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I'm not going to show you the whole thing. Read it for yourself.
I'm not going to show you the whole thing. Read it for yourself.

Gremmy should know by now to stop underestimating Zaraki Kenpachi. He's always ready to leap to the occasion. Especially when it's an opportunity to test his own metal.

The Good

I bet this would be Kenpachi's face on Christmas day.
I bet this would be Kenpachi's face on Christmas day.

You know, for as powerful as Gremmy is, he sure lacks in imagination. At least as far as understanding his opponent. It's rather hilarious. He actually thought Kenpachi was thinking about defeating him over the opportunity to slice apart a meteor. For as intimidating as Gremmy's double-down appears, I doubt Kenpachi even noticed once he brought that rock down.

I'd like to say more about this issue, but not a great deal happened. This was all about the shikai reveal. It's nice to have another monsterous power appearing in the series. Kubo seems to have favored the more compact or grotesque in recent years. Not that I mind either, but I find this change refreshing.

The Bad

This was sort of an empty chapter that really doesn't do much of anything. Other than serve as a stage for the reveal of Kenpachi's shikai.

Mind you, it's was still a pretty cool show.

I don't really see what the Yachiru flashback had to do with anything. It's a moment I really like, but it just served as filler here.

Verdict 3/5

I really liked this chapter, but a 3 out of 5 is the best it really deserves. For all the flash and circumstance, nothing really happened. We had a great show with the hint of Kenpachi's new abilities. I just hope that next week we get some more depth to what's coming in this brawl.

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I didn't understand what Yachiru's flashback was supposed to be saying either. However, I have been waiting for the reveal of Kenpachi's bankai ever since it was revealed that shinigami had them. When Kenpachi was first introduced we learned that he couldn't even release his sword. Now that is badass.

Gremmy definitely doesn't seem to understand how Kenpachi works. Throwing strength challenges at Kenpachi is not the way to fight him.

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