Blind Characters

Blind is a anime/manga concept
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Asuka Akatsuki

Lugh is a blind martial artist who is one of Ogata disciples. He is known as the Submission Man.

Blind boy

Befriends Majin Buu. He is blind but Majin Buu restores his eyesight.


Daredevil is the blind hero who taught Spider-Man how to fight in the Marvel Mangaverse.


Claymore Ranked #3. She was one of the organizations best tracker. Until they sensed her growing disobedience, she then decided to leave, and went into hiding in Rabona disguised as a nun.

Hitomi Karuko

Hitomi Karuko is a blind pianist in the Severing Crime Edge franchise.


A titular character of Ichi.

Insectoid Being

One of the 3 Awakened Being scouts sent by Isley alongside the Humanoid and Armadillo beings. In his human form he appears to be blind.


Issho is the blind Admiral Fujitora of the Navy.

Jubei Kakei

Kino Asakura

She is the wife of Yohmei Asakura and she is a powerful shaman who trains Anna Kyoyama to become an Itako.


Komugi is the World Gungi Champion.

Kotoko Aihara

Kotoko has an illness which could cause blindness. She only has this in the live-action They Kiss Again.

Lady Miyako

The high priestess of a temple in Neo-Tokyo. It is revealed later that she was one of the test subjects for the secret project and was Designated #19.


A young girl from the Fist of the North Star series who follows Kenshiro on his travels.


General of the Thunderian army at the time of Mumm-Ra's return. He is old and blind but still a fearsome warrior.

Mamoru Hijikata

The main character of Until Death Do Us Part. Mamoru Hijikata is a blind swordsman and the protector of a little precognitive girl named Haruka Touyama.


A blind but extremely powerful, known for his good deeds...usually.


A beautiful blind musician the trio encounters near the end of their journey. Sara is really a Shogunate assassin, sent to expunge both Mugen and Jin.


Shirabe is a Musician Mage who is a member of Fate Averruncus' group.


A Saint of Athena who wears the Bronze Dragon Cloth.

Shizuka Jonouchi

Katsuya's little sister.


A blind warrior from the Fist of the North Star franchise. He is one of the Nanto Roku Seiken and turned against Souther.

Toph Beifong

Toph Bei Fong is a blind earth bender who joins Aang's group to teach him earth bending. Even without the ability to use her eyes she is still a powerful earth bender.

Utsutsu Mujuro

Blind swordsman from Ninja Scroll.


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