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Sajin Komamura put all on the line for the sake of revenge, and now it's time to pay the price.

The Good

Thank you for your service, Captain Komamura.
Thank you for your service, Captain Komamura.

Sajin may not have lost his life in this story, but he may have forever sacrificed every last ounce of the humanity he once held so dear. Some may call that a cheat. I feels it to be even more tragic. He also never claimed the revenge he truly wanted against Yhwach. It was especially touching to seeTetsuzaemon Iba come in to carry Sajin away, still treating him as his captain.

This event brings something into very sharp contrast that everyone reading should remember. We've been living under this premise that the characters will just keep on living. It's something that we've experienced for years. However, this is the finale. Kubo has complete license to end any of his cast, and much of what we see is for keeps. When you witness a character die, it's very likely they're going to stay that way. Keep that in mind the next time you see one of your favorites fall.

The Bad

With friends like these --
With friends like these --

Just as I suspected, Bambietta isn't actually out for good. She''ll be popping up again in this story at some point. Although, I don't think we'll see her as we remember. She doesn't seem too keen on being saved by those four.

Verdict 4/5

Guess who's coming to dinner?
Guess who's coming to dinner?

The story of this chapter is heartbreaking for a character we hardly know much about. For as moving as these events are, I find it a touch grating that Bambietta survives this. Sure, she's not going to end up liking her fate, but it takes a little wind out of Sajin's victory. An excellent chapter none the less.

This sure is the week for cliffhangers. ONE PIECE ended in a shock, and BLEACH leaves us off with something that really has me excited. Rukia returns!

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Kubo has been lenient on character deaths before. I'm still not convinced Captain Commander is dead and won't be until the series ends without someone casting some magical spell to revive the dead.

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I don't think Bambietta's getting out of this alive. At least Komamura is still alive.

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