BLEACH to Enter the Final Arc

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As far as as replacements go, I've been told Fairy Tail and Soul Eater are supposed to be good? I'm not really sure, I think I'm finally too old to start reading new Shonen manga. I'll probably stick with Naruto and One Piece until their respective mangaka die though.

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Great, because the story sucks. Only the action is good.

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I'll probably stick with Naruto and One Piece until their respective mangaka die though.

I pretty sure that Naruto will end before the creator die.

I don't know about One Piece, it got ten more years.

Now I can save a lot of money, so glad Bleach is ending

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I kinda wish things ended with the Aizen arc. I doubt Kubo will answer any questions about characters who had unresolved endings. I was surprised he even bothered to explain what happened to the Vizard. Now he still needs to explain what happened to all the other Arrancar in Heuco Mundo, How Ichigo's Dad became human again, how he has a relationship with Uryuu's dad, Also one thing I've been wanting to know since the Soul Society Arc, Why does Komamura have an animal head.

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While I get your meaning. To be a member of the Shonen Trilogy, they have to be published by Shonen Jump magazine.


I don't know about a couple of years. Your average shonen manga arc lasts at least a little over a year.


The Fullbringers reminded me of the Bount arc. Both were humans with item based powers. I did like where it took Ichigo emotionally. He was in such a rage and desperate that he was actually considering killing someone.

Though the manga will be ending after this arc. You're almost assured that the anime will probably have five or so arcs between this one. They've been pretty bad about putting arcs inside of arcs.

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"Are you sad..."


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Well well well, this one is the final arc. Previously, Kubo had stated that this arc would be particularly long, he just didn't say it would be the last. But his near 10 years left statement might still be true. In you consider the arrancar arc one arc, then the majority of the 10+ years that bleach has been out would be considered one arc. The ss arc and full bring arc together would only be about 3ish years out of the ten plus years. If this arc is long compared to the others it could really end up as another 10 years left, especially since so many things haven't teen revealed. No Spirit King, no Royal Family, no Zero Squad, less than half of the potential bankai revealed, many Shikai not revealed, most kido spells not shown including most of the high level ones, no insight to Ryuken who is the strongest Quincy alive (and one of only two alive), no info of the status of Nel, Harribel, Grimmjow, and most of their fraccion, no explanation about Isshin or who he was/is, no insight about Karin, Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizurio and their awakening powers and so on. Kubo will have to cover as much in this arc if not more than the rest of the story thus far if he wants things to make sense and not disappoint faithful readers.
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Yes, I agree that Kubo should tie up loose ends but not all of them. You got to leave some fans to speculate on the ambiguities. That's how shows get some replay value.

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Sucks, for real.

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How much you wanna bet they're gonna come out with a "Bleach Shippudden" or something

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@buhssuht: it's likely that Aizen just knew that Ichigo was Isshin's kid and therefore someone worth keeping an eye on, anything else I think was implying that he fought the battles he fought in the right order... as in, not having Kenpachi be the first guy he runs into when he broke into the soul society.

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