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just like the names says i have allways being curius about who are the strongest chars and the weakest(no hogyoku aizen nor dangai ichigo they are basically Unkillable and are far to overpowered)  so i would like to see your opinions
Hype and powerscaling allowed for those who lack feats
the ranks are:
Captain comander
Senior captain
midtier captain
Low captain
high liteunant
low liteunant
Fodder(meaning weaklings)
you can rank all bleach chars including espadas,vizards,quincies etc in these ranks depending your opinions(you dont have to rank all chars if you want just ranks those you consider )
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I'll just do the top classes. 
CC- Yama  
Senior Captain- Urahara, Ichi's dad, Byakuya, Youroichi, Kenpachi, Shunsui, top 5 espada, Shinji. (maybe other strongest Visoreds), maybe Ishida's dad.
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