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In the immortal words of Madeline Khan, "Woof."
In the immortal words of Madeline Khan, "Woof."

Sajin Komamura is ready to put his very life on the line in the battle against the Vandenreich and to avenge Genryusai. Even if that means undertaking a most terrifying change of his very soul. Jinka no Jutsu -- Humanification.

The Good

Even Bambietta was shocked.
Even Bambietta was shocked.

You know, as you read a particular series throughout the years, you start to see the patterns. You can, at times, almost predict what's coming next. A little more so in BLEACH since this series tends to moves in cycles. That being said, it's such a thrill when you can still be surprised. Just as in a long term relationship. You think you know everything about a person, then they pull the rug right out from under you with a most shocking reveal.

It was amazing enough when the Sajin was first exposed as a dog under his helmet. For years following, he would live out in the open. I was then a bit confused why he was back under the helmet recently. It never occurred to me that there could be yet another unveiling when it comes to the same character, and the revelations don't stop there. Even his bankai holds a secret. Bravo, Tite Kubo. You got me again.

The Bad

Will you ever be helpful, Hinamori?
Will you ever be helpful, Hinamori?

What is this, the third or fifth time Hinamori has proven to be completely ineffective as Soul Reaper and a character? It's not that she's not trying to help. She's just never allowed to succeed at anything, due to the will of the author. I almost wonder if Kubo just wants to keep her around to be the series' Jimmy Olsen, a supporting character who's in perpetual danger in order to be rescued by the hero.

Although, I'm just happy that she appears without mentioning Aizen.

Verdict 5/5

Some great action, art, story, and a surprise after all these years. What more could you ask for in a chapter? Sajin may be one of the characters I have the least interest in, but I can't deny this all makes for some entertaining reading. I'm very much anticipating where this battle goes next.

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Its surprising that Bleach still has some surprises. I hope Kubo can keep it up.

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We Need to have a equally surprising moment with Mayuri Kurotsuchi .

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@Lurkero said:

Its surprising that Bleach still has some surprises. I hope Kubo can keep it up.

same here

Post by Zerogodlike (1,464 posts) See mini bio Level 11

Bleach is about the plot twist.

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