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This is where I'm confused.
This is where I'm confused.

Fresh off the victory of the Soul Reapers regaining their bankai, Yhwach and his Vandenreich are prepared to bring a holy retribution and stem any turn of the tide against them.

The Good

Say, "tahW?"
Say, "tahW?"

I'm not going to hesitate that I have some problems with the story in this chapter, but we'll get to that a bit later. Regardless of some of its faults, Kubo manages to still make this entertaining with the art and character personalities. Bambietta was especially fun to follow, and it's also nice to see there are more than four soul reapers in this fight.

I really have to applaud the work of Joe Yamazaki, Mark McMurray, and Alexis Kirsch, the English translation team for BLEACH. The translation and text work of this chapter had a particularly interesting touch that I really enjoyed. It was a bold choice to disorient the text as Shinji Hirako displayed the power of his Sakanade. I found it confusing for a second, but that's the point.

The Bad

What form hides behind this veil?
What form hides behind this veil?

Yhwach so far gives me the feeling he has the strategic planning of Wile E. Coyote. From where we are right now, this is utterly ridiculous. They steal the bankai, knowing full well that the 13 Court Guard would eventually find a way to retrieve it; and this impedes their ability of the Quincy Voll Stern Dich, an ability equal or stronger than bankai. Admittedly, it throws your enemy off balance, but is it worth it when it figuratively ties your hands behind your back?

Maybe there is a genius behind this tactic that's yet to be revealed. Get the Soul Reapers so focused on regaining the bankai that they don't have time to counter the Voll Stern Dich. That would be more on the level of Erwin Rommel. However, it was Urahara who independently figured this out, and Kurotsuchi, the sadist who studied Quincyphysiology, likely plotted out something of his own.

Verdict 3/5

This is a good read, but it's the tactics of how this war being waged that leaves me scratching my head. It's not surprising that the Vandenreich are going at this battle with a chip the size of Stonehenge on their shoulder. This is very personal for them, but I'm not sure that fully explains this sort of finger-in-the-eye approach. Trying to humiliate your enemy before defeating them doesn't often work out all that well.

The chapter is entertaining enough, but this back and forth from chapter to chapter is getting a bit tiring. I know it's a sh┼Źnen cliche. My complaint is that these swings are happening too hard too fast. It's as if I'm watching a tennis match.

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About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt / http://kristofferremmell.tumblr.com/

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Back and forth battles are rarely appealing to me. This Quincy strategy better be REAL interesting.

"Ha ha! I have powered up to level 2!"

"You may have defeated me with your level 2, but NOW...witness my LEVEL 3!"

[and repeat]

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Just like Aizen, we're gonna have Yhwach's version of "I've planned everything all along" ;D

But still man, Bleach is getting real interesting.

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Hmm they had to "ingest" hollow to get the bankai back right? Maybe the Quincy form has some special ability to damage hollows or people with hollow powers more? The quincy did evolve to fight hollows and the do describe it as the holy form...

If that is the tactic might get up to Light level of strategy...

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