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He's like the Buddha of battle.
He's like the Buddha of battle.

No longer satisfied with Gremmy's lackluster attempts to stop him, Kenpachi encourages his enemy to try harder. So, Gremmy has decided to double his efforts in a most creative way.

The Good

Oh, I can't wait till next week.
Oh, I can't wait till next week.

Something about this battle brings back memories of my high school football coach. He wasn't like many of those stereotyped, major-league wannabes, who put the focus completely on strength and practice. He was also about the mental game. He once presented us with a rhetorical question. "If two players clash on the field with equal force, they both have equal amounts of strength, training, and experience. Who's going to win? The one who wants it more, and who can see them self winning."

That's sort of what I see in this battle but with a twist. We have two unstoppable forces, represented by Gremmy's imagination and Kenpachi's drive. Gremmy is spending so much time trying to one up Kenpachi, but it just becomes another blow to his moral as his enemy keeps slicing through every road block put in his way. That, in turn, excites Kenpachi even more. It's a cycle of repeated destruction. Only it's Gremmy that's starting to break down.

The depth of Kenpachi's mind really impresses me sometimes. He's not the mindless killing machine-type we're often given in fiction when they make a character this strong. Though simplistic at times, he understands fighting and the mind in combat more than anyone. The way he gets into Gremmy's head in this chapter is pretty awesome. You'd think it would be the other way around.

The Bad

What is it about the meteor and villains? One almost always seems to come up at some point. We just more often see these in video games. I don't mean to imply that I have a problem with one showing up in the pages of BLEACH. It just causes a touch of bleed over irritation from another series I've been reading. Also, what will Gremmy even pull after this one?

This could all be forgiven if Kenpachi's shikai turns out to be fun.

Verdict 4/5

The visuals this fight is creating are really a joy to see and read along with. That seems to be most of the appeal of this battle. I'm almost left wondering if that's why Kubo is letting this fight go on in this way. He's working with practically no limitations. He can just let go and pull anything out of the old creator's hat. I'm also very excited to see this new shikai in action.

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Article image on the main page is the same as the Naruto one from its recent article, just FYI.

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Kenpachi is such an adorable character. I'm Kubo only uses Kenpachi for fun moments like this. While the other captains were crying about losing their bankai, Kenpachi was stacking bodies.

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I have to admit this battle sounds like it is pretty interesting and it would be a shame to never see it animated.

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