Is it possible that Ichigo's father is really royalty?

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I haven't gotten that far in Bleach. I only watch the English episodes that come out on Adult Swim and i don't read the manga.  
I have this theory though that  Isshin Kurosaki,Ichigo's father,  is really part of the royal family?   I also think that  Masaki Kurosaki, ichigo's mother, is actually  Kirio Hikifune, the former captain of the  12th Division.who got promoted to  a position with Squad Zero: the Royal Guards. I think that    Kirio Hikifune was Isshin's secret body guard and for some reason    Kirio Hikifune and Isshin were forced to hide in the world of the living where they fell in love and got married. Who knows maybe they came to the world of the living to be together because in the Soul Society their love might be forbidden. Because it might be forbidden for royalty to love someone who's not royalty. 
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That's an... interesting assumption.

It's hinted at that Ichigo's father was a captain at some point, and I've always assumed that since Ichigo seems to be some sort of human-shinigami hybrid his father must be shinigami while his mother was human.

But that's just the conclusion I came to with the information provided. I don't really have any theories as such.

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