Bleach 498 review

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First Impressions

After I finished reading the chapter I thought about how typical that actually was. I mean Akon goes to get Ichigo Kurosaki to save Soul Society once again. I still thought it was a goos chapter and a big step up from just seeing the captains loose there bankai and run around like a bunch of dumb asses. Not to mention I loved the talk between Akon and Kisuke.

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Still liked the talk between Akon and Kisuke
  • You know Ichigo's design still looks bad ass
  • Nice to get back to Kirge vs Ichigo because I wanted it more
  • See Pesche and Donchahakacha

The Bad

  • Where is Nel and Orihime!??
  • If Orihime goes with them to Soul Society then the shingami have a shot NOOOOO
  • I was hoping to see Grimmjow here actually cuz a while back Kisuke saw some one.... What happened????

Rating: 7.5/10

In the end it wasn't the greatest thing I had ever seen in Bleach but it was still a good chapter and it got me pumped to see what would happen next.

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