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 Coming at you just that much sooner.
 Coming at you just that much sooner.

The concrete gates of the Anime Vice stronghold were knocked on earlier today by a digital pigeon carrying a scroll in its electric talons… and by that, I mean we received a press release from Viz announcing that, starting today, new BLEACH episodes will be streaming for free every Tuesday on their official US site.  These are the latest episodes; as current as you can get. #275’s going up today and every one following it will be put up just a week after it airs in Japan. Oh, and Viz stresses that these are SUBBED versions, not dubbed.

Here’s what Viz Senior VP, Ken Sasaki, says…

“BLEACH remains one of the most successful and popular anime series in North America, and VIZ Media continues to break down time and distance barriers by making new episodes available within days of their original airing in Japan."

While I haven’t ventured into the world of BLEACH yet, myself, I’m sure GodLen and everybody following Weekly Bleach  will relish this opportunity. It’s coming at an opportune moment, though, isn't it? Here's another official response to privacy controversies right along with Crunchy Roll’s manga content initiative. There really aren't not too many excuses a viewer can make about not watching these episodes if they're provided so easily. Anyway, you can watch the episode right here and see for yourself.

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I love how you announced you got a press e-mail from VIZ Media. That has to be the most colorful explanation of email that I've ever read. lol
I find it funny that VIZ is putting episodes up a week after they air. FUNimation has One Piece up in a matter of hours after the original airs.
I enjoyed early Bleach, but I eventually got bored with the anime and manga. It was exciting at first, but once they went into Hueco Mundo. It just dragged on and on. It became just about the fights and story has been pushed aside.
I would never use VIZ's site. At least not with my VIZ boycott. I'd rather use fan subs for this, but I'm not even watching it then. Providing something quickly doesn't make up for doing it poorly and edited.
I'll stick with One Piece on FUNimation's site.
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It's about time. Although, I have lost most interest in Bleach.
@FoxxFireArt:  the weekly delay is to coincide with Crunchyroll's anime memberships. I believe CR has a membership simulcast, so its only fair that the eps are a week late on the official site as well as CR for free.
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prefer reading bleach tbh
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@FoxxFireArt: I suspected that might be an issue with these subs.
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@Gasero: Ahhhh... I was wondering there was any significance to the week. Delay. I assumed it just them that long to put the sub together.
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This is great news :)
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Well, technically. This news isn't that the episodes are being released officially. It's just that VIZ will be providing the episodes on their site as well. You can already go to Crunchroll and watch the series there. It's been like that for a while now.
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Any other Canadians getting : "The requested video cannot be displayed in your region"   
-_-  back to the fansubs i guess...
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Anyone heard any more news on dubs
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I'm still watching it on Adult Swim. They haven't aired a new episode in a long while. I don't know if Adult Swim will air a new episode anytime soon.
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