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Renji is the lizard-monkey king.
Renji is the lizard-monkey king.

With the full name of Renji's bankai finally revealed, the fifteen minutes of fame for this Superstar may finally be up.

The Good

Anyone else looking forward to seeing more?
Anyone else looking forward to seeing more?

If you wanted action, this chapter has some great action. You wanted monstrous display of power, you're getting some of that, as well. This is a display of some of the best of sh┼Źnen-action series. It doesn't even matter to me how many weeks this battle has spanned. It never really dragged on, and it had a great power reveal for the finale. I very much hope that this isn't the last we get to see of So-oh Zabimaru.

As predicted, I figured that the Royal Guard's training would get filled in more through flashbacks. It was so odd that the first three parts were given such intricate detail, but the series completely skipped the final two. So far, Osho's ability doesn't seem all that impressive, but I'm pretty sure we'll learn more with either Rukia or Ichigo's inevitable flashbacks.

The Bad

Soon, those arms wont be your only problem.
Soon, those arms wont be your only problem.

My biggest complaint is that it seems to move far too fast. Sort of like sitting down to watch a movie, and it all seems to be over in such a short amount of time. Although, I do wonder if that has less to do with this battle as a whole, and more to do with the fact that I want to see more of this new bankai.

Verdict 5/5

BLEACH really has been on a streak. This week we have a great chapter and reveal all around, and it's well worth the time it takes to read. If only it didn't feel so short, and it's too bad that Renji had to waste such power on this odd masked-fellow. It really would be a shame if this will never be animated, but I get the feeling that I'm going to be having this problem with a lot during this final arc.

Unlike the previous issues, this one gives us no hint as to where the war is heading next. I have a feeling that we still have a while until Ichigo appears. Your guess is as good as mine. Who do you think is up next, or who would you like to see?

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Haven't read this chapter yet, but that seems like an odd looking power. I was hoping for something cooler looking, but I should have guess Kubo would have went with the weird. He's been doing that more often with the latest powers.

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Yeah. Back in the day, all the bankai were huge. Now it seems every new bankai isn't. Not that bigger always equals cooler, but I was used to Renji having a huge bankai like Komamura or Mayuri. I thought it would be a scarier looking version of the old bankai. Still pretty cool though. At least Kubo implemented some actual baboon features. Before it was almost entirely the snake. I don't think he had planned this from the very beginning, but it actually makes sense that Renji only used half of his bankai and thus, why only the snake was prominent and not the Baboon.

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