Blessing of the Campanella Characters

Blessing of the Campanella is an anime series in the Blessing of the Campanella franchise
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Agnes Boulange

Agnes Boulange is an apprentice Automaton puppeteer from Print'brise. She holds traveling circus acts with her puppets. Self-proclaimed World's Greatest Puppeteer.

Carina Verritti

Carina Verritti is Leicester's childhood friend. She is a mage of the land and flies using a large paddle. Head of the Oasis Clan.

Chelsea Arcot

Chelsea Arcot is a member of the Holy Knights, and has a terrible sense of direction.

Fabious Verritti

Fabious Verritti is the grand duke of Ert'Aria and father to Carina.


Garnet is a dragon avatar that helps Leicester.


Golem is an automaton of the Tortilla sisters.

Leicester Maycraft

Leicester Maycraft is an Items Tradesman of the Oasis Clan.


Minette is an automaton puppet who was awoken by a meteor. The first person she saw was Leicester and mistook him as her father.

Mizeh Altworth

Mizeh Altworth is the world's greatest puppeteer of automatons. At one time adventurer. She created Minette.

Nagan Maycraft

Nagan Maycraft is the father of Leicester and the strict high priest of the church in Ert'Aria.

Nick La'juck

Nick La'juck is a member of the Oasis Clan in Ert'Aria.

Nina Lindberg

Nina Lindberg is the administrator of the Oasis Clan Lodgings in Ert'Aria.

Ritos Tortilla

Ritos Tortillaa member of the Tortilla Company. A mischievous girl who seems to take great joy in tormenting her twin sister Salsa.

Salsa Tortilla

Salsa Tortilla a member of the Tortilla Company and victim of her twin sister, Ritos', humor.

Shelley Maycraft

Shelley Maycraft is the overly affectionate mother of Leicester Maycraft.


Tango is a talking cat Automaton of Agnes Boulange.

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