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Due to last week's little site snafu, I was unable to really finish and submit the BLEACH review for last week. It was written, but I couldn't upload any pictures. I instead opted to hold off and just include it the following chapter review. Thankfully, this week's edition of WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP started off the Shonen Trilogy with BLEACH. I hope you enjoy, and sorry for the inconvenience.

BLEACH Ch. 572 Review

Come with me...and you'll a world of pure imagination.

Things are not always as we imagine them to be. That is unless you are the latest Vandenreich to challenge the exuberant Yachiru.

The Good

Things started silly.
Things started silly.

I'd like to revise some of my statements from the previous weeks for BLEACH. You know how I said thatGwenael Lee's powers are truly terrifying? It seems that was all just in my imagination. At least...I think it was. He's been swiftly supplanted by someone who'd make a seriously deadly foe. One who can manipulate the world based on just their imagination. This new opponent actually created Gwenael with her/his mind, and just as easily unmade him.

Now, there are very likely some rather strict limitations to this sort of power that we just aren't aware of yet. Otherwise, this would be a god-tier character that would surpass even Aizen, but I doubt that's the case. Why take all of the magic out of this from the beginning, right?

Let's put that to the side for now, and instead focus on this quandary. Who makes a better challenger to these powers, from a story perspective? Yachiru has a rich and active imagination, but Kenpachi is far more simple minded. Don't let it slip by you that we also don't yet know how his abilities may have changed after his training. At this point, it's sort of a dice roll.

The Bad

Then they got serious.
Then they got serious.

With all the frustrations I've been having with the two other series I've been reviewing for the site. It surprises me to say this, but...I wish this battle of Yachiru and Gwenael had lasted longer. I want to understand what's going on with Yachiru's shikai. I'm unsure if we'll get that chance now that Kenpachi steps in. However, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. I had this same issue when Byakuya appeared inRukia's fight, and that certainly didn't turn out the way I thought.

I'd be incredibly impressed with Kubo if he really had it in him to leave those two captains actually dead, but I'm highly doubtful that's the case. It's far more likely that they're only dead because this new enemy imagines them to be. Once defeated, they'll probably be right back where they were left.

Verdict 4/5

BLEACH was my only real shining ray of light this week out of the Shonen Big Three. That certainly makes for a refreshing change of pace, but Kubo's manga has been going really strong for a while now. He's been making some great matches, some nice twists, and I've been excited for each issue week to week. He should have taken more vacations in this series run.

I'm of a mixed mind with this cliffhanger. I really want to see more of Yachiru's battle, but the fan in me can't help but be giddy for Kenpachi's appearance. This is going to be a long one week wait for me.

BLEACH Ch. 573 Review

You're only limited by your enemy's imagination.

This new enemy shouldn't presume to imagine the limitations of Kenpachi's power.

The Good

The imagination is your limitation.
The imagination is your limitation.

For as tame as this chapter was, I actually got some wicked pleasure in seeing this new Stern Ritter be knocked down a peg in the wake of Kenpachi's brazen style. This enemy, Gremmy, seems to have a limit to this impressive power. It's also limited by the imagination. Now, that's an intriguing catch-22. I look forward to seeing how that plays out.

The Bad

I've never understood this.
I've never understood this.

So, what came out of this chapter? Pretty much nothing at all. Kenpachi shows up, and makes the claim that Unohana is dead. This also brings to mind one of the events that bothered me about that training sequence from this time last year. Since when does the title of Kenpachi hold any real meaning? Isanemakes some big deal about him finally taking the name that Unohana never used, and he gone under this entire series. It's a confusing attempt at melodrama that just falls flat.

While I enjoy watching Kenpachi be an insanely strong sword fighter, it honestly bothers me that he's now taking the spotlight away from Yachiru. Funny, isn't it? I was so worried about this very thing happening to Rukia only a few weeks ago. However, I still need to hold out faith that things could still take an unexpected twist. Kenpachi can be oddly picky about his opponents.

Verdict 2/5

Well, it's been a good run, but all solid streaks must come to an end at some point, right? This chapter was little more than Unohana's dead, and Kenpachi is still and unbelievable bad-ass. I also still have my doubts on the former of those two. There's still potential for things to pick up. This was just a rather unexpected low note in this rock-symphony that's been BLEACH these past few months.

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After what happened to Mask, I mean, James, I don't would be so sure that things are finished, even being Kenpachi.

After all, if Kenpachi's sword can't be stopped, the solution is to create a copy.

Post by Lurkero (431 posts) See mini bio Level 7

I am still disappointed by the Kenpachi melodrama. I didn't think that plot point was necessary at all.

The catch-22 of this power is awesome. Kenpachi is the last person I would want to go against with a power controlled by imagination. Someone as arrogant as Kenpachi is unlikely to be affected by any of it. Kenpachi's line afterwards is funny too.

Post by jj_jackson (119 posts) See mini bio Level 6

i would also llike to see more of yachiru in battle i'm starting to think it was just a tease and they shouldve let her at least win that battle. I would like to see her prove her worth as the vice captain of kenpachi's squad. at least let her win one battle in bleach and id be satisfied..

Post by phantomrant (1,680 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Kenpachi needs actually badass opponent worthy of being in his presence. His fight with Nnoitra was godly. Makes Bleach fights hundreds of times more entertaining and epic.

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