasons 3 sets. Really guys? You just have to milk another $30 out of me (not like it matters since I'm going to buy it anyways right? The jokes on me!). The first set of Code Geass R2 was billed at 9 episodes, and is actually 7 episodes (which Gia covered today, which is how I found out), so I email Bob over at RACS and this kinda irked me: 
Someone either made a mistake or a last minute change, but the fact is that the first bundle is indeed 175 minutes and 7 eps. They totally slipped that in under the radar. What can I say about Bandai I have not already said on the Blog? They have been very sneaky lately.   
Ok, so I'm getting two less episodes per bundle, when it boils down to it, it really isn't a big deal. The problem I have with it is that there was a precedence of there being three sets, with 9/9/8 episodes respectively. Everyone was expecting 9 episodes, even the retailers. And then "oops, just kidding guys". Yes people are human and maybe some screwed up along the way, but that still doesn't take away the feeling that I feel just a little bit screwed here. I'm also cautiously optimistic that these first runs of discs will actually work. 
The precedent was set on price also, I was paying $30 for nine episodes, now I'm paying $30 for seven. And I'll keep paying that because I want to see how R2 ends (stupid DVR not saving all the episodes off of Adult Swim!) and well, I'm stuck now. I really hope this is just growing pains for Bandai and we'll see them get back to their prime a bit more (Haruhi) and pick up quality series because it sure as hell seems like they're doing everything they can to cut corners and bleed every penny they can out of consumers at this point. 
I honestly do hope I'm wrong in all this though and that they're on the right path, I want to see everyone be successful really, I really do! Bandai seems to be playing catch up for the most part (only a few series streaming, no simulcasts) and their DVD releases have been lacking IMO. If you write me a scathing email, I'll be sure to understand, we all have our favorite companies and Bandai isn't one of mine right now.  
Ok, I'm done. I don't usually rant but I feel especially rantful tonight. Thanks for listening :)
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So there's is this anime series that I've been recently been watching on this TV network called "Chiller." Like the Syfy channel, that channel too has it's own Ani-Mondays. 
I've watched six episode and I'm gonna another two later today. What I seen so far is that the show is about a guy and his sister whose parents were killed when they were younger at an apartment complex. Years later they grow up and become detectives, the older brother becomes the detective so he can investigate the murder of his parents. Eventually he encounters these weird demons, and these demon hunters. Supposedly the demons are after the survivors of the apartment complex. 
What I can also say about the show is that it's violence and filled with profanity (Though the show censors the profanity is by silencing it).  It's okay, and I'm hoping the later episodes hold my interest for the rest of this series.
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First game released by game studio Navel now available in English
August 15, 2009 is pleased to announce the digital release of "SHUFFLE!", the first game released by game studio Navel. Set in the world where Gods and Devils co-exist with human beings, the player is able to enjoy love and friendship with colorful characters in traditional visual adventure format.
“In a certain complex of ruins, two gates have opened.
On the other side lie the world of the Gods and the world of the Devils.
These three worlds are now connected, and this causes a big change in society. 
One day, two new families move into the houses neighboring Rin Tsuchimi's house.
The new residents turn out to be the King of the Gods and the King of the Devils.
Both of them have moved in next to Rin's house by request of their respective daughters,
who fell in love with him at an early age.
The stage is set for a story that involves Rin's childhood friend as well as others around him.
It is a tale of hardship and despair, but also one of faint hope.
It is a tale of a boy who, to quote his cynical friend, is capable of becoming either God, Devil or an ordinary man.”
Manufacturer: Navel
Genre: Adventure
Price: 36.95 Euros
OS: Windows XP(32bit), Windows Vista(32bit) 
Text Language: English
Voice Language: Japanese
Age Rating: 18 and over
ABOUT MANGAGAMER.COM is the world's first online download site of English translated bishojo games that opened in July 2008.
Since its launch, it has offered services where fans can download and enjoy popular bishojo games such as
CIRCUS's "Da Capo" and OVERDRIVE's "Kira Kira" right from their home.
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Why Masked (Kamen) Rider may have given me the energy to keep going forward... And has given me some ideas in where to go next.
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and so, it begins.
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Okay, admit it! I use IGN. I use the site a fair amount actually. Probably more than most people I know. Not just for video games, but occasionally for TV and movies as well. (PROTIP: Don't read IGN's spoiler-filled TV reviews until after you've already watched the episode.) I also follow IGN's Twitter account, IGNcom.

But until a few days ago, I had never thought about my relationship in IGN. On August 6 IGN ran a contest through Twitter. The tweet in question read:

Want a Droplitz PSN code? Random RT of this post gets it! Closing at 12:01 PM PST. #iloveign

So by retweeting (reposting another user's message), you're entered to win a copy of Blitz Arcades' new puzzle game Droplitz. I did just that, and then watched as my friends did the same. Then I saw Jensonb, the rebel that he is, post this:

#ihateign (Yay for random acts of inconsequential defiance/rebellion)

For those of you not familiar with all of Twitter's weird conventions, #iloveign and #ihateign are hashtags, which help give context to tweets and facilitate searches for specific topics.

But what is the purpose of the #iloveign hashtag? It could make it easier to find all the contest entries among other replies and retweets, but why use #iloveign? Why not an alternate hashtag that's more contextually relevant? Are they testing what length IGN's readers will go to in order to promote the site? Trying to create a trending topic to gain even more visibility and even more popularity?

But I don't love IGN. I don't even have an account. IGN's just another site that I happen to use from time to time. Do I love IGN? No. And most of the people using the #iloveign hashtag probably don't either. It's hard to love IGN when things like #iloveign exist.

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Join Moonstorm, Lunermoth, Heero Yuy, and OutlawSpike as we cover the News on Anime Vice.


Endless eight is ending.

Ponyo screening.

King for a day.

Zatch Bell creator is coming up with something else.

4Kids is 4Sale


Ivy Vs. Squenix.

Akira is back.

Saimoe is cool, fight to the death.

Don't know what it is but it should be cool.

I'm a Hitman the movie (hopefully better than that other Hitman movie).

Government funded anime.

Manga on the phone is working.

Crunchyroll get Hanasakeru Seishounen.

Japan game are now cheaper so go get some.

Fairy Tail, Voice cast list.

Maids don't leave us in despair.

How not to be an Asshole in the exhibit hall.

Eden of the East via movie.

Miyazaki tales of earthsea.

Fate/stay night movie.

Blu-ray (what do you want.)

Times are hard for animation studios. (and everywhere else too.)

anime gets it's own Wonderland

New series, Betrayal knows my name.

Miyazaki at CC.

Halo anime trailer.

What to watch on anime network.

Works of Tezuka Osamu.

House vs. Blackjack.

Princess Sara gets princess drama.

Junichiro Koizumi, Dubya, Putin go Anime.

Cencoroll made by one guy.

Nariko Sakai goes missing.

Crime never pays. (DON'T STEAL POSTERS)

Cat ear headphones not that cool.

WTF Japan

Boob pudding.

Wife robots (stop it japan)

Moe melons (get you head out of the gutter I really mean of melons)

K-On porn. (and that not a left handed bass)

Gigantor it BIG.

Eating dinner with your fake wife.

Samurai maids.

Figures & Cosplay

Danny Choo mascot, Mio, and Gothic fairy figs. Nano fig

figs at CC.

Wonder Festival.

Cosplay at CC link I, II, and III

Chun li and Cammy figs

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