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The action in Bleach is starting to heat up! Ichigo just received a new power, and Inoue has started trouble with two unknown enemies with unknown powers. Will we see another Inoue rescue ark, or will another girl be kidnapped this time?


Before we get to Inoue, we hear a little more about Ichigo’s training. Basically he needs to rest for some time because of all the hard work he has done so far (whatever they say). However, I’m sure Ichigo will have to enter battle sooner than expected for Chad suddenly detects Inoue’s reiatsu had gone haywire, which is never a good thing. Now they both will head over to the action, or so I assume.

Things are pretty hairy over in Inoue’s neck of the woods. This new baddy named Tsukishima seems to be the big boss man of their group. Now he wants to “take care” of Inoue for some reason, and decides to send Shigawara home. Shigawara being your average honorable thug decides that he must finish the job he started and tells Tsukishima to go home. This doesn’t work so well for Shigawara, and Tsukishima now wants to kill them both. Inoue steps in and decides to defend Shigawara, because she is bad ass like that.


It looks like Shigawara might become a good guy after all, welcome to the club. However, get in the back of the line because there are tons of other characters Kubo needs to write about first, like that girl with the fireworks or Kenpachi.


Of course when they mentioned that Ichigo shouldn’t push himself too hard and that he might pass out I instinctively knew that Ichigo will be having some kind of a fight in the very near future. That’s looking like it is going to come true, for Chad and Ichigo are now heading toward Inoue. What makes me even more happier is that Chad will be fighting once more, and Chad fights are always the best.
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... First....?
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chad is awesome
Post by Daniel_Newton (3,320 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Hot damn, I read this chapter mere hours ago and the article is up! Nice. 
Don't know what to think of the new bad guy, his powers are already boring because he has a sword, I thought the point of full bring powers were that they were unique and different, I mean sure the guy helping Ichigo has a sword too but at least that looks like something out of Devil May Cry, this guy just has a katana. 
I don't think Inoue will get kidnapped again, surely Kubo knows we don't want that... right? 
Also, fair enough about the fireworks chick, but Kenpachi? He's one of the few characters Kubo has written about, we had a full-on back story and everything about his life before becoming a Shinigami, and how he met the little pink-haired girl who's name escapes me right now. Speaking of whom I'd rather learn more about her, she's obviously really strong but we haven't seen her fight once yet, I want to see what she can do. 
I still think Ichigo's new powers are kind of stupid, I'm hoping he gets his real powers back sooner rather than later.
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" This doesn’t work so well for Shigawara, and Tsukishima now wants to kill them both. Inoue steps in and decides to defend Shigawara, because she is bad ass like that."   
No. She is not bad ass, more incurably retarded. Also, butterface.
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Seriously if orihime doesnt  even atleast defend herself i will personally find a way to climb into that manga and strangle her... lets just keep our fingers crossed that she will atleast do something badass... plus lets just hope in some way or another that maybe ichigo will improve during the fight with the bookworm, because his boomerang-frisbee of doom is incredibly lame... and chad is so far the only badass guy there! unless all his awsuhmn-mexican-ness is just for show. 
im looking forward to it  ^^,
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Is it just me or does the new guy kinda look like Aizen? Is Kubo literally writing the Orihime kidnapped saga again?
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@lurkero: He does, but to be fair lost of Bleach characters look the same, it's really just one face with interchangeable hair styles.
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@WideEyedKitten: I think she might kipnapped but this time it won't be so dumb like Ulquirra this time it will be her trying to fight back
But looking at the past they might just hold her captive there with Shigawa or fight till Ichigo gets there with Chad and save the day
Post by WideEyedKitten (28 posts) See mini bio Level 9
@secretzfan: hopefully they would fight till ichigo and chad get there :)...  but im seriously expecting more from her after the aizen arc.. 
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orihime needs to step it up, I mean come on she's played the chick who always loses or runs away long enuff
Post by wwfunderaker (485 posts) See mini bio Level 15
Chad does look bad ass but Orihime is still the same.
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