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Just try not to step in the remains, guys.
Just try not to step in the remains, guys.

Ichigo and pals arrive late but with enough time to be of some help the the fallen Zero Squad. However, Yhwach may have completed his ultimate task already.

The Good

The beginning of the true end?
The beginning of the true end?

Yeah, the heroes have finally arrived. A touch bit late, but not so much that they can't effect the aftermath of Yhwach's rampage. You know what this means? This could only lead to the inevitable finale that's been stretching forward for over a year now. That's certainly worth getting excited over.

The highlight of the chapter is the art. Everything looks really great. It's also slightly unnerving to watch the dismembered Ichibe in pieces. Kubo does love a sense of gore. You have to wonder how he gets away with so much in a magazine targeted to young kids.

The Bad

"Consequences", what are those?
"Consequences", what are those?

That really didn't take long at all, now did it? We couldn't even go a chapter under the illusion that at leastIchibe was gone for good. Sure, I'm vaguely annoyed by this outcome, but the lines between life and death have always been ill defined in BLEACH. They are characters who live in the "after life". Technically, isn't everyone dead -- minus Ichigo and friends?

I know it's sort of diverting from the point, but this reminds me of playing video games. Hear me out. Ever play a co-op game where you share lives? Ichibe strikes me as the sort who would take from your pool to keep playing on without asking.

He pretty much pulls that on Ichigo, taking some of his power to revive himself. Granted, he likely has some valuable information they'll need, but would it have killed him to ask? Ichigo is up against a really heavy hitter. He's likely to need every bit of power he's got. Although, seems sort of harsh to ask for pleasantries from a guy sprawled across the floor in pieces.

Verdict 2/5

This has not been a great start to the new year for the remaining members of the Shonen Trilogy -- not sure if Shonen Duo works. I'm being pretty harsh on what is a good chapter, and I'm thrilled to see everyone finally arrive. This just seems to serve more as a spacer between events, but I do like the sense of failure this issue closes out with. Are the heroes already too late? Likely not, but it certainly makes for a nice conclusion for the week.

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Ichibe being put back together made the sense of urgency drop. Unfortunately, it looks like Kubo might be doing a by-the-numbers walk toward the Bleach conclusion.

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Seeing as how Orihime was heading there also, I always expected Ichibei to get revived but it had an interesting kind of twist there where he revived himself.

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I really getting the feeling that Yhwach and his guys will go down to Karakura Town and Ichigo and his friends will be trap on the Reiokyu.

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@Destinyheroknight: Ichigo has been all over the place for the last year and a half. He's barely been in the manga that he is the main character of in recent months.

First he heads to Hueco Mundo

Gets trapped in the garganta

Breaks out and Goes to SS (moments too late to Help The Head of the Gotei)

Gets taken to the Royal Palace

Banished back to the Human World via Nimaiya

Brought back to The Royal Palace

Sent Back Down to Soul Society

Sent Back up to the Royal Palace minutes later. (moments to late to help the Head of the Verse).


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Yeah, but I don't see Orihime, Chad or Ganju fighting Yhwach's elites. Karakura Town is the only place where the Arrancars (mainly Grimmjow), Fullbringers and Vizard can help in the fighting. So, here come another year of Ichigo being stuck somewhere LOL!

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