Where do babies come from?

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Okay, jokes aside, in the worlds of Bleach, virtually everything is maintained by a constant balance of souls going in and out of the afterlife. People who die in the living world become ghosts, and then either go to Soul Society or become a Hollow. Hollows eventually end up getting purified and sent to Soul Society or killed and sent to hell. When people in Soul Society die, they're reborn in the living world. And the cycle goes on and on and on. 
But there are noble families and houses, and therefore lineages in Soul Society. Characters like Byakuya, Kyoraku, Ukitake, the Shiba siblings, Yourichi... they were all presumably born in the Soul Society.... where did their souls come from? Everyone else in Soul Society came there in the state they were when they died. That kid who was put in the canary from Chad's introduction Arc showed up as a kid in Soul Society. Rukia was apparently a toddler or baby when she and Hisana first wound up there.
So where the hell are the babies coming from? I do have my own theories, but if anyone has an outright explanation i'd be really happy to hear it.
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That's a good question. Their idea of reincarnation is whack. Soul Society is supposed to be heaven, but you are thrown into poverty. That kid with the canary had his memories for some reason.

I remember Kenny and Yachiru don't remember anything about their past lives. All they remember was blood and clouds. I think Yachiru died when she was a little kid in the human world. For Kenny, I don't what he did. Kubo never explain all the details on how people are brought into the soul society.

I wonder why Byakuya Kuchiki did not have kids with Rukia's sister. The no babies problem explains Byakuya's situation.

I don't have no idea, but some people remember their past lives and some don't. There are no babies but little toddlers that age.

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There is ZERO explanation, one explanation was that supposedly if a shinigami died they can be reborn and things, one might note that everyone in soul society is in one way adopted. There is the aborted baby theory, but eh? reaching . Soul Society however is not heaven, it is more likely to call it afterlife, a place where you sit around and wait for reincarnation depending on your deed in life. Note how they don't guarantee that soulc society is a happy place, the alternative is however to be a man eating ghost, survive long enough you can become ungodly strong, however this would then result to you going to HELL unless you met Aizen in the process
Bleach has a hell, doesn't have a heaven
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