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Bleach #507 - The Fire 3

In a Nutshell

Yamamoto puts the Guinness World Record for longest cigarette ash to shame.
Yamamoto puts the Guinness World Record for longest cigarette ash to shame.

The Captain Commander reveals that his Bankai has two forms: one that makes everyone's throat dry and increases the cutting power of his sword and another that turns him into the Human Torch.

High Points

  • I like that one of his Bankai forms is a stat boost like Ichigo's rather than a parlor trick like surface-to-air missiles, flowers, or giant statues.
  • As always, Bleach looks cool.

Low Points

  • While it's nice to get a Bankai reveal, this chapter was pretty uninteresting.

Rants and Raves

Well the secret is out! The Captain Commander's Bankai turns his sword black and makes it better at cutting stuff. Additionally, it sets him on fire. This was kind of cool but the chapter was just talking. When Bleach first came out it was this balls to the wallaction series filled with swords clashing, staffs twirling, and action. Action, action, action. Now the series manages to be nothing but fights yet you're lucky to get two sword swings in an entire chapter. I want to see Juha and Yamamoto mixing it up in combat. People Shunpo'ing all over the the place, getting kicked through buildings, then speed dashing to get right back in the fight. This whole we'll talk and then maybe clash swords once Bleach needs to go.


C+. I'm happy for the Bankai reveal but other than that I found this to be pretty dull.

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Every time Captain Commander shows his face I can't help but wonder why he doesn't put more effort into making sure the world is saved. Ichigo sure has done a lot over the past 507 chapters and it would have been a lot easier if Commander helped out more.

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I was actually disappointed with what his bankai does, it just seem very basic for someone who is suppose to be sooo powerful, at first but then something occurred to me what if there is a ability that has not yet shown but is demonstrating it. I mention the various captains mention how the moisture in the air, their lips, throat, ice and water are gone, that is the Captain Commander's bankai true ability.

Picture this the release of the bankai slowly draws moisture out of everything around for miles pretty much the whole soul society slowly turning into a dried husk, like an entire forest during a drought, everything is now so flammable the heat his sword generates alone ignites it. The spreads throughout soul society, people, buildings, everything burning to the ground nothing remaining because water can not exist now. This is the bankai true potential burning creations itself to nothing.

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I don't believe that his bankai is the power of the sun, since this battle will be over so fast, also why isn't the white hair guy trying to steal the bankai? And why the two captains (and one vice-captain) seem like they not doing anything, Soul Society is the worst organization I have ever did see

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i dont think it increases his cutting ability..it was just that his sword is literally sucking the moisture out of the air so peoples lips were getting so dry they cut..im sure we have all had that before. but anyway i thought his bankai is fitting for him are you all losing the epicness of this? what ever his blade touches turns to nothing? and his body hotter than the sun? forget gaara thats the ultimate defense lol and im assuming the ultimate goal is to seal his bankai or steal it. still wondering why ichigos bankai is un stealable.and has anyone notices none of the vizard captains havent fought??

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I noticed they haven't fought yet. I think we're in the early stages of this arc because we haven't seen them yet. I dread/expect for almost every character in the Gotei and Ichigo's friend list to have a multi-chapter battle at some point.
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I think this whole arc is badly written story. These enemies can steal bankai, OK. But there are also deadly shikai-s, a lot of KIDO and physically very strong shinigamis, like the Vaizards, Renji... They know they going to be attacked, and told them to prepare the battle, but they didn't do any special(maybe Mayuri did something, but it's not shown yet). Also Kenpachi beaten too easily...

Other thing: Could somebody tell me what is the Spirit King/soul king in bleach? When was it mentioned first? Or just Kubo said about it? I dont remember anything from it, so I just wondering why other fans wondering about who is the spirit king.

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