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Bleach tells of the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo's a fifteen year old that could see ghosts. One day he obtain the power of a Shinigami and now protects the spirits on Earth that have yet to move on.


Bleach is about the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year old who can see ghosts. One day, he finds himself with no choice but to take possession of Shinigami powers. Now, he works as a substitute Shinigami, purifying the souls of the innocent, and sending the souls of the damned on the way to Hell. Along the way, he encounters a variety of odd creatures and even odder people.

Starting in August 2001, Bleach ( ブリーチ , Burīchi ) is published in Weekly Shonen Jump. It was written by Tite Kubo, the author of Zombie Powder.


  • Shueisha (Japan)
  • ViZ Media (North America, Australia, New Zealand)
  • Tokyopop Germany (Germany)
  • Glenat (France Spain (Glenat Espana))
  • Editorial Ivrea (Argentina)
  • Grupo Editorial Vid (Mexico)
  • Kana Netherlands (Netherlands, Holland)
  • Эксмо (Russia)
  • Japonica Polonica Fantastica (Poland)
  • Planet Manga / Panini Comics (Portugal)
  • Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd. (China, Taiwan)

Publication History

In Japan, Bleach has run with a chapter every week or so since its' first publication, barring a few weeks wherein Kubo was either sick or taking a minor hiatus. It was first published in 2001, in Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump. The first tankobon volume was released on January 5, 2002. Currently, 48 tankobon volumes have been released, as well as two supplementary volumes: Souls, detailing the events and characters relating to the Soul Society Arc, and Masked, relating to the events and characters in the Arrancar Arc.

VIZ Media is the publisher of Bleach in North America. They published the first English-language volume of Bleach on June 1, 2004, and have released 33 volumes. On August 5, 2008, a hardcover re-issue "collectors edition" of the first volume was released, followed by a compilation of the first 21 volumes as a box set on September 2, 2008.


All Japanese sound effects were changed for the English Release into English variants on the same.

The English Release of Bleach made use of the Espada names used in the translated anime, such as Nnoitra Jiruga and Nelliel tu Oderschvank, rather than the recently revealed names Nnoitra Gilga and Nelliel tu Odelschwank.


Although there are many Bleach characters, this article only lists the primary protagonists of the story.

Ichigo Kurosaki ( 黒崎 一護 , Kurosaki Ichigo)

A fifteen year old with the power to see spirits. He gains his Shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki, after requiring them to save his family, and becomes a Substitute Shinigami whilst she attempts to recover her powers. He's a sour faced teenager, but cares for his family, even though he doesn't really show it much. As the series progresses, Ichigo becomes stronger and stronger, gaining new powers and abilities along the way. He makes use of the Zanpakuto Zangetsu.

Rukia Kuchiki ( 朽木 ルキア , Kuchiki Rukia )

The Shinigami who gave Ichigo his powers. She was forced to grant him Shinigami power after she found herself mortally wounded during a battle with a Hollow. Rukia is quite serious, although she is a very good actress, being able to fool many of Ichigo's classmates. She's also fond of rabbits. She makes use of the Zanpakuto Sode-no-Shirayuki.

Sado "Chad" Yasutora ( 茶渡 泰虎 , Sado Yasutora )

One of Ichigo's best friends. The two met when Chad protected Ichigo from some thugs. Since then, the two have remained close. Chad is strong, and doesn't speak unless he has something worthwhile to say. He will never hurt anyone except in the defense of others. Chad is also a fan of cute things. He makes use of the Right Hand of the Giant and the Left Hand of the Devil.

Orihime Inoue ( 井上 織姫 , Inoue Orihime)

Another good friend of Ichigo's. He helped her when her brother, Sora Inoue, became a Hollow and attempted to kill her. Even before that, though, Orihime had a crush on Ichigo, but was too shy to tell him. She also enjoys cooking rather unusual food, which most people hate but she enjoys a lot. She makes use of the Shun Shun Rikka.

Uryuu Ishida ( 石田 雨竜 , Ishida Uryū )

The last of the Quincies, a race of people who made exterminating Hollows their living. Initially, he opposed Ichigo, since he was a Shinigami; however, the two eventually stopped fighting and learned to cooperate with each other. Ishida is a rather serious youth, even when it comes to his hobby, sewing. He makes use of several Quincy-made artifacts, such as the bow Kojaku (Arc Sparrow).

Story Arcs

Agent of the Shinigami Arc (Volumes 1-6)

Soul Society Arc (Volumes 7-20)

Arrancar Arc (Volumes 21-27)

Hueco Mundo Arc (Volumes 27-35)

Turn Back The Pendulum Arc (Volumes 36-37)

Fake Karakura Town Arc (Volumes 37-48)

Lost Shinigami Substitute Arc (Volume 49- 54)

The Thousand Year War Arc (Volume 55-)

General Information Edit
English Name Bleach
Japanese Name: BLEACH (ブリーチ)
Romaji: Burīchi
Publisher Viz Media
Start Year 2001
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