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Every drama needs a scene of someone running away while another calls after them to stop.
Every drama needs a scene of someone running away while another calls after them to stop.

Masaki has been infected by the Hollow that bit her, and it seems her life is in danger.

The Good

Doesn't this look like a poster for a rom-com?
Doesn't this look like a poster for a rom-com?

I know that most of the audience of shonen read it for the combat, but I've always liked when it gets into the drama. Seeing the characters be moved by their passion or anger, and how they react to it. It's just weird that the most dramatic scenes of Masaki's infection by a Hollow feels second place to the Ryukenand Katagiri's confrontation. Ryuken has always been such a cool cat. It's wild to see him so angry and passionate about something.

It's just unfortunate that this drama doesn't appear well thought out past the discovery of the Hollow hole growing on Misaki. Ryuken's idea of running with Masaki is utterly thoughtless. He has no idea what's wrong, and no inkling where his father is located. Where was he planning on taking her? It just feels like an ill thought out reason to get him outside for Isshin to become involved.

The Bad

When has this been a thing?
When has this been a thing?

Since when has as infection from a Hollow bite been a cause of concern? Misaki was bitten by an experimental Hollow, but Katagiri already seems to know there would be some kind of side effect. I guess becasue it's so rare that we've ever seen a mortal human bitten by a Hollow that the threat of contamination just never came up before.

Something also seems off about the timeline here. Since Urahara is on Earth, that means this takes place post Visored era. Then how is White such an early experiment? The timeline between Soul Societyand Earth is so confusing. What is the difference in how time moves between the two realms? That's another thing this series has never really made clear.

Both of these problems makes me start to see just how poorly Kubo has done explaining his world. I feel like these may have been explained in the source books at some point, but that's not where plot elements belong. It reminds me of how Kubo never even explained what happened to the surviving Arrancar, such as Tier, after the battle with Aizen was over.

Verdict 3/5

As I've said, I like drama in a story, but something about this week seemed a bit too forced and cliche. It's kind of hard to be worried about Masaki surviving when we know she does. We're more left wondering, how does she gets out of this trouble? The way we leave off with Urahara's appearance. I already feel like I know exactly where this is going. Isshin will end up making the sacrifice to save her, and they'll both lose their powers.

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Wait there are source books for this? Yea the manga and the anime have always left a ton of world building stuff unexplained...

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Since when has as infection from a Hollow bite been a cause of concern?

I would like to point out the Fullbringers. The Quincy want there blood to be pure, when a Hollow attack a human they leave a trace of Hollow power in them. Which can be past down to there child

I believe they explain somewhere between chapter 430 or 435 (I can't remember, been to long and I to lazy to pull out my volume)

I notice that Ryuken's mother have a scar or burn on her leg (pg.73) wonder what happen there

I like this flashback, it have been entertaining

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