Behind the Scenes of Bleach: Part 3

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Always been curious as to how they dealt with situations like interpreting idiomatic phrases or sayings from japanese to english. Wish they talked about some instance of that, cause the meaning can sometimes get totally lost in translation.
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I'm often confused when English staff talk about a Japanese series as if they are the creators. She directed the English production of the Japanese anime, but she didn't direct a bit of the actual production of the series. ADR Directing can be a challenge in the production of dubbing, but what is she talking about when it comes to the action sequences?

I can't stand Bosch as Lelouch, but he does do a pretty good job as Ichigo. He was superb in Eureka 7. BLEACH is a series I enjoy more in subtitles. Though, the formula got kind of boring for me. Good strong start, but that war in Huenco Mundo and Fake Karakura Town took forever to complete. Ichigo does the same things that Naruto does. They train then fight, train then fight. It's an endless cycle.

Even now in the story, he's training to get his powers back to one in particular.

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I was hoping they'd have the guy who ruined Aizen in these so I could hear his take on the character.

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@sickVisionz: Pretty sure this was from the first boxed set, so no Aizen yet
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