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A handicap where a person has severely poor eyesight. It may range from very poor eyesight in one eye to being unable to see anything with both eyes.


Blindness isn't cause by one single cause, there are many different style to cause one to lose eyesight.

  • Eye Damage: When harm is delivered to the eye/s that may potentially risk the usage of sight.
  • Mental Trauma: If a person has experienced a traumatic event their brain may shut down processes that allow them sight. They may recover through time or if they recover from the trauma itself. Otherwise they may never restore their eyesight.


(one of Anime Vice's users Eganthevile1 went blind for 2 years after surviving an alligator attack)

  • Illnesses: Some diseases/infections can cause eye damage that will rendered the person unable to see. Malnutrition also causes blindness if one doesn't have enough vitamin A.
  • Genetics: Sometimes the cause is through heritage. If previous generations had poor eyesight it is possible that the offspring may have difficulty seeing. This probably won't be total blindness but enough to be considered legally blind.


Because of the poor eyesight certain equipment may be used to ensure safety. These will help the blind person understand their surrounding a little more.


One of the most popular choices are canes. When traveling the user will walk with the cane ahead of them so they may notice any barriers in front of them. There are many methods to use when walking with a cane. Some forms of fiction may have a hidden blade in the cane or the cane being used as a staff.


Another choice is to have a trained dog (it may be another animal but dogs are most common) that will help led the person to their destination. While they require more care then other material (like canes) they may be more efficient with situations including; road crossing, something coming from the side or behind, fast moving objects, etc. This form is rarely used in fiction though.

Color Blindness

Black and White
Black and White

A form of blindness where the person is unable to see certain colors. They may be only unable to see shade of a certain color or all received images are black and white. Normally this may be a genetic disorder or could be cause by and accident that harmed the eyes, brain, or nervous system.

Most color blindness in real life isn't the stereotypical black and white. It is usually just the inability to see some colors.

For example. The picture on the left shows two apples on the top row seen by those who don't have any form of color blindness. The two apples below are the exact same as the ones above but without a certain color shown. This is normally what color blindness resembles.

Used in Fiction

Blindness is a popular handicapped in most forms of fiction. It is used as a difficulty that may be overcome, as handicaps may be overcome but blindness is a popular choice. Those who are blind tend to rely on their other senses allowing them to master situations where sight s not required. (see Daredevil for example)

If the main character is the blind one they will either start the series blind or lose their eyesight very early in the story. They will show struggle with their lost of sight but eventually they will prove that they are as resourceful as anybody else.

Sometimes the protagonist isn't blind but the master. A teacher who can not see but still fight is in several works. Usually it will start with the trainee learning the master's blindness but will soon spar with him, underestimating him the student will lose in a humiliating fashion, realizing that any handicap may be overcome with ambition.

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