Tales from the Laundromat: BLEACH #501 -- [AV MOD MATERIAL]

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Bleach #501 - Here.Fear.Here

Ask Nodt what your country can do for you...
Ask Nodt what your country can do for you...

In a Nutshell

Ichigo remains trapped in a bubble cage while Byakuya literally bugs out during his battle against As Nodt.

High Points

  • I laughed out loud at Zombie Rukia. She was way funnier than Kubo probably intended her to be.
  • As Nodt's powers lead to Kubo creating some cool and interesting imagery.

Low Points

  • No resolve on who the mystery man from the previous chapter was.

Rants and Raves

I'm still interested in seeing who the mystery man is, but his non-appearance in this chapter didn't bother me at all. When the Vandies first arrived in Soul Society, I thought As Nodt was the only interesting one in the entire group, so I enjoyed seeing him doing his thing in this chapter. Hopefully, he's the beginning of a long line of characters that lead to entertaining chapters. I'm pretty sure the badass old gunslinger will be entertaining, but I get the feeling that memories of those two will be what gets me through the spunky teenage girl Vandy's arc and the others.


I give this chapter a B. I like powers that make people freak out or go delusional. Plus, I mean... Zombie Rukia and Cockroach Byakuya. 'Nuf said.

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The Zombie Rukia was funny

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It's amazing how many powers Kubo can come up with and maintain some type of consistency.

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First time, I see Byakua loses his cool.

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